Anarchy threatens France and within five years the situation could be irreversible

(OCT31) Tugdual Denis, editor in chief of French news outlet Valeurs Actuelles, tweeted a picture of an interview transcript where Gerard Collomb, France’s ex-Interior Minister, predicts France’s dislocation due to immigration.
Here’s the translated interview:
“- It’s really worrying. What I read every morning in police reports reflect a very pessimist situation. Relationships between people are very hard, people don’t want to live together…
– What is the responsibility of immigration?
– Huge. That’s why we’ve tried to change the law with Emmanuel Macron.
– Your law only attacks illegal immigration. The legal law allows the entry of 200,000 people in the territory each year.
– It’s true. We’re doing it step by step. But it’s still a problem.
– Do you think we don’t need immigration in France anymore ?
-Yes absolutely
– You were talking of the “vivre-ensemble” earlier (French expression for multiculturalism). What is happening?
– Communities in France are fighting each other more and more and it’s becoming very violent…
-What are you afraid of? A splitting? A secession?
– Yes, I’m thinking of that, that’s what is worrying me.
– How much time before it’s too late?
– I don’t want to scare people but I think soon.
– How much?
– It’s difficult to estimate but I would say that five years from now, the situation could be irreversible. Yes, we have five, six years to avoid the worst. After…”
Gerard Collomb expressed the same feelings during his leaving ceremony, when he predicted a civil war happening in the near future in France.
(OCT6) Gerard Collomb, France’s leaving Minister of the Interior, warned in his farewell speech of the critical situation in the country’s suburbs.
“I went to all difficult suburbs, the situation there is very degraded (…) today, we live next to each other, and I’ve always said it, I fear that tomorrow we’ll have to live face to face,” the leaving minister said.
Collomb is a member of the Socialist Party and very “minorities friendly”. For him to basically announce the possibility of a civil war means that something terrible must be going on.
The Minister of the Interior served under Emmanuel Macron’s rule since May 2017. Collomb leaving the government after such a short time is another blow for Macron, who is far from popular in France.
Opposition leader Marine Le Pen was surprised with Collomb’s words:
“Gérard Collomb reveals that out of control suburbs are like an explosive ready to be lit overnight and issued a solemn warning to the Prime Minister. We would have liked such language of truth for 17 months!”
The leaving French Minister certainly isn’t the first who says the country could face a civil war.
Eric Zemmour, one of France’s most popular authors said “France is a country where civil wars have occurred in the past and the possibility of a future one is to be taken seriously”.
Zemmour was even charged over his comments as he spoke about an ‘Islamic invasion’ in France that could result in a religious civil war.
French professor Christian de Moliner even claimed France should split in two states: One with a French law and one with Sharia law for the increasing number of Muslims in the country.
“We will never be able to eradicate radical Islamism… While we are not yet at open war, the faithful of the Prophet are already regrouping in areas sometimes governed by special rules,” the professor said.

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What a crazy world we're in that it's gotten to this.

The same fate awaits the other strong European countries. Once Germany, France, the Benelux and Scandinavia are brought to their knees with internal strife it'll be easy to offer them a "solution" by "coming together as Europeans" and form the EUSSR for real.

But who could have predicted it?

Nobody. That will be the official stance on it and anyone who disagrees is sent to the camps.

The more likely scenario is the remaining French and possibly germans bolting to a neighboring euro nation that will completely lock out from the EU altogether.
If France, Germany and the UK were to lose control of their countries and arsenals that poses a huge problem for neighboring super powers. I would expect Russia, China, India, and the US to step in and stomp out these muzzies once and for all. I hope to God that becomes the case.

If true anarchy breaks out ala 1789, I don't think they'll be in the position to enforce anything. If it's one thing Frogs do well, it's revolution.

The French are a bunch of cucks lmao, fuck them. Sage.

I bet you miss me now

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The Frogs and Bongs got nukes, Germany ain't got shit. I doubt they'd go so far as to let the ragheads gain access to the launch codes though.

Just imagine how great europe would have been. Instead 70+ years later we're debating who is and isn't raycis and giving a voice to people one gen removed from shitting on the streets.

I doubt it will come to that. Remember that the whole thing was planned for possibly decades by certain groups. They want to destabilize Europe but not destroy it, since the infrastructure and economy are still of use.

What, a Jew Nazi like Hitler? Nobody misses him.

Europe would have been better of they let people have sex with farm animals. What are they fighting for? Just fuck

Eventually they won't be able to contain them. Without white cops and military they sure are shit wont stop themselves. UK already has a 'white men dont apply' for their cucked police force.

