A thread the Jew fears most

Debate requires logic and often time facts. The steps taken to win a debate are comparable to how numbers are crunched. Nothing will ever change the fact that 1+1=2, just as facts will always remain facts. This is where we have the advantage anons, because our enemy and their arguments are nearing completely devoid of a factual basis, they are often hypocrites, and their logic, ultimately comes undone. It is only a matter of time before the undecided masses finally realise this. We should rejoice, as I believe the tides are shifting, slowly but surely, in our favour.

Also, this is a debate thread. Debate to your heart's desire, the shills are of no use in a thread like this.

I'll start it off with my own argument:
I believe that this website's form of anonymity is a double edged sword for our cause. On one hand, it allows us to share massive amounts of information without having to be concerned with the opinions of the outside world, which is incredibly important for what is essentially our very own propaganda campaign to redpill the world. However, on the other hand, what I have mentioned previously is the limitation of anonymity. I cannot see a true movement being born out of an anonymous image board, and I think this is due to the simple fact that there is no leader. Yes, we have a common cause, but without an identifiable leader to guide us in the right direction, I believe that we will be stuck in a perpetual state of disarray. This is why I've put great emphasis on the idea of committing to IRL activism, and actually spreading information to people you know. You never know, one of those people you redpill might just lead us in the right direction.
I'm tired as fuck right now, so, in an ironic twist, you might have to excuse my possible blatant 'tism.

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Hi Opie

Red Ice Proves Israel Behind All Rapefugees and Migrants Into The West

Red Ice just got a strike and had livestreaming disabled on their main channel.

They got the strike for the video they did on the Israeli government funded NGO Israid, which went to Greece to help bring in as many Syrians as possible to Europe, all the while Israel itself doesn't let in any Syrians.

Open borders and mass immigration for the goyim. Closed borders for Israel. Jewish hypocracy at its finest.

Here is another video on the Israid affair:


It seems like there is a way of censorship happening



I'll check this info out user, but as a person who's particularly critical of tor users, I have to ask why you're posting that info in this thread?

Ok, then go start your own website with its own get togethers, then get your information published, then you dial back your rhetoric and call for donations for your true cause. You do this for a few years and then in some scandal you fall off the map.

I wasn't arguing that the use of image boards as a medium for the spreading of information wasn't viable or influential, but rather that it's much harder to concentrate your efforts for extended periods of time.
Given the state of things, I know that my site would be subverted and destroyed. I think the best means of cultivating a leader would be through local advertising campaigns, and, weirdly enough, through media outlets such as kikebook and/or youtube. I say that because, if you do get shut down or censored, you can just screen shot the happenings and bam, you have proof that there is an agenda against your cause.

Actually in debate, facts don't really matter. What matters is who is more able to convince the audience. 8ch is special though since shills and bad logic are usually beaten down in a timely fashion so the lurkers can see through bullshit more easily.

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Good point, thanks for correcting me. I guess I said that as a result of my "facts always prevail" mindset.

So is your ideal leader openly WN? Because if so then he had better be spotless and also have a way to independently provide income for himself. If you wouldn't want him openly WN, then it'd probably be better just for him to run in Republican office. Whitey in general will trust some Republican official then someone who makes radio listing nigger and jew crimes.

Since you're saying to use normal websites then your rhetoric will have to be scaled back or you'll just be nuked and never get any larger following than other pro-White creators on those sites.

I'm not saying its a bad plan youtubers like E ; R and SsethTzeentach funnel pro-White memes to the masses through game/movie reviews and they're doing fine on the platform.

go back to leddit's im 12 and thats deep. you sound like a fucking retard. debate is not won on facts, it is won on feelings. all public discourse is won on feelings.

My idea leader would be an open nationalist, not specific to race. I say this for a few reasons. When a person of "X" race says "I'm a nationalist", it can be inferred that that person is nationalist in regards to his/her own race. When you put "white" in front of "nationalist", the NPC mind will screech in horror as they usually do. I personally hold the opinion that every race deserves the right to exist, provided that they act as they ought to.
My ideal leader would also keep the appearance of being un-biased. All I care about is the truth, I could care less for one's political affiliation, provided that they remain truthful, and have integrity. I think my ideal leader would present information in this format:
Facts, what the facts mean, and how the facts impact the citizens.

