Markets have skyrocketed in an obvious fake pump before the midterms. Then it all came crashing down.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1058330797671964672&ref_url=

Yet another tactic Chump is trying to use to boost the stock market before the midterm elections. When are people going to realize that he's full of shit about everything

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Is the Zig Forums - Anti-Trump general?

Last night there's a thread about Trump cucking out and making deal with China.

Now there's this.

Pretty much every news are interpreted to be anti-Trump.

Notice all the "fakenews" media shilled that looming deal after some alleged Trump Xi meeting all over the place for him?

But guess what. There is no meeting planned.

Not November. Not anywhere in Argentinia. Never. Nowhere. Read past the headlines. Its all could, would, when we asked this source they said something might have been considered.

Here is what happend just a few days before. This is how that deal already worked out with the tariffs threats already made. No one ever heard about that. What really happend here was only reported by very few non-mainstream news sources and only later on adopted by the most rabid Trump hostile acting new sites.

kikes making more imaginary money with the imaginary stock market. shocking.

Actual Kike Shill Cookie Cutter Trash Post. Reported for Actual Fake News. Nothing about anything is crashing down right now except for China. You can try again with another Skewed Fake """"""Chart""""""

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Not even a single Remote aspect of this post is true. The Noose is on the Table

Looks like we got us here a freshman from Tel Aviv University on his first day shilling on Zig Forums.

Well back to topic

The absolute state of American press.

goyjins BTFO.

He's using the economy against them faggot.

Of course Trump is going to try to pump the markets before the midterm. Just like the (((Federal Reserve))) is trying to crash it before the midterms.

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Nice try Zig Forums


Anything pro-Trump gets flooded with kike shills and spammed and derailed.

Trump is nothing, he will accomplish nothing. He has accomplished nothing. Terrible.

A complete collapse of the system is what we need. We need the economy to crash. That is our only hope, and that is when someone radical will be accepted. As we continue on in this system, nothing will change. People have houses, cars and entertainment. They are content with the way things are. Once they lose those things they won't be. Trump won't change anything, and no single person can in this system because you must control congress as well. That's not going to happen with the country 50% white. A collapse of the system and democracy is the only hope for the survival of the European race.

Trump is a kike shill you retarded faggot. You have a board full of morons on cuckchan and its more popular. Go back there.

This is a retarded D&C.
The (((stock market))) has been "4SRS HABBENING GUYS IT'S GONNA CRASH!!!!!!!!!" easily a dozen times in the last 24 months. It hasn't yet and an insignificant blip like this is fucking meaningless. All it is is kikes like the (((OP))) getting worked up over their misinterpretation of something which was said.

I hate Trump for how zionist he is too, but is this;
Actually a fucking thing? What about the other dozen times kikes like (((OP))) have said teh exact same fucking thing.

It's getting old and your use of "Chump" paints you for the plebbitnigger you are.

Why'd (((you))) bump this 2h 20m 21s after it's last reply?
With a useless, meaningless, and off topic comment? If you're going to OT shit at least sage. Except (((you))) want to slide.


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Bump because you are a paid jewish shill.

Here's an idea, how about instead of falling for obvious d&c shilling, (((we))) simply discuss what Trump does instead of trying to defend or attack him? He's not a national socialist and we know that, so what's the point in being defensive or offense over it except to fall into shills hands?