WSJ gets YT to refund $27k raised for kids with cancer

So Ralph and some other Youtubers did a Healstream last month to raise money for kids with cancer, got 27k and was generally a good time. The Wall Street Journal however, didn't like some of the superchat messages, so they got youtube to refund the money, disable Ralph's account and generally look evil doing it. Face of the alleged person who did it.

It goes to the question of a bigot's dollar, WSJ obviously care more about politics than helping kids.

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Other urls found in this thread:^tfw Koh&citystatezip=New York, NY&rid=0xl Koh&citystatezip=New York, NY&rid=0x0[email protected]/with/3465933386/

this needs to be spread. kike free bump. any other sauce?

#WSJkillskids on twitter
Something like 8k tweets in the past few hours. Shit is blowing up, seeing alot of people who were on the stream or connected to it retweeting it.

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Reported your post.

Get it trending this is great for us. Fuck WSj and fuck yt

Yes, she did the piece, put this one seems she was given the piece to write about. This shit came from above.

Reported your faggot post. Sage negated. :^)

I reported him for being low IQ lmao.

Also, what is the name of that far bitch, the one who hated whites and is inside tech ?


That is the chinkiest face ever.

Anyway, this is getting memory holed hard.
Remind me of that short piece in Germany about the rising trend of völkisch villages where this leftist bitch said "Öko bei Nazis hat keinen Wert."
Which means being eco-minded nazis have no value. Fuck nature as long as gnatzees get it I suppose.

cancer industry is a racket anyway

shit thread


reminds me of this thread



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beat it yid. reported.

nice one bruv.

Yoree Koh^tfw

It's not a huge deal and stuff like this has happened before, but it's always funny when the media messes up and gets spergs going after them. Anyway here is the email basically showing how this happened and the (((journalist)))

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If it's real, then WSJ and youtube fucked it up big time.

Let's see if /cow/ can organize, doing emailing campaigns to WSJ advertisers and do something noble. Good luck, half of them are larping leftists trying to steer each other as a personal army

You're reaching out to a bunch of goons that spend their time making fun of chrischan clones and expecting them to do anything?

Fucking gook. Le based rooftop gooks are extinct.

number doesnt take private calls. nice digging though user.

No material, Koh is this cunt. I meant that fat bitch, with the DNA test from white nationalists, that shit. Somehow it has her fingerprints all over this.

/cow/ intends to fuck with the journalist to stir drama Ralph's way. I think it's a pretty funny plan

I'm curious to know if she's also a member of those crazed feminist cult in Korea. What was it called, Megalia?

Ralph and Zidan both just got Shoahed.

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The Trump curse is real. They're cursed for life now, no changing it. They may as well kill themselves and save the heartache.

bump cuz this is fucked
but tbh 26k is a cotton swab in current medical world

Wait, do you mean the same WSJ that employed writers who promoted the story of the fake dossier, Fusion GPS, which itself was run by a former WSJ employee and connected to the CIA through Nellie and Bruce Ohr? The dossier that contained known material falsehoods but was submitted anyway to a court to obtain a warrant? That WSJ? The one that deliberately promoted the dossier as part of a coup attempt?

Just want to make sure you're talking about the WSJ, which is treasonous cabal of Jews who assisted in a coup attempt. I think we're talking about the same one.

Not to those that don't have jack shit.

you're not talking about Jean are you?

Maybe I'm missing something here, but what gives the Wall Street Journal the authority to shoah the superchats, and why was it WSJ that was so triggered? Why not the ADL or something, aren't they in charge of Jewtube censorship?

to the naysayers - this is narrative gold. looks like we found our new troll. if they shut down our charity attempts, they are exposed as being evil. if they dont shut it down, not only do we get to support the causes of our choice, but also get to plant redpills in the campaign that will then become untouchable.

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WSJ are a left leaning publication and
this reporter here was doing an article on the superchats. When she saw some of the stuff said, she responded typically like any good feminist does, hysterically to her editor who contacted YT who then issued the refunds. At least that's how I see it.
They try and trumpet it as a 'win' over the right side of youtube but when the context of the charity comes up, they don't have a leg to stand on.

The WSJ is a media outlet with a focus on Left Wing Totalitarian Activism.
YouTube cucks to any Leftist Outlet with notoriety.
But then also, the Superchats went Directly too St. Jude, so WSJ went directly to St. Jude, then proceeded to back St. Jude into a corner, and then most likely told St. Jude that the only out was to refund the Donations.

Rolling for Angry Father of a Cancer Kid to Screw Optics.

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There is words that YT might have kept some of the money.
I think people that have donated need to be contacted (or by Ralph) so that the tally is done, and see if everyone got a refund.
I saw some tweets that a few people didn't get a refund, but it might have been delayed.

I was there midstream when both streams got shut down. Kind of surreal actually SEEING it. I remember an internet about 8 years ago when this was unthinkable. Trump needs to bust these fuckers like the good old days

Sunsetted, but not peacefully.

the reporter actually interfered with the subject and had their channel removed just for ammo for a story….there has to be an ethics violation in there somewhere

Also all this bullshit about the "source" of the funding is just more sjw(wsj) hypocrisy because no one cares when the Hells Angels do it (and they have been doing this for decades).

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as already mentioned ITT ralph retort said st jude issued the refund

It goes deeper, a DAY after she email Ralph the host of the stream, she deleted every social media she had, she locked her Tweeter. People are already finding shady stuff on her parents, but I think this goes deeper. ADL or something like that.

I'm actually so pissed about this that I've been angrily telling my normie freinds

retard, current first world medical is inflated beyond bounds

OK, I just beat my head on my desk.
I may hate ralph but holy fuck this makes me mad.

