Trump Confirmed High Priest of KEK

President Trump waves magic serpent rod at the press to "cast a spell".

While passing out Halloween candy, a little girl walked up wearing an Egyptian priestess costume. Part of her costume was a serpent rod. Trump took the rod and began waving it towards CNN and MSNBC.

Incidentally, the serpent rod is likely a reference to the story of Moses. The Egyptian priests battled the Jewish national god, demonstrating their power by turning their rods (magic wands) into serpents.

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stopped reading, SAGE

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fuck off zion don

Is pizza nigger still alive even?
I hope that particular one got shot already


Both Israel and Judea were a part of the Roman Empire. What you meant was Judeans worship satan, and still do to this very day after stealing Israel.

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I know what he is doing and I approve
hes still orange and bad though till he proves he isnt
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this christcuck delusion of a once-pure Israel that was corrupted by Satan is a fucking joke.

the hebrews were always saturn worshipers and enemies of europe. Yahweh is a demon in the guise of a God.

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some demon names from the ( ( ( bible) ) )
much etc

Kek. This is pretty funny. I'm liking the one eye covered photo too. That probably pisses the kikes off even more than the 'okay' sign stuff did. As discussed in the other thread 'one eye covered' is probably the next gesture of theirs we should turn into a white nationalist symbol. Eye of Horus and whatnot. What a silly time to be alive.


It's clearly masonic, masons worship Egypt.

Saturn just wants to raise his crops man.

they use egyptian symbolism and motifs, they dont "worship Egypt", nor do they have anything to do with egyptian cults. they claim to have built the pyramids to give themselves some legitimacy and distract from the fact theyre really moloch-cultists.

that and eat his own children

Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or jews.

I personally think that when the Romans made contact with the Carthaginians, they associated (((their))) god Moloch with Saturn because they both represent fertility. Saturn is the black sun, Moloch is the cube. Saturn a gud boi he dindu nuffin.

and Thor is the Star of David

do you understand how much of a retard you sound like? and no, they specifically associated Baal Hammon with Saturn because both of them consume children

Now I know what immigrant families go through…

Now I want to change how we treat immigrants in the US, almost like there should be a law protecting them.

more like high priest of deez nutsd

I think it's time to enforce a Trump General for all this cuckchan bullshit.

Aright I'll be serious. Do you think that Thor and Zeus are different names for the same god?

the post

thats a more difficult question, they fulfill the same role in terms of cosmic duty (they purge demons, they rule the skies and they are masters of thunder and lightning) but they are not the same in terms of archetypal role. Whereas Jupiter is the supreme sky-father and ruler of the cosmos, this role is taken by Odin in Germanic myth. Exactly what this means is difficult to tell; the idea that all gods across all nations are the same pantheon under different names is a flawed concept. It works better for some gods than others, but even then it is still always a flawed concept, and comes from a time when Greeks and Romans knew little of the gods of their enemies, and just assumed they worshiped their own gods under different names and rites.

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Well Zig Forums, what spell did he cast?

Wow, you guys weren’t aware?

baste 1488D chess fellow magapedes

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Another difference to note is that Thor is the son of Odin, the god of wisdom. However, Zeus is the father of Odin's equivalent, Hermes. Do you think there is any similarities between the god Thor and the man "Tros" the founder of Troy in Greek mythology?



No shit sherlock. Trump is a wizard. It's like you faggots weren't even around for the election.

Checked and keked.

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The Exodus story is plagiarized Persian history.
First jews were a group of Arabs (afro-asian-persian mixed) living in the Roman levant during the first century.

read the link I provided

Oh, there sure was. Only I think it's time we check what time it is on this puppet and his usury.

Not that user, but Odin was likely introduced in retrospect. (Though not in modern times of course)
Thor was the first god of the people, then came the father/priestgod.
I don't know enough about Tros/greek mythology to say.
Interested though, what similarities have you pondered?