About fucking time already. The sooner the better. As time passes their population will only grow, so lets have the war now. I cant wait for france to explode, it will spark war in the rest of the west, or at least major reprisals.

and who exactly will tell these muzzies to not continue destroying all of it? People forget these groups have their own internal strifes from their home countries and will tear those countries up to become top dog.


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Jewish tricks do have a tendency to blow up in the Chosens faces, so…

Daily reminder: They believe in a religion that tells them its ok to fuck goats and bang six year olds. Good luck appealing to that group with logic. Literally dealing with a dumber nog.

Arabs are definitely the biggest competitors for the title, certain parts of the Middle East have IQ scores on par with sub saharan Africa.

Perhaps. When it comes to the crunch even the best laid plans can fail, and there are a multitude of variables. The muzzies as pointed out are just one of many, as is resurgent Nationalism. We'll have to wait and see.

‘The purge is not a joke’: 100+ arrested in Paris after violent Halloween riots (VIDEOS)

Long term I see whites returning to colder climates which will result in harder future generations. Especially when resources run out. When (((they))) try to pull this shit again, its a world wide reconquista aka. The Final Reconquista

This thread make by stupid people. France have polis federal. No bad thing happen if rich France people no want bad thing happen. Rich people control all country with jew.

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France will have civil war, and the other countries with islam will follow. And the best part is any jew who does not flee before the shit hits the fan will probably end up lynched.

The kikes also forget the muzzies generally had respect for hitler with his jew killings.

A hot Civil War will not just happen in France; it will occur throughout much of Europe. A simultaneous conflict will likely break out in the US. The world has never seen what’s coming. For now, work out, train, read, support your family and enjoy time with them.

And if anyone gets wmds target the kike sanctuaries.

If anarchy breaks out, welcome the future of biracial France, because absent a collective effort, the shit-skins won't be removed. If anything, them being collectivized and French people being individualized, if anarchy reigns, the country will be completely usurped by non-whites.

I doubt it. The modern urban numale white isn't going to wage a civil war. Rural USA still has people who may talk big about such a thing, but Western Europe and Canada are basically wall-to-wall suburban/urbanized shit-holes in the livable areas of their countries. They're all modern numales.

No wars can happen in Europe. The US military has occupied it for 70 years to prevent this.

What exactly were you hoping to accomplish with this post?

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Actually, a war breaking out would most likely lead to the absolute destruction of the Arabs in Europe. Arabs are absolutely terrible at warfare, only the Chinese are more incompetent historically than they are. Here's a nice breakdown of the quality of Arabic military forces written by a military officer who worked with them for years:

Just replace "culture" with "genetics" and you get the picture. In open warfare they would be annihilated by the French. It would actually be absolutely wonderful if civil war hit since it would separate the wheat from the chaff and force white men to remember what and who they are, or be destroyed. It is certainly a better chance for our future than the inexorable death by immigration we are currently facing.

Actually, scratch that, what the US military will do is prevent "war crimes" like the inevitable attempts at forcefully removing the kebabs.

The uncomfortable reality is the shitskins are there to stay. Whilst still governed "civilly", there will be no organized shitskin removal because the existing order refuses it; and once anarchy breaks out, the effect will be balkanization, as you point out. Don't know why you'd assume the country being completely usurped by shitskins post-balkanization follows, though. I don't see that as a necessary consequence.

Complete fucking Shill Autism. People are being brought to Starvation and Death. Stupidity Runs to the floor. and Europe has hit the fucking Floor. It doesnt matter how skinny Euro fags are. nobody is going to sit and get rolled over by an Autist Rolling pin. and Europe has obviously already shown that retaliation. The Union is a fucking clown and the people are done with it. The Union knows this and is now Full Throttle trying to replace their cattle with Arab Skinshit Cattle.

Can you hear it? War is knocking. And there's nothing you can say in denial to it you Fat Cheeto Kikes

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Anarchy isn't war, and to wage war you need a collective. White people no longer have collectives, we're totally and completely individualized and without an identity. That's what first needs to be addressed. throw on top of that the fact that Western Euros are mostly disarmed numale cucks who fear violence. It's not a matter of who can be better at war, this is entirely a matter of collectives. A collective beats individuals every single time.

You need to collective before you can wage a war, cuck boy.

It's not a "necessary consequence," it's the inevitable consequence of a collective force overcoming individuals. It's the same reason a gang of 20 can dominate a neighborhood of 1000.

And you don't think that undergoing the process of balkanization will have any effect on reinforcing the importance of collectivism among the French?

