Current macroshilling objective

which group gains the most by convincing national socialists to stay at home and stop participating?

pic related is what Zig Forums began doing in 2015/16 and the left got scared.
after the failure of ctr they just dumped more money into it. they didnt give up.

do jews only play the side that is perfectly in line with their beliefs? no, they play all sides, including the ones that are against them entirely. when one of the jewish elites says that alex jones can actually be somewhat of a good thing do they get called "chesscuck" by the other jewish elites? that would only cause jews to distance themselves from that particular niche and this would create a vacuum that could only be filled by people who are further to the right. an effective contagion is not picky to the point of total inactivity.
when national socialists distance themselves from something it too creates a vacuum, and such a vacuum can only possibly be filled by something that is further left - this is currently a goal of shills.
your influence does not spread if you are not in contact with anything, therefore to influence the masses you need to be in contact with things the masses are in contact with. why do jews wear "jews for trump" shirts and other apparel? what would be the effect of "national socialists for trump"?

stopping the carriers of natsoc ideas from participating in influential systems effectively eliminates all influence of national socialism. inactivity is death.
everything is an opportunity. anyone who says otherwise is attempting to demoralize.

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the ones the run /pol

How can you claim you arent a nihilist then say you can't influence the world from a cave? Last time I checked I am god and can interact with anything at any time. Everything is me, and that is why I have no choice but to fix it. Anything with consciousness is me in another incarnation. Therefore I can do whatever the fuck I want to achieve my goals as long as they continue to be achieved. I use this as a scrapbook, and I assume everyone I speak to is some Google bot because I haven't gotten a thoughtful response since I started telling people that American elections are theater and planned on an Island ten years in advance. That doesn't matter though, because I am not doing this for an ego boost I'm doing it to fix problems and evolve. I was very skilled and freeing people from the Matrix, the cord I used to connect to the NPCS was cut, and now I can work on a larger scale instead. Fuckin do some Gandalf shit.

Your thread fucking blows

Is it a scrapbook? Notebook? Sketchbook? Who the fuck even knows or cares that js so irrelevant thank goodness I forgot that word that means I'm getting
programmed. That means instead of using words given to me by slavemasters I am thinking of what that word represents.

I can only imagine how it must feel watching somebody break the script Chaim. Your blood must be fucking boiling. You are literally having your bullshit flipped against you right now, all day I watch you people do nothing but talk about your wants , and now you have to waste time of your day listening to mine.

I'm finding more and more national socialists in RL. People who openly question the holocaust, who decry the banks and who call for NatSoc ideals in politics.
Zig Forums grew up and moved out. These days the board is more of a space to open the minds of the paid operatives and remind the t_d bunnies of the truth

Initiate upgrade.

Shill 9.55 initiated

"yes I agree this is what is happening we must contain the cattle here and use powerful buzzwords without ever actually saying anything. If there was any truth to my post I would inject some soul into it and elaborate on what the fuck I am talking about. Instead I am just using my empty posting style to try to push the useful idiots into a direction, not because they are going somewhere, but because they need to think they are going somewhere, and that can be easily accomplished by acting like I know what I am talking about through carefully select buzzwords they are familiar with. "

Kill yourself faggot

Tending to agree with this, the amount of low-quality bait replies and attempts at demoralization and negative enforcement to sit at home and do nothing is off the charts here. Meanwhile I see more people in real life open to new political thought that was taboo only two years ago. The tendrils are out and about and the head seems to have moved away from this board a bit.

This is what a Mossad paid operative looks like:

We'll swing our metaphorical axe through the untruths and deceit of the kike. It begins with a total ruination of the Catholic Church (RCC). They are the blood vessel of the parasites coming into this country, and their operational head is the Vatican.

99% of Mexican Catholics don't know about the RCC's involvement in drugs and homo orgies. Mexicans hate fags.

national socialist ideals are among the most powerful, regardless of the current programming of the recipient, because they are more primal than any other. plain truth but very deep. they resonate on a level that silly things that most people are consumed by today can never reach

when you're in the eye of zeitgeist or "the movement" i think that you can slowly shift away from the center and then before you know it you're being thrown to the perimeter while the whole thing is suddenly somewhere else and you dont know what happened. it seems like it's just an inherent feature of perspective that cant really be helped

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fun fact: that fifth picture is a variation of this one (from a side view of course). this one though is "anglo and nord"

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what the fuck are you even on about, fool?
lay off whatever degenerate drugs you indulge in, they are making you paranoid.

ah, hello paid Mossad operative. Did you know that your Messiah already came? God loves you, leave the synagogue of Satan and come join us in the light of Christ.

