Voting in California

Anyone else behind enemy lines?
Who are you voting for?
I haven't been following politics that much for the past year of so.

Yeah, I know that most options are trash.

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Inb4 "Don't vote goyim"

Not voting is suggestive of something way more badass then you're blue-pilled ass would understand.

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I've thought about driving over to California just to go vote 10 times. We could even turn Cali red if we really autism it.

republican everything, no on everything except 6

Just left California 4 months ago - it's just as fucked everywhere else

Swallow your disgust for a minute and vote for that asshole who's running against Feinstein, vote Republican where you can, leave all other Dem vs. Dem races blank. Vote no on confirming all the judges, read all the local propositions carefully and follow your conscience, if in doubt vote no. Vote no on rent control.

Also vote for as many white-sounding names as you can in local elections, yes on Miller, no on Gonzales. Keep in mind they may not actually be white.

I'm in LA county which props do I vote for? I wanna try yes prop 7 get rid of daylight savings.


nobody's saying not to vote because there's no point in not voting. what we're saying is stop shitting up Zig Forums with your election bullshit that isn't going to change fucking anything

many other places are 60, 70, 80% white, california is like 30% white lmao

but user, that means you're going to overthrow the government or something, that's scary!

people can call my "muh blackpile kike" all they want. I personally doubt that anything is going to happen in the US. it's just going to get less white by the year until it's basically Venezeula on a larger scale- mulatto spic socialism

I can only hope that the same thing doesn't happen to Western Europe, preventing that should be the focus and is the only thing that matters

"blackpill" is a term specifically meant to depict the original redpill as bad because it's bitter and exposes you to a fucked up word.
At least not by fucking politicians. I do think that some white Americans are waking up, not that it's enough, but then again most revolutions and changes in government are by a minority that represents itself as everyone else.

Who's worse: Feinstein or Kevin de Leon? Peronsally I thought de Leon was worse because he has all the same views as Feinkike but is more adamant about them being realized. Pretty good bet to just vote for the Republican, I didn't find a single office where I preferred a Democratic candidate over a Republican/Independent one.

Prop 7 just gives the State legislature the right to vote on whether or not to keep daylight savings, doesn't actually get rid of it.

Did you know this state's constitution has over 100 amendments? Shit's fucked, direct democracy was a mistake

Voting can make the difference between having ready access to assault rifles on the day of the rope or having to make do with hunting rifles and .22's. It affects how we prepare for the future, so it is important. No one's saying we're going to vote away the Jew, but it's better for us if Republicans are in office, on account of the gun issue if nothing else.

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Voting for Zionist puppets because they promise they won't fuck with our guns isn't much of an argument. I honestly wish either party would try, and if you trust either you're fucking stupid.

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I am in San Bernardino county, I might vote for Patrick Little again.

Meanwhile, you can buy Vepr again.

Thanks Trump.

Actions, and not words matter.

Do you really think republicans are going to? It's one of their pet issues, one of the defining points of lukewarm conservatism in the United States. If they did try, they'd get fucked at the ballot and they know this.
Make no mistake, I'm not defending republikikes or saying they're trustworthy in the long run, both political parties are ultimately our enemy. However, if you think that choosing between the party that openly supports gun rights, versus the party that openly doesn't (and actively agitates against them) is a pointless choice, I think you need to get your head out of your ass. Even if all it does is buy us time, time is still precious.
I honestly think it's just politics, and even if it does go though it wouldn't be even a fraction of what Fenkike would do in his position. Would be unfortunate and disappointing, though.

John Cox (R) is running for Governor. I've never seen anything like it - the guy has no TV ads, isn't campaigning his ass off like Trump. I mean I've heard of none (zero) rallies that he's done.

It's like he doesn't want to win. Weird.

get fuked
you lose no matter what youre are 1 against 8 illegals , 2 nogs, 1 jew and 1 liberal white cuck

ha , why are you making this thread?
sage because there really is no reason to even discuss california

moved to NY?

