New trolling idea

I don't know, what do you think, is this a good idea.
I suck at photoshop, but I know there is a lot of autistic maniacs here.

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The idea is to have fun with jews, if they react it would show the hypocrisy. But I suck at photoshop

this is a good idea

The problem is I suck at photoshop

this is a great idea.

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Beautiful couples.

You try throwing this out there every month.

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This is first time I have posted it. Someone posted it before?

yes. where do you think it originated? was the other thrad locked? we should just make a separate board for draw/photoshop thrads to troll jews instead of flooding here

If I knew fuck all about Photoshop when you first posted this thread, and learned only one thing each time you reposted this thread, I wouldn't be a Photoshop expert user now - I'd be the fucking lead programmer!

Don't you shills have ANY other fucking content?
Post a thread on dieting Joan - you fucking need it.

Most people think that jews are white.
You're basically pushing what normies would still consider white and black interracial propaganda.

But Jews aren't white, I read it on the forward. :^)

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Is there an open source alternative to Photoshop?

Why do I feel like OP is samefagging?


this is a good idea though

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First good idea in a while. Just don’t fuck it up by making it a blatantly obvious shoop.

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And the moment they comment on this you can point at them and call them out for their hypocrisy.

I'm surprised the first post didn't have some faggot screaming in Yiddish. Keep doing this OP.

When you see an orthodox jew you see a jew first a white person second. Big difference between one of them and the white-face kikes in the entertainment industry that blend in and push their agendas while proclaiming to be one of us.



bump for good idea

good shop

ok shop

good work but head needs to be slightly bigger and lighting is from a different direction

at least make it gramatically correct

This jew actually wrote a book on it. You can even use their website to sign up email addresses, that'll send promotional material about the book.

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I use gimp. Watch some tutorials on it. Learn to use the layers toolbar, and learn how to scroll around with hotkeys, mouse and scroll wheel. Used to take me hours to do anything, now I can bang out ideas in a few minutes.

cnrl-scroll are big ones for navigating quickly.

Here is how to make readable text.
ht tps://

To really fuck with them, we need the women to fuck black men. See, the men are expendable, if a jew man marries a goy, the child isn't a jew. If a jew woman marries a goy, the child IS a jew. Even if the kid is black.

That would fuck with them more than anything.

Kek this.

Love this op.