What did Trump do to promote the survival of the white race?

What did Trump do to promote the survival of the white race?

No, "libtards" being "triggered" doesn't count.

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We know, user. This doesn't warrant its own thread, though.

Why do you care

Why wouldn't I care?

le drumpf is literally as bad as everyone else because he didn't gas all the American jews and nuke Israel.

What did you do, user?


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It's not what Trump does for Murica, it's what he does for (((them.)))

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Hmm, I wonder what OP is gunning for with this picture. A mystery.

Notice how not a single saging shill will address OP's argument, just as a jew will never address your argument, only pilpul and evade.

didn't start world war III with russia and depopulate the world ushering in the endgame ala hildawg

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Trump is a literal kike who is actively pushing the Overton window left and victimising white culture while useful idiots reinforce the forced meme that he cares anything about America or its values, but you're still a mentally ill faggot. Muh Russian hackers doesn't real, Zig Forums, and you've outed yourself. Leported.

Ending Birthright citizenship is on the table, that can now be apart of the Republican ticket going into the future. Its true though that even if Birthright citizenship was to end whites would still become a minority in the US but that'd happen longer into the future.

Once we get an end to Birthright citizenship we need to start pushing for revoking citizenship for those born to illegal alien parents as quickly as possible, then we'll get a whole lot more time. Still we'll become a White minority in time, but by then enough Whites will be awake to form ranks I hope.

Trump has arrested more white nationalists in under two years than obongo did in eight.


Yeah, he was 10% less shitty than Bernout and 25% less shitty than a Clinton. Big whoop. He loosened the steam valve a little bit on right wingers, then turned around and blew the tank of nitrous oxide wide open, straight up the left's erratic assholes. Listen to them cackle, they're stronger than ever and they love it, even despite their programming telling them to play victim. Genocide is now.

Sage for double post.


so did start
so did start hurr durr

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He allegedly protested Haitian refugees and expressed desire for Norwegian immigrants. I guess that's something? Isn't the US apprehending more border-hoppers?

He said faggots like OP should neck themself. Oh right, that was me.

Peace and a good economy dummy. Dumb fucking leftists want government to be their daddy. Even your surrogate Peterstein tells you to wipe your own ass.

Yes, then you paid jewish shills will leave the board and we won't have to listen to you shill for jewish narratives anymore. We do not support Trump. We do not support Hillary. No one cares about your false dichotomy. You are not on reddit.

Midterms aren't going to be as big a blowout as you think, that's always the way they are. Also 2016 wasn't a resounding success either if you look a the polling numbers, they were about average

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the only narrative I've espoused this entire thread is that WWIII hasn't started and we're not all dying in nuclear hellfire, which is not a (((narrative))) at all, just observable fact
you spout the same shit in every fucking thread, your posts are undiluted cancer and I sincerely hope you develop bowel cancer and die, faggot

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If you were any more transparent, you'd be invisible.

He replaced Scalia and Kennedy with two originalists and has done similarly with much of the judiciary. Remains to be seen, but much of the globalist plan has relied on legislating from the bench, and he looks to have stymied that for the moment.

Also, he's reduced H1B and H2B visas pushing up wages for American citizens.

Rising white birth rates and tax incentives for 14 word applicators
Threats to make America less non-whites

He moved the window of discussion further right.

Amazing head canon, you should write stories

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