U.S. Factory Gauge Slumps to Six-Month Low

U.S. Factory Gauge Slumps to Six-Month Low Amid Trade War
November 1, 2018, 3:00 PM GMT+1 Updated on November 1, 2018, 4:17 PM GMT+1

A gauge of U.S. manufacturing fell by more than forecast to a six-month low, as orders and hiring cooled amid escalating trade tensions with China, data from the Institute for Supply Management showed Thursday.

- Factory index dropped to 57.7 (est. 59) from 59.8 in prior month; readings above 50 indicate expansion
- Measure of new orders fell to 57.4 from 61.8; two-month decline of 7.7 points is steepest since Jan. 2015
- Export orders gauge decreased to 52.2, lowest since Nov. 2016, from 56
- Employment index declined to 56.8 from 58.8

""Other Details""
- Production index decreased to 59.9 from 63.9; biggest decline since March 2017
- Measure of prices paid jumped to 71.6 from 66.9, first increase in five months
- Gauge of supplier deliveries rose to 63.8 from 61.1; shows lead times lengthening
- Index of backlogs at 55.8 after 55.7; inventories slid to 50.7, lowest since May, from 53.3
- 13 of 18 manufacturing industries reported growth, including machinery
- Four industries reported contraction: Wood products; primary metals; nonmetallic mineral products and fabricated metal products


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Nothing to really see here. It's just playing statistical games. Last month, a different report came out that used a different gauge which had manufacturing at near all-time highs.

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So made up stats are going up while real production is going down? Wow, seems like trump is all about smoke and mirrors. Sad.

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It's a typical kike bubble economy. GDP numbers go up because of Jewish finance. Real production and value-added industries decline.




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You also have to consider due to inflation alone growth can still mean actual economic recess or stagnation

Here is the plain ISM report

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(((Bloomberg))), very trustworthy and transparent.

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Does Bloomberg do that?

We're adding more than 1,000 manufacturing jobs a day.

>October is not typically a strong month for manufacturing jobs. In fact, the U.S. has not created this many manufacturing jobs in October since 1998, according to Department of Labor data. Manufacturing was expected to grow by just 13,000 jobs.
Meant to add that October is not typically a good month for manufacturing, in my last post.

Trump is a failure. Lets face it. He likes (((Free Trade))) even though it has costed millions of jobs. Why have a company in one country when you can go to another country, make the goods cheaper, have less energy costs and pay the workers less, then send the products back to the country where your company used to be. They'll be cheaper for the consumers, but there will be no production in the country.

Free trade needs to be abolished. If we had a united racial community, we wouldn't have companies selling out American workers because we would be united around race, not by money.

I know total fake news!

>The (((Federal Reserve Board))) publishes the industrial production index (IPI) at the middle of every month, and revisions to previous estimates are released at the end of every March.

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Thousands of low wage jobs staffed by shitskins Trump brought in on expanded worker visas.

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Can't stop us from reelecting him, he has yet to let me down, plus I could only imagine the shit we'd be in with Hillary.


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