The left is freaking out over our influence over youtube.
Time and time again, I've overheard liberals in my workplace talk about the right and youtube.
One of my co-workers (we are programmers in a liberal city) shared this video:

It seems like the left is losing the culture war and they are aware of it.

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They're not losing the culture war, they've already won it, but they could lose ground in this post-WW2 global culture war over white people's minds in small but sure increments, which is actually destructive to their overall goal.

I don't know if you've paid attention to the killstream shit, but his stream was eliminated with unseen swiftness twice in less than an hour, after he moved it to a channel with no prior strikes. ALL of his channels were deleted because he made fun of some WSJ journalist. The YouTube right has been unbelievably helpful in recruiting and expanding nationalist rhetoric, but I expect that time will increasingly come to an end. I want right-wing people to use YouTube and other sites, but I wonder if it's a waste of time at this point, because of the incoming shutitdowns.

this blatantly doesn't deserve a thread.

cmon lighten up this isn't a war room

Just contribute, refute or discuss, and move on

Jewtube literally bans everything we make. What are you talking about?

it's time to end jewtube

This "Three Arrows" faggot is so obnoxious

Oh wait, this is a literal shill thread for a Zig Forums youtuber. Sage.

All leftists are because they demonstrate massive levels of intellectual dishonesty. Anyone who has spent enough time seriously thinking about world politics and history knows that Hitler did nothing wrong and that Jews are the biggest problem humanity has ever faced, but leftists choose to ignore reality in favor of their personal comfort and ability to gain material goods.

Congratulations, (((you))) got firsts

What does is how to game jewtube and plebbit. For those who are not blackpilled and care about triggering the masses, any tips on how to leverage these platforms?

Fuck off.

Truth is kiketube doesn't have the manpower to scan each and every video and only rely on reporting. The way around it is to not be a famefag and post videos over multiple channels.

I love when people can't respond so they just call you a Jew. In what ways has the left NOT won the culture war? The church in the US is nothing close to the community power structure that it once was. Republican party is still trying to cuck to non-whites, even if it is going through a modest nationalist transformation. The Constitution itself is CONSTANTLY under question, for some reason, by the left, and Republicans have for years done jack shit to stop the encroachment of the state and it's apparatus into people's personal lives. Parents don't like taking care of their children so they stick smart phones in their hands, throw them into the kiked up prisons that is public schools, and let them eat actual garbage. I could go on and on, but let's be real. The left has effectively won the culture war. They're in control. You can talk about how to uncuck ourselves, yes, and that's possible, but it's uphill battle. This isn't a blackpill. It would be a blackpill if I said 'all hope is lost just give up'.

I agree, although the skeptics kind of layed the groundwork for Orwellian AI that's used pretty regularly now, via the Candid fiasco.

Culture isn't a war that ends until everyone is dead. Hitler proved that it can change in one generation if the will and means are there.

If Jewtube is anything like Twitter then it simply isn't worth the time it takes to make accounts since you will get banned almost immediately. I don't have a million burner phones to make new accounts with and there's no sense in playing a losing game.

Learn to sage.

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Wrong pic.

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Barrel roll it

It took him so long just to espouse image related. I want my time back. Fuck you OP. Go kill yourself.

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Can we save science? Can we reach real scientist? Not fake celebrity or YouTube scientists.

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Why? Anons need to know how to evade bans or get content visible without getting detected.

They can't meme. None of the younger generations think what they're about is cool. Only leftists think their SJW shows and female comedians and remakes of Marvel comics and classics with all women or all blacks are cool.
Church, the Constitution, and parenting aren't the culture war. They are related, but memes, TV, music and art is where the culture war is. They may control it, but they're forcing their ideas. Culture isn't in sync with them.

It's as close to one as we're gonna get.


