Traditionalism: Women saying what men want to hear

What can the white race do AGAINST 80% of Aryan men (whiteknights) and 100% of Aryan women?

This man was abused by her wife with NO consequences (she was a career woman) to the point that the husband got his leg AMPUTATED. While the husband was having his leg amputated, the Aryan wife went to his Aryan lover of 10 years, empty the bank account, took the Aryan children, and get away.

What can normal whites do against superior whites (women and their chads and whiteknights)?

Anti-white women is anti-white. Women are half the Aryan race and there is none without them. KYS kike.

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this user knows, white women and their chads are the people who matter in our race.

The mission of genetically defective whites (like white nationalists), is to create a future for them. How can women have the children of chads if people like us are not in the frontlines… our deaths WON'T be in vain, because our genes are not meant to be passed down.

Many modern woman have serious destructive flaws acknowledging it and sorting it means more white children

Why? How does that follow the principles of 1488?

This includes many white “men” as well if you could call cucks that

Literally video related


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I agree, and women should also not reproduce with defective men who do drugs, beat off to trannies or associate with other races. Its a two way street and white degeneracy is Jewish caused. Blame women for what Yuri Bezmenov demonstrated is Jews fault, get the rope.

How many 100s of white women have you slept with?

For oldfags like me, this is an old redpill. Sadly, not many here know about women's chameleon behavior/words.

Cucks are meant to be cucked AND ridiculed as to serve as an example for the next generation.

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White Women ARE anti-white.

Daily reminder your own women hate you more than jews, niggers, spics, and all the rest combined.

You're "boring." White men are "boring." curing diseases and walking among the stars will never compete with tingles and cummies.

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>Trying desperately to meme the (((subversive meme))) (((White suicide)))
Woah. The amount of jewishness in this one post is causing my lynching muscles to twitch.

You sound like a woman. Men can do anything they want because they BUILD things. Women just consume.

Yes, when they are pregnant and have children, they need THEIR husbands to give them supplies. BUT that's not forever.

this but unironically as long as they wageslave away for our neetbux

I have a question, what's worse: Racemixing OR divorce race?



Tough question. One directly harms individual men. The other directly harms our race as a whole.
Want to become a third world country?
I'd rather stay first world and also exterminate the jewish freaks who created regret rape laws and race mixing.

Did I hit a nerve, tradcuck?

Your women hate you. Deal with it.

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Yea except youre a shill. White men and women will hang you and then have 10 kids each.

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That's the biofemale's instinct to hedge their bets kicking in. They know that if they put on a good enough "BASTE Tradwife" facade, then whiteknight cucks like you will refuse to do the necessary act of stripping women of their rights.

Just like this video

Here is an updated version

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Women are chamaleon, that's how they evolved to survive every time Chad killed their betacuck husbands. They use words like magic spells, like "rape" or "equality" or "oppression".

(((White suicide)))
Nice try, kike
It's called
White Genocide
YOU are responsible and (((you))) will hang for it.

Moving from one cock to another is basically in their genes by now. The only solution is patriarchal eugenics to reshape them into monogamous creatures.

Here's a modern warning on that theme. All where the light touches is what the webcam sees; all wholesome like oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon, but the dark hides the truth: She's a dumpster fire of aids and fail.

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The reason Jews are Jews is because they are an entire race that has female psychology and uses female tactics like playing the victim.

Underrated post

Tradcucks will be the death of the white race.

Women are drawn to power and wealth. The Right is on the rise. The left is full of idiots who are actively destroying society.

Biocunts side with the winner.

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sniping is the answer to everything, that's why its so demonized

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Sniping is a fucking meme. You can "snipe" with any zero'd rifle. It's called finding targets and hitting them something the average fucktard is too incompetent for.


Correct, but they are too simple minded to properly tell who is winning and why.

I like to believe that biology determined that men should be the warriors as to protect it's women and children. Your women bare your children, and your children aren't possible without your women, therefore the women and children are the jewels of a people/nation.

It's just biology at this point. In nature, the males compete for the females, and how the males compete is by trying to show off their masculine features. This is the problem with white society, through multiculty, and "progressive" movements, (((they))) have successfully made large portions of white society feminine, thus reducing masculinity from its men, and making other races more viable. To undo the cultural suicide, we have to un-cuck our men.

I meant among, excuse me.

Welcome to the blackpill of a slide thread with a recording of a soygoy stream show host who gets spergy with cancerous shit as the son-of-cuck guest tries to explain how his cuck-of-a-dad's life was ruined by a big bad bitch. Don't worry, the second half the video is about getting sex dolls an ad for sex dolls so you'll never have to suffer the same cuck fate.

Your english is bad, so im already suspicious of your post op.

