I used to be happy, successful, and at peace with myself. I could look at others without judging...

I used to be happy, successful, and at peace with myself. I could look at others without judging, and I could walk without judging myself.

I used to have feelings. I used to care about others. I used to give everyone an opportunity. I used to exercise everyday, and looked healthy. I smiled at others, and they smiled at me. Now I'm jaded, reclusive, hate others and myself. I fight for a cause that I know can never succeed. I'm overweight, depressed, dumber, and angry, constantly fucking angry.

This shit isn't worth it. I don't care if the jews are trying to destroy me, I'm tired of this ride. I don't want off, I'm GETTING off. Fuck the redpill. Fuck the truth. I want ignorance, and I will fight to have it. Maybe one day if I succeed I will return, to lead. But unless that happens, I am done.

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It's the jews, isn't it?

Don't you understand?

God's will will be done. HE shall see it through. Everything that can happen will happen, not because of our efforts, but because God has willed it. Look after your family, but you have no obligations beyond that.

The world burns down around you, why the fuck should you care? Why should you lament when you know who shall receive ultimate victory? Do you not realize just how utterly insignificant we, and our mission is?

We should have no mission, but to love one another, for God will harvest us according to our fruits in the end. I'm tired of leaving fruits of hate. Even if they are the appropriate fruits for this rotten society. The enemies of us, not just Jews, but the Satanists that control them, will meet their maker in the end. THEY WILL BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP HIM.

So I say once again. Fuck the redpills. We have NO cause for concern, and if you don't believe in God, you are just as bad as a jew.

Take your blackpill and shove it up your big gay ass.
Go back to being a weak, phoney cuck, lying to yourself all day about how if you just give more, if you just do more for others, they will someday return the favor.
Your life before was a lie, all day long 24/7 falsehood and fake niceness.
You cannot go back, and that's a good thing.
The anger is rage building up preparing you to be able to do the necessary when the time comes.
It is a perfectly normal and natural response to the attempt to genocide our race.
If you are for real and you want to stop being angry, DO SOMETHING, action is the only cure.


You are too blinded by anger to see that the war has already been won, before humans have existed, in our favor.

God will not let us be destroyed. You cannot change humanity. Look after your own, that's all that matters.

There is the blue pill and the redpill, there is no such thing as the fucking "blackpill".

I just read your 2nd post and now I am 100% sure you are some sort of consensus cracking shill so you can fuck off and die.
Stop posting your shit trying to persuade fence-sitters or wavering anons to give up.
Talking about "divine justice", well you are due a lengthy bout of getting fucked in the ass by the devil you weasel piece of shit.

Keep hating faggot. You'll either learn how the world works, and give up the edgy teenager act, or die a bitter old man who's helped nobody, all in a quest you won't fulfill, because you are cowardly, just like the rest of them.

If even a fraction of Zig Forums organized, we'd control the world by now. But that'll never happen. You're all fucking cowards. So guess what? I don't give a shit anymore. If there is a God, I have no reason to worry, and if there isn't God, then I have no reason to give a shit about future generations.

Get the picture now Mr. Teenage Angst?

Not your blog you whiny bitch. Blow your brains out already you fucking failure.


Now look at yourself in the mirror and tell me you're happy. Tell me that the path you've chosen is worth it. Ask yourself, will you be helping the future generations? With your manner of speech, I'd be surprised if you've ever held hands with a woman.

You, as it stands, are currently worthless to any movement. There is no movement, as you all talk shit but do nothing about it. And the ones that do rambo are made an example of, and even used to push agendas against us.

So enjoy what pathetic existence you'll scrape out faggot. I really hope you do.

Cypher was right in the end.

Fat female poster thinks she can dissuade us here.
I'm serious guys! Just be nice and stopbeing racists! I'm totally one of you.

Fuck off piggy roastie

Giving yourself away there atheist.
Stop telling others to do nothing.
Stop encouraging inaction.
Stop talking if you are not onside with action.
Can you even HEAR yourself?
You think you are the most important thing in creation, well you are not.

Weird, I lost a lot of weight and became happier after I became right wing….

Look, OP starts the thread pretending he's right wing, but he's so full of hatred that barely two posts later he is already exposing as a leftard.

I don't belief these failed memes that we are suicidal, most people who become right wing become better people, they lose weight, try to improve themselves, develop more strenght, hell I had moments where I would have quite when I was still a fat leftist, but I continued, because I was right wing.

Who the fuck wants to be happy.

I'm married with three White kids. I own my own house and three vehicles. I also own a sizable amount of undeveloped land, and I am completely financially independent. I had a short and extremely fruitful career doing something I thoroughly enjoyed. My kids are all home schooled and will grow up mindful of the true nature of the world. They will never have to work to survive hand to mouth, but I will make sure they all work hard regardless. My ~94% White community considers me a pillar and leader, and I routinely help my fellow Whites in need both monetarily and through charitable actions.

