Japan-Israel Ties

Why is it that some retards keep saying "Jews fear the Samurai" when Japan is almost as big a fan of the dirty kikes as the Grande Golem USA? Is this perhaps how poz eventually started to gain hold on Japan?




All these deals, delegations and rallies doesn't smell of kike fear to me.

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Japan's no more pozzed than any other Anti-EU nation in Europe. Better to spread propaganda there than say that "huurr japs golems".

Although the pro-migrant stance that Abe has is annoying, and serves only the multinational corporates.

3-11 was an inside job committed by israeli kikes using stolen nuclear submarine to allow their 'clean up crews' to steal nuclear material to make more nukes which they ((definitely do not have)) at dimona

Just wait until we restore feudal lordship in this country, those damn Tokugawas are at fault for this!

Duh. Ra is the sun God. Besides the notion of the dot heads, which is really the husband coming home and pointing his finger at her forehead and saying what did you do today. Look at the XR650l, Israeli favorite. Look at the Acura, again Israeli components. Look at RY Dawson, again double agents. Anyways. Fair creator, fun time then futanari. Bock bock. PS uh

those are gook agents user, and gooks are loyal jew cattle.


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Japan has no independent foreign policy so when MAGA kike Trump orders them to suck up to kikes the have to.


merchants love other merchants colour me surprised

I know you called out the biggest golem thing in your op, OP, but there's literally millions, of not billions of Americans who think they live in the greatest place ever and think other nations are faggots.

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Japanese are fine, Abe is not.

Its not like their national relations just stated

Japan was already pozzed post ww2 when they were forced by amerikikes to have military bases. Also talmud reading zainichi scum are slowly taking over many government jobs.
That's why you faggots need to meme responsibly yid co-opt and destroy anything that is holy.

Japan's rulers were installed by the (((Allied Powers))). They were crypto Chinese, the kikes of Asia. I'm convinced that kikes get their behavior from their Chinese ancestry. Japanese people want to restore the emperor. End the Anglo-hebraic empire, today.

Revilo P. Oliver has alleged that jews actually were in China and Japan in ancient times and mixed into the local populations and has speculated that the Yamato royal family is actually of partial jewish descent.

Possibility or crank theory? We know all of the allegations of the European royal families being crypto-jews, especially Britain's and Holland's.

Kikes of asia are koreans you moron

Ry Dawson is a double agent? Okay

Japan is under the same propaganda attacks the US was. It was harder to get to Japan due to the culture / language barrier, but they are making headway.

Also, vid related.


There is a sizable Nipponiphilic scribbles faggotry cult element still here.

14,000 jews went to China following Kristallnacht.

Japan is one of the only countries not bound by the cult of Saturn.


Jewish is not purely a race. It is a cult to Satan. The Dark Saturn who requires the blood sacrifice of the foreskins of each male infant child. Mutilation and dick blood for the BLOOD GOD.

I wouldn't call him that but pic related

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lol shut the fuck up, you stupid retarded goys. Indians and East Asians don't hate us because we respect them. We respect them because they aren't incestuous, cretinous little retards like white trash. No offense. We also have respect for one of the Scandinavian countries, but I can never remember which one. Maybe Denmark? Meh.

Because the jew fears the Samurai (true nationalists) and Japan, like all nations, would be invaded and destroyed if they failed to bend the knee. Very few countries risk defying the jews. Ask Hussein how it turned out for him.
Besides, Japan has chosen to play the role of the naval power's ally.
If America says "pay lipservice to the Zionists" the Japanese will smile and bow graciously and keep their thoughts to themselves.

Ethnic Jew here. I actually think certain countries should preserve their homogeneity, and Japan is one of them. Their identity is distinctly Japanese. I actually think Sweden is another, and if I was Swedish, I would be for shutting down immigration.

But I'm neither of those. I'm American, and American identity is inherently multicultural.

I'm American, and American identity is inherently multicultural



I'm also against circumcision, hence me being ethnically but not religiously Jewish. And I should also add, I do think Israel should integrate Palestinians, and end its apartheid system, but I recognize that the process will have to happen slowly because they worry about violence from Hamas. Both sides need to become less religious, frankly.

On your point about Satan, I think the Church of Satan is retarded, but The Satanic Temple seem like nice kids.

According to the ADL Japan is one of the most anti-semitic nations in existence, 20% of the population holding anti-semitic views. Abe does not equal Japan. Lots of big nosed English teachers over there now trying to change that. The Jews can't stand any competitors, anyone with a high intelligence and high culture, honor/roots, needs to be "enriched". Japan is next after us, it's already happening.

I just want to add, as long as there is one single western nation or nation like Japan left, the Jews won't rest until it's destroyed, because if they allow a prosperous and rooted nation to exist it puts into direct jeopardy their "democratic/egalatarian/neo-marxist" ideals. In order for them to have the best political solution, they must destroy all others. That's how shit Jewish values encapsulated by Neo-liberalism are, they literally can't compete without eradicating or censoring all other ideas.

Again, Japan never surrendered to the Jesuit Satanic invasion. The cult of Saturn rules this earth, and Saturn is a sadistic two faced god.

Islam is also shit being another manifestation of Satan worship. Satan being the dark aspect of Saturn.


Your blackcubes of Saturn around the world are not purely 'religious' and your spider maman is not purely religious. It represents the web, especially financial and media, of the elite satanist cult that claims to be Jewish. Not all 'Jews' deserve to die. But perhaps, most do.

Forsake the blood cult of Saturn, and the usury and hatred of my people, of my longing and perhaps the hate against you will fade.