If you’re not working out, eating mostly organic foods and vegetables, you need to leave the board. You’re nit gonna be able to set and example that makes women follow you, and once women follow you, the beta boys and virgins follow you. The. You have everybody.

What are you referring to?

OK here you go user.

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Beta incel thread, abort!

That is cap worthy.

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I said abort, this is a pro-homosexuality thread started by Zig Forums.


It's time to realize that white nationalism, tradceldom, vargism, etc., is a ploy by Pre-Indo European "whites" to demolish patriarchal aryanism, and reestablish the tyranny of neolithic mother goddess cults worldwide.

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> (((women's liberation))) is an Aryan ideal

(((women's liberation))) just MURDERED 3 beautiful white children

> (((shaming))) men who do not bow down to wymyn
The only people that (((shame))) are women and kikes.
The only soyboy here is (((you)))

This is a pretty common occurrence in the US

Every time I come to Zig Forums, the US looks more and more like a third world country. I don't even think third world countries are that fucked up.

and these women not only vote, but have more rights than men… the state prefer them over men.

PROTIP: If you ever going to get married, you can test your fiance's "love" by telling her you intend to move to a white neighborhood in a third world country. Look at how her eyes react to the possibility of having less rights than in the US.

This is the truth behind the JQ, do you want women (who you cannot fuck) in charge of your economy, politics, and society? Do you want them to subvert those things?

MGTOW shills are arrived
They are using the same strategies they used to take over cuckchan
Cuckchan is now completely lost and praises Israel and degeneracy
BEWARE from now on this place will be filled with anti-women, slide and spam threads

(((Whiteknights))) like you gave wymyn voting rights.
(((Whiteknights))) like you listened and believed.
(((Whiteknights))) like you make excuses to wymyn (who are children).
(((Whiteknights))) like you destroyed western civilization.

((( )))
Fuck you kike. No one is MGTOW, just realistic. If you love a woman, tell her you're moving to a third world country and see if she loves you back.

You won't because you're a bitch.


The man deserves it for being a bitch. If your wife is "abusing" you beat her, you are a man, 15 year old boys can outperform world champion female athletes. The reason his wife cheated on him and took his kids was because she had zero respect for the failure of a man. Why would anyone want a man who won't stand up for himself? He will just raise weak sons who themselves will be abused by women.

Humans are pair bonding creatures that ought to marry young. This eternal adolescence is pure cuckery, stop wife sharing you faggots.

don't bump shill threads.

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What are you shills here? Third world countries like Western Europe don't have this shit yet, but here losers like you are trying to destroy civilizations by saying wymyn shouldn't be harmed AND you should hit your wife if she hits you.

Why do you blame men first? No wonder women always get what they want, while men are infighting, wymyn vote for THEIR collective benefit.

It's the WOMEN AND JEWS. Both behave the same.

absolute cancer, if that's white nationalism, I don't want it

who is that jewess, Ivanka?


If you don't have sex and have children, the white race will die tomorrow. If you don't get married, our culture will die.
You might not like modern women, but they're not all as bad as you think. Diamond in the rough, unseen rose, etc. Also, start working out and improving yourself, you cuck. You're not going to find a decent woman if you're fat and autistic.
Maybe you're the problem– take off your nightmare goggles. Most women are at least redeemable, not that I mean you should settle. Open your eyes, you infant, and go outside to have a conversation with a real woman rather than extrapolating from what you see online.
To everyone else:
Don't listen to this demoralizing shill. I believe in you and I'm praying for you to have a long and fruitful life. When life is a battle, every day feels like war. We can win and for our children and our future, we must win.
Sieg heil, hail victory brother.

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((( )))
No one said anything about not having sex/reproducing. Reported for being a D&C shill. Next time, instead of rushing to (((whiteknight))) women like a kike, READ.

Nothing you posted makes sense in the context of this thread.

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Holy shit, no wonder Zig Forums is being raided. (((They))) want to shut this down hard.

OP is a sperg and so are you. The point of my reply was that I disagree that women are completely corrupted today. Perhaps it's my fault for the way I wrote it, perhaps you were biased whilst reading it. A relationship should be a give and take scenario. You don't know what a relationship should be like, so you're idolizing a caricature from old movies and media. For an example of how our ancestors lived with women read Germania by Tacitus. Talk like an Incel, get treated like one.

Reported for abusing report system.

I don't blame you for your negative reaction and I still wish you a happy and successful life.
Sieg heil, hail victory brother.

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women are niggers, just look at how they throw their mouths out and tilt their heads back when they get angry, that's a fucking nigger right in front of you

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seriously we need to stop cucks and betas from giving woman rights.
This is part of the flaw of democracy.
If we can't stop it, we will always just return to this point.

(((Duluth Model))) (legal structure in countries with feminism): Women are the victims, men are the perpetrators.