I put a disclaimer that there was potential for 'tism, and then made the point that you just made. You could have just skimmed the thread and avoided coming off as abrasive. And you do have a point, user. Even though debates should be won through facts, the winners are usually decided by who pulls more heart strings.

If anyone wants to learn how to debate, I'll just leave this here.

This is very important! In debates, you rarely convince the other party, even if your logic is perfect. However, your image to the onlookers might convince them. This is why the jew will never attempt to debate sensitive topics, and will instead use smear tactics, and drown truth in an avalanche of bullshit.

To overcome this is highly important, and our anonymity allows us to neither win nor lose this battle. Only a named group can be slandered, and only a named group can have a reputation. Building groups and making them the best they could be, is, as OP rightly mentions, of high importance. I have no single answer to the question of how to do this.

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Why not learn how Tor works, user ?

Nice analysis and .png user
I personally think that as time goes on, and as people continue getting redpilled, they will eventually be comfortable enough to campaign in the general interests of a nationalistic group.

I know how tor works, and have used it in the past. The reason I'm wary of tor posters is because of the rumours going around about how tor has been taken over by alphabet agencies. Not to mention, it's a great shilling format considering that it removes user IDs.
I doubt you're a shill or a fed, but when someone pops into a thread and starts posting unrelated content, my alarm bells go off. I assume you were just trying to get the word around about censorship?

Which is why the user exists.
Not true. Individuals and systems can also have reputations, see Hitler or Fascism as examples.

There needs to be a plug-n-play algorithm for a system that anybody can use, something more than a doctrine or treatise. Building this would have the greatest impact while still supporting decentralization and anonymity.

fund it

I have disqus set up on my lowly site. Pls bookmark for the coming shoah here. I was recently banned from Twitter for posting fbi crime stats.


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dude nice.

Leaders will reduce debate. Sheeps need leaders who can't decide themselves.
"Leaders" are probably CIA agents or will just lead us to hell
No organized movement will work. Because 11/10 CIA ZOG will take over it
They will either start it themselves and mislead it or they will try to take over us
One CIA agent can ruin your whole movement
If they have nothing else left, they can just pretend that we are terrorist, do a falseflag and hunt us all down

Just like Hitler, am I rite?

And this is how you lose, no movement, no organization means nothing.

OP, there is something that you have not considered
a person who does not want to believe something, and wants to disbelieve it, will disbelieve it, no matter the evidence presented to them; in fact, something like that is written in The Holy Bible

you tell them that human nature says that most black people raised on welfare are either thugs or aspiring welfare queens? you show them statistics proving it? they'll vehemently disagree with you, call you a racist KKK confederate nazi redneck drumpfette, and then assert that most blacks are decent people just like you and me and him, and then come up with all sorts of reasons about why they think that the government's own statistics are wrong, such as the republicans being behind it, Trump being in the government and modifying the statistics, the statistics being recorded wrong, the sample size not being big enough, the sample being biased, the scientists flat-out lying, and a whole slew of other excuses that aren't as easy to think of
and even if you do prove them wrong, then they'll just act like they're right anyway

you say that people having guns promotes peace? you tell them that knife and car attacks happen anyway? they'll vehemently disagree with you and then claim that all of those articles that prove the contrary are fake news, which he'd probably actually believe, and if the articles come from news sites that he considers to be reputable? then its a russian conspiracy to keep guns in america to lower the U.S.A.'s population so that the U.S.A. would be easier to conquer, or something

that, paired with their already-low amount of displayed intellectual honesty(you can't defend yourself against a liberal in an argument and still win for that very reason), means that theres basically no arguing with them, especially since they don't want to endure the fallout that'd come with changing their political viewpoints

unless they want to believe that they're wrong, or want to believe that you're right, or both, then they're a lost cause as far as you should be concerned, and for that reason, the kikes aren't afraid of your OP

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excuse me
you can't defend yourself against a liberal in an argument and have the liberal at any later point admit defeat for that very reason

No worries. Not that user, tho.
Feds do run Tor nodes, but so can you. You can run your own entrance node and be the only traffic on it, freeing yourself from timing attacks caused by entrance/exit traffic correlation.
Shills use VPNs anyways, and only really shill on Tor to try and ban it. Feds and jews alike have money and time to manage a reasonably sophisiticated system of identities.
Remember that Tor only works to seperate IP from Routing. It is up to anons to seperate Identity from IP. Can't believe there isn't yet a shitpostOS based on the old school Incognito system,something simple like Alpine and maybe Tor-ready like Heads.

