Donald Trump has suggested stone-throwing migrants might be shot by the US military, as he unveiled

Friendly reminder that shills will still desperately screech that nothing is being done about the incoming horde.

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Well his affiliation with Israel turned out to be 4D chess.

he never said he would end legal immigration, trumpshill

given his track record with amnesty i dont expect anything to actually stop the caravan. i think it will be like last easter: talk tough, media blackout, amnesty.

why else is he talking about putting them up in tent cities? doesnt sound like something you would say if you were actually going to stop them from entering our country.

call me a shill MAGA nigger, IDGAF

Yeah but he also said that they'll be housed in tent cities, given free food and healthcare, and we will be paying for it.
I'm not a fanatical anti-Trumper, but I'll believe it when I see it. He's broken my heart too often for me to get excited.
I would love it if was right. Imagine seeing the shitfaced look on these kikes if Trump said
"Why are you complaining about us shooting these rock throwing migrants? Israel does that all the time."
I swear to God, if Trump brings up IsraHell when asked about the migrants and shooting protesters, I'll fucking suck his cock.

what? he just gave them $38billion and agreed to not fund our border wall.

I never said he said that, so I don't know what point you're trying to make. This post very obviously refers to the horde of 4k spics coming through Mexico from Guatemala.

By the way - I know you're going to artfully dodge around this or just plain ignore it, but Trump is a civnat faggot. I don't believe he has the best interests of whites at heart for a second, but he is a good stepping stone until someone better comes along. And for the 2016 election cycle, he was the best we had.

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KEK. Complete faggot.

Bingo. end of thread. MAGA faggots BTFO.

Mods you can delete this thread now

Was he ever supposed to "end legal immigration"?


B-b-but, he waved a snake scepter at the media.

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Rules of Engagement.
F Water Cannons, FMJ Cannons!
Free Body Piercings.

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Shills are having a real hard time with this.

Those are rules as established by Israel, they get thrown under press bus, not USA.

I never said you said that either.
Really? It was "he never said he would end legal immigration" as in if you end illegal immigration then you must also end legal immigration, other wise the latter will increase and have the same effect of white genocide.
For jews and their paid shills, that's you user.


How many shekels did you get for that post?

How does Posse Comitatus and the Insurrection Act factor into this? From what I've read, he can't actually deploy the troops as anything other than logisitcal support for ICE unless the entire caravan is considered to be insurgents or an invading army (kikes will kvetch over the term army since they don't carry rifles but are sure as shit trying to invade).

Checked. He did those things in the very same spending bill. Hilarious how everyone here magically has forgotten.

Probably not as much as you get for saying "oy gevalt don't vote goyim just wait for Hitler." When some of these subhumans start throwing rocks and get their craniums punctured by 5.56 rounds you'll say it's a Jew plot to generate sympathy for the beaners.

Who said anything about waiting (((user)))?









Show us your Orc posts
I'll start.

use a search engine lazy nigger. You can watch the cartels handing out dinero payments to the invading army while he has a gun tucked into his belt.

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That's not what a combantant is, not that you provided proof for your claims.

Put spics in body bags

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Nope, we have to be own own Hitlers now.
Stop voting.
Stop waiting.
If every white man killed 11 kikes like Based Bowers did, our nation would be fixed within a day.

In the same briefing he also tells about AT LEAST 700 thousand people who will get deported, BUT it is growing to millions as they are currently checking the databases.
Source check the fucking briefing nigger. Im not even murican and listen for more than 2 minutes.

Bowers was a retard, not that voting isn't also retarded. Lone-wolf terrorism is fucking stupid. Collective action would need to be taken to change anything, like militias being formed, besieging cities (which are mostly liberals), and blockading ports so that all the non-whites go apeshit.

So tell me shill-kun, what euphemism do you propose for armed foreigners attempting to storm a border?

wtf I love trumpstein now

Dubs for thousands of dead spics at the border and millions more to come

To you only faggot.
If you are so ignorant of what is going on it is not an user's job to spoon feed you with footage of them breaking through gate after gate.
I bet you don't even know about the Mexican police they attacked because you have no desire to know.
Now fuckoff back into your >>>/oven/ Zig Forums

Fuck off nigger

My math is a little rough but only about one out of twenty white males would have to kill one jew each to rid the U.S. of kikes.

When shots are fired, then they're combatants.

Tell me that if every white man killed 11 jews, the jew problem wouldn't be eliminated.
Tell me that and prove you're a retard.

Not even sure why you're mad.

In order to be a combatant then there needs to be "engagement".

I'm going to get a raging justice boner if US troops actually open fire on those worthless beaners. Christ I just want a taste of justice.

Is "every man" Robert Bowers? No.

