Wtf is happening with Brexit

Oi you fucking Britbongs. What's going on across the pond with this thing? Are they going to just tell you to go fuck yourselves?
I am worried that the EU's strategy seems to be hoping they can stall long enough that we forget then pull out of their ass at the last minute, "well since the last vote a lot of elderly have died, maybe we should revote." Or something similarly veiled authoritarian bs.

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They're flooding the areas that were heavily in favour of Brexit with immigrants then they're going to have another vote which will say we stay.
Same as they did with Ireland with joining.

My basic assumption of how voting in the EU works is that they move people where they need them to vote on whatever at the moment, ensuring the host country has no real say in the matter.

And there is 0 plan in place to even try to stop that? No offense to my Anglonons but.. Why does it feel like you blew your load on the referendum and then said fuck it? You and the US are unwittingly the spiritual, cultural and lingual center of the entire Western world. An independent UK would immediately result in a similar rise of Nationalism in the former colonies. You are a very important linch pin.

Pretty much it, where they don't control things enough to simply fudge the vote they just change the demographics. It's a systematic break down of each and every opposition to their plan.

In case you hadn't noticed any genuine organic ground root organization is quickly infiltrated or painted as racist, nazi, xenophobic et etc etc. Then their voice is taken away, and maybe they are even incarcerated.
And you want to talk about plan?

Hahahahahahahaha stupid british cucked faggots , you don't get to vote yourselves out of this
There is only one option left and you don't have the rifles or the will for it

This is still legal there, if you can find one.

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If your vote can be arbitrarily taken from you with zero repercussions you are a cuck and a homofaggot girl
Time to overthrow your shit gov eh m8?

Friendly reminder that this is what happens after they take the guns.

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And what fucking good is that going to do against your shitskin hordes that have been imported to your country? Hold on ahmed let me reload me punt gun oi
Time for britain to have a revolution

My government is your government, we are all slave cucks.

They'd better learn how to sling rocks at this point. Those are basically firearms, right?

Probably be good for shooting through a wall.

Drench them in oil or alcohol and ignite them before slinging

I am no slave and I am no cuck
I have family and posterity , land and many funs
The New Reich is ran from the Rocky Mountains , home of the White

Maybe , maybe one wall
Punt guns are gnarly but they have a purpose of taking down flocks of birds not punching through reinforced concrete. It's basically a big muzzle loaded shotgun my man

And yet you are obviously frightened or you wouldn't be on a message board calling other people cucks to try and validate what you're doing.
You would be out playing with your funs, enjoying you unbridled freedoms wouldn't you.
No you know in your heart my gove is your gov and anytime they want they can Waco the fuck out of you like a cuck, and no cuck in your country will do a fucking thing about it.
Same but different, eh?

They don't need rifles. Arguably committing arson against infrastructure is probably more deadly. But that's besides the point - there is still time to rally and do something. To force the government to quiver in fear at righteous anger from the electorate demanding their rights be respected. Is it unlikely? Sure. Does that matter? Not in the slightest.

I don't understand. I'm not the Nigel poster, or the LARPing British imperialist from the 1600.

Yes we are unarmed
Yes we vote for something, (((they))) don't like the results and repoll them until a desirable outcome.

What am I suppose to do? What are we true brits suppose to do?

Objectively completely different
Maybe I shoot regulalry maybe I reload all my own maybe you never know
I wouldn't worry about it too much m8 , everything is fine and nothing is fucked

I hear you I really do
Even a mob of a million doesn't have very sharp teeth if they've been reduced to bottles and butter knives as they're primary offensive means. The british gov would happily willingly drop a MOAB on any unruly mob that got outta hand

objectively identical, your guns make no difference. They took them after Katrina, they assassinated your armed countrymen at Waco, whatever arms you bring to bear, they have superior. They will take out the bigger militia groups first then deal with lone wolf types such as yourself after. Your guns are only any good for hunting food, and protection in the event of a total government collapse. And even then it will be first to take control of the military hardware that ultimately will form the next power.
I don't worry, like you there is nothing I can do except watch my girlfriend/country get fucked by the invaders/bull.

No, my disarmed cuckold friend, they do emperically need rifles. Pistols too. Shotguns can't hurt. But at bare minimum they need rifles.

Except he has access to firearms so there actually is something he can do. Weather or not the majority of people do it which has never happened, ever, most people are sheep remember is irrelevant, on a personal level he does actually in the real world have more agency and ability to react to the situation and protect him and his than you do. You are a cuckold by your own admission interestingly enough, don't get that much here and he has the opportunity not to be a cuckold.

Arguing with brits is truly one of the more unpleasent and exhausting things you can do on the internet. A ten minute conversation with your average englishman is all you need to know exactly how they wound up in this situation.

Every Brexit campaigner should be highlighting the European Court of Human Rights case where they declared Islam to be more important than truthful speech.

The EU is formally an Islamic theocracy

Nothing else matters. You could even have a European alliance without that shit.