I this is left to be memory holed than anons really are useless.

Why do you hate Ralph?

So she's an actual chinkike?

Perhaps, but I think someone with power inside Silicon Valley did this, there is automated censorship which you can clearly see around my just observing and there is human censorship. Nuking live streams, deleting channels, removing features of channels step by step is human action.
I will dig around, something is not right, I have been paying attention on channels getting nuke and it is a slow process, by attrition almost, this was just too fast. Even Alex Jones took a few weeks, they deleted Ralph and any associates in 24 hours.

Link to the article or link.

Yoree A Koh or Yoree M Koh (possible sister with same name)

Age: 35

Possible Current Address:

415 49th St

Oakland, CA 94609-2101

Phone Numbers:

(518) 792-6931

Previous Addresses:

44 Wildwood Pl

Queensbury, NY 12804-6701

(Nov 2017 - Dec 2017)

340 E 93rd St #4G

New York, NY 10128-5545

(Nov 2017 - Dec 2017)

3862 23rd St

San Francisco, CA 94114-3331

(Nov 2017 - Dec 2017)

334 63rd St

Oakland, CA 94618-1249

(Sep 2017 - Nov 2017)

44 Wildwood Pl

Queensbury, NY 12804-6701

(Aug 2000 - Jan 2012)

340 E 93rd St #4G

New York, NY 10128-5545

(Jul 2004 - Jul 2004)

201 California St #110

San Francisco, CA 94111-5002

(May 2000)

Possible Relatives:

Ayree M Koh, Eugin V Koh, Milly K Koh, Vincent D Koh, Yoree Koh, Yoree A Koh

Possible Associates:

Daisuke Wakabayashi, Ann W Cornell, Autumn Finnerty, Erik Wolfgang Finnerty, Heather M Patterson, Matthew J Zimmerman, Nathaniel Alan Reinke Koh&citystatezip=New York, NY&rid=0xl Koh&citystatezip=New York, NY&rid=0x0

Attacking the drama section of youtube was probably not a very good idea.[email protected]/with/3465933386/

This. Keemstar is autistically angry, and I'm willing to bet in ~ 1 week pewdiepie will talk about it

If you read through the link in you'll see mention that the article wasn't even published, yet. (pic related)

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Yeah Pewdiepie clashed with WSJ last year over the whole 'Death to all jews' thing so he probably has a bone to pick with them

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Everyone must clap two times to summon the swedish god of autism

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*clap* Meme *clap* Review!
Now where's Pewdiepie?


It wouldn't surprise me if the WSJ had nothing to do with it and it was all the skeptics.

god dammit i listened to killstream every fucking day while playing path of exile. what the fuck am i gonna do now #WSJKillsKids

I'll bet this WSJ you speak of is the cause of all the anti journalist fervor thats being whipped up. Seems like every corner of the internet wants to see the media to face the justice they deserve. Makes me sad guys.

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seriously that stream was shit , litteral utter circle jerk losers shit.

the worse of 8ch, ill quickly fill that slot with something. No one really cares.

god what britt fag channel … ggs

This is Baphomet material m8

I mean, TRR just exposed the undeniable existence of gayops, basically ruining any chance of a future possible Tonka redemption while effectively killing his Youtube career
The leak also murdered Kraut's reputation forever, he's been proved as a plotting liar and the internet will never forget it

I'd be fucking surprised if they aren't involved with this shit somehow


Look at Kraut's Twitter, hell, not even Vee is with Kraut on this one. What a sour little sack of a man

Vee was always a bit better than the rest of the cucked clan he joined to be honest. At least he had the balls to show up and argue when called out.

And the hit piece by Yoree.

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of course it's behind a paywall

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the call out debates were all gay ass shouting matches … fuck metakour was good just because he could always say calm

but even he was a hack… the fucking entire stream was hack city. Its just not that good to care about.

it does however list all her social networks
yoree.koh @
Yoree Koh
201 California St, STE 1100
San Francisco, CA 94111

enjoy anons

So which of the kikes are being the kikiest kikes?

this is her current address btw
Yoree Koh
201 California St, STE 1100
San Francisco, CA 94111

use findpeoplesearch instead

lists ALL past and current addresses including family members, phone numbers, emails etc

Does anyone know yet if she has ties to the Megalia cult?

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sauce on this - what stream is this from? link pls

Holy shit the skeptics have literally no moral leg to stand on at this point

the video has been removed

Who posted this?

damn, into the faggot hole it goes
anyone downloaded it before it went down?
wallstreetjew article

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Thanks bud

Why not just give your money directly to cancer research groups? Why give some (((youtuber))) and (((google))) cut?

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I think its pjw's streamming channel
links and pics related

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So was this for cancer research for kids, or is the money going directly to the kids that have cancer? I'm extremely skeptical that money that they were raising for those kids was going to end up going to them. Cancer research is one of the biggest money grabbing jewish schemes in this country especially when we already have cures.

They are the Daughters of Megalia, and their hand gesture is basically " tiny cock" They're spreading out from that festering pus wound that is S korea and into places like australia, where one got caught drugging, raping and molesting a little white boy on film and uploading the pictures and video to a Megalian website. Anons here doxxed her and next morning, the police arrested her.
I wonder if there are any more of their tumblr on crack and pcp kind out there.

I mean you shouldn't give money to any charity you don't have personal involvement and accountability in, but that's not how the "superchat for good" feature works. It's 100% direct to charity aside from the cut from the payment processor

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I see progressives really have their priorities in order.

ralph is going live on filter merchants show

Getting sleepy guys

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Who TF is this jewess

A lot of people are mad. Chill. Stoke the fire.

Which I am sure is a very fair 33%. Google is so awesome!