Read this, please:

This user is much smarter than you are

I didn't ask you how combatants are defined by our current ROI, I asked what you would call armed foreigners storming a border.

lol at the butthurt faggot who's about half the posts in this thread

And that's why jews run America

Yes, this whole thing is a kike plot to generate sympathy for cockroaches, but that fact alone is meaningless. If full scale civil war breaks out, kikes are all going to die, so their little plan will have backfired.

GTFO with your marxist wordplay.

I wouldn't call them "combatants" until they engage.

There is enormous evidence all over the web, you twit. They've repeatedly attacked uniformed authorities in Mexico and busted down barriers violently destroying physical property in order to invade. That is the definition of armed invasion.

Invading armies get shot in self-defense. Trump is warning them that they will be shot. If this sparks US civil war with the current occupying massive latino force, so be it.

The door swings both ways. Lots of people salivate over shit like this. If the bean caravan got slaughtered, it would fire a lot of people in this country up. Kikes are underestimating how pissed off people are about illegal immigration.

Then why the fuck don't you bother to provide it you colossal faggot?

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Only Zig Forums can demonstrate this level of cognitive dissonance.

They have engaged using force with armed authorities in order to penetrate a sovereign nation's territory. This the definition of an armed invasion.

By the way, if you are shilling to help armed invaders and you are within the United States, you are a traitor.

the salt would be delish

because no one here cares about a delusional lazy nigger from Zig Forums ignoring reality.

Wishful thinking is the worst sin of all.
I'm more pissed about legal AND illegal immigration, which Trump has no intention of doing anything about.

So I am left to assume non-combatant is your final answer?
I don't have a "why am I spoon-feeding shills?.jpg"

He's like half the posts here he's obviously booty bothered that his cousin is going to be shot for being a rock throwing retard.

They opened fire on uniformed authorities in order to invade territory violently.

You know what happens to traitor shills who sympathize with an enemy invasion, right?

Because you don't have proof.

Anons like you should never be allowed to hold a gun.

All I want is proof.

They shot at cops. Even use of a rock is enough as it's a deadly weapon, but they've already engaged.

Somebody needs to trace this guy's IP.

Thank you user, could have done that in the first place and spared yourself those posts.
Are you talking about the politicians running the country?

fuck off, I don't give a fuck if they're peaceful, nobody cares, they're less than insects

Why bother? We already know his IP is coming from tel aviv

I say we should just shoot them anyway relieve them of their shitty lives. If their lives are so bad to trek that far and to be so profane they should be put down.

Baiting fed? No not even a fed on the first day is this much of a fucking idiot.
Larping Zig Forums? Fits the profile. Believes others have some "duty" to cure it's own ignorance. Notice how it has the inability to cure it's own ignorance, and keeps requesting anons to spoon feed it information? This is the NPC mindset. It only receives programming and doesn't consider the possibility of free thinking critical thought as user's would understand it.

It asks us repeatedly to "program" it, however, should we attempt to do so it would run it's alternate subroutine "that doesn't fit in my reality. Reject program!".
This is what we've seen it do already when a number of us told about "combatants".

I'm sure chode monkey can provide an IP but the alphabets would be sympathetic if it isn't a glow nigger itself.

I mean you–the traitor shilling for armed enemy invaders. You are the enemy within.



..and just like that it flees the thread when reminded of its NPC nature.

Goblins envy those that have what they do not, so they wish to take it by force.

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Reminder that the military is at the border to stop white militias from killing any of the spics and to make sure they all enter the country.
Reminder that they will not arrive at the border until after the midterms, and so everything done before the midterms is posturing. Anyone who says otherwise is a redditor and has paid zero attention to every single election in white countries in the last 40 years.

I wonder if whites will start forming "caravans" to the border to meet this imminent threat to our safety.

I was provided a source for a fascinating allegation. Now it's time to see if anything whatsoever happens, not that dealing with illegal immigration makes up for not dealing with legal immigration, especially since ending the former just amplifies the latter. Trump seems to be garnering votes for midterms, and this is an amusing way to do it, still doesn't make his Zionism anymore despicable.

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"I told the military to consider stones being thrown as rifles."
I like where this is heading.

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That isn't what the military is doing their you blackpilling kike. They aren't there to protect beaners from "white militias." No militias are going there, and even if they did, they're not going to open fire into Mexican land from US territory because that kind of shit can start an actual war. If everything is so Jew-controlled and hopeless then shut the fuck up and kill yourself already.

Reported and filtered.

…and they take the bait EVERY.FUCKING.TIME.

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Unknown, very likely false.
Not going so well for you, champ. But keep shilling.

There's the redpill and the blue pill. Stop using reddit terminology.
Is that supposed to be bad?