They're doing the surprisingly effective tactic of the slow strangle, where they delay and deny and hope the emotion just dissipates on the Brexit side. Not to mention the old democratic dance of death, where they keep holding votes and importing muds to opposition strongholds until they get the result they want.

No, I could go lone wolf, beserker suicide mission with improvised. It would have as much or as little effect as an American doing the same with conventional arms.

Yep and that's what I'm hoping for too

Britcucks are too mutted to do anything of value. Worthless kike lovers.

In this scenario it is most likely that the new gov will be formed from the military as they are closest to the hardware. Unfortunately the same people running things now are embedded throughout the military. The most likely thing is they just proceed with their plans but at the point of the gun rather than with the illusion of voting.

People are pissed brother. The average person here still believes in democracy and freedom, and the constant lies and distortions from the BBC, the guardian, channel 4 and so on are not going unnoticed. We're a powder keg ready to explode.

Whilst a part of me wants Brexit to happen smoothely, and for welfare to disappear and instigate a mass exodus of shitskins from our shores; its quite unlikely to happen. That does not mean we are without hope. It's actually probably better that they try to rob of us our democracy and force a fascist uprising.

It will happen. I wasn't convinced of it when I first started coming here years ago, but now I am. If you look at the least couple of decades in the same way you might look at a history book; it is obvious what comes next. The EU is going to fall. Brexit, Salvini, Orban, the attitudes of Slovakia and Poland, the near-defeats of the 'far-right' in Sweden, France and Austria; times are a changin'. The EU cannot go on as it is.

Their only play is to get us into a war with the Russians, which is what they are obviously trying to do. It might work, but quite honestly if we have another world war then we've got bigger problems than Brexit. Even if we do have a world war; it is near certain that it will relight a fire of patriotism in near everyone across Europe, and that in itself spells death for the EU.

They are in an impossible position right now. Yes, we are being forced to endure countless humiliations; but the writing is on the wall and we will win in the end.

Also ignore all the hatred from Zig Forums. There are so many shills and retards here trying to demoralise everyone that its almost not worth coming here anymore.

It really boggles the mind that Britain could so quickly go from practically ruling the world from an island the size of New Jersey, to being the cumdumpster of the third world.

I don’t blame Brits, honestly. If I had been born in Britain and brainwashed from birth to hae myself, I probably would. I don’t even blame British WW2 servicemen - they were lied to again and again and again, and they thought they were fighting to protect their country. And they were - looking at the devastation wreaked on London by the Luftwaffe, I cannot imagine any sane Briton of that generation wanting peace with Germany.

The real fault belongs to the likes of Winston Churchill, among others, who encouraged Poland to refuse German territorial demands knowing full well they weren’t going to help them - blatantly using the Poles as bait to start another Great War - let themselves be used as a golem for the Jews, refusing Hitler’s attempts at starting peace conference, sold all of Eastern Europe to (((Communists))), and then had the fucking nerve to run around shouting ‘Keep Britain White’ after they realized their new Jewish friends had the same designs for them as they did Germany.

I truly hope you’re burning in the hellfire that spawned you, Winston. Now and forever, you disgusting, short-sighted coward.

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I volunteer you to the flamer brigade. Your first duty is to stand quietly in corner while the adults talk.

The thing is that nearly all politicians are pro-EU. They can get a cushy spot after their term in their home country is over, along with a second pension, and they have much more access to bribes from large corporations since they're now representing most of a continent instead of a single country. And best of all: The voter has basically no say in anything.

No matter who you tell to get you out of the EU, he's going to try sabotaging it, just like May did with what amounted to a surrender notice to the EU.

Its got to be total all out kristallnacht/blitzkrieg at less than a moments notice. they will have to at as one but many different cells. it should happen in the dead of night, about one to two am. all points of ( ( ( subversion) ) ) will need to be dealt with within a two hour timeframe. gotta do it while all the sheep are asleep and announce the successful coup and overthrow of the crown and parliament with a special broadcast. announce that all white male men will be required REQUIRED to be armed with a modern centerfire rifle at all times. this will introduce an urgent need to import rifles by the containerfull into the island.
if it happens it will have to happen at lightning speed in the dead of night

Industrial revolution coupled with already being ruled by the rootless clique without barely an eyebrow being raised.

And this is why it will not happen that way, the way we need it and want it. It's impossible to plan that in this digital age.

take it to the beerhalls then, leave all electronic devices at home
it has to be a mind virus that spreads in the spirit of the men of that country, if there is any spirit left in them.
cuckolding is wrong

Basically we have traitorous scum like May, who doesn't even support Brexit, running the show. The media is on constant bias and propaganda mode, rallying on all fronts to make Brexit a dirty word and fill the public's mind full of negativity and assumptions. We're not even leaving until some time in the 2020s which will almost certainly be pushed back further, so during the transition period we're still an EU member.

Then there is the biggest concern, if we do leave, immigration will actually be worse. At least right now a good a chunk of our immigration is European (not to be confused with "European" such as shitskins), but that is going be drastically reduced later on. I see them talking about immigration a lot and its always prefixed with EU immigration, so outsiders will still flock to us in droves of course. Immigration from the Commonwealth will be unleashed as well I bet, so expect more based blacks and Pakis.