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How long before they add in a line that says the holocaust happened?
Who says vaccines do not work? Vaccines generally DID work back when society was not attempting to end normal/white people…
Today you have retarded vaccines like the flu shot which cannot work due to the nature of the flu (constantly mutating), governments pushing female vaccines on boys ( HPV), the application of several vaccines to an infant at once (auto-immune overload) and also the heavy use of outdated vaccines which does not protect against current strains. Add to this that vaccines today are mixed with all kinds of poisons see pic.
This is indeed a thing they openly admit to seeding clouds via chem-trails as they did in the Beijing Olympics and in other places.
Sure it is Climate has been changing since Earth had an atmosphere however anthropogenic global warming is false not only that but warming itself has not happened for over 20 years add to this the constantly wrong predictions from the synagogue of global warming and the fact that they are caught “tweaking” the numbers to fit their narrative. Their solutions to GW are also quite disturbing Orwellian one world government bullshit which incidentally does nothing to fix the environmental problems they claim only transfer wealth, power, and & sovereignty to them.

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Anyone else having trouble staying signed in to YouTube? Anytime I open a new video, it logs me out. Tried on multiple browsers, I'm thinking I might be on some "annoy the fuck out of him" list for my Based and Redpilled comments.

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Me like!

Correct, this has been known for eons, and only fundamentalist Christcucks want to deny it because of the references in the Bible to foundations of the earth and the waters above and below because the band of sheepfuckers that wrote it had no idea how the world worked.

The theory behind vaccines work. Many individual vaccines have and continue to work. Jolting the immune system of infants and pumping people full of dubious concoctions just to put dollars in the wallets of pharmaceutical execs is crony capitalism and nothing more.

Yes, but the Apollo film was 'lost' and there's other good reasons to believe the tapes weren't genuine.

Not an expert, but clearly if the weather could be manipulated, then scientists and militaries would be interested in experimenting with it for their own various purposes. To ignore evidence one way or the other is willful ignorance.

No one denies this so…

Yea! Stand up for the biologists that cower in fear that the public learn their best kept secrets, like the indubitable proof for the existence of races.

No. You are a paid jewish shill.
No, it's not real. Put a bullet in your head, you fucking leftist subhuman.

Flue shots are nothing but dead bacteria/viruses used so our immune system prepares for them.
These dead bacteria are prepared based on what is currently out and about. So a flue shot shipment that arrives today is based on the active mutations and types of flu at the time of production. This is generally within 1 month time-frame and his is also why old flue shots are generally not used.

There is no such thing as crony capitalism.
People who use that term are just trying to discredit capitalism.

If you have a trouble with the pharmaceutical company, say it. But leave market economics out of it.

If you truly believe capitalism is simply economics, it can't be discredited any more than inflation or debt or interest can be.

Leftist cucks like you are the ones who intent to discredit capitalism through Jewish Marxist lies.

Capitalism has brought wealth and technology quicker than other system. Capitalism supports innovation. Less people are starving on Earth than ever before. There is less war and more prosperity.

However whenever central planning is done, via communist principles, it always results in famines and mass poverty.

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You're a faggot OP
sorry about the sound

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making another one with less shit sound

this feels worth it

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here was what I ran
ffmpeg -i "How to Fall Down the Anti-SJW Rabbit Hole-69obN625Fjs.webm" -threads 4 -c:v libx264 -preset veryslow -b:v 44k -c:a aac -b:a 45k -pix_fmt yuv420p -s 320x240 "output.mp4"

Maybe fucking don't? You complete fucking Sperg

Go back to your fucking Rock Crevice you Glow in the Dark Nigger Shill Brain Tumor Reject. NOBODY has Won ANYthing Except the People of the Truth. The Kike Agenda is collapsing. the pillars of Soy and Grime are crumbled day by day. Get the fuck used to it NiggerPill Clown

Anyone can save the left goblin with a severe treatment of heavy dicking.

Extermination is preferable to conversion

Mussolini, Hitler, Codreanu, Jose Antonio, all lefties who HATED Capitalism. Based Ben Shapiro would tackle these retards with stunning ease with these simple words: "The free market will fix it!"

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The harder (((they))) crack down, the more fun shitposting becomes. They should be happy we haven't scattered to the wind, because then the funposting breaks free of its digital confines…

Your co-worker is close but still not on the right track.