Not when (((somebody))) continues to prevent the formation of any French- or European-specific collectives. Any armed conflict in Europe would inevitably be exploited by various interested groups at the further expense of Whites.

Let it burn as a testament to the failure of all attempts to sell the future to buy the present.

The vast majority of the immigrants live off the state and in a few major metropolitan centers.

Shit, are Paris, London, and Brussels going to secede and remain islamic microstates in the center of newly radicalized redpilled countries because their capitals seceded? Or are Abdul and Muhammed going to conquer a fiefdom in the interior of Germany and do subsistence farming in large numbers as to have something to balkanize? I don't think so. I think mass deportations are super easy and very feasible; once the political will is there. And I see that as basically a historical inevitability, though the longer it takes the more damage is done.

I know that I do.

Certainly a lot of them would simply go home the moment the gibs stopped.

The US would step in for peace keeping missions like what happened at Kosovo.


The thought of nuked frogs makes my dick hard. I hope Daddy frees the fuck out of them.


No. The USA will protect the Muslims as they form a break way nation in France.

I don't think balkanization is even coming to France. Also to achieve balkanization requires collectivism. Everything requires collectivism. Absent it, a tiny minority can rule us all forever.

Fake shop photo news!


The french FINALLY have a chance to redeem themselves for being hopeless cowards, always.

And do what back home? There is nothing to work there and nothing to steal. They got nothing to lose if they remain in Europe, at least they have what to steal.

There will be no balkanization or microstate. Look what happened to Catalonia. The EU will form the european army and will crush anyone trying to become independent. There will be no go zones with checkpoints on both sides, but that's all.

All you need is one French ethnonationalist state that has nuclear weapons and all the French ethnonationalist states will be free to invade any Arab state in Europe and exterminate the arabs without US intervention.

your archive link appears borken on my firefox
this one works

Certainly not us goys that have been ringing the alarms and lighting signal fires for the last 8 years.

Quite a timeline

civil war is better than letting yourself die with no struggle/

Can it even be called that? I mean, it's gonna be niggers raping white women and an endless murder of whites until whites band together and systematically remove the niggers. All the migrants are not even part of the country, they're colonists, they're invaders. If anything it's gonna be a liberation war for france.

I'm much more worried about the economy damage this is gonna cause, if the niggers in france revolt so do the ones in germany, and with both countries in turmoil it's bye bye euro market. "Civil war" in france won't stop there, it'll turn into WW3 real quick. Anyway let's see what the euro elections in march say, it should be a positive change given the right-leaning trends in europe lately.

mike cernovich

You act like a good goy, only having your eyes on the spectacle put in front of you, while completely ignoring the one and only enemy in the background. Their goal is to destroy any other race, but that's irrelevant since it's not happening in the imminent future, what is about to happen is the total enslavement of all humans by means of a global cash-less currency. For that to happen they have to first deconstruct civilization with chaos, so that they can send their armies in to enforce order and leave us with an enslavement under a police state with total surveillance at all time.

It is good for us
A system which is determinated to work in favor of our enemies will always be worse than collapse of this system
Anarchy will also welcome a new rise of collectivism (because individualism can only work in a civilized society)


Give them the option to leave or die.

Remember France is Younger than the USA.
Nat Geo Reported in 1989 France was having Muslim problems…
…Unsettled Immigrants: A generation of foreign workers and their children have not been fully assimilated. Caught between two cultures, they are… Unsettled Immigrants…"

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Good. Never forget 1789. (((France))) is ground zero of liberalism

The political entity yes, but don't be disingenuous. That's like saying Russia only exists since the fall of USSR. In america there was a new people, and that makes matters wholly different.

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The faster (((French Republic))) will collapse, the better it will be.
Every single "Nationalist" or "Patriotic" are cucked to the bone to Jewry in France, they all bow down to the Jew. Every single one.

Time traveller here….
You ended up calling it the French Balkans.
The French thought they could solve the migrant problem with zoning areas into difference jurisdictions, but ad-hoc tolls at the borders between them caused more trouble than it solved.
Effectively the concept of France no longer exists, except in the CFR (Central French Region, or Région Française Centrale) - basically cabal run regions.

Predictive programming.
Article mentions "youths releasing frustration". Sounds more like nogs nogging.
Every single last shitskin needs removing from Europe completely and permanently.

That is exactly what I am saying.
Russia and China are younger than the U.S. and the List goes on. Yes, the "Political Entity," the Current Government which was formed in 1789, because the Past one Failed.
You said "exists" sure France goes back to Gaul (ended 203 BC), but OP is about current situation in CURRENT France, which was formed in 1789 and was having major issues in 1989 (Noon Prayer protests blocking Traffic, not following health and safety codes, Child Marriage, etc. all in the NatGeo Bicentennial issue).
There were no "new people" in the Americas the people that formed the USA had been there for hundreds of years. No one counts the past but you it seems or Russia (1993 Constitution) would still be considered the same as it was, not how it is now, DIVIDED up. Pic Related.

