Hitler didn't escape to Argentina

Hitler believed in survival of the fittest and he had honor. He followed the NatSoc code of victory or death. He was allied with the Japanese and they shared a similar warrior culture. Hitler died in the bunker in 1945, but he still leads even in his death. Heil Hitler.

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No he died in South America

If you look for Adolf Hitler in the FBI Vault you can read an entire document on him, he was hiding in Argentina and probably died months after WW2, he was very sick

Everything in that file is based off a grainy photograph and hearsay from one SS soldier. Not exactly proof.

He never really existed, it was all a plot to destroy europe and give kikes victim power.
Naive fuck.


If you've read or heard anything from Hitler himself: He would not have fled his people. For good or ill, he knew he had to be on the stage when the curtain fell.

he suicided to avoid kidnapping

If Hitler died in his bunker in '45, why where the remains that the russians paraded as hitler turn out to be one that belonged to a woman?

If Hitler died in Germany then why is nationalism on the rise and why is he safe in…. in somewhere?

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Hitler martyred himself for National Socialism, muh argentina is and kike smear of his conviction and devotion to his people.

He's still alive today. Legends never die

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he was a politician retard, he fucking lied

i didnt even think it was an ss soldier. wasnt it a CIA informant that was merely assumed to be an ex-ss soldier?

Not a thread.

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One can only imagine..

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Correct. The lie that Hitler fled the country and left Germany to be raped by Amerikikes and Russians is an insult to his memory. He took the honorable path and committed seppuku.

Baste. A lifelong maxim in two sentences

In 2015, the FBI declassified these 1945 documents purporting that they tracked and witnessed the OSS successfully helping Uncle Adolf get into Argentina.
This article summarizes

Like another poster here said, it could be extreme incompetence in the part of these FBI investigators, which is possible.

Fuck me, the Nazi UFO theory is the conspiracy theory I wish the most to be true it'd be so fucking good. I doubt that one image is accurate in describing the evolution of the Haunebu, if they had Haunebu in 1939 they would've conquered the world period. It would make more sense that they had started to develop the Haunebu right near the end of the war in late 44-45 period. Much of the extremely advanced technology the Reich had could've won them the war, it was just developed too late, by then their industrial capacity was raped and their supply chains fucked hard. Reich jets were tearing up Allied flights they just couldn't make enough of them or fuel them, Reich heavy tanks could've annihilated Allied tanks, but again they had no fuel for them let alone the resources to maintain them. If they could've won Stalingrad and in turn secured the oil/destroyed the Soviet industry, we would be living in a sane German speaking world.

He's still alive in our hearts. Don't ever forget that.

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If you can find/locate an un-kike'd summary of the testing before, during and after Die Glocke, it is beyond fascinating. It is best to be fluent in German/Deutsch and it doesn't hurt to have a grasp on advanced physics. Die Glocke is what happens when Jewish physics (Relativity) is declared 'Dead End Science'

A true mentor memorialized in his own pen

Now this is shit posting

David Irving isn't wrong.
Hitler had a heart condition and he knew in his last years he was going to die soon.
That's why he tore ass across everywhere fucking 3 empires senseless while being a tiny fraction of their size.
He died with honor.
He lives forever.

I speak a bit of German so I could probably get a bit of it, I just don't know where to find legit information about Glocke testing.

it is not possible to gain concrete information if they were too late to realise it, but "Vril" / "Haunebu" projects did exist secretly ("UFO" term by many just makes it more shit tier conspiracy), but only basic schematics were made public. But I digress..

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Good job of not proving anything faggot.

Short of gaining access to German archives in various libraries which are original documents; reading about the significant mathematicians and engineers (Kaluza, Eddington, Kron, etc…) from around 1924 - 1932 is a good primer. Some very important things were happening to marry two seemingly unrelated disciplines(engineering/practical with abstruse/mathematical)

i cant wait till robohitler 9000 comes from the sky to vaporize these kikes.