It's not merely a "pointless" choice, it's a forced choice. That's the point. No party gets to take away guns even if they actually pass laws to make it happen. You're being scared into voting for Zionists because the other Zionists said they'll fuck with your guns and you're telling me to get my head out of my ass? Look whose talking.
For people who want to brown up the country maybe. It buys you nothing but more lipservice.

CA is proof the wetbacks won't vote GOP.

I hear he loves bagels

He should vote with his feet.

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Like clockwork.

I voted against women and muds wherever I could, voted to get rid of the kike gas tax, voted for the spic running against Feinstein, and wrote in Patrick Little to city council

no, "blackpill" is thinking we're doomed, "whitepill" is thinking everything will be okay. it's pessimism/optimism and the "muh kike shill" every other post fags use "blackpill" to mean "defeatist"

They can pass laws to make new guns more difficult to obtain. Group of Zionists "A" says that they will do this, and have a history of doing so. Group of Zionists "B" says they will not do this, and have a history of doing so. To vote for Zionist "B" does not mean I support him or everything he does, nor does anything with relation to Zionism change since both parties are equal in that respect. Both will have to hang, eventually, but why not vote for the Zionists who will make that process simpler?
There are not enough white nationalists to affect change right now, but I believe that more white people become redpilled every day, and if in the future it becomes difficult for them to arm themselves we will be dead in the water on DoTR, whenever it should come.

And back in the day that's what the redpill meant, picture very fucking related. Oldfags know this.
That's the bluepill, and it's an illusion from the perspective of someone who is redpilled. It came from a reference to the Matrix.
They can pass the laws but you haven't entertained the idea of how the fuck that would be implemented, if anything that would just be a blessing to the black market. Just look at how the drug war went.
That's just straight up stupid. You're voting them into fucking office and giving them power. You're apart of the problem then.
That comes with the territory of living in a country that doesn't vote for fucking ZIonists, Republican or Democrat.

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I understand what you're saying, but realistically speaking, one of the two Zionists will get elected whether we vote for them or not. The modern day United States government is thoroughly Zionist, voting (or not voting) won't change that. All I'm saying is to choose the lesser of two evils, while people who are on our side dig in their heels and prepare for the coming conflict. When that conflict happens (it is to be hoped) we can do away with both evils, and finally have a society that does not revolve around kikes and their perverse desires. That is all.

Prop 6 is the proposition to repeal the fucking retarded gas tax Garcetti slapped on out of nowhere. Except through extreme jewry they worded it in the ballot to be "repeal transportation repair funding" which should already be covered by goddamn Caltrans, because they know "vote to repeal stupid gas tax" would be automatically voted yes by most people.
EVEN WORSE, if this measure is defeated it allows california to just raise the gas tax arbitrarily again whenever they feel like it.
Police and Fire unions are canvasing no on 6 because some of gas tax money is getting siphoned toward their pensions and can't have anyone touching that no no no!

Are you even listening to yourself?

just vote to subvert everything Brown did, vote no on his appointees, no on any tax-increasing bullshit, etc.

Voting for is not the same as kissing up to. Not voting does not do anything whatsoever to reduce Jewish power, undermine Jewish confidence in Jewish power, or affect Jewish power in any way. Casting a vote for a party does not mean I swear fealty to it. I simply vote for whatever is in my best interests (lower taxes, less gun restrictions, etc.), knowing all the while that the grander problem we have will not be solved by voting, but through violence, which is not the same as "we're fucked," it means that we will have a chance to actually change things in the future.

i didnt register

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Am torn on Senate. Was going to leave it blank, but after the shit Fiendstein pulled with Kavanaugh am leaning towards the communist. She committed numerous ethics violations, and if the senate won't punish her, the voters have to. Also she is a heavy weight on the (((intelligence))) oversight committee and other places. The new guy would have to work his way up. On the other hand, if she stays it will be her last, and it might be harder for Pat Little to unseat an incumbent and take his rightful place. Still, she has to go, and there's no way the other guy can be jewier than her.
Am disgusted at the Republican and any other parties for not even offering an alternative candidate for the House. I swear they don't even want to win. How can they not find one person willing to run? There's no way. They want to lose the house. Presumably to stop Trump from opposing globalism and immigration. We need a new nationalist party. Republicans were founded as the anti-slavery party, destroyed white run states, and will always be for Big Federalism and cucked.

