Brit/pol/ #2920: BoJo Edition

Boris Johnson to be prime minister of the UK
Johnson has been declared the winner of the Conservative Party leadership ballot, beating Jeremy Hunt with 66.4% of the vote

Twitter erupts with #BorisDay and #NotMyPM tweets as social media is split on Johnson being named new leader of the Conservatives
Supporters celebrated 'Boris Day' as a 'great day for our country' and 'time to sort out Brexit', while others made derogatory comparisons with Donald Trump, branding the result as 'shameful' and a 'disgrace'

UK terror threat level: Risk from right-wing extremists to inform system
Previously the system only assessed the threat from "international terrorism", Home Secretary Sajid Javid said the assessment will now cover all forms of terrorism "irrespective of the ideology that inspires them" - including right-wing, Northern Ireland, and Islamist

Donald Trump outed Jeffrey Epstein to cops after stealing $125M mansion out from under him
How Jeffrey Epstein's threat to expose President Trump 'as a financial fraud' after he 'stole' his $125M mansion led to Donald outing the pedophile to cops and launch of 2005 criminal probe

US diplomats' brains were shrunk by sonic attacks at Cuban embassy, scientific study says
State-of-the-art brain imaging of staff members who suffered headaches, nausea and memory loss after hearing mysterious noises reveals “significant” structural changes, scientists have revealed

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For her

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Imagine all the women in sandals.

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Bedtime tbh

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imagine a qt lass with a nice smooth arse just getting back from yoga in the park in the heat and sitting on your face and sticking her feet down your throat haha that would be awful

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Pick better waifu's.

Get Corbyn to talk to Scotland and scare Troyfags into voting against Boris, because Scotland will leave the UK if Brexit happens.


my accent is not shite


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Pay me 10 million pounds, please.

how do you glass someone without cutting your own hand?

yes it is and so is your awful voice

you don't

I like Steiners voice

is this accent shite?

he has a cool accent lad

couldn't stand yanks tbh I remember speaking to you lot on xbox

palm the base and shove it in their face rim-first

lmao this incel lad got this qt


tfw yorkshire accent but everyone thinks we sound semi-retarded




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get some discipline fatties

that OP is such a banger

throw it at them


Better be decent sweeties lad

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not testosteronous enough tbh
you ha shock

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those are the sweeties the cheap cunts give out at halloween

You aren't even fat. Why are you LARPing, lad?

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Utter bollocks. If I can find one then so can you. Just dont expose your power levels straight away. Once she falls for you she wont give a shit about your opinions not conforming to societal norms.

for me? it's milkybars

I'm skinny fat tbh I feel bloated and haven't even bothered to diet in months when I know I should

maltesers maoam and shortbread

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I have proof of your skinnyness. Quit this charade.

Do you think true love exists lad?

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Top tier tbh

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i can't be an ectomorph anymore I have to be a fit blond aryan warrior so I can be the fetish of a skinhead gf

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who the fuck are you, I'm a stone over my normal weight smh it only takes me about a month to lose it all but I'm being so lazy recently and just sitting around eating sweeties

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hows your body look lad

You posted your soft yummy tummy you fag


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>tfw 60 kg

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how tall are you lad, I'm 68


I just want big arms

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You want me to post it you exhibitionist fag. I won't post it. I won't partake in your fetish.

overhead press lad

Do you forget to breathe?

how much can you bench lad, pulled my back deadlifting by accident while lifting something 3 weeks ago and haven't touched the weights since

I was gonna make a joke about how you should get a commie skinhead gf so you can fulfill your fantasy of getting a chug since commie skinheads are called redskins and so are chugs but I couldn't make it work


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OHP and rows, lad.

Dean… lad…

Not onto barbell stuff yet will probably get onto that after I'm a bit stronger.

I try to focus on my breathing, helps a bit.

Don't know, probably like 30 or 60 kg or something tiny kek.

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Solid argument

What do you mean by true love?

What’s wrong with his skin

Skin condition that makes ur skin rly thin and fall off

fuck sake I'd want to be killed if I was him

pretty fit I guess



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ze carbon? bog 'eet

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Can’t get over how cucked you’d have to be in the head to be a soldier in the US

The Taliban were the good guys tbh.

not posting my body online for you to look at stacey dooley you dirty woman

hord it, we need ze carbon

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Is the hat meant to humiliate him further or what?

based and toot pilled

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finished dracula. top book tbh


its a book about shetl jews

there's loads going on in it, mentions of a lot of esoteric stuff. very pro catholic

Taliban make me laugh

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based and adhoc pilled

just wew

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zogbot will go back to the afghan and join the taliban tbh

Are you drinking water regularly?
Either you are dehydrated or you might be straining your face/neck muscles too much when you are lifting. Check that your head is resting on the back of the seat when you next use the machines and drink plenty of water.

I drink plenty of water,
Yeah I think I might be putting the weight on the wrong place, thanks for the advice lad, I'll try it tomorrow. Appreciate the concern.

Is 45kg lad a poof? Smdh

crying shame. They’ve always been a bunch of William Tory boys over in 4pol who voted UKIP to be a little more edgy.

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Madlad is 45kg lad?



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