Holy fuck you are low IQ. I'm just saying capitalism is a concept and is inherently neutral, not a political ideology. But sure, be so defensive that any time someone responds to a comment talking about capitalism automatic attack them if they aren't saying it's God's gift to earth. Pathetic.

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Holy shit you are fucking retarded. Read Mein Kampf, you absolute disgrace.

Low IQ post but I'll reply before doing useful shit here.

Your problem, and many before and many after you is simple, precise. You think war is immutable, you either win or lose, the common misconception on the current Western thought, immediatism, brevity of changes. Wars can be fought for years and sometimes decades and history show us change takes time, sometimes na century, but that was before the internet. You ignore the grievances of "normies", how actually stupid most of the elite are, and plenty of other variables.

You also ignore how a few hundred autists disrupted the entire political hegemony of the world, you ignore the bigger picture, you one of the pillars on our existence, one most do in fact. The Left is losing the culture war, they are just loud and cry too much. YouTube is not a metric for change, it is a meter for how much the gestalt shifted organically.

Tell me again how they are winning when giant corporations and trans national commissions put millions of dollars in trying to figure out how to stop us, tell me too how these same (((people))) spend another handful of millions on shilling here and 4ch just to halt little by little these changes. You can't stop what you can't understand, and you can stop a virus that hacks the normies fucking brain. Have you seen an uptick in quality recently and how shills sometimes don't know how to respond? And even if we were losing, as the Bros say.

We are in for the long haul.

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Shit response.

Good response. I'm always open to critique and dialogue. I should say I'm also not a blackpiller, even if I may come off a bit like that. I'm not discouraged by some internet purge lol


Their public mocking will lead to doubt. Doubt should be the emotion you're trying to instill. Mockery is the best way to do it IMO: humor, mems, Truth, &tc.

Once you get a seed of doubt to hit pay dirt and water it with mockery, it will sprout into self-doubt and from there grow into fear, naturally. Continued beratement with the cat 'o nine tails of Truth and humor turns this into terror. Once a target is terrified, you can just target him with redacted and that's one less NPC to have to deal with.

It's been a minute, but I noticed ButterflyFag poking around, assuming assumptions about anons. Your base op seems to be going well, nj. It takes a lot out of me but I'll be working on the other half again after a hiatus. Wouldn't mind some backup from the Archontic witnesses and the Ethno-globalists. Don't reply with anything other than silence, it works best. You can do it from inside a cave, even.


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You can play bingo with this thread and I guess you can start with OP as the free spot in the middle with

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Shit, Bingo is fast!

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The internet is extremely reactionary and produces endless meta-narrative in of itself. Verbose theory and ethos takes a backseat, especially after thousands scrutinize them– they become irrelevant.
Schools, newspaper and TV programing are being entirely replaced by the internet. What you are witnessing is the burning of the Blue Church of Abominations by ironically the same people they reared.

fuck off imkikey nobody wants to read your shitty gay thread or see smugs posted every fucking god damn post


So you're a Trumpshill?

its imkikey, he's the only retard who vehemently spams smugs in every post, especially when inapplicable, and also the only guy who posts "muh shariablue" shill bingo grid nonsense in every fucking thread

YouTube is how I got red pilled.

Nigger that is straight up retarded.

Video has a point that sjw is not the proper focus (jews is). Says we should go after the laws passed instead. Going after sjw's is an easy win. I would like to go after laws too but how? Not even the congressman read or understand it, nor do judges agree. We are told falsehoods. That laws will save money when it's the opposite. It would have been a conspiracy theory to say the 1965 immigration act would turn the usa over to non whites, but it is. People who can see what these laws will do are fringe, and not taken seriously. Imagine saying after 911 this will cause Muslims to have great influence in Europe and USA. Everyone would think it's the opposite. They are mad we can disprove their simple falsehoods, because the other bs builds on it

I never get the flu shot.
I haven't had a flu in decades.
I routinely meet people that claim the flu shot made them sick. I doubt they're ALL lying.

lmao get fucked nerd

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If you knew what the flu shot was you wouldn't be surprised by this

At first I thought that video was over kill … then I read the post

dude you are a fucking retard, the fact you bring up the killstream its like you are some melenial shill.