yes but a large percentage of people will comply out of fear, so those laws will result in partial disarmament of the populace as well as making it difficult for the remainder to train
most people do not and will not care about things beyond their personal life. it's plainly obvious that the white race is dying- that the jews are doing it is more esoteric- point being, only a fringe minority of white people even care

CA, where Democrats have Victory Parties, like it is an accomplishment, patting themselves on the back…

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The Republican strategy for voting for Senator is to vote for Feinstein instead of this crazy Mexican la raza guy. I really don't want to vote Feinstein who should I pick Zig Forums?

You and about 3/4 of the rest of the country. Nobody notices or cares if you don't vote, they only care if you do.

I have a huge issue with that second image as I now live in New Hampshire. Outside of the major cities here in New England a lot of the area is rural towns, very much still small town America and a good majority of rural areas are conservative. However the problem comes down to population density. The larger cities almost always dictate what happens in the state because because they have the higher population.
It's not that these policies exist because everywhere votes for it, they exist because the people who vote for this shit outnumber the rest of us.

No to the midwest.After making the trip i am convinced whites are actually much less of the population than is reported.

Agree and emphasize.
What is your Property Tax verses National Average? NH; Assessed Home Value 500,000 Average Tax Rate 2.205% Property Taxes $11,025 (Annual) NatAvg; $6,055
Your Tax Dollars at Work.
Yeah, that sucks.

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The Midwest is hands-down the best place for Whites. You have guys like Art Jones and Paul Nehlen (and even 'establishment' politicians like Steve King and Kris Kobach), and the history of Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, etc.
Lots of Germanic and Nordic ancestry there.
Also, North and South Dakota have less than 1000 Jews combined (and North Dakota even has their own separate banking system!)
All in all, there are a lot of good people there.
It would be great if Nationalist Whites could form a large community in the Dakotas and work in the Bakken Oil Fields to earn the money required to sustain it, while seeking political power and influence in the region.

dude from napa is really gaining a lot of steam for 2020. this cycle though looks pozzed.

Who the fuck made that pic? Pittsburgh is in Pennsylvania not New Hampshire. What a stupid fuck.

You know what the funny thing is? Less than half of registered voters bother to vote is clear blue or clear red states. If every right- leaning Californian would vote they'd win by a landslide.

Yeah, what a stupid fuck you are !
aha !

I lived in California for a few months doing consulting there and traveled across the entire state for work.

It's a shame how such an incredibly beautiful stretch of land can be populated by such faggots. I guess pleasant settings create weak people…

Anyway, many parts of California are great, even politically. Sure, they're in the north and eastern counties, but they still have congressional representatives. Even San Diego is pretty good because of the heavy military presence keeping the cucks at bay. SoCal and the Bay Area are doomed, but the state is huge and you can't give up on the whole thing.

well many of them are half jews half lations (spanish and mexican whites … they are all lizard people)

but fuck thats still better than california. Ive been in the north - north west for 5 months and I recently have decided that its not as good as I thought.

But its basically its just as bad as I thought it could be. Whites that are simple normies. Jews that think they are white because they only have a jew father (even though they talk about money every 2 secs). And Latinos who are not friends but atleast have use and pay for their space.

I guess I have to ask , would you move back??? I wouldnt. I hope you didnt chose chicago … fucking choose a state with 90% white retard.

Actually Ill tell you Massachusetts is good. The blacks there are educated and the fucking Irish there dont let the blacks get out of hand. Its a really interesting place. People like to get drunk , argue and fuck. And theres alot of military that keeps the place patriotic.

But I suggest going whiter, good luck.

