It's almost as if Islam prevents degeneracy.

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So tightly controlled population is the way to go?
I'd follow Hitler any day then.

I don't know why Zig Forums doesn't just submit to Islam already. We hate jews and we're against the exploitation of people through internationalism and the jewish banksters who have plunged the world in perpetual debt the world has ever seen. And if you do I'd gladly give up one of my daughters to you for marriage (as long as you treat her nicely that is). Most muslims are non violent and don't wish for conflict but the jews have misguided many of us down a dark path of distruction and falsely blamed the west for something the jews control. Not only that, many of my people have been forced out of their countries and have been given no other choice but to emmigrate to the west. It is not islams falt, it's the jews fault.

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Firt, shitposting from /b/
Second, not all of Africa is black
Third, catholic Pinochet banned drugs, divorces, abortions, siestas and fiestas with a better outcome.

Eh, he wasn't all that good

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Barring that weird lefty meme on your second picture, Pinochet wasn't a fascist he was just a ZOG propped up dictator.

There is a major difference between Islam (the religion) and the Arabs (an ethnic group). I personally do not really care what religion anyone follows as long as it serves the ends of our people. I'm not convinced that modern religions are better than ancient ones, however, if white people converting to Islam served their ends better than any other system I'd be totally fine.

But one of the problems with evangelical religions such as Islam and Christianity is that by removing a primary linguistic or cultural barrier between races, you decrease the barriers to inter-marriage. See latin american christians for a perfect example of this. By converting the natives to Catholicism, the (((Jesuits))) made it easy for European catholics to intermarry with the natives, producing the shit we now have all over that continent.

In a similar way, europeans converting to islam would then be more likely to accept marriages with shitskin arabs (there are plenty of arabs that are white see Assad, the king of jordan, etc; arab is a loosely defined term, but you get my point). This would obviously be a deathspell to europe.

Also the destruction of competing cultural forms is not something I can get behind. As for language, all of the european converts would have to learn to speak a semitic language to read scripture. At least the new testament is written in greek, so learning an indo-european language to read it is not as racially insulting.

But yeah I think there's a good argument to be made that applying Islam to our culture, without mixing with arabs while preserving the last 2000 years of european christian material culture sounds like a good deal

it's almost as if aids is a nigger only thing

It looks like niggers can't stop spreading muh dick everywhere they go

What up cia jew?
Ready for the war? I am.

That's why you and your kind will die on frozen ground and your bodies will fertilize our crop in the spring. Take your retarded semitic demon worship back to the desert where it belongs.

It's almost like OP has no fucking clue what "sub-Saharan African" means.

pisslam is pedo retarded goat fuckery, so is kike on a stick boy touching worship and bloody baby dick sucking jewey. I worship the big burning sun in the sky and cool calming moon at night, at least they exist.

Thats not how the world works. Throughout history, the inferior must submit to their betters. Not the other way around.
If it wasnt for the west Muslims wouldnt even know what that black stuff is in the ground that we buy off them to make them so rich. They would probably try and worship it like they worship a meteor in a box.

because no one wants to pretend to give a shit about religion in Europe, Islam is too burdensome

Because they are inbred barbarion scum. Fuck Islam.

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Because your religion is anti-culture, while many of us wish to see culture maintained and created.

sand niggers

Because it is abrahamic faith
Because they are brainwashed to this point in their religion, that they see their idiocy as superior to others

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muslims all rape little boys and girls. so no nigger it doesnt not prevent degeneracy, sub-saharan niggers are just too into voodoo to convert.

Zig Forums is already a radical Mormon board.

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gayest religion ever

It's because you're shitskins stinking like worn socks.


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Read up on the White Horse Prophecy and Blood Atonement, newfag.

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Sounds good to me.

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No there isn't. Islam is the direct result of some retarded Arab supremacist copying Jewish myth in order to pretend that they belong to a slightly more successful race.


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It also encourages incest, NPCdom and sniffing butt on a rug.
The countries that are majority islamic, are not majority nigger - arabs do not fuck niggers, as explained above - but even then, niggers don't exactly travel around that much between african countries, so it spreads slow between borders, but it will creep upwards.

Imagine being this much of a submissive cuck.

We'll make your deaths quick. Not out of mercy but becuase our time and resources are more valueable than Islam and Muslim lives.

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So why do muzzies spend 99.9% attacking christians instead of kikes?
Because you're just as much their puppet as evangelicucks are.

They're allies. They always have been.

Current Mormonism (oops can't use that word) is pure faggotry. Joseph Smith to John Taylor is the truth.

Lies and slander. Just because Islam says that it can only truely be revealed in Arabic does not mean it is a wholly Arabic invention to hold an empire together linguistically for ease of administration and to elevate arabs to the upper class wherever it spreads. That is just plain nonsense, user.

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Thanks, for once this is a really good text.

Seriously, they can't into Islam as you would have to be able to recite and pray and follow STRICT rules everywhere. No, not compatible.