I'm not much of a conspiracy guy, but I really want the nazis escaped to south america / antarctica thing to be true. Anyone has proofs?

We are getting so close to creating/realizing an ethos/mythos happening quite naturally; wherein the short term benefits are a rejection of all things kike destroying us and subsequently a newfound respect, gratitude, bonding among Whites/European Caucasians. The long term benefit is true, real manifestation of all things wild, fantastic and previously thought to be impossible

it could very likely happen as a Thesis to the current state of Anti-Thesis.

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A thread died for this.

OP and First Post shills as always. Everyone knows he's down there chillin in Antarctica.

If Hitler so based, then why is dead? Checkmate natsocs. He is not and there is nothing you can do. Dealing with it.

Those hyperborean dubs don't lie.

Your talmudic powers don't work here shlomo

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First something is created, idea human etc. Then it destroyed in the physical world. Then after it is exist in outer space. Hitler did just because then could become spawn and combine with Satan to kill these satanic pedo jews. Literally that is what life is like you think that some master inventor could go live in the woods and just live off tree bark and sun and invent the greatest things ever then a forest fire happens before he can upload to Wikipedia then that is it? You think that how work? Nah this is just a place where you go to burn you are like a rune or some shit and you literally eventually die just so you can burn and improve the universe. It's the most badass shit ever, you are just like fire. Fuckin burning badass ideas and shit. Hitler didn't go anywhere he is back in me dumb fuckin faggots how do you think jews keep respawning Mr . Awful Lizardberg is the rune that represents everything horrible and is used to clash with Aryan Rune in horadric cube to make Stone of Jordan that gets put into dna and next run around you have +1 all skills this is basic economics.

Hitler and Ahnenerbe must have known about the hole Ior Bock talked about so much and found.


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Stop hiring poojeet programmers.

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Kek please no bully

My theory is that Hitler did not go to Argentina, he went instead to the last place that people would look for him.

You see, Engelbert Dolfus was correct about Hitler being a member of the Rothschild family. Upon the Allied victory he was put on a Moscow bound-train. On arrival, Stalin greeted his cousin.

Hitler was given a facelift and went to Israel to be with his people. There he was bold enough to keep his mustache.

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absoludely benis'd

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Hitler was literally controlled opposition he was jewish as fuck all he did was cause millions of whites to be killed and create Israel. There are zero laws to prevent people from offending any of the groups who fought in these banker wars. These people sacrificed themselves so the people who sent them to war could be immune to criticism. We are supposedly in the most advanced age in human history, yet everyone feels like a fucking slave, and Hitler's terrible plan directly led to people scheming since world war 2 to create this prison. I guess I need to go back and watch all those documentaries that break down just how deep this prison goes. This kike infested honeypot barely touches on anything and instead analyzes the most petty celebrity bullshit. Before Trump, the most jewish president of all time, everybody I know was ready for the awakening, the revolution, the evolution. Now every single one of those people has been reprogrammed to be perfect slaves. You useless kike loving nazi faggots are the direct cause of this. Your inability to beat Helen Keller in chess led to a situation where the saviors of the world were associated with retarded barbaric nazi bullshit . You let them social engineer the perfect shield for their evil shit through divide and conquer. You took every single piece of bait like a retarded fucking fish, then you took the next, and the next. Hmm, lets try to pinpoint where this wrong, oh wait , maybe it was when on day 1 of this Psyop when every single one of decided the main priority was the ego. Declaring victory for the white race before it has even done anything. You are as delusional as alcoholics, numbing your pain, associating with others numbing their pain who you mistake as friends, then going FUCK IT THIS FEELS GOOD SO WHATEVER! Dont ever invoke the accomplishments of your ancestors again. When honor was a thing they would pay the ultimate price defending their beliefs and families. None of you would lift a fucking finger for anything. I should go outside and immediately feel the influence of pol, I don't, it's the same fucking shit every single day and you all pat yourselves on the back for losing. I noticed some of the better minds have woken up and fucked off from here, but a shit ton of you are literally redditor repeating the same fucking thing every single day. Grow some fucking balls or get the fuck out here back to your cozy hell simulation.