Stop projecting you miserable little twat. Just off yourself already.

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You only have yourself to blame, faggot. Fix your health and you'll start feeling better.

LARP: The post

I'm sure a guy advocating suicide online is a "pillar" of the community.

Then why do you even post here, faggot? If you don't care or don't want to try or just want to quit, then leave!

In atheism's defense, God hasn't exactly fixed things around here.

Where exactly do you think you are, cunt? I'm advocating for an apparent failure of a person who is so miserable that they felt compelled to come whine about it on a Nipponese finger painting enthusiast forum to end their own sad life. You should do everyone around you a favor and end it so they don't have to put up with your bullshit anymore.

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Blasphem not Kek. For there are none so great as kek!

I used to be such a burning example, I used to be so original, I used to care, I was being careful, made sure I showed it to those that I love. I used to sleep without a single stir. I used to pray a God was listening, I used to make my parents proud. I was the glue that kept my friends together now they don't talk and we don't go out. I used to know the name of every person I kissed, now I made this bed and I can't fall asleep in it. Throw me that lifeline, the ship of fools I'm on will sink.


Western Culture is meaningless, it was just a vessel to deliver us to the consumerist era.

Christianity is the slave morality which Nietzsche correctly identified. If you make people believe in an afterlife it will pacify them in their actual life – the only one they will ever have.

White genetics are not vital for the consumerist escalation. If they were; Indians in Silicon Valley wouldn't be a thing. Eventually genetic engineering will eclipse all of your concerns over phenotype aesthetic.

There is no great family model to return to where you can be a patriarch. Any children you have will be absorbed into the consumerist mass. Parental influence is meaningless in an age of hypercommunication.

Your wife will have social media. I don't think I need to go into any more detail on this.

There is no super intriguing clandestine force which controls the world – only consumerism and capital.

In an age where there is no great struggle; there is no need for anything aside from intellect unfortunately. There is no need for valor or fidelity anymore.

There is no great war or impending happening that will bring meaning to your life. There is only the slow assimilation into the global consumerist mass.

There will be hiccups, like terrorism and mass shootings for instance, but humanity has not produced a creed capable of contending with the awesome power of consumerism. It will devour you all.

There is no great cause to live or die for my brothers.



be calm.
birds will take care of it.
follow christ before and after death.

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The only GOD is SATAN

oh no.
jews can have the key to the very first pointless layer of kingdom, but what they don't realize that it's a twisty maze of pain and suffering.
i beg you to reconsider.
you will not like what you find.
hell is empty.
heaven is infinite.

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I am happy right now
Do you know why?
Because I see through your shit
Begone with your lies, you have no power here
I am happy because I am not like you
I am happy because I stand in Truth

In this Hell you can do whatever you want.

Much like those attacks last week oddly suspicious posting this mere hours before a major election.

Reinvigorating ones pride in their own self, people, and history has the opposite effect of what you described. Ecspecially profound when its first gasp of free air after decades of education and media hammering you into submission.

So Thanks for this shill projection piece I have copied and edited a few places to apply to left wingers, even adding a bit about stupid blue amd pink hair. This will be vastly more potent on your troops then on us here.

is this the shitposting thread?

I can already see you aren't happy

Sieg Heil, Faggot !

And try harder!

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WOW just WOW

i urge you to reconsider.
they may win this quadrant, but they cannot win the war.

They won the war when romans converted

wahhhhh my black pill , take the brown pill

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There are 8 in the Ogdoad.


is this the most jewish subversive post on /pol right now?
it's like this cunt is copying from a playbook

you don't know what you speak of.
it's not about this world.
it never was.
design is complex, beyond my abilities to construct sensible abstraction.
he likes to play games.

meh.. try harder pajeet fag.

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Here's an idea: go to the Arabian deserts to follow that "god".

What a jewish response, do you expect someone else to do EVERYTHING for you?
Scared of getting your hands dirty mordechai?
God is with us
We will fix things around here, just wait and see
And in the meantime enjoy your holocaust nightmares as you feel the tension rising every day
Minute by minute, hour by hour, your end is approaching and it will not be a pleasant one

It's the jews, but they won. 2000 years ago. You want to outjew the jew? Accept there is only one GOD, SATAN!

sure thing pajeet , go to shitting street!

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Oh yeah, OP sure is "redpilled" isnt he? A real Neo and savior to his race.

Also remember to sage and report dumbass threads like this, people.

There is no going back faggot either kill yourself or suck it up. This thread is as worthless as OP.