US Democrat's voter suppression

US Democrat's engaging in voter suppression using facebook fake ad.



There is no connection. Hunting licenses are not affected by voting. This is a clear attempt at tricking a mainly conservative demographic into not voting.

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Bumping because fuck dems and fuck their shenanigans.

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Links to relevant shit on facebook dakota democratic hunter

So whats the penalty for voter suppression in the uSA anyways?

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How come there is no penalty for this kind of election fuckery?
Also, fuck your tiny ass thumbnail.

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Really makes you think.

How is this even legal?

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Because voter suppression laws are weird as fuck and mostly aimed at the government

Bumping for you because you posted a good picture

well fuck those kikes, I don't know how to hunt but because of that ad I am getting hunting license

republican shill thread #9001

Sage isn't a down vote go back to reddit faggot.

muh free speech.
it's not like Zig Forums doesn't do it, but I don't think anyone is paying ads and I don't think faceberg is kosher stamping them.

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You're goddamn right about that.

Q. Since the law will not pursue them and there will be no legal ramifications whatsoever what can you do?
A. Create fake ads that will suppress Democrat voters and attribute them to The North Dakota Democratic-Non-Partisan League.
A. Find fax number for The North Dakota Democratic-Non-Partisan League and spam it with black pages to burn through their ink.
A. Find address for The North Dakota Democratic-Non-Partisan League, send them free korans and pizza.
A. Find email address for The North Dakota Democratic-Non-Partisan League, send them porn spam.

Essentially, make it impossible for them to continue going about their business of being lying kikes.

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To my knowledge anons here have never told anyone that if they vote they are going to be penalized in any way, especially not by having licenses or otherwise revoked.

Sure we make shit up like what you posted, but if you have half a fucking brain you KNOW its fake (voting by text? really? what kind of fucking retard would fall for that? I'll tell you who, the kind of people who shouldnt be voting in the first place because they're to fucking stupid to know anything about who they're voting for, THATS who falls for that shit). We basically have a laugh at the stupidity of the left and the ease with which they are duped, not by threatening them, but by tricking them into EASILY spotted traps.

This, this is different. This is a major party having a branch that out right THREATENED voters that if they do vote, they will face serious real life consequences as a result and that they should simply not vote lest they be punished. THAT is an entirely different beast my friend.

One is easily seen-through tricks from shitposters having a laugh at the stupidity of others (usually the left, because they're so easily tricked because of how stupid and ill informed they are, because public school and college are jokes and don't even teach you basic shit anymore and their "activist" parents never bothered to teach them because they were to busy getting stoned and going to commie orgies to raise them). The other is a major organization threatening people with serious real life, possibly legal, consequences if they vote at all.

Do you not see the difference here?

It's like you don't even want to see the mountain of salt, user.

You have to sign a secret pact with the Democrats that prevents you and only you from doing even the most basic voter registration, ballot protection, or voter fraud investigation things.

Sage is in fact a down vote if you bump other garbage threads mere seconds after you sage. It literally moves the thread down in the catalog and off the first page for the retards who don't browse the catalog.

Quite literally the local implementation of a Reddit style downvote.

I can't wait for the midterms to be over so this homo has to find another reason to sage everything.
By the way, I took the afternoon off to vote just to spite you.

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Why are you engaging with a shill, let alone bothering to write several paragraphs. Just mock them, filter the ID, point out to others that it's a shill which needs filtered, and move on.

tbf we did the same thing with the telling niggers they could text to vote. IMO it's fair game, if people fall for this kind of shit they're too dumb to be voting anyway

no, sage is the same as not posting other than the fact that it fills up 1/750th of the thread

Sage is a downvote as long as you bump any other thread afterward. It's provable and shills know this is true, you can watch them at work doing just that.

The difference is that a paid political ad like this is actionable under Trump's EO against interfering in the election by funding ads on social media. When we pranked the public this EO hadn't been drafted nor were any of our pranks paid promotions.

