I'm here to teach you

I've been gone 4 long years 8 /pol…. But I decided to give you guys something.. people already know this. My great grandfather was William Brewster. He came over on the Mayflower and fought the Bible. Fuck Christian's but I love Jesus as the hippie he is.
Religions dont actually exist but the people do and their philosophies do.
They give you the false perception of what the people in the Bible did, they were actually like my grandfather freeing everyone from control (monarchies, Kings, queens, people posing as God's).
I love you guys

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Guys… Please learn what and ASSET is. You'll discover a lot. And possibly many of you can predict the economy now of Zig Forums is the way it use to be

China pwns all the manufacturing. The people on the United States buy all the shit from china to boost the US and Chinese economy. Saudi Arabia produces the oil. The US has light crude oil but we have no refineries to make the oil sellable. Just look the information up. WE ARE NOT FIGHTING RUSSIA. WE ARE FIGHTING THE BRITISH STILL. CHINA IS ALSP TAKING IT UP TYR ASS BY THEM. ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD HAVE BEEN CAUSED BY THE BRITISH. INCLUDING RACISM.




Always check where your stuff is coming from. Read the ingredients in your food. LOOK SHIT UP if you don't know.

I stand with you

Whacha slidin shlomo?
can't sage from mobile but would if I could

Its like you're trying to offend every faction on Zig Forums at once.

Read a book retard

You're here to push nonsense, and you can barely type a sentence in coherent English.


for faggotry.

Because fuck this site for people like you. You're why I left 4 years ago retarded communist.

I'm backing Hitler with these statements you fuck and if you think he was racist you're a fucking bigot faggot and need to study more.

Goodbye 8/pol/. Also fuck all of you except hot wheels and the OPs who created 8/pol/

Like clockwork.

The problems seem to be caused by the British, because that is where the Jews are operating out of - i.e. Rothschilds

Fucking exactly. Finally somebody who reads.

I love you bro. Fuck all these other Jews. Now you have the ability to fight back

To fight back just use the Constitution. Follow all the laws and dont be afraid to follow the rules.

Alright I made my point to one person now I'm leaving that's all I needed

The only time I have seen extreme anti-british sentiment was when I was reading shit on educateyourself.com, OP is also off his funny pills.


These niggers literally think kikes are a British conspiracy lol

Fuck off moshe.

I'm not saying anything about the jews. I'm talking about the queens and Kings fucking kike

United we stand! Divided we fall!

OP your thread is shit, I will fix it.

This thread is now about how the FED is owned by the kikes. And how the kikes believe that their is no sin in fucking someone over if they first tell the victims in subtle ways how they are to be screwed because if we then allow it it is 'consensual'.

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Also you're right. Also correction, there's no such thing is a sin it's just guilt. Follow the Constitution exactly and you'll expose people's guilt (sins)

Ok thank you bye

Well American money IS worth more than Canadian money

How much would it cost to print funny money? What things do I need ?

Don't let the door hit you on the way out fruit cake

Varg for pope

Impressive 4 years, and this basic bitch erudition is the best you've got. What a waste.

So you're like what, a 300yr old immortal?

The Bible is middle eastern mind control. Go back to your stupid life

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Niggers cant into Zig Forums

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Haha ha ha.. all those previous schizoposts were ironic, right guys? right?…

Why are you using so many ellipses.
The Mayflower arrived in the US in 1620 you fucking retard
Learn how apostrophes work you stupid schizo nigger.

Clearly you've never

People are so focused on how you spell that they miss the point. Shits crazy.

You're failing the Constitution. You don't even Know what you're fighting for.
People are crazy.

Tell that to the tech Giants. Schizo

Shut the fuck up.

Why are you sliding this?

Spoiler alert: the communist kicked out gypsy's and Amish. Both German descent

Ask me anything communist. Let's go!!!!

Bumping for freedom

What kind of drugs are you on ?

Learn where the gypsy's came from. Dig deeper.


>Anti white ignores that the (((rothschild))) family operates out of londonistan

The point is that we need to vote with our money too….

Government and business is a complete separate entity. They come in and take the businesses, then take the government.

Vote with money!!!

Please, if you're going to post stop and read what you're posting. Step away for 30 seconds at least, look at something else, then come back and read what you're about to post again. If you don't, you end up with posts like this, which read like shit posts. I'll correct it for this faggot

And what are you going to do about? Hmmm?

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Bumping for freedom of speech

You're a fucking idiot