Patrick Little - Call For Volunteers For "It's Okay To Be White Marches"

Call For Volunteers For "It's Okay To Be White Marches"

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inb4 Moarpheus

little should try to surround himself with as many men as he can if he is really trying to shitpost his way into becoming fuhrer of america


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are organized protests/demonstrations effective?

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No, and Little is FBI.

GLR was a Jewish shill whose job was to drive around looking retarded. When one of his followers found out he was a shill he was killed. I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens to Little.

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Not falling for it, special agent Skully.

proof on GLR please?

Its a TORpedo shill throwing out low effort b8. But im SURE it will post proofs any minute now.

There is none. He took on old Zyklon Ben story from /new/ seriously, that's how autistic TOR(ah) users are.

No u r the fbi

Has anyone ever gotten an email back from Little?

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Lol fucking torniggers. Like clockwork.

Oy vey goyim, don't go out and peacefully protest, stay in your room and shitpost all day

This is fucktarded.

This way to get people foto and name. No trust in this man. Sorry for English

What is going on with the faggot low-energy, gossip, fuck-shit OPs? Fuck off, already.

not me. though I didn't really expect one right away, figured he's just gauging the response and getting numbers atm

Bump for Pat

Considering street politics always backfire this means Patrick Little is either a retard or controlled. I could see it going either way.

what good is it having millions of in the closet anti-jewish ethnonationalists? to create more of the same. We need to be dynamic,have gravitas, we need character & integrity, we need a good reputation and we do that in person. The reason why anti mass immigration ideas & the lot are gaining momentum is because strong willed people are planting their feet in the ground on the issue, they speak to friends and family about it, and they do not budge or waver from their position when they are derided or mocked. Its critical in the spreading of ideas to be stubborn & create the image of popular support, and you need to have faces for that. I'm not saying its easy, i'm not saying anyone's a coward for sweating like a pig & stuttering like an idiot when confronted with hostility, but it is really important that you don't cuck and take a position. If you want to be pproactive or supportive of our movement in anyway you need to face the fact that you're listed by some agency, these swindlers have a million and one ways to fuck with you if they so choose but you will blend in with a horde of likeminded folk if we persist

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Thank God someone else here isn't retarded. GLR worshippers get the rope too.

It's actually really obvious, but Zig Forums doesn't like it if you say it.

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you know that'd probably be a decent idea if enough people would actually fucking do it, just to bait kikes/shitlibs/POS hyprocrisy


check em

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If you had some lads who could play an instrument, then you could have a Marching Band playing White Folk songs or even Erika if you have the balls to do that. What Patrick needs is a security team that will keep the shithead libs, ANTIFA fagbois, and Jewish foreskin eaters at bay without triggering any violence. It's bad optics to start fights, but it's even WORSE optics to have two little yid faggots right next to Patrick himself because it makes the movement look tame and weak.

that "follower" was a jewish cointelpro spook who killed glr because glr was a danger to the zog

This meme has been played out. Maybe next time he should run in a race that he actually has a chance of winning.

Post proof retard. Shouldn’t be hard if you aren’t lying

He looks like a DACApede

Maybe he's from honduras


Political Activity Banned in Uniform

ANP founded in 1959

Rockwell Honorably Discharged in 1960

The rest is just commonsense. I'm sorry this is hard for you.


Proof that ce1704 is a faggot

Little can absolutely get fucked.

embed you fucking reddit niggers embed!!!

reported for posting unwatchable video link and low effort post. sage

I no understand. Having stop jew and skin of shits. This Little man look like people who work with polis.

I like no jew.

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We were waiting for you.

You first, you fucking faggot.

Why does everyone want to fuck around with IOTBW? The power of that strategy is all in its existence as a solitary, anonymous statement that no one can attack except to say, "It's not!" If Little is carrying it around then people merely have to discredit him to discredit the message. In addition, rallies are retarded to do when you don't have a strong part of the society eager to back you up. Rallies are for the victors, not the contestants.

Jesus. Everyone sees something working and instead of just doing the same simple thing in greater and greater scale they want to change the formula and ruin it… Doesn't matter if Little is a plant or not, his stolen idea is stupid.

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He didn't drive the van this is well known

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is this the standard for proof that somebody is a ZOG agent now? jesus fucking christ

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Only if the marches are done without inviting
the public (antifa).