Calling it now , time for the chaos to reign

Nah, I'm voting straight ticket Republican.

i was thinking about that when I posted it. none of the stuff generated here included threats like these leftists are putting in their ads.
leftists can't meme so they can't resist resorting to fear and threats.

Right on
Do what you're gonna do torpedo
Here have this from a true wizard for good luck on voting

Less than 1000 people have seen that ad and they're mostly old women. I doubt it will have any effect on the election. I would urge any North Dakotans to report it to the FEC though.

I don't see anything, did you actually post a Jewtube link here?

The ultimate answer is to push as many people to vote as possible. This actually serves multiple useful purposes.

Attempts at voter fraud will be more noticeable if a large percent of the population gets out to vote. Sure, there will be people that are sick, absentee ballots from military members, people who recently died, and the like, but if a large majority of people actually get out and vote, then there is less room for fraudulent votes before we get to the point where that spillover becomes very noticeably fraudulent to the point of absolutely requiring an investigation.

If there are more legitimate votes, then voter fraud becomes less reliable. A static batch of votes holds a higher proportion, and therefore a higher value by percentage, in a smaller pool of votes compared to a larger one.

If more people go to the polls, it will be easier to pick out certain types of voter fraud. Particularly vote manipulation by way of paper ballots destroying or disposing of large portions of paper ballots is difficult because, again, a small number of tossed ballots has less effect on a larger sample, and falsified ballots will show up in larger numbers during a recount, electronic voting machines more people will notice "glitchy" machines and start demanding paper ballots. Extra bodies being bused around might be harder to spot, unless they start getting visibly nervous in line, but more people mean more eyes and cameras, so it might be easier to catch them at multiple locations.

Even if you don't think your voice matters, even if you don't think that it helps, and even if you think voting in this retarded duopoly system is pointless, you should convince as many people as possible to research candidates and vote in primaries and elections. Even if voting our way out of this quagmire is impossible, (((they))) will never expect a large majority of people to vote, and it will throw a massive wrench in the works that will force voter integrity laws to the forefront of every major issue. Since it's entirely undesirable to push voter integrity issues into the limelight, which will bring decades of voter fraud into the mind of the public, pushing the idea that it's every American's right and duty to vote is imperative to changing the political landscape.

True, people have cried for years about voter fraud, even at the highest levels of power, but nobody ever pushes for a recount. The few times recounts have happened, even, those cases usually get shunted to secondary or otherwise unimportant levels of news in favor of more sensational or easily manipulable news stories. If this comes to the fore in a grand fashion, to the point where it becomes impossible to ignore, then politicians will be forced to make very difficult decisions to keep their seats of power, and forced investigations will reveal the truth or show their true colors.

Get out and vote!

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I voted straight ticket Republican. I also had a campaigner last night. I live in a battleground state and the local (D) candidate has been mailing pounds of shit out to people every day. Oddly enough she never, EVER mentions she is a Democrat. I told off her campaign worker.

You should reset your computer with a .45

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Fuck your torpedo nonsense. I assume you're all kikes or fedniggers

No, we don't support (((democracy))) or (((universal franchise))) here, redditor. Kill yourself immediately.
Jews own all voting machines and only a handful of districts use pencil and paper ballots. There is zero guarantee of any validity of any vote submitted by a voting machine. We have video of Democrats admitting that they have stolen every election since the 1960s. In 2008 alone, there were 25,000,000 expired, fraudulent, or duplicate voting registrations. This is not an argument. Voter fraud is ensured.
You have no idea what voter fraud is and no comprehension of how elections are stolen.
Except that's not how it works.
It isn't, no. You have been brainwashed. Universal franchise is a jewish hoax. We don't support women voting, we don't support nonwhites voting, we don't support non-net taxpayers voting.
Thanks for admitting that voting is meaningless.

Hahaha I got you so mad you had to reply twice to me. Filtered now, shill.

You must have some nigger blood to have such a low amount of self control.