That's why I think it'd be wiser to try and appeal to the public through physical campaigning and through normie means of communications. If we work from a local-outward position, I think we might have a chance. You still have a point though, it is risky these days.
Also, has a point as well. We can't pretend we don't need a leader, or some kind of ambassador. We can't continue without some kind of organisation.

I like to think that those who reject the truth in the manner you describe are useful idiots. There ought to be some effort made to shock them into realising how deeply delusional they are. I think this should be done via mass ridicule, kinda like how Mister Metokur thinks mass shooters should be dealt with. The typical liberal only understands groupthink, therefore, all we have to do is make it appear as though the group is thinking differently.

kek, in a way, both statements are true.

Screencapped because I know that my tired ass is going to forget all of this by the time I wake up. This is some useful, easy to swallow info that I wish more anons knew about.
I'm gonna run that idea by my /g/ friend because it sounds like a barrel of keks

world has changed
in 1930s it was a lot easier, kikes did not have everything worked out as a system because the ZOG was installed with it's full equipment in the cold war and after, they did not have agencies everywhere (their tactics were different too)
Your actions were not 100% controlled and seen by the government and the politics were different
You cant vote a national socialist party because there are not enough traditionalists left and even if do the impossible, no other state will come to support it, it is too easy to false flag everything and start a war over it
You can only vote parties which are under total control by the elites. Parties trying to save "the west" are Zionist controlled and even more radically Zionist then the normal ones.
Violent revolution is impossible, best we can do is to raise awareness against the ones who are in control. Find solutions to step away from it and resists it's tries to get more control over people (internet censorship, more cameras, more strict control over your movement)

1. Can't organize party because le zionist.
2. Can't do violent revolution.
Your only solution is awareness raising program, like some NGO.

Jesus, no wonder you guys are losing.

Yeah, they do, it's fucking Weimar. Funny how people think Weimar is fair and square now.

90% of anti-immigration parties are controlled by Zionists and are not a solution to anything (not even to migration)

I personally don't believe the change is going to come about through traditional means (ie voting) I expect the people to become increasingly aware of what's going down due to IRL factors, such as, idk, getting mugged by mohammed the muzzie.
I expect more leaks and whistlblowers as well, and hopefully the shit escalates.

OP here, I'm going to stay dedicated to this thread and continue my attempts at contributing, but I'm going to be inactive for a while. You kids have fun bashing it out lol. Remember, constructive criticism, and don't be a cunt.

and this thing will make a normal voter vote for strict Zionist control unless we make people aware about the Jews
Normal people don't still buy into how the Jews control everything, they see Jews as great ally and nothing else
They see us as "violent antisemitic", soon the kikes will label us together with muslims and leftists (they already do it on cuckchan)

For anyone interested in building their skills in rhetoric and debate, check out pic related.

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I made an NPC account (hadn't used the site in a decade) and was suspended for nothing at all. Just fake rule violations for automated whatever. It's not even a thing; they don't care. I expected this, but had to see it for myself. Oh, and the first time I looked at the suggested followers list, they literally put Obama first and Trump last. That site is fucked.

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Yep, it's a long time coming, but more and more, we're going to need to start creating our own hosted sites. I originally had mine setup in GitHub. They banned me. Gitlab has been really good so far and they host my Jekyll site for free. I also incorporate IPFS on there as well. I highly encourage people to get their hands dirty and tinker with static website creation.

Have you seen beaker browser? It's basically bitchute for websites in general. If even one person is viewing/seeding the site, it stays up. But of course, your IP is all over it.