So they have already cut off this particular avenue. First with the smoking ban and then bizarrely with the 24hr licensing. Now you can buy cheap alcohol from the supermarket 24hr there is no need for the pub "lock in" which was a way of binding the community together in a secret event.
Now pubs are mostly corporate owned entities with all the electronic surveillance you would ever need.

I have my doubt that there'll ever be a full Brexit. They will keep finding excuses to push the entire thing further into the future or they'll just vote again and again until they like the results.

good fucking fuck, we are in dire straights
it has to be an enormous world wide shrug by white men at a given hour

Your guns didn't stop you from becoming a 56% hwhite shithole either, Ami.

Sadly, fuck all.


Brexit was such a joke to begin with. Bongs actually had faith in their government that they would back out of the EU based on a single vote. They are infested with globalists and have been since WW2. If you want change at this point, you should pick up your gun and…oops.

1) I am not British learn to read.
2) Rifles and guns are ABSOLUTELY NOT necessary for a sucessful revolution in a modern Urban center; although they are a definite boon.
3) You are the cannon fodder not a shot caller - you have made that 100% clear, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. But you have no imagination - and thusly, no real strategic oversight. Please don't try to counsel people on assymetrical warfare if you think it is going to be fought barrell to barrell, and not by $$$'s and saboteurs.

Don't give up all hope though. There are politicians fighting to make sure we get a proper Brexit and the clear thinking public seem steadfastly for it, despite the relentless propaganda.

do you have a source for this?

Of course the EU is going to tell them to fuck off. Fuckin Brits are so cucked and trying to be "proper" that the gov knows they wont do a damn thing about it.

nobody cares faggot, get off this board. let them sink in their own faggotry and jewry.

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To defeat the Satanic cultist Britain and America must join together with Germany and liberate the world. Even if D/C has some truth we must rise beyond.

The plan which became apparent the second Theresa May, An establishment tory and pro-remain politician won the election.

Oldest trick in the book

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"EU" "Democracy" in a nutshell. Just delay the results you don't like for years and years, and flood the areas that voted against your agenda with 3rd worlders who will vote against the interest of the indigenous European people.

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damn straight

Yeah ity wasnt gonna happen.

Your slavemasters won't give you your freedom on account of an election they've rigged to serve them.

Just consider this the next time a bolshevik kike-alike (Anglin/TRS, aut-kike) tells you to vote for the based fashy NeoCon jew in the next election.They all work for the same genocidal jews, neither are in conflict with the idea to kill of the white genome, they just have different methods to go about it.

Yeah I've been wondering if that wasn't the plan all along. Like if we weren't supposed to be at war with Russia right now. Hillary was supposed to get us there, with her insane 'no-fly zone over Syria'. This was supposed to kill off most of the remaining white males left, to be replaced by shitskin migrants.

Voting is useless without guns. The intent of Brexit was to halt immigration immediately. The result was immigration has continued at exactly the same rate. No guns no Democracy. Not complicated.

the demos can not rule without a way to enforce its rule
britain has fallen into judeo-tyranny

brexit isn't going to happen because your infested with jews just like across the pond.
get rid of the jew and 90% of your problems disappear instantly.

Hello pot, meet kettle. The US and UK should bond over their mutual dislike for the destructors of Western Civilization, not eat eachother alive over eachothers failures, failures of which are seen as successes by the people with real power, the place where your hatred should be directed to. People with the same motivation to keep Western civilization pieced together shouldn't gloating over the very unraveling of the things we all hold dear. Brexit won the vote and the main reason for voting was to indeed, keep them out, but of course the leaders there might betray them and is that something to laugh about? Never.

Fuck off kike.

Typical vague bullshit by the anglo retard. Shut the fuck up! What the fuck does "Western civilization" mean, you idiot? That doesn't mean anything.

England is not Western Civilization. Shut the fuck up you low IQ dumbass. This is what you people do. Flood the comments with your meaningless garbage. Go back to InfoWars with all the other Jews saving "Western Civilization". post-Cromwellian England is not Western Civilization. England has not been Western Civilization for over 370 years since the Civil War. Brits don't even know their own history.

Sick and tired of these British "patriotards" flooding our circles with their stupid pro-British bullshit. Get the fuck out of here. Western Populism has nothing to do with "Defending Imperial England". Why do you never go away. GO AWAY! Every Western nations works against you. You are not us! We are not you! You are not our people. Fuck off.

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They lean against a wall?

No you are a derivative of us.

Oh Mordecai, please stop with the schizoid behaviors.

Ah… finally someone intelligent.

Bombs are superior to rifles in dealing damage to the institutions of control. Rifles are nice too but bombs are better. Rifles alone allows only suicidal attacks against people with lax security. Bombs alone allows attacks against pretty much any target anywhere.
Second to bombs is petrol, plastic foam, and matches.
Fires can be made more destructive if the fire department is busy chasing fake bomb threats made from throw away burn phones.

This person is an imbecile.