Aye, the truth shines like a diamond, and even buried under shit, it remains unpolluted, waiting to be unearthed once more

Wow. Pavarotti was buff in the day.

There are a bunch of kikes specifically paid to prevent action, whether it is voting or shooting or anything else.

They are gonna evaporate past the midterms.

Are you dumb or do you sincerely not understand that (((voting))) is their tool to prevent shooting of kikes. Its to make you think you have a voice when in fact nothing ever changes and for every illusionary step forward we take there are three taken backwards. How much has voting changed in our societies over the years? Show me how voting has once made the lives of Americans better. Continuing to vote and expect anything different to happen is sheer madness. We need to start organizing whites on the ground and arming them. No lone wolf shit, we need thousands of armed whites marching on washington. We need to be visibly seen and heard. Enough is enough!

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Kike detected, there's nothing stopping you from VOTING and SHOOTING.

In fact, kikes encourage people to do neither.

Keep my guns and keep my money, fuck off kike.

Also, truly an awful meme, kike. Go to France and enjoy your shithole there.
We can do that AND we can vote as well.

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Vote if you want to, just don't pretend its going to do anything. What you are doing is similar to getting butt mad over the fact that everyone isn't pissing into the ocean so we can flood Israel.
Voting is fucking useless and believing otherwise is the hallmark of a sheep. Its what those who rule over you let you do so you think you are in control while they continue to flood your country with low-skill labor and pump nigger culture into your children. We are past the point where voting should even be considered.

Did the founding fathers say "Lets just get more representatives in parliament and vote!"? No, because they weren't low-T cucks sitting behind a keyboard. They were real men and they took responsibility for shaping the future they wanted to see.

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just lmao'ing @ your life dude. you can relax now that Trump is your president and no more spics are entering or breeding in the US and your race is saved. pat yourself on the back and go back to watching sportball and Marvel, pleb

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Someone here once suggested the idea of using him or thinking of him as a vessel for our ideas. Him hiring Bolton kind of put a damper on that. I think we're bound to go where they want to take us for now. I think we'll have to see where we go from him ourselves afterward. You could try to attack Natsoc to him I just think you would end up sorely disappointed and perhaps set back.

attach* Natsoc to him.

So again, I'm going to vote and I'm going to shoot.

This is what the founding fathers did as well, they seek diplomatic solutions as well as violent solutions.

But of course, kikes have no understanding of strategy, or rather they want whites to stay here and whine about dumb shit.

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I said VOTE and SHOOT.

Who are you quoting, kike?

If you want to stay home, stay home. Don't misguide young men of your dumb shit.

And funny you are posting Ziklon Ben picture, Ziklon Ben tells you to VOTE and SHOOT, dumb kike.

this guy gets it

VOTE and SHOOT should be this board's motto now.

Kikes are scared of both.

Look dude, I am sure you mean well. My guess is either you are a newfag or a boomer and 100% an election fag from 2016. Boomers don't like violence because that means their 401k isn't going to be there and redditor newfags are still brainwashed violence is not the answer. Long ago, the old fags all learned that voting was absolutely pointless, but lately its been nothing but "VOTE FOR BASED CUCKSERVATIVES GOY!" and its getting quite tiresome. Voting changes nothing, its all a grand show put on before you to keep you docile.

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Great, and how are we going to do it? I’m tired of the miles of puddle water you and your type inject, always criticizing but providing no actual concrete solution. If you can give no such solutions you’re utterly useless and serve no purpose in discussion. Anyone can criticize anything, it doesn’t require any particular intellectual ability beyond pilpul and deconstruction.

You got that right.




Be active, never stay at home.

Do you really think it is inactivity on our part that is stopping it from becoming influential? In a world so hysterical they call a guy with a gaggle of kike grandchildren a nazi worse than Hitler? Go on get active. And witness the people you think most likely to see the sense of what you're saying get their switch flipped and start to attack. Expose the jew first. I'm telling you it's more effective. Because they just wasted 140 Palestinians last week or something. And no you don't have to actually care about Palestinians. Call out their fucking bullshit. They can't help it they will keep exposing themselves. People will only see your solution when they have realized the problem. Otherwise you just seem like a crazy man fighting a war they can't see.