ACKCHYUALLY an individual is a group of one person :^)
Ok user, I was meaning: as a group we clearly exist, but we can't be fought and we also can't win; the user can only fight by proxy.
The reputation of a system is ultimately the reputation of a meta-group. E.g., the reputation of "democracy" being that of "western nations".

I think the best for us is small groups with very clear mission statements.

I don't know who makes those, but I love them. Memes that expose double-think are very powerful. The art style is awful but at least it's ugly enough that you could assume whoever made them wasn't even trying.

Did you use email and not a phone number? thats why you got banned for

Yeah, I used an email. Their instructions are bullshit. "Just login and click this and give us your phone number and you will be unsuspended!"
There is no button. You can't add a phone number on the website or app while suspended. You can't give it to them over support. Their SMS activation system is non-functional.

Also, this is a bullshit excuse. Why even allow email signup if that is the case?

Nope, but I'll check it out, man. That sounds dope. I'm a nerd for that sort of shit.

You sure it isn't inflation and or gold confiscation, OP? heh. I stopped reading after the first paragraph. No one wants to talk to jews. We want to kill them. Let them fear every knock on their door.

I think in that case, that it would be advisable to use their rhetoric against them. If they call us violent, we ought to be civic. I don't mean "lol be a cuck and never actually fight" What I mean is, speak softly and carry a big stick just in case.

Fuckikng yids man

I like the small groups and clear statements idea. It allows us to do some pushing back without putting all of our eggs in one basket. I'm starting to think that maybe we ought to have a manual on information warfare written. I'll use an analogy. IRL guerrilla warfare is the equivalent of what we should be doing online. We could assemble "Fire-teams" that consist of ~10 people, and the fireteam can be split into 2 squads of 5 shitposters. I think that these smaller "fire teams" have the potential to cause some havoc. It also reflects the nature of our movement at the moment. I believe Zig Forums is a reactionary/revolutionary force, and in the modern world, revolutions don't seem to succeed without some kind of guerrilla aspect.

I chuckled user. I frankly don't blame you for wanting to kill them, but I don't advocate for violence unless absolutely necessary To be honest though, I think our forefathers would have started killing years ago


Jews disregard facts because their mission is against nature, it is anti-life. I made this thread in the hopes that we would be able to reach out to the fence sitters and left leaning folk through superior debate.

Jews are no humans, they are closer to neandertal men like noone else on the planet.

There is a reason, why the ancient aryans annihilated the neandertal people in europe and wherever they could find them.

they knew, this would be the only solution for peace.

You are damn right. They have basically female psychology.

I agree but let me counter with the point that anonymity doesnt matter if op is a fag. No one cares about OP or OPs fucking shit threads.

Go save anons:


Security a resistance manual. Taken from the book thread.

Jewish tricks 101


That fourth picture.

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Tor was literally programmed by the NSA. Any Tor user is either a shill, an agent, or a useful idiot. Anyone who hasn't done the five seconds of searching to learn this fact is also a useful idiot and needs to lurk more.

Yes, the kikes are our (((greatest ally))). That's why you get jail time for disagreeing with them. Fucking LMAO, goddamn normalfags.

Ghoul made those he is overly nihilistic, but memed well except the fourth one. It's an edit by some autist. The original had a White-looking guy in it. The edit just invites the NPC automaton to whine about muh waycism and defeats the purpose of the meme so some angsty underageb8 can feel edgy.

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Honestly, we are going to need to focus on forming international community with global white locations. Focus on technologically advanced fertility. We need our own sophisticated intelligence network that does advanced interrogations and operator works.

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Actually thousands of lone wolves across the country, all acting independently yet simultaneously to sabotage the vital infrastructure of modern society is probably more dangerous to (((them))) than any political organization or militia movement.

This post is pretty fucking jewish.

Focus on yourself. Our culture is in a sorry state, to say the least. We need to make ourselves immune to subversion, not cry about other groups are subverting us.

Reddit spacing ITT aside, let's take a look at the real stars of this thread:

Are you paid to post per hour or per post? hoping you're the bot that'll tell me you get paid when someone's wife is beat

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look dude
no one has to explain the pros and cons of decentralised vs dentralised jew killing to you, i am sure

*decentralised vs centralised ofc