Veritas Uncovers Aiding and Abetting Criminals by Beto Campaign

Jewtube link provided below, copy/paste into new tab:

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I cannot figure out what is going through their heads at this point.

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"We need to help these poor people. When they migrate here the poor people will deal with it whilst we relax in our neighborhood walls."

Stop calling him Beto, that's a marketing gimmick to make people think he's Hispanic. His name is Robert.

fuuucking based, more shit that nobody will make use of to attack liberals with.
Liberals, the left, and the democratic party do not give a shit. The Federal government will do nothing about this and that's it. Another great vid exposing democrats and their insane anti-white shit and nothing will come of it.
It's the same deal every single time with this guy.

Who cares? Trump's DOJ certainly doesn't. Nothing will come of this.

Beto Open Borders Rourke is just doing what he's promised.

Ignore blackpills. OP you're still gay.for making do your embedding work.

Exposure is meaningless when there is no will to punish those being exposed. Our entire country is compromised, people can openly commit treason and there are zero consequences.


He's almost as bad as Yeb! But Yeb! just has that charm that never goes away. Although he has one thing Yeb! never had, he has a spray tan.

Although, for his latest appearance on MSNBC he must have forgotten to reapply it. And MSNBC is the network where they up the saturation so high that it makes everyone look like they're about to burst from extremely-high blood pressure or too much makeup. So he his spray tan there had pretty much wore off because he almost looked normal.

Reminder that no one will be punished for this in any capacity by anyone–citizen or government. Nothing is going to be done, just like nothing has ever been done about any of the Veritas videos, or the government’s own releases of this information.

Go back to reddit.

stop repeating this you jew indoctrinated pleb, you're a jew lackey doing their work for them when you spread their jew terms, ingraining it into people's minds with repetition like you are.

What happened to military shooting a them?

Isn't this directly in violation of campaign finance law?

"Fuck Whitey, Socialism NOW!"

(all these (1) and (2) posters frantically revving their proxies)

Nobody cares what you think. Veritas is effective at showing liberals at their worst. Just the other day that nigger candidate had to fire his college roommate who was also his campaign manager because of Veritas. Also Veritas exposed the chemical weapons attackers in DC for Trump's inauguration, some lefty idiots are doing 20 years in the Federal pen because of based James.

Yeah, he's in serious shit.

Wow I'm so glad we have these BASED mods.

Bumping this.

The fact does remain that there's something very odd about having mountains of evidence in a country with near limitless wealth. opportunities and even the 2nd amendment yet we do not witness any reprisals. Is it that they try to censor responses as much as possible (such as a few years ago, russian-ethnic germans saved a girl from a 30+ armed gang of muslims) or is it just the comfort still experienced by so many? Medications? TV?

Imagine being one of the Jews donating millions of dollars to have one of your servants elected, only for these chucklefucks to just give the money away, illegally, because DUDE BORDERS ARE JUST LINES ON A MAP BRAH

If there are reprisals they are doubtless kept under strict hush hush mum's the word orders. People have a tendency to brag and blab. It's also possible that reprisals appear to be random violence. Many lefties engage in risky behavior, drug deals and homosexual meetups. What if there were a few BASED AIDS-infested gay Nazis out there pozzing up all the high profile libtards? Something to consider.

Reprisals under ZOG would have to be discreet. It's possible they slip under the radar entirely, as most police forces only have token detective squads and they tend to rely on parallel construction anymore.

I think a Jew would appreciate it, they're born subversives.

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Contact the police! Contact the Army! Get the information in the hands of law enforcement! They are on record funding a foreign mercenary invasion! Are there any National Guard military intelligence units in the area of this campaign office?

The appropriate people already know. Don't spaz out.


literaly a nothing burger

james already caused that nigger in florida to fire his best friend, college roommate, and campaign manager just two days ago

based veritas is for real, your shill farm isn't

O'Rourke is clearly a controlled agent who the Democrats are using to pander to the sizeable liberal areas of the state, as well as Texas' new younger voting base. By presenting himself as the alternative in a way that hardly any candidate has done before (I am acquainted with a guy who set up a minuscule indie/teenage music festival that Beto somehow found out about and endorsed), he is able to create an image that is relatable to these two voting bases.

Once he has their votes and the seat, he will eliminate them all, although they'd probably like that.

Democrats don't exist, it's all fake votes and crisis actors. I'm not even kidding.

Not an argument. Reminder that no one will be punished for this in any capacity by anyone–citizen or government. Nothing is going to be done, just like nothing has ever been done about any of the Veritas videos, or the government’s own releases of this information.