Race war is inevitable. It's probable that Mexico would intervene on behalf of latinos in the future race war. So, war with Mexico isn't unlikely anyway in the future.

Why does it a disadvantage for whites if, say, war with Mexico started today and that sparked the race war (inverse of the above)? If the race war started today, whites would have much FAR superior numbers and therefore odds than even five years from now or ten.

Why are you worried about war starting?

If I knew for certain that Mattis was ready to conquer Chapultepec permanently, annex most of Mexico, fly bombing sorties over East LA and blanket the land across the Rio Grande with land mines, I'd be all over it. I know these Mexicans hate us and want us dead, that's what the retarded Aztlan fantasy is about. But we haven't used Total War against anyone since Japan and Germany. Total War against Mexico would double the size of the country in a week or two. I just doubt the current military brass is ready to do what Patton and MacArthur did, which is what it would take to defeat Mexico without huge losses of American life and infrastructure.

Because a war inside the usa would be destructive and costly. Better to send the spics back peacefully and close the border. If they want to start shit after that, then unleash hell inside their mudholes instead.

Prove it or shove your Trumpshilling up your ass.

Costly like the amount of money the US gives to Israel?

Oh no! An actual war between Mexico and the USA? They'll wipe us out in a month! We don't stand a chance if they use all ten of their tanks and BOTH helicopters! All four million gun owners in Texas won't last ten minutes against the Mexican army of a quarter million!

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It's not a question of power. We crushed Iraq in a few days and Mexico probably wouldn't take much longer. The issue we would have in a conflict against them - besides the tsunami of no-English 70-IQ peasants who would zerg rush the US border - would be that our troops would have rules of engagement they have to follow, while the Mexicans would have no such restrictions on who they can target and how they can fight.

Why don't you fuck off back to Occidental Dissent (19 post) faggot?

Last I checked, Mexico doesn't have a single tank in the whole army.

Oh no, not our border!! How ever will the US military defend such a thing

why with all those mexicans rushing north, some armed and trying to fight, what if they made some mistakes and mowed down a ton of non-combatants!? they'd have to fake them being actual combatants

Far more expensive than that, dipshit. The damage to the southwest alone would be at least twenty times greater than israel's gibsmedats. Also very costly in human lives, not to mention human women and children would be in a warzone. Better to use gross little soyfags like you as shields against taco niggers in spicland than put human women and children in danger, fuckwit.

Whether or not the President intended it to be 4D chess, it's a good time to get on Twitter and start gasping about how horrible Orange Man is for doing this, gunning down innocent civilians for throwing rocks like they do in Isreali-occupied Palestine.

If there is war with Mexico, then that is the perfect reason to round up every single "latino" in the US. The biggest enemy is within the wire already. The caravan is just a great reason to get the war going.

The President and the military don't want the bad press that Jew media would broadcast 24/7 on every TV station and website in the world if the troops actually did turn a group of thousands of beaners into red paste. That's one unintended consequence. Another is the possibility of Latino street gangs, which are all over the US now, would turn themselves into de facto death squads and start massacring Whites in every major US city as retaliation, with Jewish money helping them buy weapons and body armor for that purpose. That would give Trump a bonafide excuse to do to Mexicans what FDR did to the Japanese, for which he would be further demonized.

A lot can go wrong here if these idiots try to rush the border or if one of our soldiers gets a twitchy trigger finger. Everyone wants the situation resolved peacefully. Most will be told to fuck off, the rest will get a hearing with 100 other illegals, after which they'll also be told to fuck off.

While i have serious doubts about "middle easterners" on the caravan, it is a confirmed fact that organized transnational crime troops have camouflaged themselves on it, as a way to search for safeguard mechanisms for future entry points.

But that will ALWAYS be the case and therefore always be the reason why there cannot be a civil war.

All whites who are aware and do not plan to fight in any war should start working their way out of the region. Spics will obviously attack all the old individualist white boomers in their homes who refuse to leave. Like South African farmers who are old and isolated. The writing's on the wall.

Everybody savvy in the southwest can see it's going to be a major front in the race war. Any non-combatant who remains in what very clearly is going to be a warzone (whether that's tomorrow or five years from now) is suicidal or just so naive that they're going to get darwin'd.

as a DACApede, I approve

my grnapa was hitler


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Is it really that bad if some soldier got an itchy trigger finger? Whites are 50% of the population now. When boomers die off, whites will be around 30%. A small minority at that point. Note how they're already amping up the genocidal rhetoric toward whites. They're planning to wipe us out. The only effect of delaying the war is increasing likelihood that whites get completely wiped out.


Assault with a deadly weapon, aka a rock, should be met with deadly force.
Anyone who says otherwise is a faggot.

You know nothing.