I bet you didn't know about the (((Duluth Model))) being an actual thing. Well, now you do, that's how fucked men around the world are.

The US was NEVER a democracy, the founding fathers fought hard to make sure of it. We're (were?) a republic. The instant the US gave wymyn's voting rights (which they didn't spilled their own blood for it) is the instant they made elections a popularity contest.

Think about this, would you rather have a Hindu manlet racist rapist as your leader for 4 years IF said person could get the job done OR someone that looks good physically and has good reputation (for normies) but have no experience?

Now, which do you think a woman would chose?

woman react more to individual storys, than rational facts and statistics.
They are heavily influenced by their surrounding tho.
This way, more and more come to our side, as support grows, personal storys reach them and the good men come to our side.
We need to solve the problem now tho.
They will be all nice during war.
But after it only a new "wave" of feminism will rise if we do not stop it.

How can some people be so fucking weak and just take abuse from a woman? How can they not feel that flame inside them?

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It's the soy.
She then proceeded to get offended when I started flirting back. Rough. I've never gotten pussy without getting hit by the girl, it's GREAT, so this body language is something I'm very accustomed to.

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Until white men get nuts enough to tell white women what it is, how it is, and what they are, it's white men's fault.

YOU WANT HISTORICAL, BIOLOGICAL, CULTURAL OR SOCIO-EVOLUTIONARY Because bitch I don't care if we're in church E V E R Y O N E bouta hear me.

You're either a chad or a cuck.
If you're a chad, a woman will take on your political beliefs and assimilate herself into you and become an extension of your will. Like a sword does to a soldiers arm. You will have to no work because she will do it all, in hopes to keep you interested and not move on.
If you're a cuck, you respect her own ideas and let her do as she wishes and associate with whomever she pleases, men and women alike. Have fun at your nigger concert dear. Have fun at the club dear. Please be home around midnight dear. Or not, have fun.
Women do no want respect. Women want to be led by strong men. If white men refuse to be strong men, of at least act like men at all, of course they will move on. It is our biology. We are still stuck with our primitive brain so it is best we learn to work with it.
Rise up you men of weakness. Cultivate your strength and when your time comes, seize it with a grip of iron. Then you can worry about finding a proper woman.

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Its definitely that. The friendly police officers that come to take you away after you hit her back are irrelevant.

My man. I just don't know how I would do it without some fighting. You can't just be as close to a girl without some hitting.

Unironically based.

Bash the white knights. Enslave the women.

If you still watch pretty much anything mgtow related after ddj was formally accepted, kys

Nice try, kike.
I don't blame men. I blame jews.

t. reddit spacing



Daily reminder that having children in a kike owned world is absolutely, utterly retarded and a sign of ultimate cuckoldry.

There are places in the world which are immune to kikes: no go zones (christian ones, islamic ones, etc)

The world is a big place, and I'm happy I've found out places in the world where the police won't go into so they can make your daughters into whores and sons into sex toys.


What you mean? I don't feel like sitting through an hour-long podcast so tl;dr that shit.

From what I've seen in the past, DDJ is a prime reason to look further into MGTOW because of how hard the family courts fucked him.

Most of Zig Forums would fall for it


yeah, the feminists pimp his daughter to a child molester for 6 years. I'm surprised he didn't go full postal.

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THIS. Shills BTFO.

You have the intellectual premise of a 80IQ nigger gang member from Detroit, hang yourself.

women are retarded children
do you blame a kid for drawing on the wall in crayons or the person who told the kid to do it?

gotta jew fast

Are you joking? Those do a lot of degenerate stuff, they just don't parade it around. Yes, let's embrace another retarded Jewish sand-cult instead, that will eventually cause youths to "rebel" by indulging in degeneracy so they are never mentally balanced and capable of fighting for their people.

Even if it was not the case, those places have no ways of surviving globalism, they will get assimilated sooner or later. Having children in a kiked system drains too many resources to fight, and not having resources to fight makes your children future slaves. They are better off not existing. When will NPC breeders understand this. They are only dooming another generation and literally feeding the kikes, like cattle feeds the farmer. Only in a different world does making children have sense.

So, are you saying that we should give women no say in anything? You wouldn't give a loaded rifle to a retarded child, wouldn't you? Face it, all of the ills of our race are propagated mostly by women. To defeat the Jew, you must defeat the vaginal Jew.

You do know TFM is anti-racist and thinks all races should mix together?

A new right for Aryan women: Aryan women can put you into child support AFTER divorce! Fuck men, the white race only needs cannon fodder and women… and their chads.

white children are taken care of with child support, if you hate child support then you're a RACE TRAITOR

((( )))

Children shall not post on dating. Real simple son. Find broad, act like man, if she is salvageable she will provide kids, if cancer already has her then move on ASAP.

It's like listening to 8th graders imagine what HS will be like.