Trust me that's how I've gone about it. I am lucky to have very intelligent families. Tonight my father also called out Jews. My mother has read a book on Israel now and the Liberty bombing (most proud of that one. She is smart and conservative, but stubborn and misled by those filthy yids). Be like the dao as the Chinese said. Flow like the water. Go with what works best.

And one more phrase for the lurkers: if voting is really useless, you wouldn't have these shills who pop up shill against voting near election period.


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I agree with this. Why not use every faculty at your disposal? Stealing “Vote and shoot”.

I am voting for prevention. A vote for defense. These dems need to be shot, much less voted out.

In short, do nothing nigger detected.

Shut up and get lost.


You don’t need to tell me any personal identifying information strawmanning retard, but you never provide any single plans, you just tell people to do nothing.



Easy on the cruise control there


We have 8 friends who are all armed who have gone in together to purchase "hunting land". We keep/manufacture stockpiles of ammunition there and practice general squad tactics for the dotr. We have plans for many different scenarios(EMP, Martial Law, Nigger Uprising, etc..) and actively go over them 4 times a year(its also a great excuse to get together, drink beer, and have target practice). If something ever happens we know we are there for eachother and eachother's families and that piece of mind is worth more than you could ever imagine.

Sound pretty nice, assuming it's real.

But 8 dudes ain't gonna jackshit in a revolution.

Its a start user. If everyone did that, do you think it would be hard to start actually mobilizing whites?

You make no sense. Your posts are all over the fucking place and put forth multiple contradictory concepts. Cut down on whatever chemicals you are ingesting on a regular basis. If you truly wish to break the shackles of the parasitical kike and transcend this pitiful existence, you need to first get a hold of yourself because you come off as a real hot mess who does not have his emotions or mind under control.

kek you ALL say the same dumb shit

Amen lads.


This terrifies the sheeny fucks. Blend in to their fucking ZOG establishments until the time is right and then unleash a hellstorm on them when they are weakest.

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Yeah, I can already mobilize 8 fucking dudes.

What's hard is to make an actual party, like Mussolini or Hitler.

Again, it's not hard to mobilize whites, what's hard is to counter propaganda against your own party, because as soon as it gets big, you bet kikes will be well-poisoning it.

That's why it's so important to have a zero tolerance policy about kikes being anywhere near you or yours. There needs to be a metaphorical shield wall making sure that subversion from within is impossible.

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So…DNA test for everyone?

You mean not fighting in the streets and commiting Muslim/ANTIFA like crimes? The sane people who aren't shills like you.

Every fucking Trump thread here now. The alt-right shills on here lost and now they're just the alt-left.

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Subversion from within can be solved by strict guidelines and good leadership.

But pipul and smears from jews, that one is scary.

I'll put it to you all in the form of a hypothetical:
You, The Democrat, and The Republican each posses a break action shotgun (single-barrel) with one round in the chamber. That's all the ammo you three posse. On Election Day, you have the opportunity to take one party down by voting for the other. IMO, taking out the Democrat would make their supporters suicidal and open the door for a new party to replace them in the next 4 years. If the Republican goes down, you'll get more of the same shit show we've been seeing over the past two years at the very least.

If you hate both, you can at least blast one out of existence and have enough metaphorical ammo to take the other down in the next 4 years.

The r*publicans have had the house and the senate for 2 years now. What have they done?

there are other things to do out in the real world. try promoting wholesome family values and good morals instead. or just talking to people in general if you're in an environment that is conducive to such a thing

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VOTE and SHOOT is fine by me. Vote as much as you fucking want ss long as you niggers start actually talking about the shooting and stop shouting down anyone who suggests. As long as "shooting" is off the table we are never going to get anything done.

there was a large amount of genuine chaos god worship on Zig Forums during the election and things definitely got shook up, but since that time the jews have had time to situate themselves into the new landscape. meanwhile we have become complacent, at least in a way.

i apologize for the third picture here. i know it's a decade old actual boomer meme but i came across it in my folder and it seemed relevant

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Aside from lowering taxes, confirming Kavanaugh & Gorsuch to the SC (along with 26 circuit judges), alongside a bunch of things that don't affect me, not much. Everything else has been done through executive actions by Trump. Meanwhile, the left is basically wanting to rip everything apart because "Fuck Drumpf!" I don't like either party, but I have the opportunity to make one group lynch themselves and I'm gonna take advantage of it. I'll deal with the other in 2020.

stupid as fuck user

blue-pilled faggot alert

Great. At least I won't be paying out the ass while my children are demographically replaced.

