Do ((they)) monitor us?

Hi, recently a freemason publicly and quite explicitly told me he knew more than the average person he was under the influence of coke which can act as a truth serum so this would explain why and also when someone tells you something so extreme it's almost absurd you are inclined to think they are crazy.

He told me that all people are being monitored but some more than others and I just happened to be one of those he then asked me how I got a job at electronic arts so easily and that it was because they are related to a data analytics company who are monitoring a select few from my country (Belgium). I'm not asking if this is plausible.

I just would like to spread awareness and ask for help as per how to research this supposed data analytics company and how to get to the truth and perhaps avoid being monitored or reduce it.

I posted this on voat because I literally have no idea where to ask for help I can't tell my friends about it
because I am afraid to put this guy who told me this in any kind of jeopardy. I don't think this would help my or anyone's cause.

tl;dr can someone please tell me how to research a company's connection because i tried
LilSis & Offshore leaks db which lead to not a lot of new info

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Nice LARP, agent. Try actually learning how to type comprehensive statements.

He sounds like a crackpot and so do you.

when someone approaches you and shakes up reality i'd like to see you be coherent
i am still in shock from what happened idc if you believe me

Ignore these two, OP. If you know the name of the freemason himself, try going off that. Did he name the company outright as well? If so, you could probably do a search for it. If not, then there really isn't much to go on outside of the freemason himself.

The nsa revelations came out years ago, you are just retarded. From just looking around and not being an ignorant pussy I knew about that shit years before.

All that happened is people who transcended surveillance built immunity to faggotry, and learned to just do as they please without wasting energy on a poker face. I just used their faggot ass shit to evolve, because that is the only choice when something bad happens to you. I would rather live in a world where I dont have to bother locking eight doors before leaving my house, so fuck security. The only future worth pursuiting is the one where everyone is judged based in their integrity, and at that point government will be useless because everyone can be trusted. That is the point of America, helping even the plumber or farmer build his soul and responsibility through an individual experience.
I would rather live in a world where some violence happens due to having guns than live in a cage where I know the only reason people aren't killing me is because they don't have the means to. The only way a true solution can be found is by everyone being their true self, whether they are a liar or murderer or volunteer. Otherwise its just fake peace. The anti big brother movement isnt based on not wanting accountability, it's knowing that you have to fall before you can ride a bike, and you can't point a gun at someone and force them to do something then say "SEE THEY LISTENED I CHANGED THEM!"

it's more GCHQ you have to be worried about

I do know his name but the company he works for is not directly related to anything shady I think.
He told me there are several lodges and he belonged to a specific one where he knew they were monitoring a couple of people and I happened to be one of those through mutual friends I got to know this.
The info I have is that Electronic Arts Inc. is held by some Data Analytics (?) company.
I'd just like to double check this info and if it's true share with other truthseekers.

A lot of game developing companies have connections to data analytics. He could have been referencing DARPA since it's in relation to EA directly.

Okay great thanks I'll look into that.
Do you know any FREE sites like

so I can do my own thorough research

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i imagine the imageboards and board culture itself is either monitored with great zeal or was in it's infancy a long psyops for some reason yet to be found.

What makes you so special that you would be monitored by some secret society?

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it's not some fairy tale secret society do you even realize what you are insinuating?

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what type of proof or evidence do you have?
what is the name of the data analytics company?

answer before I report you for more masonic vague-posting


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Yes, they monitor us. Next silly question.

Fuck off, faggot. Making Freemason threads should be a banable offense. Freemasonry is a pyramid scheme using the promise of secrets instead of money.

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