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It’s bullshit, but I believe it.

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"When you are given knowledge of a trap on your path, walk right into the trap." - Sun Tzu , The Art Of Losing

I mean have you listened to yourself? kike loving nazi? As if.

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"When you have no counter argument, act like an idiot. The jewish internet defense force will pay you for at least attempting to distract people from the fact that you just got raped by text." - Sun Tzu , The Art Of Shilling

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At least this one tried something a little different.

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So they are running chat bots on our platform.

John De Nugent has some interesting info on that subject, although I confess to be sceptical. Adolf Hitler’s sprirt will live on forever however. 1488

Nice try, Lev

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What however was to stop his people from drugging him so that when he Awoke he'd be halfway across the sea in a U-boat?

It's not directly Glocke, but read as much Victor Schauberger as you can find. They used his concepts of anything destructive (like combustion) being bad. He wrote a lot on water and how to do dams and turbines. The latter being what's relevant here.

Wtf this entire thread is retarded. It's in declassified US fbi files that they searched for him in either columbia or bolivia iirc and then argentina. There is no other reason to rationally believe that he made it there. The skull they provided that they claimed was hitler's, i heard turned out to be a female skull.

All of you leave until you take a university philosophy class on truth and fallacy and stop being so god damn fucking retarded.

Anyone who mentions antarctica is completely fucking retarded.

no u

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Alive or past, where ever he is, I know him along with our honorable ancestors will be watching as to whether we now merit our victory.

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I'll give you a hint lads.
Look up Tarock. A game that was and still is popular in the countries that consisted the A-H empire.
Type III - in which there are also 3 high-value trumps, but the Fool is the top trump.

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In a nutshell, they figured out how to reduce the mass of a given object to zero.

This is the reason that Western countries have an absolute zero tolerance policy on nuclear material experimentation outside of highly controlled and monitored laboratories. They don't want anyone replicating this. They're not worried about nuclear bombs…

it's over 200 letters from informants and spies. Also there are plenty of photos and videos of the 3rd Reich in south America, Shabbos Goy Tim Kennedy has a TV series proving it. Also colonia dignidad exists. This is the same nonsense as the shills who say GLR and WLP were adl plants.



I remember reading that Hitler would prefer dying with his volk than escaping like a coward (Which Churchill planned in case the germans took England)
That's why it shook me when i read the FBI file but now that i think about it i don't think he really escaped, just keep in mind that his corpse was never found and that the germans supposedly had a base in the antarctica.
There is also a journal from a pilot that supposedly found a large tundra with animals in the antarctica

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No, he surveyed the situation, turned to one of his soldiers and said,
"Germans, we fought hard and lost. And there is no shame in that. No other people could withstand the trials that we have gone through together and still remain in the fight. And do not despair for someday we will rise from the ashes and deal the deathblow against the Jews once and for all time. I for my part cannot join you, I'm afraid. So long as I am alive, the enemy will continue hunting us forever. I swore that I would never surrender Germany to the enemy and I will keep my promise to you. Soldier," He said holding out his hand, "Give me your weapon."
The man, teary eyed, handed his Fuhrer his submachine gun.
"Don't cry for me, soldier." Hitler continued, patting him on the shoulder. "I have already lived a long life in service to my country and nation. If you must cry, cry for Germany. But don't cry for long. You men have work to do after my death. After tonight, the world will enter a new era. It will fall to you to keep the flame alive. I'm counting on you. Europe is counting on you…"
He smiled warmly at the small group of assembled men. Then withdrew several magazines from the soldier whom he had been given the gun and placed them in his coat. Then, after a short pause, he also picked up a satchel of grenades and placed it over his shoulder.
He turned from his men and began walking towards the door of the bunker. One man reached out and grabbed his arm, "Don't, mein Fuhrer. Please…" he choked as Hitler brushed his arm away. Hitler merely smiled at him with great sadness in his eyes and patted him on the cheek. He could feel the warm tears cooling his hand as he passed the man. Ahead of him a soldier opened the door of the bunker. The night air was cool despite the smell of burning rubber and gunpowder. Hitler stood on the edge of the door for what seemed like an eternity. The sound of artillery and gunfire echoing off the stone walls in Berlin seemed to fade into the distance as Hitler finally breathed in one last time and then stepped briskly out of the bunker and faded into the smoke and darkness. He never looked back…

