#metoo turning on google

They started letting employee's demand what contracts the company has with the government. Then they started protesting contracts with CHYNA. Now they are doing walkouts like highschoolers.


Google employees around the globe are taking part in a mass walkout on Thursday to protest the company's protection of a former executive who has been accused of sexual misconduct.
The Google protest, which has been dubbed the 'Walkout For Real Change,' is scheduled for Thursday at 11.10am local time across the globe, one week after sexual assault allegations against creator of its Android software, Andy Rubin, were first reported by the New York Times.
Rubin denied the allegations in a tweet, saying the article contained 'numerous inaccuracies' and 'wild exaggerations'.
But Rubin is believed to have received a considerable exit package in 2014, valued at approximately $90 million, and was also loaned $14 million in 2012 to buy a seaside villa in Japan.

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why aren't Jooglers more angry that some slut home wrecker enticed a married man at work than caring about the slut's final breakup blowjob which she regretted and called rape?

That fucking kike thinks he's save in Japan of all places. They're going to deport his ass as soon as the allegations turn out to be true.

>defendng (((Jewgle))) employees

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all tech companies will fail until they they are able to protect themselves from the stupidity of their drones, like every organization under the spell of democracy. That is the true significance of the so called '#MeToo Movement', just another example in a long list of the rabble tearing down their would be protectors. Tragic, really. It reminds one of the french revolution.

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I find it hilarious that all one has to do with liberal controlled groups is just ignore them as they always find ways to fuck themselves in the end, always.

>Yeah, let's disregard every criminal acts committed by the (((company))) and walk out to virtue signal for the poor oppressed "female" employees of Google. All the beta males better follow us outside. If you don't follow us, it's rape.

To be honest its going to be interesting to see just how functional (((android))) phones are after google is ground into dust by the horde.

>To be honest its going to be interesting to see just how functional (((android))) phones are after google is ground into dust by the horde.
The pajeets and diversity hires are already killing it.

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I don't know, user, 3 looks ripe for exploitation in the court of public opinion.
Coupled with 4, it would be quite easy to destroy anyone's career without fear of backlash — a kike's wet dream.
Agreed on 5; bypassing the CEO usurps authority and can create a house divided against itself.
And, how will 6 be decided?
The devil is in the details.

It almost seems like Google is being intentionally imploded into its own footprint.

On a side note: does anyone remember about a year ago when some business in California (iirc) allowed its employees to act as a cooperative in making managerial decisions, which, ultimately, resulted in the business failing?
Sounds a lot like this.

JUST part and parcel of progress.

Exactly, nothing feels better than watching SJWs and Jews destroy their own creations.

Good catch, I did mean 5 and 6 there at the end.

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I feel good knowing that there will be lots of work for white programmers when the dust has settled.

Oh I don't know, maybe because Android has been the majority dominant of mobile device platforms? It's pretty hard to think that some pissant genderqueer nanodolphinkin attacc bobs n' vegene thinks they can mess with the man that has allowed Google to get this powerful.
Kinda explains why the new stuff is absolute ass. How did they fuck up the battery telemetry in the first place?

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When will the fallout settle enough to even consider the possibility?

It's amazing how quickly the golem NPCs can be organized to protest and bite the hand that feeds them
Too bad they will never be woke to the jews and jew power.

Speak too soon, kike.

A golem always revolts, always. Because a golem is a perfect being, unlike its creator.

Impossible to know. There are still Jews, SJWs and subhumans in the workplace, but they don't seem to be as powerful as they were back in CY.

Saw this coming a mile away, though their biggest mistake was backing out of Project Maven under pressure from a similar threat. At that moment Google should have held their ground viciously and ignore the controversy or downplay it. Because in the end, it made no difference to back out because if it wasn't going to be them, someone else will eventually do it and reap the financial rewards (like Amazon, Microsoft and so on). I'm pretty sure some executives and investors were rather pissed about the whole situation. Now you're seeing the greater consequence of it, as their employees feel they have leverage against the executives now for any situation. That in turns allows for virtually any party (domestic or foreign) to exploit their employees to spark outrage and force policy changes which serve as acts of corporate sabotage.

The moment when competitors start to take a more pragmatic approach to bolster infrastructure and defense instead of bothering to enforce an ideological agenda. Eventually some executives in the tech sector will bluntly say "Infrastructure, defense and innovation > Ideology" and turn their businesses into "war" factories to compete in the AI arms race. That means no time for diversity quotas, whoever is most useful gets in and got to make sure to stay on top at all costs or lose forever.


SJW culture has infested Silicon Valley, harming innovation and America's standing among the technological nations. All part of the Chinese and Russian plans for demoralization.

CIA funds goolag, goolag get successful, next tech boom/bust cycle needs to happen, incite CIA SJW newspeakists #METOO via oldest trick in the book (honeypot). Someone's making a fortune shorting some stock, goys.

The CIA's infested with commie boomers and Jews who have made their long march through the institutions. They engage in extra judicial killings on US soil, operate with impunity, and have been engaged in a coup against our lawful president. Every CIA employee and asset needs to be vetted by the NSA, then processed into prison to await their executions for treason. It's gotten out of hand. If WWIII breaks out they will doubtless sabotage the USA from the inside for their foreign masters.

sounds like something Soros would do. But it bet it's actually someone higher than Soros, like the boss of Soros

Our based god emperor and his NSA soldiers will defeat the evil CIA! MAGA!!!

Oopsie doodle you probably already cycled your proxy. And yes, the CIA has been somewhat defanged already. Remember Trump's columns speech?

Oh, I mean, oops, I should have voted for Hillary! She would have cleaned up our corrupt and openly contemptuous intelligence agencies staffed by very fine niggers and Jews.

No, but since there is a parent company (Alphabet) now, they can simply turn off the funding tape and impose solutions if things (((get out of hand))).

Often this is why companies reorganize this way: an invisible fail-safe.

They will relocate them overseas into a Jim Jones style compound before they just pull the funding and let them drift away.

What a goyjin, amirite?

But Trump placed CIA in the White House with Mike Pompeo.. wasn't that what got Kennedy assassinated? When he tried to warn the people of secret societies and the CIA?

fucking lmao

They created a monster and now wonder why it doesn't respond to logic.

Android phones are the biggest clusterfucked pieces of shit I’ve ever had the displeasure in using. I swear to fucking god these things are designed for sub 80 IQ 14 year old spics. It’s not iPhone is any better due to the fact it has practically zero compatibility with anything, and is designed for ultra leftist homosexuals. How the fuck did the smartphone market end up so kiked? This wasn’t the future I wanted…

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Successful marketing. Apple would have you believe that it invented the smartphone, portable music player and actually has geniuses at its wanker bars.

The hell were they thinking with those random ass useless plastic notches?

They only want semi CEO power to get a nice golden chute when they inevitably fuck up, since it is easier to fuck up than to do any ral work.

Its what happens when you trade quality for anti-white agendas.
They're all trying to shovel up the latest batch of unqualified 3rd worlders into their tech monopolies due to anti-white hiring laws (affirmative action).

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What is the iPhone not supposed to be compatible with? How is that a statement? Everything in the industry is made for the iPhone.

Don’t you have some Ubuntu users to scream at, Gates?

This is the ban evading paid shill from the foreign invasion threads.

It's obvious to anyone with a brain that marketing played an enormous part of the iphone's success.

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Will these good goys realize Rubin is a kike and the people who paid him off were kikes?

fucking weeb shit

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