You must be the youngest jaidf that wants a raise.

but sure ok you win, happy now

I wouldn't go that far, but I understand the point you're trying to make. Effectively they have a near total-monopoly on social discourse, and their narratives, their agendas, are the ones that get pushed because they're the only ones that get heard and most people are to dumb to think for themselves so they just pick whichever of the narratives "sounds best" to them. Its quite literally why we have a two party system here, because people don't think on their own, they just opt for whichever side sounds best to them, and theres only two main voices out there right now, so thats what they pick from

However, as I said, I wouldn't call it "winning" I would call it "currently in control." But they are quite rapidly becoming more and more desperate to hold on to that power because they see it slipping away from them. More and more people are rejecting their narratives and forced opinion pushing, and seeking out other ideas or views and like minded people who share those views.

its WHY you see them going completely insane trying to silence those views. From the shutting down of jones and ralph and gab, going after their finances as well as their ability to spread a message, shutting down social media and video channels that spread messages they dont like… even going so far as to pressure a charity to "reject the bigots dollars" because they CANNOT have these people appearing to be GOOD people in any way.. the narrative HAS to be that they're evil nazis that want to gas everyone who isnt white, and also they rape babies and kill puppies and want women in chains and etc etc, they cannot have people viewing them even in a neutral light as "well, they have some distasteful views, but they aren't bad people, I mean they raised tens of thousands of dollars to give to cancer kids, what evil person would do that?"… they CANNOT allow people outside to think that or view it that way, because just that simple thought DESTROYS their narrative of the "literally hitlers"

They're losing their grip on the narrative and are in an insane frenzy to shut down the oppositions ability to spread their messages. The problem is, they're winning that fight right now. Platform after platform that doesnt follow their agenda is shutdown, their ability to make money or sustain themselves is revoked, hell their ability to even accept donations to run their operations is cut off in the middle, they are even denied the ability to be a positive force within society at all. AND ITS ALL WORKING. Their tactics are in fact working…. for now anyway.

Thats the catch though. The harder they push to silence everything, the more people see it. The more direct force they have to apply to silence opposition, the more people see it. In the past they've been able to simply shadow ban users in various ways to keep things quiet, but now with more and more voices popping up everywhere after people have become wise to their previous tactics, those voices being louder and louder (more views, more reach, etc) they're being forced to take direct action that is out in plain sight for everyone to see. And its causing more people to lash out against them and to take a stance against them.

Now it all boils down to a question of "will their tactics ultimately work in silencing all opposition for good?" If it works, and they can effectively cut off anyones ability to stand up to begin with, probably through some mandatory "waiting time" before your channel or site or finances are approved, until they run checks on you to find out if you're "properly PC," then they win, because the voices never get heard to begin with and no one KNOWS they've been silenced, hell even talking openly about being denied before starting will likely be denied.

If they can pull THAT off, then they win, utterly and completely and the internet is totally lost and with it our only opportunity to change the direction of history.

To sum up
1) the war isnt lost yet, its ever on going
2) they are currently in a very dominant position
3) their tactics at present are making it more and more obvious to people what is going on, and its causing a backlash against them
4) if they figure out a way to silence voices from ever being heard in the first place, before they ever get a chance to be obviously silenced afterwards, then well.. good game mate, all the gab and ralph and jones stuff will be memory holed and no one will see these platforms as silencing anyone, they'll just think no one has these opinions to begin with and that their "waiting period" they never get out of was unique to them. because these media outlets will never report on it because its what they want to happen.

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I always hated how they got destroyed so hard on "global warming" and "global cooling", they had to reduce it to "climate change" to stop from people beating them into the ground. The brainwashed are somehow so blue pilled they don't question "well weather just changes so we need you to freak out".

My "climate" "changes" all the time. It's called weather cycles. Their doomsday version of it is so Al Gore can shill DVDs and pretend there's other reasons than extraterrestrials and military bases he's going to Antarctica for.