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Guess what, you get to be Kek for a month

Sage is not a downvote, you are not on reddit.

Indeed they do not.

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I don't have to speak. I am not Kek anymore. That ended in September.

Reported for bot spam.

Your link is full of jewish mythology (lies).
Josephus first wrote the Torah as a plagiarized version of Sumerian and Persian creation myths and placed his Arab tribe at the center as the eternal victim. Romans found out and hunted them down.

No, there weren't. All pre-first century claims of jews source back to Josephus.

Trump thinks that we don't see that he supports jews and Israel while calling out fake news. If he hates fake jew news, he should drop the truth about 9-11 and the synagogue shooting. But instead, it's "hey MAGA friends, antisemitism is evil as are the [CIA funded] radical islamic terrorists are the real evil. Now keep paying your taxes so we can send Israel money. We moved the embassy!" Where's my fucking tax cut?

im not even sure how to debate this, youre a fucking idiot. Tacitus is one of the most important sources on ancient world history you braindead nigger. did you even read a single word you tornigger? it says Jews are Saturn worshipers and/or cursed egyptians.

Drumpf is a kike.


Sage negated.

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Your own source states what you claim is a mix of fact, fiction, and slander. Israelis were never slaves to the Egyptians, and never lived in ancient Egypt.

Kind of funny, I think he was just calling them snakes to their faces and wanted to see them get mad.

Cobra Commander confirmed.

You must not read a lot of things on this board.
I dont blame you

translation from JIDF bot speak to Zig Forums

>(((Trump))) participates in WE WUZ KANGZ play and poses with some token nigger on Halloween

i want to believe

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you literally dont read shit do you? Tacitus claims the Jews WERE Egyptians, not slaves, but that they were exiled because they all contained a terrible disease that threatened Egypt. Tacitus claims the Egyptians were so hated by the Jews because of this, that the Jews hated pagan gods because they were exiled on command of Amon and Osiris, and that their whole story about exile and slavery was a fabricated lie to glorify their shameful history. Read before you post, brainlet shill

his other story claims the Jews were the priests of Saturn, who followed him when he was chased from Greece by Jupiter.

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checked; I need an user to do the glowing eyes thing on each of these pics, and on the snake too, please.

Because you’re a reddit piece of shit.

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Serpents are Set.
Death follows where Set visits.

This is proof that voting only changes the face of the throne.
keep voting, but don't be foolish and think that you're electing a leader

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For shame.

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Everything we know of those ancient gods comes directly from the Greeks and Romans.

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John Bauer was a Romantic Nationalist.

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Fuck off nigger.

Serpentor approves.

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Good short read. Tacitus shares the Egyptian version of the Exodus story. As we expected, the Kikes 6 bajillioned the story.

There was a plague in Egypt so the pharaoh consulted the oracle of Siwa. He was told that the people who were infected were under a divine curse and to drive them out into the wilderness to save his nation. He drove them into the desert. The journey to Palestine took 7 days (not forty). They were saved by a pack of wild asses who helped them find a spring to drink from.

Once they got there, they attacked the locals and drove them out, setting up their own society. They deliberately slaughtered bulls in their worship to offend the Egyptians, for whom cows were sacred.

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Dork, Jews are all about snakes and serpents, they even say throne of yhwh is guarded by flaming serpents.

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That's just plain insulting to those poor snakes. Poor cutey sneks don't deserve to be handled or even looked at by those monstrous sewer rat heebs.


This is the closest to the DNA evidence, which says Jews are a hodgepodge of middle eastern peoples but there is some original strain that migrated out of Sumeria (The Abraham story). Before that they came from what is now Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

youre trying to sound smart, but youre really not.

most of the old testament is kikes glorifying the genocide of other peoples, and then 6 gorillioning their own subsequent genocides


Wasn't Saturn the equivalent of Cronos, the guy who ate Zeus's brothers and sisters and was overthrown by the Olympians? I'd hardly call that a "gud boi"

This thread dumb. Trump need stop the illegal.