We don't worship a meteor in a box ,
Prophet mohamed even said that he loved this rock because it's descended from heaven , that's it.

We worship Allah , the creator of all creation
All you are doing is that you are following the jewish media trying to take down the real true religion and convert the world to atheists and materialists removing their souls and converting them to stupid consuming machines , and it seems like they acheived a lot
Nice job user

Why do we allow Muslims to post here again?

Who is attacking christians ?
It's KIKES not muslims
Take egypt or syria as an example , muslims and christians lived along for centuries and nothing happened
Even prophet mohammed ordered to treat christians well.
All those rats like isis and jabha etc. Are just jewish soldiers with beards

Because all of these countries were ruled by dicatorships that cracked down hard on the retarded Arabnigger behavior for reasons of internal stability and the moment the strong hand of the government was removed the Muds started to fling shit

It's almost like there are fewer niggers in the north of Africa. Gee, I wonder what the relevant correlation is.

Friendly reminder to be mindful of taqiyya tactics.

Taqiyya is not a Shia only thing. It is used everywhere in the Islamic world and especially by Muslims in the West to obfuscate their true goals of the total subjugation of all non-Muslims.

What about places like Bosnia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia or your reddit spacing ?

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everyone was racist back then, doesn't make it based or nongay

What about them? All politically unstable, economically worthless shitholes due to Muslim genetics.

But they're not arabic, so the Islam = Arabic argument you trotted out is mostly fail, aids and deliberate ignorance. Negating your sage cause not only is it not a downvote but you shills are so obvious you might as well just upload pictures of sore thumbs.

lol why

Might as well dump some Moozlim facts

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Apparently you have read zero about muslim rulers and christians

Khalifa Omar whipped his freind's the ruler of egypt son because he hit a coptic egyptian

That's the true islam , real men who fear no one but allah , not the terrorist monkeys you see on jewish screens

During the expansion phase of Islam it was considered good and proper to have Arab relatives because, again, Islam = Arab supremacism. Hence why many many otherwise mostly "pure" tribes intermarried with Arabs and shat in their own gene pool.


Are you retarded ?

Whipped him because he hit a christian egyptian

Modern Mormonism is probably the best environment to find a decent white wife. It's just too bad there's so much unbelievable bullshit involved in the religion.

Make sure you emulate Mohammad who married a six year old girl and fucked her when she turned nine. Also, drawings of him are awesome and contests for it are better than any falafel from here to Dearborn, Michigan.

Your cult is the most dysgenic religion ever seen.

They are more prone to it because they have negroid blood.

All those countries are inbred to the max. The two muslim states in Europe- Bosnia and Albania, also have the lowest IQs.

Wowzers! We should let them marry our daughters, they are so BASTE.

"A more compelling expression of the legitimacy of deceiving non-Muslims is found in the following authentic anecdote from the Muslim prophet’s life. A poet, Ka‘b ibn Ashraf, offended Muhammad with his verse, prompting the latter to exclaim, “Who will kill this man who has hurt Allah and his prophet?” A young Muslim named Muhammad ibn Maslama volunteered on condition that in order to get close enough to Ka‘b to assassinate him, he be allowed to lie to the poet.

Muhammad agreed.[26]

Ibn Maslama traveled to Ka‘b and began to denigrate Islam and Muhammad. He carried on in this way till his disaffection became so convincing that Ka‘b took him into his confidence. Soon thereafter, Ibn Maslama appeared with another Muslim and, while Ka‘b’s guard was down, killed him.[27]

Accordingly, normative Islam teaches that deceit is integral to jihad: Ibn al-Arabi declares that “in the Hadith [sayings and actions of Muhammad], practicing deceit in war is well demonstrated. Indeed, its need is more stressed than the need for courage.” Ibn al-Munir (d. 1333) writes, “War is deceit, i.e., the most complete and perfect war waged by a holy warrior [mujahid] is a war of deception, not confrontation, due to the latter’s inherent danger, and the fact that one can attain victory through treachery without harm [to oneself].” And Ibn Hajar (d. 1448) counsels Muslims “to take great caution in war, while [publicly] lamenting and mourning in order to dupe the infidels.”[28]"

Nowhere did I mention anything about conquest you illiterate disingenuous nigger.

Tell me more about Muslim genetics and how it doesn't exist.

*also have the lowest iqs in europe

Furthermore, early Muslims are often depicted in early Islamic texts as lying their way out of binds—usually by denying or insulting Islam or Muhammad—often to the approval of the latter, his only criterion being that their intentions (niya) be pure.[29] During the centuries-long wars with Christians, whenever and wherever the latter were in authority, the practice of taqiyya became even more integral and widespread.