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I'm hungarian. I live in a rich part of budapest. Many of my neighbors are french and swedish now.

Come on user. It's "blood and soil" not "politicians and treaties".
People changed more because of Mao's and Stalin's massive purges than because of Napoleon, since he was fighting arguably on his people's side, and not against it.

All that said I see your point and I don't disagree as much now. I had initially assumed wrong conclusions about you calling France younger than the US when part of what makes the US what it is now, is naive French thinking (Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité is mostly what causes a California to form).

TY user. I do understand Blood and Soil, but Nations are being conquered from within by breeding and lack of requiring assimilation, while the Patriots were getting fat eating cake.
LOL on French Thinking, do not get me started on Quebec's Problems…
FYI that NatGeo is cheap to buy… And what I was pointing out is that France knew the problems 30 years ago (1989).

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5 years? Excellent news.

My sides

I have traveled to Hungary in the past and had a great experience. What is Hungary’s general attitude toward Americans moving there?

This realization is what started my red-pill process back in January. I fucking hate this now.

And I especially hate that it's HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN MICHIGAN.

Population Jihad is a real thing.

Yes, France was made in 1950 as part of the McDonalds conglomerate.
You stupid fucking useless cunt.

Who is the guy in the middle? I think I've seen him in some movie

France is currently undergoing a forced suicide.

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>(((USA))) and (((Russia))) step in to help those poor opressed mudslimes
Everything according to plan. It's WW2, Yugoslavia war all over again.

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Geography and americans are like two negative (or positive) charges close to each other.

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their desperation comes from their knowledge that the euro is soon going the way of the dodo and trumps election has speed up the process to the point they cant contain it
raising rates will first destroy the italian financial (((world))) and subsequent most of the big euro (((banks))), at this point poverty will be on the streets and the gibs to moderately placate the invaders will dry up
fun times ahead

further to the collection of burgers that have never been to europe a few observations
the police and armies of almost all countries are completely castrated, the current governments do not possess the means to pacify even one big city in their respective countries, they rely solely on projection of strength, the first riots were the police are beaten back will result in total anarchy as people realise they can get away with anything, their own plans count on almost total desertion amongst general police departments after 1 week of sustained unrest
you are not going to abandon your family to guard the palaces of the (((rich))) when they don't even pay you anymore

there is no possible chance of balkanisation, the invaders are clustered in ghettos in large cities and are totally unproductive living on government assistance, they cant hold any territory. further all the muds are also complete numales who live in heated government paid for appartments who have no idea of surviving without sleeping in their own beds, burning some defenseless cars for a few hours does not a rambo make
maybe the caliphate of marseille will rise for a few months but the importance of the harbour means that it will be shelled into subsmission

also when the troubles begin there will be no effective interventions american, russian or (((eu)))
the logistic problems of keeping the large cities supplied are not to be fixed, no army could secure that large a population and feed it
also only one boomer has to be capture by nationalist forces to permanently prevent any foreign intervention, MAD does not work against a rebellion without any clear cities to bomb

A civil war scenario requires two combating sides, doesn't it? Else it's more of a one-sided slaughter.

His name is Charlie Chaplin.

What are frog fun laws like?

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The French military has had drills on retaking sovereign land. Police have been rumoured to disappear known mudslime agitators during the chaos resulting from terrorist attacks. I do not question that the French can come out on top, I fear mosly for how many white women will be captured, enslaved and raped before the ethnic cleansing. Also the looting and destruction of precious cultural and irreplaceable artifacts.

that's the best

you misunderstand my intent i thought i was clear enough with using the jew brackets
what i talk about is the pro immigrant factions of the government maintaining order and protecting the shitskins against organised retaliation

the emerging nationalist faction will be able to do this as the real combative elements will join them
you can motivate men to fight and possible die for the future of their children
but the current regime has the difficulty of forcing men to fight and die for hedonistic materialism and their own replacement
kinda hard to enjoy materialism when you are dead
that alone would be enough to topple the current weimar disaster

The ZOGbot attack on Catalonians will be repeated many times in many countries before that happens.

that wasn't zog, that was spain oppressing its own colony
also that wasn't a fight the catalonians didn't fought back
the level of violence we are talking about is continious snackbarring in the street

transmetropolitan's france made it illegal to speak french.