As he walked down the rubble strewn street towards the enemy, Hitler could hear the sounds of suffering around him. The cries of the wounded and the ever present roar of the fires that were consuming his city. Ahead of him he could hear the din of rifle fire and the flashes of bright light. A man screamed and then fell silent. Hitler began walking more briskly towards the fight.
As he climbed over a hastily assembled barricade, Hitler could feel his age more acutely than before. His joints ached from the stress of the last 10 years in service of his nation. Bricks tumbling down after him as he descended the barricade. He stiffened a grunt of pain as he landed awkwardly on his left foot.
Just then the night disappeared in a flash of white phosphorous light as flares exploded and descended slowly back into the ruined city.

Hitler jogged along the sidewalk up to a corner and paused. He looked around the corner and surveyed the street. From the shattered windows and doors of the street, several German soldiers were firing at a Soviet tank and its accompanying infantry support.
Hitler closed his eyes for a moment and breathed in and exhaled. His heart began to race as he chambered his submachine gun. He ventured one more peek around the corner and witnessed a man torn to pieces by the heavy machine gun from the Soviet light tank. His heart skipped a beat as he threw caution to the wind and raced towards the hellish fight. Running along the debris covered sidewalk staying close to the buildings, Hitler raced towards the firefight. He reached a building that jutted out a little into the sidewalk. He was breathing heavily and coughing from the smoke in the air. He risked one more look around the corner at the Soviets. They were busy strafing a building across the street from Hitler with machinegun fire. It appeared that a small detachment of German soldiers had been cut off from escape and these Soviets were closing in for the kill. They were so close that he could hear them speaking to each other.
He exhaled to calm his racing heart and then turned the corner and fired nearly point blank into the mass of Soviet soldiers. Hitler fired in short bursts at the nearest men. The attack was completely unexpected and two men were torn apart by the hail of bullets. They slumped down near the light tank.
Hitler ducked behind a pile of rubble and continued firing at the surprised Soviet forces.
The enemy soldiers were quickly scrambling behind the tank and random shots fired in Hitler's direction threw up clouds of dust around him. The tank crew continued to fire at the building in long bursts of fire. Hitler estimated that there were three or four Soviets taking cover on the far side of the tank, waiting for him to reappear so that they could kill him. They would not likely expose themselves. He muttered to himself as he changed magazines and chambered his submachine gun. Then darted out the right side of the rubble pile and rushed around the tank. He could hear the shouting in Russian as he threw himself past the corner of the tank and squeezed the trigger. A hail of gunfire was exchanged before Hitler fell and tumbled to the ground. He ejected his magazine automatically as he surveyed the carnage; The three soldiers who had been taking cover behind the tank were dead or wounded. Hitler could feel pain in his shoulder and arm but was not certain if he had been hit or whether the pain stemmed from hitting the bricks on the ground.
He heaved himself up, gritting his teeth in pain, as he put his last magazine in the gun and fired three shots into the wounded officer, reaching for his pistol.
As the machine gunner was swiveling his gun towards Hitler, their eyes met before the gunner's head exploded in a mist of blood. His body slumped forward before Hitler had even aimed his gun. The Germans in the building began firing upon the tank which quickly went into reverse as it tried to escape. However it was not long before the Germans in the building had sallied forth and reduced it to a flaming wreck.

