Black pill thread :(

300k illegal births a year all handed citizenship like it's a piece of fucking candy. Not to mention their delivery cost is borne by the taxpayer

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Don't worry. Zognald will solve it.

America was lost long ago.
Our only hope is to keep inciting the left so they go full violent communism so we can ignite a full-scale civil war.


sage negated

Yeah, the republic of our founders died long ago. Now we need to focus on the survival of European americans.

Good, the anglo/kraut/potato nigger spaw deserves to suffer for all the suffering they cause to the white race. Glad to see the anglos burning as well.

Why are you saging?

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Hang yourself and your entire family for this Autistic Kike thread OP

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Why are you presenting "upright men" in masks?

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All righty then.

So where are the retards claiming only white christian republicans are having children now?

Now, where do we begin?

f/uc-k u, fu(qq/ing fahgtr00nix-X

Nice try user.

Tha an h-a-mhàin deoc cò bod nas-fheàrr na bò mhair bò bhràmair.

Bump because it scares you, redditor.

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And he is in the process of letting in that caravan

This is why I don't post on 8pol much. You can't have a legitimate discussion here. Everyone accuses each other being a kike or a shill and the thread gets derailed. 4chan has better quality discussions these days

Gimme a break I only speak English and Dutch. Hoe gaat het, mijn nikka?



How many fucking times do we have to tell you nu/fags not to post Bannon/Dugin/Alt-kike news here? Pic related, you fucking morons.

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If OP wanted to actually discuss the topic he would have made the subject about it instead of the obvious declaration for demoralization aka blackpilling. Demoralization falls under the shills' prerogative of FUD tactics; i.e. Fear, Uncertainty, and Demoralization. Shills will often obfuscate the topic by poisoning the discuss from the start. For instance, this thread is available to discuss the topic, but it's been claimed already and poisoned. Unless the thread is remade, Zig Forums has no choice but to ignore the blackpill label.

They do this on 4cuck too but you don't even notice it.

That picture shows nothing

>(((blackpill))) D&C

everybody is wrong in their opinions but we are all too insecure to admit it.
This is the only black pill you need btw, all others feed the delusion of you own false truth.
:^ )

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Wrong in what, exactly?

Yes, you are an NPC. Bump. You are terrified by facts.

Bump. You will never fight back. You will never stop this. You will never grab guns. You will never do anything. Any time anyone says to do something, you call them FBI and ignore them. You. Will. Never. Fight. Back. Ever. Fact is not blackpilling. You are a leftist sack of shit. You are a coward. You are a redditor. Zig Forums is a board of truth. This is truth. Accept it or suicide bomb a synagogue.

The subject IS about the subject. You’re projecting your own emotions onto others. You have offered absolutely no discussion and absolutely no solutions.


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There's only the blue pill and the red pill. The term "blackpill" was invented by redditors.

That's not what demoralization is.


so immigration outnumbers US births, anchor baby births exceed US births, and white births are approximately half of US births. meaning less than 1/4th of the new population of the US is white. and the majority of US deaths are white too. yeah, this

the English are the master race
then what are you? fucking Polish or something? lmao


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everything, all opinions ever made bar one, their false. You will never be 100% correct, therefore, you are never right. Unfortunately people don't like to admit this and so arrogance and ego causes conflict between all. If everyone acknowledged this I can guarantee that there would be actual dialogue about the issues facing us but unfortunately the majority of us do not

I took the /chillpill/ but I don't see it anywhere.
All those other pills are always stressing and pushing themselves in their own direction like they can define the overarching plot of the universes narrative, spoiler: everything you can do amounts to one word or a footnote with the rare exception of the chosen few who forge a paragraph (no-one has outdone Christ yet who seems to still be writing to this day).
It's all in good hands bby, have some faith and the answers will come to you. Sit back, and watch the fireworks that our creator has put on for us and learn from the experience that life flings your way to expand your own wisdom.
Just don't freak out when you come across oblivion, she's scary but nothing to be worried about, after all she wouldn't exist without existence.
Oh, and don't make any deals for knowledge, because the truth is free :^)

Zion don the white genocide man

Waaaaaaait. Tricky wording. So there sren't more illegal births than native births in states like Vermont and Maine, just the total amount of native births in places like Vermont and Maine is less than 300k.

Circular reasoning. Well done.
The same thing can be said about your first post in this thread. If you have to rely on projection without establishing how what you claim is projection is projection, you sre using it as buzzword.

This has to be a bot post. Your reply was so generic and unfounded in argumentation.

That first pill chart you uploaded was made before Common Filth was outed as an anti-white shill. He had a similar tactic to sarcuck which was to pretend to be against the left but only attack whites. Common Cuck copied the pill meme with "blackpill" and combined it with his demoralization videos. To this day demoralization shills still out themselves by insisting everyone, "take the blackpill."

How is that working out for you? There's the wait for hitler mentality and then there's the wait for the creator to fix it delusion. Almost the entirety of the last 2000 years has been jews getting richer and ingraining themselves into white culture and consciousness. How exactly does sitting back and doing nothing accomplish anything? Inaction is letting jews go unopposed. Inaction is defeat by another name. You should hang yourself before anyone takes you seriously.