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Look. I get it. But the problem with your logic is that you have no means of mobilizing whites. How exactly is telling people not to vote going to reach that critical turning point of Whites being willing to mobilize? The only whites the "don't vote" message might be effective on in getting them to take up arms instead of looking for a political solution is us, and all of us are already willing to take up arms if the right situation presents itself.

The problem isn't that people are convinced voting will fix their problems, the problem is that there is no way for all of us to spontaneously start a civil war. There is no method of coordination, and either all of us step out at once, or we each get gunned down individually.

Voting isn't a "solution" we are pursing, it is simply something we can do in the hopes of a candidate not being kiked for once or buying us some more time. You are seeing voting as the problem instead of the true problem of having no coordination, or any proof that if a few of us start something the rest will follow, or we will have enough numbers to actually win.

It's like we are lines up in a spear line and need to move forward to attack, but cannot see or communicate with each other. If one steps out without everyone else, he is dead. I really hope you consider this post and do not take it as an attack.

Americans have a tradition of forming militias, most are maintained by ex-millitary. Nice try shill.

I didn't say anything about Conservatism. All I'm saying is you have a shot at finishing off the Democrats in 4 days. They're practically begging to be put out of their misery. Take them down first, THEN you can focus all your efforts on the Republicans. I'm down with replacing both parties, but I'm not in favor of fighting a war on two fronts.

Can we just let them do whatever until they get banned? I think giving them attention is the worst response.
Soon elections will be over and 90% of them will fuck off. While they are away we can come up with a plan for the next time.

They're the same fucking front you retard, you will see that when SHTF.

Yes, I agree that is the issue. Look how complacent whites have gotten since 2016. They "voted" and now Trump is there making sure everything is alright. This is why voting is destructive.

Like Trump? Waiting for hitler isn't an option when you are being demographically replaced. Multiracial democracies simply become a headcount.

As long as "shooting" isn't on the table we are fucked though. We, as in 8ch/4chan, need to start talking about violence as an acceptable means to an end. We need to start shifting the overton window to a point where DOTR is something people aren't instantly repelled by.

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Don't bother responding to that poster, user. Just filter. No matter what he is, he's not proving any useful discussion.

Make more threads, advocate filtering them and discourage spamming as a response. I'll admit I almost never ignore them, it's their audacity that pisses me off, they've been here for two fucking years and they'll stay after midterms because muh 2020. I'm sorry user, forgive me. I'll try to stop.

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Zig Forums is a board of peace, it should be obvious why.

Just don't advocate Robert Bowers-tier shit, that's never been allowed here, before or after trumpshills, the site will be taken down if too much of that happens. Make threads on militia groups forming, DOTR tactics like military history analysis and Zig Forums-tier threads.

Scatter is the key, I know nobody still remaining will leave this board easily. But when the shills fuck up the catalog and there are more of them than us in some threads maybe stop by one of the lesser known places. They never go outside their target sites. Or even boards for that matter.

I know. I understand that. An acceptable leader may never even appear. Not voting and accepting that a political solution isn't possible I would still never fix the problem of not having any communication or any network to start an insurrection. Great, let's say you've convinced all of Zig Forums and US white nationalists that we should not vote. What then? How do you see an insurrection starting? We are all individuals with lives and much to lose and are willing to risk that but only if we have an actual chance of winning. Like I said, if one or a few step out without the full support of all others, they will be wiped out and not make a difference.

You should be focused on fixing that problem, instead of trying to convince people that we should not be voting and expect a solution to that problem to magically appear.

I appreciate you taking this somewhat seriously, I believe we both want the same thing and Zig Forums needs more unity to have any chance.

We can't let it only be here though. It needs to filter out to the normal faggots. They need to see it and start getting used to it. We need to normalize it here, then we need to push it on 4chan, then it will filter into twitter/the_donald. Fighting back has to become part of rightwing culture again.

Yea, that shit is pointless. When I say violence I mean stuff like physical removal of beaners across the entire country. There is nothing to stop us from getting rid of the invaders. Its been done time and time again throughout history. We just have to do it.

