Kristallnacht 80th Anniversary

The 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht is coming up on November 9/10. We should commemorate and take inspiration from this turning point in the war against the jew.

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Commemoration does not equal violence, jew.

You're celebrating violence. What a great way to get people to support your cause.

As an unashamed National Socialist and anti-semite, why would I not?

Lmao'ing @ ur life

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That photo is fake tough.

Some kikes did die you know. Pic related does not equal 6 gorillion however.

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Fool.Commemoration OK, glorification not. Nobody glorification it in Germany, quite the opposite. Read: The False Flag Pogrom I.mp3

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"Kristallnacht" was a reaction to the murder of Ernst vom Rath by a jew.

He was mad because Germany deported his mommy to France, where he was living….

Here is a video interview with Hitler's Valet, recounting Hitler's reaction to it! That's a primary source

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A kike shot a German diplomat and one of Hitlers close friends on the anniversary of the beer hall putsch and the German people smashed a bunch of Jewish businesses in anger, big fucking deal. Its an example of kikes driving an entire nation to the brink and being forcibly removed, which they have been over 1000 times in history. Goebbels ordered that the police not allow any Jews to be stolen from and arrested thieves so as to prevent jewish kvetching about victimization and profiting from their suffering. Go fuck yourself yid, there was literally nothing wrong with Kristallnacht.

“Germany is our public enemy number one. It is our object to declare war without mercy against her. One may be sure of this: We will lead that war!”
—The Jewish LICA founder and leader Bernard Lecache, Droit de Vivre, 9 November 1938.

>The event turned the tide of public opinion in the USA and UK against Germany. In the USA and UK, there were National Socialist political parties. Many American-German and American-Irish were interested in volunteering for the Germany army and many did (including volunteers from non-European British colonies).[3]

Thats also because its illegal, THIS is the type of post that needs a 1 month ban. Just shut the fuck up and dont post here anymore.

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Nogs vs Jews, it's happening!

ht tps://

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Pic related, /ournog/?

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I'd suggest that we commemorate it by slapping stickers or sticky-notes on jewish businesses with links to jewish crimes or "why people hate jews"… but you guys are all such quivering pussies that you'll never do anything that could be illegal.

How do you explain the fact that the well organized instigations started before the assassination? You can't, because you are mistaken.



But I thought those mean ol knazis killed juice with a deloucing agent and burned them 10 at a time in super efficient coal fire ovens and then ground their bones by hand with mortar and pestles and dumped them in rivers and used them to level ground. That's why its called the holocaust after all, a whole burnt offering unto god. And not at all to deflect from the fire bombing of dresden, which was the first event to be popularly called a holocaust during the war. Those poor people don't look burned at all, they look like they starved to death. They also look ukranian…
I know, you must have accidentally used a picture documenting the holodomor, a communist famin engineered by jews that killed 10ish million ukranians in the 1930s, as evidence for the holocaust. Don't worry, its an easy mistake. You'd be surprised how often that happens. ;^¥

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Are there more pictures of burning synagogues?

What the fuck are you talking about. He posted this on full Zig Forums not a billboard. Fuck off back to Reddit you cuck.


Far better to commemorate this than Remembrance day or Veteran's day.

Correct. Wouldn't a modern day equivalent be grand? Imagine their faces as the pervasiveness of the jew is highlighted for all to see.

The violence was justified, kike.

Whites will break their shackles via superchats.


NOt only is time for another one. It's almost guaranteed. A safer bet that BTC at its beginnings

What was kristallnacht really?
Was it organized by mid level party members to take power away from those they saw as threats to the sovereignty of Germany?

History books never go into detail other than " nazi bad, poor jews lost everything". Anyone got any good reads on what really went down?

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Yids stole shit and got hit.

Dead bodies photographed during WW2 prove the war killed people. (Of course US and British carpet bombing of civilian residential neighborhoods in German cities didn't kill anyone.)

But here is some real photographic evidence of da Holocaust with which to confront any doubting Goyim.

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Yeah, but it was a pretty big operation and I'm really curious if there were any specific targets chosen by the nazis who deserved to be taken out due to criminal enterprise that modern (((historians))) have successfully made forgotten

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Kill yourself.

I’ll do it. Draw up a simple poster though.

Here is a list of 6 reasons to remind people of who was fighting whom on Kristallnacht.

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Needs to happen again and will in 3-5 years.

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Violence is the only solution.

Hadding gives a pretty good roundup here at around the 1h36min20sec mark.
Definitely worth a listen.


Armistice day is also tomorrow.

Q predicted this

Federal Agent advocating for violence, claiming everyone is a pussy
Your niggerkikery is just another example of why all of you will die

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