Netflix Blackwashes The Witcher

Istredd has been cast as black guy!


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Fucking disgusting.

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What moron wrote this trash? Geralt is not a cuck. He's a Chad.

Wait, is this a Neo-Nazi website that actually comes up on Google? How have they gotten shut down yet? Can someone post this article on The Witcher subreddit? I want to see those cucks get redpilled.

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And dropped. Paraphasing Bill the Butcher, "You can build your filthy new beige world without me."

I hope these kikes know that we're going to hang, draw and quarter them all when we get power. There will be no free shipments to Israel this time.

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The Witcher is degenerate shit anyway. The writer is a leftist feminist faggot.

Geralt is literally a cuck.

Not surprising in the slightest in this age of Disney making a black nutcracker and similar BS. I'll still watch Netflix as long as my mom wants to pay for it but I'm never going to pay for it myself.

Why are you allowing your mother to pozz herself? Tell her to cancel that shit.

He's an infertile, emotional wreck, who kills monsters solely because no one other can to have a purpose in life. He fucks young promising women before leaving without a word turning them into sluts. I'm okay with his romance with sorceresses though, they are all genetic dead ends.

Not enough people realize this. I also get the vibe that it is anti-natalist.

Are sorceresses fantasy feminists?

Lilith takes many forms.

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Geralt and his circle of 'friends' are a good proxy for the spiritual sickness that European millennials are suffering from. Notice how most of them are antifa tier too.

His girl fucks another man, that's the definition of being a cuckold.

Now they made the other man a nigger.

It would get downvoted to 0 and get 3 condescending comments by self-confident cucks

Who the fuck cares about your jewflix videogame adaptation

lol what a bunch of faggots

Are Witcher fans really that cucked?

leftist moderators control most subs

Most are lowkey not okay with this but afraid to anger any SJWs

Some became SJWs after reading the witcher, and want to corrupt everything in their past.

Can someone post the article there to test it out? I don't have a reddit account.

More like shady thinktanks.

No they are not dumbass, geralts mother is a sorceress herself, even the games depict this in the strife of sorceresses, motherhood or magic, there's a small book in witcher 3 about it.

I recently got the netflix trial just as a joke and jesus fucking christ it is ridiculous. I have clicked on roughly 60-70 videos at random so far and there is over 80% with a white girl-black man relationship in it, no exaggeration whatsoever. It's beyond blatant.

The reason why they don't constantly mock islam and mudslimes is because the mudslimes have demonstrated their willingness and capacity to kill their enemies.
The only reason these people are so brazen is because they think no one is coming for them at some point.

I think it's more because islam is mostly brown people and are thus very high up the oppression totem pole

Well, that's if it doesn't get removed by mods. Although, there is a small chance that with good charisma you'll awaken sleeping right wingers and silence moderate lefties. Mob mentality.

Nope. Islam has been highly criticized for decades as a backwards ideology but it all stopped when they started killing people in western cities. At the same time the "muslims are peaceful people" campaign got under way and now it's illegal in most countries to insult islam.
All because they started slaughtering people on the street.

Yeah, no.
Fuck right off with this shit.

it's Zig Forums related, fuck off niggerfaggot

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Lurk more.

Turd handlers ruin everything nice.

Hello, heeb.

The bots are.
OP, learn to use an archive / screenshot. Bread quality incredibly poor lately.

Screenshots? This would make excellent redpill material.

I'm a huge Witcher fan and think this is bullshit. People outside of Reddit know the score.

If this is real….. holy fuck….

No, Renegade Tribune is a gatekeeper/honeypot site. Their job is to mingle White politics with flat earth / nuke denial / holographic moon and other kookery.
It's run by Psycho Sinead and Cucky Kyle. Sinead is a jewish redmane who LARPs as a White mother. She doesn't actually have a child but over the years has used overlaid samples of crying babies/ babbling toddlers in her videos, while pretending to address a child, in order to give the impression that she's a mother.
Funny you ask, Sinead is a professionally trained actress.

Any evidence of this? Genuinely curious? The video was also too retarded/obnoxious to stand playing through fully, probably made by a controlled opponent of Sinead.

Do you not remember the recent controversy where Netflix got caught manipulating thumbnails based on the user's watch history, i.e. if they mostly watched black shows, it would show thumbnails of content with black characters, even if that character only had minutes of screen-time, and niggers were falling for it left and right?

Niggers will gravitate towards content that contains niggers, while whites as a whole will watch anything as long as there aren't too many niggers in it. This is why we're seeing niggers shoehorned in media, because they don't want to neglect that market. This is also why they're always shoehorning niggers and women in vidya, because holes are mentally identical to niggers, while men don't give a fuck if they're playing a woman.

Hi inceltow kike.


Not an argument, kike.

Don't you have some more cocks to suck on, Lipschitz?