I just do not see Little being able to effectively organize this

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Because there exists people who do not think it is okay to be white. There is a large number of whites who do not have enough pride in their race to say it.
Media outlets labeling that it is a neonazi phrase does attack it. Well at least you seem to think so based off what else you have to say.
What are they now going to say that the message is affiliated with a civil rights activist? Do you think they are going to conflate the saying to be a "neonazi", even though the media already says this?
These are not rallies.
How is this changing the formula. Little's plan is to say that it is okay to be white to get a media / antifa backlash to it which is the exact purpose of putting up the flyers.

Hence why you use it as intended: Anonymous posting, with memes of the juicy ones that get graffiti on them or the salt from online.
That's the attack it intentionally invites. When a innocuous phrase like, "It's okay to be white," is labeled as Nazi, then the label of Nazi loses its magic-word status and power. If not actually make normal people more sympathetic to those labeled as such…
They'll say that Little screams about Jews being the devil to random people on the street like a fucking lunatic. That's his MO, and it is a poor one.
Rallies, marches, public shows of strength are all for when you have the numbers and the social support behind you to launch them into the streets. Social proof is a very powerful thing, and Little doesn't do himself favors by being confrontational with assholes surrounding him and mocking him. Now if he adopted street preacher tactics to bring sympathy towards his cause, that's a slightly different matter… but they approach the matter very differently than Little's shock and awe approach.
It's as I said, going from anonymous who-knows-who-or-how-many-posted-this to oh-its-just-this-one-guy-here. Anonymous posting suggests greater numbers of actors and leaves it to the imagination, which is great since the message begs bad people to bash on all whites. Whereas if it is just a dude carrying it around, you dismiss the dude and you dismiss the message. That's simple human psychology.
He wants to use a tool that he believes is useful without understanding why it is useful. He thinks it is a MAGA hat when it is actually an IRL shitpost, and both approaches need different presentations to reach highest efficacy.

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You can always tell exactly who the FBI/CIA candidates are because of who they are running against.

Answer this: Who was Patrick Little running against?
Answer this: Who was running against Paul Ryan in the republican primary?

FBI/CIA isn't really the question on a fight the scale of nationalism vs globalism. It's a question of whether a proposed action is worthwhile or not. I honestly don't know about posters or marches. Mass persuasion isn't my area.

I do think nationalism must be profitable somehow in order to compete. This activism is all cost, no gain. You don't even own a politician to secure the laws and gibs for your people. Maybe this is a prelude to that, but I highly doubt it given the shortsightedness of nationalists in general. Without netting some hard asset, I think this march is ultimately worthless.


Put up posters about chemtrails or the shit in the water. It was effective the first time. Media ignores it now.

Wait, that's all you have?

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If you decide to take the bait, go with a group.

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That's the jews trying to ruin it.

Can't even watch the jewtube video. They censor his videos as soon as he uploads. He really should get off youtube

You couldn't be any more obvious.


CIA finally working on our side for a change

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Patrick Little has been nailing it lately, he's starting to think alot deeper about strategy. Good optics are a matter of being victimized. It's one reason why Leftists are such masochists. And always come across universal in public, genuinely act like you have other races best interest in mind, and even appear like you want the best for them. And the best thing for them is to realize who has been pitting the world against eachother. They are all pointing fingers at rich whites when they need someone to simply baby talk them a bit. We need professional voices that can play the dog and pony game. Right now we get lumped in with the Alt Kike. And they guide newcomers away from us. Thankfully everyone hates the Alt Kike. That's easy. You'll never convince neocon boomers but you can guide sub 80 IQ niggers in the right direction with right words and the more people we can get hating jews, the better chance we have

Diversity is our strength.

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I'm okay with the idea. However, it should probably be in a place that's not extremely anti-white. Don't want another Charlottesville situation.

little would be better off organizing a group to protect the border
he has the military experience, which does make him suspicious but whatever
no matter the motives, lets see some results
if he can shoot one invader he will have done more for america than the president has

(((Dianne Feinstein))) = Vice Chair of Senate Intelligence committee

She's a kike and and the (((intelligence community))) loves her.

Patrick Little = Glow in the dark CIA asset to discredit GOP and her challengers.

Makes sense tbh.

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Can't watch it

People are so focused on how you write that they missed the point of the thread. BRAINWASHED

Found the Israeli JIDF on his first day.

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He is calling for marchers to march in silence with duck tape over the mouth alluding to censorship of whites and white nationalist, even conservative, voices. It could work.


