Get your facts on Sweden right

Missconceptions about Sweden

With this swedes had The third biggest airforce in The world and top 5 biggest militaries in The 80:S
With nuclear program (merchants olof Palme shut it down)

With only gothenburg area having a population that was partly mixed with waloons germans and english

>Swedes dont racemix x

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All true tbh
Shit thread tho, most Zig Forumsacks know this
(The ones that post sweden yes shit are shills)

why is the eternal sw*De so depraved?


Working overtime today, Shlomo?

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Ironic shitposting is still shitposting you unfunny niggerfaggot.

okay there sven

Honestly, Sweden is a right wing country compared to the absolute cuckery of the UK and Canada.

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Not falling for it, faggot.

He's kind of right. Up until the Great Northern War, Sweden was widely viewed as the second most powerful continental power.

Suit yourself.

all shitposting is ironic you smelly colonial but my post was neither of those

This seems like a derivative of the "Finns are the master race" d&c shilling. Either way, it's a slide thread like you said.

hes kind of wrong

I smell like Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male and my country never had any colonies, macaco.
You say that as if it's a good thing.

and now…..not so much.

Doesn't matter. Sweden is overrun and will no longer be a nation in a few years. There is no hope for them.

yeah ok my dude

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Oh hey, it's the neanderthal spammer making one of these threads again so he can hop on his proxy and spam shit about nordics being jews and norse mythology being from babylon.

It's literally the same guy trying to stir up drama. Usually he'll jump between claiming that nordics did everything and meds did nothing, to claiming that nordics did everything but were actually finnic. I suspect he takes it in the ass from one of the volunteers or mods considering how long he's been shitting up the place with absolutely no attempts at halting it.

Here's another one of his threads.

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And you are a shill

I have never said nords were finnic
They are their own sort of Proto European kind
Pic related

Any kind of mix up is possible due to ancient hebrews were blonde, but Most importantly a Big propability of them being Proto European now that question is harder to answer and should not be left to some angry pagan like yourself

The reasons why i say paganism is not Nordic is due to The existance of nords prior to paganism creation, hinting at indo Europeans spread their religion To US. Instead of a reverce scenario

Of Course Zig Forums is filled with high iq shills that brand everything as being pro merchant if it goes against their narrative

Its succesful ill give you that

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this nigger hasn't heard of the Scandinavian Rus tribe in which the country of Russia derives its namesake and the principality of Kievan Rus
just lmao @ your life, pleb

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He accidentally the thread.
The greentexts are true, he just meant they'd chance misconceptions I think.