I'm as cool as a cucumber torpedo slim


How absolutely deceptively worded.
Taken by themselves, there is nothing inherently incorrect in each of those sentences.
The only way a non-resident hunting license could be affected by voting is if you vote in the same state as said license (in this case: North Dakota), meaning you claim residency and would receive the cheaper, resident license, instead, and would forfeit any resident hunting license you have for another state.

This ad could only have been written by a kike.

Kikes moved into North Dakota years ago. We had a scandal a decade or so ago where some kike county assessor cunt said some guy's tree stand was a domicile because he had a propane heater put into it. It actually went to the State Supreme Court and she lost. Hook noses have a bad reputation there but they sensed money and moved in even though the community hates them.

That's quite the chutzpah!
You guys must be pretty kiked to the hilt for it to have to go all the way to the SSC.
Sorry to hear that.
Hunting's a huge industry here (Iowa), and I just can't begin to imagine the shitstorm it would kick off if anyone tried a stunt like that.
And some of these boys here are crazy enough to do something about it, too.

Iowa's so full of cuckservatives that it makes me physically ill. My wife's from there but we got out. Ask Mollie Tibbits how Iowa is, the spics are going to overrun you inside of a few years if Trump doesn't hurry up and gas them.

It makes me sad, I remember when the place was 99% white.

Typing that out was more effort than just voting lmao, the time for action is coming regardless but might as well vote because fuck you

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good digits, but bad retard
neither of us are shills/jews/feds youre just demoralized faggot

No. We won't.

Yeah, we have our problems, and I would say >90% of that stays contained to the cities, fortunately.
That shit with Agriprocessors highlights the main problem with most all the issues you cited (even Tibbitts; doesn't her dad have jewish blood?)
Plus, having two intracontinental highways cutting right through the heart of the state makes it too easy to smuggle people in (even trains. Every Summer there's another story of dead hispanics found cooked like burritos locked inside a box car. WOMP WOMP)
I gotta bail. Will be around later to continue the conversation.

"we" can do whatever the fuck we like and if you don't like it, I'd implore you to cry some fucking more over it

Tidbits' dad is a kike and lives in California, he hadn't seen his daughter in years before she got corned apparently.

Iowa needs to shape up, make corn fertilizer out of your parasites.


Kill yourself.

The best part about this is
Maximum wasted effort and resources on the part of the opposition.

What idiot would believe that bullshit? Also it's not that hard to reapply even if it were true.

Projection: The post.

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It would be a shame if some one re-purposed this ad with welfare recipients as the target.

We are a little busy attempting to save fucking SAVE western civilization. We are the last sons of the west.

Strictly speaking, they could be but it would be because of a loophole collapsing and not some law; if you're legally a resident of state A and have a resident hunting license for state A, if you somehow vote in the elections in state B then you are no longer a resident of state A as far as state A is concerned and you would lose any privileges related to residency as far as your hunting license in state A is concerned. Depending on the state this can be quite significant, as many states offer significantly more opportunities to resident hunters at a much lower price.


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Do you realize you could get a non-resident fish and hunting for each state?


Email these sources because they will be the first to cover the story. If it doesn’t pick up at least it’s on the web now. Make an email with a tl;dr and brief proof. First sentence gives the headline; anything after that provides context, i.e. significance. For every news source that covers your story add them to your media email. Make a pastebin with multiple links and archives to include in your email. You can get more prestigious sources if they see they’re getting scooped.

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Get these guys to retweet you. Use a sock puppet Twitter. Make sure you tailor it for your audience. Include a simple SFW infographic if you can. Links and videos are the gold standard. Use SFW hashtags and hijack at least one popular hashtag. The news will move on your email if they see a buzz on Twitter.

Also you can use tweetdeck to easily schedule your tweets. It's very useful for spamming things like this.

Use to watch to see how much your message is spreading and if you are getting censored.

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Looks like this is getting attention from the mainstream. I heard them mention this on Red Eye Radio last night.

Change starts at home.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
he won't

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