And the legal.

jews hate frogs. They act like frogs are a bad thing when they would be welcome exterminators of disease carrying bugs. There's something to it all.

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ive also noticed that alot of jews hate cats. niggers also hate cats. I wondered why both of them hate cats so much (especially niggers, you would think they would at least pretend to like cats to keep the whole we wuz kangz lie going) until I read something in a grimoire about how cats are the ever-loyal servants of the Gods, that they stand between doorways in order to scare demons from out of the house and to ward off thieves, and that their eyes penetrate into the sins and evil of every person who gazes on them.

all of the sudden, everything made sense.

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What is projection

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if it werent for that then you would never be able to erase any mistakes and you would be severely confined in ability to create anything new. you also would never die and thus you would be trapped in this material manifestation forever.
you're like a child that wants to stay up all night eating candy for all eternity

odin is the allfather regardless

mental gymnastics.
yes its a jewish helichopper

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youre a drooling idiot who doesnt understand the first thing about Saturn, his role in the mythology, or why Zeus deposed him in the first place.

in some grimoires I have read, invocations to Saturn include many of his titles, like "The Sterile", "The Consumer", "The Fickle" and "Taker of Youth". What do you think any of that is about? Saturn represents a refusal to pass energy onto newer generations to continually renew the world; instead he consumes his own children to harness his own power. It also betrays his association with Cronos, God of Time, as Saturn consumes time and youth. It is very similar to how boomers are willing to destroy their children and grandchildrens lives so that they can shit in a bag comfortably for 10 years, it is very similar to how Moloch-cultists would offer their own sons to be burnt alive in his hands, for the promise of fortunes and good luck in this world, it is similar to how the News media suppresses the internet because they know it will replace them.

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Zues and Tyr are definitely derived from the same god. Whether Thor is also derived from the same deity is debatable.

Deities changed over 2k years and geographic distance.

Its all irrelevant since there is no reason to believe in a deity.

Odin/Wotan/Woden did not become a major god until the viking age, but likely existed before that based on linguistic dating of stories origins.

The best theory I've heard is that he is originally a god of the night-lit sky - a opposite/counterpart to Deus Pater.

Do cats normally freak out when people are tripping on lsd? I remember my friend's mom being pissed off and accusing us of dosing the cat

Seraphim? I'm not sure I've ever heard them described as serpents.

< complaining that the lantern jockeys aren't white

t. soyboy

wrong, why is it that Odin is featured on almost every migration era bracteate? I agree that Odin likely did not become the head of the Germanic pantheon until relatively late in Germanic history, but I place this more around the Migration era or even the Early Iron Age. By the Late Migration Era (several hundred years before the Viking Age) he was already a major God

you are stupid and need to read more. I recommend Cicero's On the Nature of the Gods and the Meditations of Aurelius.

sometimes they just stare at you. sometimes theyll be around you more than usual. I think cats are on LSD all the time anyways, its hard to notice a difference.

Theyre described as serpents in the book of Kings. God sends them as fiery serpents to punish the people of Israel, and they are not lifted from their attacks until they make a cross-staff with a bronze-serpent on top, which also cures them of poison and disease (very clearly ripped off the Caduceus). Not sure why nobody brought that up until now regarding this thread, actually.

They are referred to as serpents a few other times in the Bible but i dont remember specifically where. They normally are described as having 6 wings made of fire that cover their bodies, likewise made of fire and light. Them being described as serpents was explained by theologians as a sign that even the serpent was once a servant of God before he corrupted Adam and Eve. I remember something similiar in Paradise Lost, describing Moloch as a former Cherubim, because Cherubs are described as having the Heads of Bulls, and so Moloch made a good example of a corrupted Cherub. I think it was also a play on the fact by then cherubs were associated with putti, the flying babies you see in Roman artwork, making it ironic that Moloch demands babies as his sacrifice.

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