You guys are always around 90% of the way there, but then get diverted. All of these people are controlled opposition. Veritas did the exposure videos of antitrump protests prior to elections. They exposed robert creamer as the head of Democracy Partners and exposed that he's a felon. They didn't go so far as to explain that robert creamer is the husband of jan schakowski, IL 9th district. All of these protests, all of these "terrorists", all of the world wars, are created by funding stolen from taxes and from funding by the proprietors of the international central banking web. At this point, there are very few markets not completely dependent on the chain of fed reserve money. If you go after jews alone, youre going to lose. Yes, they 99% complicit, but youre going to spend so much time fighting a byproduct and burnout without effect. You need to identify, isolate and destroy the chain of funding, and anyone who defends it, over the constitution. If you dont get control of your respective money supplies, you will have no hope, every bit of energy you pour out will have no use. The bitter truth is, the US has been so subverted that our own organic Americans have grown our infrastructure within the controls of a foreign imposed, constitutional-bypass. This includes banking, entertainment, production, transportation, agriculture, education, military technology and policy, and law. All imposed by the explosion of executive independent agencies, all of them. The consolidation of power in an independent executive branch is to destroy the constitutional balance of power designed in our constitution. All of which is controlled by few at the apex. Whats happening right now is the same thing that happened in the 1917 russian and german revolutions. They make everyone atheist, get them dependent onvforeign controlled money supply, then use that constraint to force destruction of the nation state. They know that the american public is getting uncomfortable, thats what the chinese build up is for. As soon as a hint of power is lost by the current state, they will thrust you into the greatest war against china. This ww3 is for one purpose, to kill off military aged males of china and the US. When its done, they'll socialize your women and children, and begin integrating china into global government. If the United States is to ever be a republic again, under constitutional law, the people must control the creation of their money. Without that, youre pissing into the wind. If you try to eliminate jews as a sole focus, they'll just go into hiding, and pretend to be whatever gets them back in. then come back, again, and again

Unlike Cruzman Sachs, right?


Cruz is infinitely better. I mean he sucks too but not nearly as much as the demokike.

I don't know about that. Cruz was objectively the most kiked, out of all the kiked presidential candidates (all of them), and his main attack against O'Rourke is that he voted against the Iron Dome. I wouldn't support either of them, but there also isn't any candidate I would support Cruz over.

I do know about it, Cruz isn't nearly as cucked as Beto. Looks like the voters know too, blackpill shill.


Ignoring reality won't make it go away.

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Hey guess what, even though you've shilled nonstop for years Trump has 15% more support than he did when he was elected.

Man veritas has such good content, but it's hampered by terrible editing.

I started to get bored by them admitting to the same shit over and over. He did a much better job last time where he interspersed interviews with lawyers explaining what laws were being broken.

No surprise the entire staff is women and beaner beta males though.

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Ok, now tell me how that means an Israel-first Canadian spic is good for America.

I simply said he's better than Beto. It's like Trump, sure he's not perfect, but he's a million times better than Hillary could have been, wignat.

Kill yourself, Douglass.

Trumps cabinet is full of banking jews. Wilbur Ross worket for RIT capital (rothschilds) for his entire life. Wilbur was at the balfour centenial. There's no discernable difference between clinton/bush/obama/trump's policies as they affect the constitution. I cant wait until you fucking idiots have invested so much hope that you cant back out, then go overseas and die by the thousands to advance global jewish slave law on your children back home. Just as most of the population supported the british in the revo, same is true now, unfree minds only respect pain and fear. Youre most likely a jew, pretending to be an american, pretending to support trump, whoever you may be, you are a redcoat, not my countrymen.

You first, you're the one who is losing everything.

You sound like a synagogue shooter user. Seek help, take your meds.

"Even if we get caught, the media will never report it and we'll never be prosecuted. "

That's not a black pill. I work in finance and user is right. You can go after the Jews or the satanists or the pedos (sometimes all at once) but the lifeblood of their operations is money. Screw up the flow of capital and you fuck them royally.

Just another reason to hate niggers and spics, doesn’t surprise me but the left doesn’t care and the right is usually pretty limped dicked to do anything. Hopefully they’ll actually finally do something nowadays, especially if they win.


Isn't this like wildly illegal enough to get him disqualified?

It was unironically better under kikefy
At least then we could have a conversation without autistic shills spamming the ever loving fuck out of every goddamn thread.

It's fantasy activism. They need to be checked with reality.

How much of a failure do you have to be to struggle to defeat a hispanic leaf?

Beato O'Rourke. smh. Like Carlos O'Kelly's "Mexican" restaurants.

Both of them will overcharge you, provide shitty service, and cram the kitchen with illegals.

Well, it's not a bullet, so it doesn't really matter.

They're full of pride, and you know what comes next.

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Veritas has certainly stepped up their game but its time to get ops into 2020 campaigns to really fuck these faggots over.

The Republicans?

Too many slide threads trying to bump this before election day.

*trying to bury

and if they're/he is found guilty(which is not certain at all even though he/they are,) will there be consequences and what would they be?

The odds are in their favor with the lawless tiered "justice" system in America right now.

Bump. This tucker has poisoned the minds of the majority of people in my district. Its sickening seeing his signs everywhere and his face is even worse.

He looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome and what's even funnier is that hes on the board or some shit of some fetal alcohol syndrome foundation.

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Can he sue these people over laws they broke if cops aren't willing to file charges? If people are breaking the law by aiding illegals & the cops refuse to do anything about it, why not sue the law breakers if you had the money to do so?

Rubio had him beat. He's kiked enough that his campaign slogan was "A New American Century".


How? Financial manipulation? Legal targeting?

You people have no idea what a blackpilling is. You really think we don't know what you're saying and haven't heard it a million times before? Where do you think you are? (((We)))'ve been saying to destroy the fed from the very beginning. Are you really so small minded as to think just removing Jews and not also the infrastructure and tools they have used against us is the goal?

This is the definition of blackpilling: needlessly stating how fucked we are when we already know it and for no other purpose than to demoralize.


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Beto won. Republicans lost Texas. We may never find out if they threw the election in their favor, but tonight Texas is unofficially Latin territory. The US lost an entire state to Mestizo's

I'm hearing Cruz is up with 10% reporting.

And nothing will be done about this. They control the courts.
No one has the balls to call them out in real life politics.

Shouldn't he seek a synagogue?


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