The Game geralt, sure, he fucks bitches and doesn't afraid of anything, the book Geyvalt of Rwanda is a pathetic push-over cuck and a champion in respecting women


True story, I was looking up various searches about "niggers" earlier on Jewgle.
"I hate niggers"
"fuck niggers"
"niggers suck"
shit like this.
Guess what came up? The SPLC. Articles from blogs asking if I was a racist. Top 10 signs you're racist.

Used to be searches like that would generate actual "I hate niggers" hits.

Shitstained not blackwashed

If you have netflix, you don't belong here.

Reminder that Sinead is hated because she called out Mike Enoch for being a kike before it was common knowledge.


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the witcher is for fags, why do you think the main chracter has fucking lizard eyes and his bitch is a whore that pushes him around

hes a fucking fag, the only thing worse than the opening of the witcher 3 is the trailer of last of us 2

fag fucking video games

no , anyone that likes anime isnt cucked

2 didn't seem so bad but the feminism is off the wall in 3. enlightened women witches persecuted by weak men, female viking lords, the god-man of the universe is a woman, gerald a effete white knight.

We wuz Polez n sheeit

oh shut the fuck up, it's a cool game

inb4 shut down by some retard kampfy-tier moderator because paying attention to the media that's fed to the masses is somehow bad because it's not strictly election related

And here we have the 0IQ kampfynigger now.

And here we have another low IQ take. I'm sure people that love Boku no Pico are perfectly uncucked true Zig Forumsacks in your mind.


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Color me shocked. I've never played the video game and don't have a kikeflix subscription or a TV. The writers look like a bunch of faggots, however.

No she's hated because she's a coal-burning feminist.

It's practically Kang Nigger's network anyway. Fuck them.

"blackwashing" is such a retarded term. You can't wash something by covering it in shit

I'd have been surprised if it wasn't shit.

Does this actually surprise anyone, really?

That said, doing that to Triss is an outrage.

Browning, browned would be more apt. We should highlight that these creatures are brown.

Attempted genocide is a serious crime. The jews really have grabbed the tiger by the tail. If they fall off this time, they won't get another chance.

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just dont watch it.
The show is going to flop, it looks terrible.

Do people watch this stuff? I don't even have Netflix anymore.

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I've never owned a phone or a tv. Beat that basic bitch.

Neither have I. My parents did and I moved out.
How do you have a job? user, you aren't a NEET are you?

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Lilith is a Jewish mythological character, not a European one. Europeans have their own evil woman seductress archetype(s).

Triss is a Ginger. This will not stand! Triss is not happy and when she is not happy things get hot! SJW's you better watch out because Triss may be coming for you.

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So then how the fuck did you used to watch netflix?
You don't need a job in Siberia, only hunting equipment. Sometimes my game happens to have money in it's wallet.

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Damage control.

I love that band.

His phone, or the computer

Why would anyone watch TV on their phone? The screen is too fucking small.
How do you know if they own a computer?

Reddit doesn't represent level-headed people, its heavily controlled.

Best grill. I picked her.


I hope Jews realize this kind of shit is why everybody hates them and wants to see them gassed.

Because he wouldn't be posting here otherwise
yes, the phone is a computer

Good point.
So if we start slaughtering random Jews on the street, we can get what we want?
I hope Jews realize this is the reality they're creating for themselves.

I don't own a computer. I go to the public library.

You know you can have your personal shitposting machine for less than $100, right?

Lol going to your public library to shipost on 8ch, now that's dedication.

I don't want anyone to trace me, I might be brought in on charges and I have no forms of social identification as I was born in a gulag.

Considering he's incapable of feeling emotion (aka love) and he's banging 20 different chicks, I doubt you could call anyone "his" girl.
A degenerate? Sure, but not a cuckold.

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I've noticed this a lot lately, on all search engines.
There are no real results any more, it is all filtered and directed.
It is not based on accuracy, it is based on algorithms for political and commercial bias.
Searching for "this film sucks shit" will come up with "why it is such a great film".Keywords and careful searching don't matter anymore.
Why aren't there any real alternatives, no independent search engines that just search cleanly, by accuracy.
I remember a time before jewgle, when I could choose from half a dozen search engines and have different results on all.

You've never visited Siberia, have you?

It doesn't matter, you're still using that public computer and network, you should treat those as cheap roadside whores, don't ever touch them without 7 proxies.

How can anyone trace me if I don't have identification and I avoid cameras?

Who could have predicted that netflix would do this.
I never saw a single thread about this when it was announced that netflix had the rights to the witcher for the rest of time.
Also, I know it is asking too much of subhuman negroids with the same level of self awareness as an anal polyp, but hasn't a single one of them ever said "no, it would ruin the character, why are you casting a nignog for a character in a European medieval fantasy world, it makes no sense and you are just doing it as a sjw political tool to virtue signal, fuck off".
Just once.

Someone at the library might not be who he seems to be, then you're leaving shitloads of logs on the network that is extremely vulnerable to MITM attacks.

Why do the logs matter though? It's not like they can use those to find my hunting lodge or anything.

not him, but i don't think there was any cuck content in boku no pico
Plenty of gay shit, but no NTR at least i think so

I hope you didn't watch that shit.