I voted because I'm in one of the most competitive districts with a R incumbent that I like.
I voted John Cox for Governor because he's within 7 points which is amazing considering it's this shit hole. I was going to vote Newsome because I hate what this state has done to my people and I want to watch it burn, but I could not do it with Cox being so close.
I voted De Leon for Senator because it's a win win. If he loses, we put the pressure on Fienstien to make here not feel as safe, and she'll have to push farther left.
If he wins he's not near the legislative tactician she is and one less Jew in power too. He'll also be another voice to move the Democrats left farther so they appeal even less to whites.

Are you lost or something?

I guess so, care to explain your redpill?

Are you being paid or did you just come here from reddit?

Neither. Took the blackpill and fell out of the loop after Virginia state house elections and PA-18, came back because this is really our last shot at immigration reform.
What's your point?

There's the blue pill and the red pill, guess which one you took?

Lurk moar newfag.

So you're a shill then.

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Everybody I work with is for Cox. Even my Mexican wife, and I are going to vote for cox. I'm just glad things are finally starting to look up here in commiefornia.

voted for the retarded spic over (((feinstein)))

I'd rather they to full commie and subsidize all housing, at least developers would see dollar signs and actually develop

Damnit, I did not vote for this crap! I specifically voted for not this crap! I wasn't even asked if I wanted my beautiful state flooded with somali refugees.

I'm not behind enemy lines, but they are trying to convince us that Beto is going to win here. Not going to happen. Voting lines have been insanely huge in early voting, larger than in 2016, so there's going to be huge R turnout.

I made this pic with you guys in mind though.

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Yeah, I'm a red guy in a blue state. Voted straight Republican, left Dem vs Dem blank and No on all props except gas tax repeal. Some day it may make a difference…

What happened to those so called conservative latinos?


Yes, but on the opposite coast.
The only thing on the local ballot that matters is a tranny rights question, everything else is moot. The state is too far gone otherwise.

Godspeed and keep your powder dry.

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You could always come up here when shit goes down, nobody likes Massholes, but they move up here all the time to get away from niggers.

I guess I'll just vote straight Republican and NO on everything except the gas tax repeal.


Are you lost?

Just leave it blank. I hate Feinstein more than the la raza guy so I swallowed my disgust long enough to fill in the arrow, but if you can't do it, go with your gut instinct.

My first instinct was to vote yes on repealing the gas tax because based on the state of our roads, they sure as shit aren't spending that money on road repairs, but then I decided that sending a clear signal that I'm against road repairs will only encourage them to stop repairs entirely, so I reluctantly voted against it. If only they'd quit wasting it on bike lanes, carpool lanes, and freeway sweeping we might actually get a few potholes filled in and some confusing intersections repainted so idiots know where they're supposed to go, but I guess that's too much to ask.

Nunes was saying yes on 11 for some reason, I think it means less regulations.

He's not running for anything.

Good luck calinons from the Rockies
We will meet you in the middle after victory

rdonald is a place for those faggots

Shut up faggot

Some of us don't believe in republican ideals, so we don't vote.

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NY is as bad as Cali, why would any Zig Forumsack move there?

You and half the country, nobody cares.

Its a close race in California!!!

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wew lad

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Mass Immigration is the biggest issue. Every politician is a cuck to Israel.

Adolf Hitler goes in all fields!

Then why isn't there a single politician talking about ending it?

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Vote repub for salt
Only for salt nothing else matters

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Unless you're jewish then you have no reason to be laughing.

>dont mind me goy, i mean (((fellow anti semites)))

why does a pro israel wall touching embassy mover still make jews salty

who the fuck thinks of this nonsense?

So basically what you're saying is don't vote.

This is what I did. But I'm surprised at many of you voting for de Leon, who is an anchor baby with illegal family members squatting on rightful white clay. He is just as anti-white as the jew bitch. I didn't vote for either of them.

Local & non-partisan races are the toughest to research, but if you dig hard enough, you can make a more informed decision. I was able to find out how certain judges ruled in (((hot button))) cases and vote accordingly. Also watch for jewish-narratives and buzzwords in candidate statements.

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What happened to those "conservative minded" illegals?

Because American jews don't care about any of that they want mass immigration.