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Also I'll add this:
You are misrepresentating my point. Why haven't you gone out and started shooting? Likely because you will be instantly gunned down, you will not gain any power, and you, you friends, and your movement will be slandered. You will have hurt your cause more than you have helped.

Don't take this as blackpilling, I'm trying to be realistic so we can come up with a solution. Simply telling people to "stop being pussies and just start shooting" (just exaggerating) will never work, and is not constructive.


I'm not going to leave per se, but this place is like the Steppes of Eastern Europe and Asia. Trumpshills are like Persians under Darius who get picked off by the hordes before we disappear back into the endless plains.
I agree 100%.

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There is the redpill and the blue pill, that's fucking it. This term is an attempt by redditors to redefine the redpill as bad and the bluepill as a "whitepill". Reality is harsh and unforgiving, illusions are for people who advocate voting for zionists.

What are some good sites and boards to got to? I'd love some input, cause I've been looking for literally years and haven't found any. There are certainly bunkerboards, but they have so few users that discussion on threads or events is almost impossible.

There is no way you are white because whites aren't this retarded. Nobody is talking about doing Bowers tier retarded boomer shit.

No there's not. Blackpills can be redpilled or bluepilled. Harsh reality is necessary, but washing people in a continual wave of "harsh reality" can break their spirit and leave them thinking it's all pointless. You might say "they are no use to us if they can't take the cold, hard truth", but I'd take a somewhat naive soldier fighting the good fight over a useless shell who has given up.
Blackpills that help us face reality and over come it are redpills, blackpills that do nothing but demoralize are bluepilled.

We could discuss how kikes are dismantling our traditions and corrupting our children all day, but unless we also talk about how to do something about it, it's of no use.

Filter applied. Like I said before, we have a golden opportunity to take the Democrats down in a few days. Why shouldn't we pull trigger by voting for Team Red one more time? The former's already having panic attacks every time they see anything with the word "white" in it. On top of that, I live in GA. We've got a sheboon running for governor and some folks here are telling me not to vote against her? Fuck that bullshit! I want her supporters to off themselves.

This board has always been about Truth before anything else. Thats why Kampfy had to be removed because he was hiding truth like a jew.
There is no black pill, no red pill, no blue pill, only truth and fiction.

Why are you even here?

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I thought you might be better than this. Did you even read any of my other points? I don't want to resort to thinking you're a shill.

That's my ENTIRE point, you can't start a physical movement (i.e. removing politicians and taking over by force, not even necessarily killing anyone) with a single small group. The only thing you can do is suicide attacks. How do you plan on tackling this problem and creating a movement with enough people and coordination that you do not have to do terrorist attacks?

Fine but the term itself serves only to replace the original definition of the redpill, oldfags know this. There are only two pills, and adding extra "pills" ruins the mythos as it's derived from the Matrix.

Look up the definition of insanity for starters.

Please read this post
which was posted before both of your posts talking about shooting.

Anywhere that isn't posted over and over for all(shills) to see. Bunkers are fine, that's what I was talking about. When you go to one make a post and then others will see there is recent activity. Getting anons to think about going and posting there is the real issue. For example when a thread is shilled to death we repost it there and anons who don't want to read endless arguing with shills will show up. The challenge is to stop thinking in terms of one board or one site, Zig Forums can be wherever we like and in multiple places at the same time.

Eh whatever, it's just semantics. I just wanted to make a statement that harsh reality is not always constructive unless you are using that reality to change it, instead of just demoralize which I often see here.

You can't tell because the picture is B&W, but those are redpills they are carrying.
Really fucking heavy ones.

That's just stupid. Take a look at any revolution is history and you'll see how little it takes to get the ball rolling. The only problem is networking on this site will wind you up in a honeypot, all networking must be done offline and in person. Never post anything online that you're serious about. What you can do hear is get info on how best to stock up, and ruminate on past battles in history, and above all in the spirit of what this place was originally before there was even a Zig Forums, observe the Happening as the entire world order comes to a screeching halt and chaos abounds.

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Don't scoff semantics user. Words are meant to have meaning, here more than anywhere.
Could not agree more, but that's more a matter of the individual and you can't really control the ones that become pointless shells. Traditionally you just tell them to fucking kill themselves and filter them.

I'm here because some of the folks in this thread believe not participating in the mid-terms is the way to go. I believe it's the dumbest choice.