Don lemonhead doubles down

Hey fags Don Lemonhead needs to GO. The other day he said  “the biggest terror threat in this country is white men.” He has doubled down saying. "That angered some people. But let’s put emotion aside and look at the cold hard facts. The evidence is overwhelming." is not taken if anyone wants to have fun with that. Fact is that Lemon reads from a white persons script on his teleprompter owned by whites. Lemonhead gets creampies in his purple starfish from his white boyfriend. He literally takes white dick in his anal (wonder if race play is involved). He is a race pimp, race hustler, race baiter and liberal cucks fall for it. 

Sidenote: Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt and interned at the CIA. All liberal news outlets get their talking points from Gannet.

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This whole nation needs to go kinetic

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I need a diluting agent. I cannot digest irony this thick.

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You're a fag if you don't like lemons. Lemons are attractive pettite women.

no kidding.

Never forget that Don Lemonparty is a kike

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Don must comparing the White man to the most cherub-like upstanding citizens of all. No one can hold a candle to the ingenuity … nay … unrivaled genius of those of African descent; what with inventing staples like Peanut Butter all the way to creating worm-hole jumping, intergalactic stellar flux capacitance Melanin-powered, time/space continuum bending hyper Pyramids … r-r-r-right, user

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That's nothing new, the security services in scandinavia has white men ranked as nr.1 terror risk for at least twenty years .
Ranked nr.1 before any terror attack in scandinavia, ranked nr.1 before Breivik.
We have traitors in our ranks, and we call them freemason's
Some of our greedy ancestors sold our countries to globalists kikes after ww2, because of them we suffer today.
Fooled by kikes and their false song of globalism.

Never! EVER! trust kikes.
Never trust freemason scum

While this COULD in fact be a real argument in some cases,
What's more likely: all the niggers spics and chinks are the problem, or the white man is the problem?

but is ( ° ʖ °)

This has the potential to be the biggest red pilling of all time

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a week or so ago these were not taken.,,, and bonus and

Did somebody say "lemonparty"

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sorry, forgot to say what they were

Is his white boyfriend a jew too? Sure seems like kike DNA is a prerequisite for getting hired the Cike News Network.

She did NOT just try to his us with the "basic statistics" line.

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This is actually a wonderful opportunity. Usually they just appeal to emotion, but now he's made an actual point that can be argued factually. Normally, when someone tells the truth about other races, it's seen as an uncalled for attack. Now we can spread hate facts without appearing to be aggressors, since it's in the name of defending white people.

What statistics? Hopefully someone has posted the statistics about whites being literally the least dangerous group in the entire country.

Countdown until he gets GRIDS

You have a source that isn't Mike Penoch and the morning zoo crew?

whats gannet?

I am not sure what kinda source you want, to know who runs shit and is the most dangerous?

This. Please tell me his twitter is being blown up right now with stats about Black crime?

You do understand user, that this is about civil war. Is your body ready? Is your mind prepared?

Reminder: Spics are often counted as white in crime statistics. So these hwhite crime stats are a little skewed.
Reminder: 13% of the population commits 52% of the crime and make up 37.6% of prisoners.

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Worth looking into, deep state as a mother fucker.

The nature of defining 'terrorist' is 3000% biased

In a way, he is not totally wrong; he realises the absolute power of the white men when they come together and it terrorizes him.
The Lemonhead fears the potential of white men if they are cornered.

Stupid fucking gay nigger.

What do you even call it?

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Unloved by jew grandparents.

So reply with cold hard facts. Bury the niggerfaggot in cold hard facts.

A nigger didn't invent peanut butter Carver just did "science" with peanuts. At least make the snark believable.


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I'm starting to get sick of the subpixel rendering on lazily zoomed photos. It's like looking at a photo with chromatic abbreviations due to a shit lens.

Don Lemon, kike puppet or kike proper, ordered to drum up and amplify white/black class warfare to take the public's prying mind off their jew overlords

I agree, he does not realize it is cold and calculated that wins over emotion and rhetoric.

he is all those things but I would call him don lemonhead for the normies. I would also mention white creampies, that is important visualization= eating creampies outa assholes.

You are on point, that is the core issue. Lemon creates drama in my opinion because he is an empty vessel with no soul. Don't think he believes the things he says, just taking orders from his overlords.
Are you neo?
Digits checked.

Thanks, guys.

it's funny when black people say this shit and believe it yet they never go back to predominantly black countries

The Biggest terror threat would be Black males statistically. On average they commit the most murders and crimes. Hypocritical bigot

If it mattered, people would care and if they cared, this faggot nigger would be swimming with his sister. The monkey says shit like this so NPCs will turn on the electric jew. It simple doesn't matter. Dildo Don has no power.

in medicine they are called "Dr William", & the
reason I'm banging this drum is cuz,

no one can trust not even by the color of your skin,
I imagine every doctor on earth has been named a Dr William at least once, basically it means "below"