I agree with you on principle, I don't know the nature of the evil in this world or it's name but I do know it exists. I do know the Jesuits are corrupt as hell, first hand and have little to do with Jesus. Wouldn't be surprised if they were the ones to meme this modern day Judeo-Christianity into existence.

Shouldn't you be taking yourself off to Israel and making that happen, because frankly if you all did that, the entire world would be a much calmer and nicer place to live.

"Samurai" refers to men who are willing to die for their cause, not ethnic Japanese.

Modern Japan has as much to do with Samurai as modern Germany has to do with Hitler. Japan is part of the judeo-masonic club and they are heavily kiked at top levels, everything good that comes from Japan is made by people living on the fringe of society (like us in Europe in USA) and they are heavily looked down on by the Japanese NPC.

Japan is the last true nation of Earth.
Till we reclaim our birth right.

No, Germany was much more brutally put down. As the Fatherland was the strength of the Aryan race.

Jews aren't American
American identity is European. When we built the statue of Liberty which was a gift from France, we pointed it right back at our homeland.

Yeah, I could start calling you a kike and pointing out that your tribesmen are destroying my country and doing it intentionally. I could point out that your tribesmen have openly stated that American Patriotism is "racist" and "anti-Semitic"
But you know this already. I'll just tell you that real Americans are fighting back and though we're the underdogs today, someday we will be strong enough to reach out and knock the jews off their ill gotten throne.

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I second that opinion so fucking hard. I would love to do to IsraHell what you jews have done to us.
Would you please disseminate pro-multiculturalism memes for jews? I think you'll agree that not enough jews have sex with Africans and produce mulatto babies.

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You fell for d&c, or are a fool who believes everything you read.

I suspect some people are more fond of Japan than their own culture.

In a similar sense, can you truly blame a shitskin for being fond of superior culture than their own?

I'd say that he's misinformed. I don't think he had a genuine ulterior motive to be a gatekeeper.

No, but I will not excuse the European who puts the culture of another race before his own.

BS. The ancients were well aware of the Saturnian cult. Ancient Greek culture rose in reaction to the human sacrifice to Saturn. Saturn is simply the name for Cronus or Yahwey, EL (the jealous Elohim borrowing from Egypt and Sumeria) and Ba'all.

We use latin script therefor using the latin terminology is appropriate.

Carthagenia and Jewish culture are closely linked. Their script is/was even the same. Both worship Saturn, but amusingly the Jews were a more moderate reformation of the Phonician worship of the Lord Ba'all as opposed to the more moderate El… but both were deities connected and very similar… all related to Saturn. The Romans crushed both, because comparably they were righteous. But the Jews survived and learned. Therefore we have today.

My ancestors were conquered by the Vatican cult. Our strongest and bravest warriors were crucified and my mothers made sex slaves. Europe and Aryan civilisation has long been under the yoke of the dark aspect of Saturn. Now the end game appears. The reaping of our entire race.

I am a product of defeat, yet endurance.

Indians here. Since Indians are Aryans, there is no fault in marrying a Japanese woman, who are honorary Aryan.

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[Citation needed]

Dear god man. This must be the mythical shill everyone is up in arms about.

chingchongs are ok, but theyre being cornered.
onone side they have globalism turning thir society into the liberal shithole like the west and neoliberalism demanding they just consume and reproduce. and since their birthrates are down the neoliberals ofcourse want to supplememt the cheap labour and consumer workforce with immigrants. just like in europe.
the whole reason jews support immigration is because theyre neoliberal globalists out to make a quick buck off of collapsing nations.
and the other thing crippling japan is the US with its retarded foregein policy, that just so happens to be the only thing keeping japan safe from china and both* koreas (one militarily, one economically)

tl;dr: oy vey japan is stuck in the past goyim, get with the (((times)))

Because alt-right = CIA ZIONIST psyop
All movements against Israel/ZOG are also against the West today (NK, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan) and China and the communist states to a lesser extent, but they are clearly playing the both sides (and they support two state solution)
Alt-right/New European right = authoritarian movement meant to stabilize and strengthen ZOG
If you don't support the fall of the west, you support ZOG
What is worse for our states is worse for ZOG and alt-right/movement which is meant to save the west, is saving the ZOG, it is a movement made by intelligent agencies and Zionists and it serves the Jews, but not all Jews, the Zionist ones

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Conclusion = It is promoted by the same people who keep this movement alive
It is neo-con movement painted in different shades, but it still serves the same people
For colors
This map shows how Israel rated it's relations with other countries
Black = enemy, red = improvement of relations, green = neutral, blue = ally, light blue = bad relations due supporting Palestinians

This is said in terms of understanding the true spirit of the samurai. A samurai is not afraid of death. Jews are death. Everyone who has ever studied Japanese history, know about the Meiji revolution and what it has turned samurai. Then there was the first war with Russia and the second WWII in which the remains of the samurai spirit were thrown into the dustbin of history. Where they were picked up by the Yakuza and began to store them whenever possible, no matter what someone said about them. Why do you think the Yakuza law is being tightened? Because if you kill domestic ethnic crime with a national character, then you give your land to criminals from other countries. Because there are no States without crime.To the country do not have even a hint of military tradition. Because local criminal , was the last refuge of Bushido. Yes. That sounds crazy. But when even your army is wiped out inside the country, and the police are subject to crazy authorities, what else to do? And now the Yakuza thanks to the new laws began to join the Triads and let the invaders into their territory to survive. It's a shame. Abe is a traitor.

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Japan should make stronger ties with India instead of Israel. There are lots of Indian already working there anyway.

Indian women in Japan struggle to find their niche