You can say jews here.

The (((church))) was part of the initial offensive. As long as you goyim don't piece it together, you'll keep being slaves. You have to go back 2000 years and fix the real problem.

it is mindrape
they are mindraping children, even the grown up ones like boomers
what we do is much more ethical
go for shock or humor to grab their attention while providing facts and Truth
encouraging people to dig for themselves
encouraging people to think for themselves once they have some facts to work with
relentlessly destroying bad arguments and inaccuracy to refine the thinking process
The difference between us is like night and day.
We harden and sharpen minds, bringing clarity, awareness and wakefulness.
The enemy slips them a roofie via (((education))) (((entertainment))) (((media))) (((advertising))) and rapes their minds with jew narratives and subliminal programming scurrying into their brains like a greased weasel in a pipe.

We've lost the culture war because we have weak followers. Strong leaders need strong followers, you faggots follow your braindead ecelebs who lose every argument and debate they've ever had. I still remember when Anglin got blown the fuck out by Alan Colmes and tried to play it off as if he'd won.

Putting all your eggs in the votingfag basket.

That one poster who accuses everyone of being imkamfy

wasted dubs
LOL you do this in every thread so often I can set my clock to it fix your shift key

Reddit spacing

Off your meds lol

Reddit spacing

Whats wrong with your shift key?

Reddit spacing

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Lies, hearsay and conjecture.

Oh wait, hold on

Haha, pull up a chair. Are you on friendly terms with Goreposter and Shrekposter?

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top lol

I'll miss you when the midterms are over, shill-kun :3c


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Fix your browser lol

Can someone redpill me on why anime posters drop their cartoon here? I understand the CIA uses them, but some of these people are not CIA. I think they genuinely like these cartoons. Every thread has these anime pics. So, what was the original reason for it? Why do they use anime.

Again, I'm not talking about the fucking CIA. So please don't respond with telling me about the CIA.

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You were entertaining in the thread that got deleted, but devolved into spamming

The obfuscation of board lore and culture, such as getting upset at smug anime girls
wasted dubs

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If you mean that kikebart article, they were talking about kaomoji, which you can confirm in their source, Wikileaks.

As for anime, it's because Japan's cultural exports don't have kikery. People need some fun in their lives and anime is one easy source of that. Doesn't mean they're all weebs, but it's easy to like anime and the constant kvetching about the simplest things shows how un-kiked it still is (like that Goblin Slayer anime, didn't watch it but kikes got assmad about it).

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It's not "board culture" when you spam 7 fucking anime faces of 6-year-old girls at the beginning of each thread. Kill yourself you fucking pedo faggot.

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Yes it is.

Attached: 5.png (636x616 641.46 KB, 641.46K)

This post exemplifies another reason why people post smug anime faces.

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That's imkikefy and he doesn't even watch anime, he just saves those straight from google images to imitate "chan culture"

You post this in every thread like clockwork.

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It's "culture" when you're a non-white imkikefy cultist. Pretty obvious the turk is back.

Couple of reasons you know these anime-spamming people are either 4cuck cancer or just new as of 2016/17. They treat posting images like avatarfagging. Always, "let me share with you, via le smug anime reaction face maymay, what my mood is along with generally 1 line of text and half a thought or less." Just rachpost you fucking roach.


Anyone have all her videos and photos?

Its all you have at this point. Are you sticking around after the midterms?

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There is no blue wave imkikefy, you're still not welcome here.

Are you a bot?

except I only accused you of being a non-white imkikefy cultist and how I'm just calling you imkikefy because you personify his levels of faggotry

No, scroll up.

Ok, thanks, you guys. I knew something wasn't right. I know millennials like anime, but this is unnatural. Personally, I cannot take a side on this imkamfy thing. The board in the past was more natsoc which was good. But at the same time, anyone posting anti-anglo material would get banned. So not good there. The board now is more open to exposing the eternal anglokike schemes. The issue with the anime is it derails threads when spammed so much.