So because he refused to follow the Hatch Act, he's a jewish shill? Maybe he just thought it was a dumb law. Maybe he didn't know about it at all. Maybe he was completely against breaking the law but thought it was necessary for his party to resemble the original National Socialist party to get the message across.

When examined with a bit of critical thinking, your "argument" falls apart quickly. Then again, if you had any solid evidence of GLR having jewish connections you would have posted it by now.

Agreed. Just like when faggot Milo Yipanaonoupoouls and others like him started selling t-shirts with IOTBW on it.
tbh though I don't really care. Maybe something good can come from it. Little has been ok so far.

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The fucking genius of IOTBW is that is isn't attached to a political position. It causes leftists to meltdown and display their hatred of whites. All that faggot is doing is turning IOTBW into a political stance and giving the left a justified reason to be mad at it, thus defeating the entire purpose.

I don't think little is an FBI stooge, I just think he's an absolute moron.

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Eat a bag of dicks Torpedo.
Read Rockwell’s books and you will find they are as relevant today on the JQ as they were when first published.

Q - Zionist
Alex Jones - Zionist
Jerome Corsi - Zionist
Roger Stone - Zionist
PJW - Zionist
Posobiec - Zionist
Bannon - Zionist
Ben Shapiro - Zionist
Jordan Peterson - Zionist
Geert Wilders - Zionist
Sam Harris - Zionist
Spencer - Zionist
Mich Enoch - Zionist
Tucker Carlson - Zionist
Lauren Southern - Zionist
Faith Goldy - Zionist
Sellner/Pettibone - Zionist
Tommy Robinson - Zionist
Ann Coulter - Zionist
Molyneux - Zionist
Cernovich - Zionist
George Webb - Zionist
Jason Goodman - Zionist
William L. Pierce - Zionist
Matt Couch - Zionist
Milo - Zionist
JF - Zionist
Arthur Jones - Zionist
Matt Heimbah - Zionist
Kevin MacDonald - Zionist
Andrew Anglin - Zionist
Weev - Zionst
Donald Trump - Zionist
Sargoy of Mossad - Zionist
Ron Paul - Zionist
Kyle Chapman - Zionist
Oswald Mosley - Zionist
Stephen Crowder - Zionist
Laura Loomer - Zionist
David Duke - Zionist shill
Patrick Little - Zionist
George Lincoln Rockwell - Zionist
Gavin mccines - Zionist
Jared Taylor - Zionist
Your Mom - Zionist
Robert spencer - Zionist
Pamela geller - Zionist
Charlie kirk - Zionist
Candice owens - Zionist
Thomas paine - Zionist
Douglas murray - Zionist
Joe Rogan - Zionist shill
Kate Hopkins - Zionist
Elon Musk - Zionist
The Mailman - Zionist
Kanye West - Zionist
Ben Franklin - Zionist
Mods - Zionists

Always be alert of infiltrators

Based Patrick

Trips checked. If you volunteer to help Patrick and White people by showing solidarity, just don't be this guy, Jon Patler. Still alive btw.

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This is what youtube thinks of a White man proposing a non-violent silent march against White genocide.

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is a cia meme.

What makes Little a zionist?

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Nothing. It's absurd. Little openly and repeatedly names the jew. You can tell they're afraid of him, because any time he's mentioned on here, he's immediately accused of being comped.


The fucker is still alive too. A shame Bowers didn't give him justice

Seems like a great way to lots of racially conscious white men murdered for no reason.

Found the shills.

Patrick Little will turn out to be another Fag Anglin. Bowers' 6 Gorillion Mindset would save you a lot of time if you weren't already working for the feds.

Solid evidence that you and every other brainless cocksucker like you are part of a campaign to further drag down the collective IQ of Zig Forums past its double digit downfall and into the brainless caricature, the mindless mockery of whites that the left loves to endlessly tout.

Do us a solid right now and commit suicide.

I can't find any historical examples of people being prosecuted under the Hatch Act, so this isn't compelling at all.


Request this same pic with the guy in the center photoshopped out.


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hello rat

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He never exposes Israel’s role in white genocide.

you must be fucking joking rabbi

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Well, I am completely fine with this, for the record. We need those who are actually worth a fuck, have balls, are pretty intelligent, have gone to war, etc. We need a leader who is an actual man, and Trump, despite initial appearances, has fallen massively short as intended for the redpill process.

I lol every time. God bless this great man.

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Lol we’re more buying it rabbi Little