Professor Mukaram states, “Taqiyya was used as a way to fend off danger from the Muslims, especially in critical times and when their borders were exposed to wars with the Byzantines and, afterwards, to the raids of the Franks and others.”[30] The widespread use of taqiyya was one of the main reasons that prompted the Spanish Inquisition: hundreds of thousands of Muslims who had feigned conversion to Christianity secretly remained Muslim, conspiring with North African Muslim tribes to reconquer the Iberian Peninsula.[31]


Consider the role of covenants between Muslims and non-Muslims in the context of the perpetual nature of jihad: based on the 10-year treaty of Hudaybiya (628), ratified between Muhammad and his Quraish opponents in Mecca, mainstream Sunni jurists are agreed that ten years is the maximum amount of time Muslims can be at peace with non-Muslims; once the treaty has expired, the situation needs to be reappraised.

Based on Muhammad’s example of breaking the treaty after two years (by claiming a Quraish infraction), the primary function of the truce is to buy weakened Muslims time to regroup before renewing the offensive.[32] According to shari‘a law expert Dr. Majid Khadurri, “By their very nature, treaties must be of temporary duration, for in Muslim legal theory, the normal relations between Muslim and non-Muslim territories are not peaceful, but warlike.”[33] Hence “the fuqaha [jurists] are agreed that open-ended truces are illegitimate if Muslims have the strength to renew the war against them [non-Muslims].”[34]

Some of Sunni Islam’s four schools of law (or madhahib), such as the Hanafi, assert that Muslim leaders may abrogate treaties merely if it seems advantageous for Islam.[35] This is reminiscent of the following words of Prophet Muhammad as found in a canonical hadith: “If you ever take an oath to do something and later on you find that something else is better, then you should expiate your oath and do what is better.”[36]

A religion of peace, snipping off the clits of little girls, and the reason the UK is the acid attack capital of the world.

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degenerate troll needs to stfu

Now show us the inbred map.

Deception—known under the broad term taqiyya—is permissible in Islam, above and beyond the limited issue of self-preservation. This assertion is not “Islamophobic”; it is true. From a legalistic point of view, and as seen especially via the concept of tawriya, as long as deceptions are technically true (“I don’t have a penny in my pocket,” only dollars), they are not even considered lies. The prophet of Islam, Muhammad—the example that Sunni Muslims especially pattern their lives after—regularly made use of deceit. In order to assassinate a poet (Ka‘b ibn Ashraf) who offended him, Muhammad permitted a Muslim to lie to the poet. Muhammad is further on record giving license to breaking oaths (“if something better” comes along) and openly lying (without even employing tawriya) to one’s wife and in war. As for the latter, which assumes a perpetual nature in the guise of the jihad against the non-Muslim in order to make Islam (and Muslims) supreme (e.g., Qur’an 8:39), deception and lies are certainly permissible.


2nd pic "fantastic 4 are on their way"

The same reason we refuse to submit to Christianity, it isn’t European. It’s middle eastern semetic nonsense, and that’s where it belongs.

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Marriage is a very private thing , if any man wants to marry a girl , and this girl accepts him then that's it.
Your girls are going for foreigns because they can't find REAL men at their age in europe
They are being converted to trans monkeys and soyboys


Reported, too.

STILL not tired of winning. That’s what you get for letting Arabs into your country.

You probably shouldn't throw stones in glass houses m8. It might be different in Europe, but I saw many faggoty, effeminate looking muzzies in Chicago before.

Supposedly the average IQ in france has dropped by 10 points due to "biological causes".
I'm actually surprised the us isn't higher on the inbred scale because of all the mestizos here (who love to fugg their sisters and uncles)

Can't establish relationship statuses when they're all unregistered and illegal anyway.

It's almost as if goat vaginas and buttholes don't carry the AIDS virus

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The jewish media is working best at west and us
So most trannys and all that pile of shit is found there
Also if you want to compare the number of faggots and degenerate pigs in us or europe to islamic world , there is no comparison
Those degenerate fucks are literally ruling your country
So enjoy your life under pink flag good goyim



Yet more taqiyya.
In b4 "N-not real Muslims!!!"

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Pretty sure that’s France

Oh, that one got him real upset! Better watch out, he might blow us infidels up!

Because nu/pol/ is full of underagefags now.


Its so sad that Iran is part of this bullshit, cause they're worthy of being protected due to their world banking scheme resistance, which is why Assad is seen as the current Unironic Hitler.

But other than that, no. Germanic people are simply superior.
You'll never ever be as good as us, sorry. The US golem monkey will die eventually.


Someone just nuke fucking Israel already, this shit is long past tiresome.

Newfag was wondering why Zig Forums doesn't talk about islam much. This thread has shown me why. Literally debating against retarded inbred medieval death cult is easy stuff compared to judaism.

Circumcision is not obligatory in islam

Circumcision is not obligatory in islam

Correlation isn't causation.

Only brainlets rely on ideologies and religions for their views, the chad Zig Forumslack thinks for himself.

/islam/ disagrees.
I saw a thread there about a new convert who said that he wasn't going to get cut. Then 50 angry shitskins started shouting YES YOU DO.

They simply don't read the real religion
Neither Sunna "Hadith" or Quran ordered muslims to cut part of their body
It's not obligatory
Just like beard , not obligatory
Not like tawheed or prayers those are obligatory