The dazed men staggered forth from the building and stared in astonishment at the figure of Hitler. A young German officer, his mouth open in confusion and awe stammered a question. But Hitler never heard it. For just then, the earth exploded in fire and sound. A soviet artillery shell tore the adjacent building apart and the street disappeared in a cloud of dust and smoke.
As the smoke and dust settled, Hitler rolled over to a fallen chimney and peered over the top to see another wave of Soviet soldiers racing towards him and his soldiers, guns flashing in the dark. He looked back at the building but could not see if any of his men had survived. Coughing heavily, he placed the barrel of his submachine gun on the bricks and began firing at the approaching Soviet horde in short bursts. The gun roared for a time before the magazine was emptied.
The mass of Soviets continued onwards, rounds hitting the bricks around him as he slumped back behind the fallen chimney. He looked down at his gun and painfully slipped off the strap that he had flung across his chest and tossed it aside. He stared up into the night sky and the smoke clouds cleared for a brief second to allow the clear, cold starlight into view.

He hoped that Germany would survive the war as he snapped open his satchel and withdrew a grenade…

Yeah but it's still a funny meme.

My sister is going to travel to Argentina Zig Forums. Where should she go in order to contact that NatSoc there and also to not get killed by cartels?

Soviets phased out their light tanks long before 1945

Well thanks for making me cry

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Deanna Spingola and Rodney Martin did a good show about it years ago.


That is actually pretty good, Sholom

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^ This is what a jew novelist on drugs sounds like.

that isnt even remotely correct, hyperboreans dont have a physical form similar to the one we currently inhabit as aryans


He did in fact escape to Argentina and then further afield. Not only are there many confirmed sightings of him by FBI and military intelligence assets, but his body was never produced and the Soviets hid the remains. Lately the Russians admitted his skull was probably from a woman.

If you want to know more you should research ratlines and the Gehlen Org.

Impossible. Eye colors don't even match.

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hitler is in israel like the jew he always was

The green glowing :^) face always cracks me up.

Shit tier shill.

Saged fake and gay thread

Farrell's research, among others, suggests this was brokered by Borman, with the biggest makeweight being '''U-234
The Manhattan Project was a Jewish boondoggle, and this Uranium was used to both nuke Japan on the anniversary of the Free Masons' expulsion from Japan, as well as be transferred to the Soviets by Red Roosevelt Admin. spy, Harry Hopkins (whom only escaped treason trials, after calling to the Pacific Port these materials departed from to ensure they were "expedited without inspection" by an untimely death shortly thereafter.)
That, and late model strategic bombers available in small numbers had the lift capacity and range to comfortably arrive in Argentina, with a layover in Franco's Spain.
Likewise, German experience in large commerce subs for blockade running in WWI produced similar models also capable of reaching Argentina/Arctic without incident.
There is more on German geopolitical presence in the Cold War, suffice to say the reporting of the JFK murder weapon as a "Mauser" in a caliber only used in license by Argentina is among the most conspicuous (see J.P. Farrell; and Forum Borealis for more detail) if only for potential Zionigger signaling value, and perhaps perceived bias beyond mere Catholic 'anti-semitism' in denying Israel nuclear program/weapons gifts the week prior.

Last two are new to me, nice finds

For a decadent West, this acute pressure to re-instill a healthy friend-enemy distinction in Western Man seems plausible, at least for Europe to shrug off NATO under German leadership.

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It's actually quite warm under the ice

You didn't prove much of anything either.


What a pussy lmao. Imagine the propaganda value today if he had gone out fighting.

Hitler made it to Argentina. The released Kennedy assassination files show that.
The whole Hitler took poison, shot himself and was burned to death is right out of the Russian "Rasputin the Mad Monk" story. And the body that the Russians had? Not even a man, much less Hitler. There is far more evidence to support the South American hypothesis than the suicide hypothesis.
Sorry to bust your Jew meme, Op.


His people were already wiped out, there was nothing left but rubble and jewbots marching in at that point.

probably why if he DID go out guns blazing, they wouldn't report it as such, also simply shaving off the 'stache would be enough to become another unrecognizable corpse in the bloodbath of Berlin.

ior bock the autofellatio penis sucker?


Are you drunk, user?