Jews vs Scientology Hollywood civil war

Are Scientologists jews that out jew other Jews? Why did MSM turn on Scientology? Is there a civil war between Hollywood Jews and Scientology? What would it look like if Scientologists started to go full jihadist? Scientologist for some reason always been protective of Islam before it became the liberal thing to do.

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You realize the L Ron Hubbard hated communists, degenerates, and homosexuals, right?

In other words you're saying he was both based and redpilled?

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He also jewish. At most L Ron self hating Jew.

He was pretty fucking Zig Forums, but at the same time a crazy old fucker who believed in his own fan fiction that he wrote. Sadly the church ended up coming under the control of David Miscavige, a literal kike. So the kikes are probably running the whole show from inside the church. Anyway it’s going to be an interesting conflict.


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Any chances the Scientology Schism will turn violent?

Miscavige doesn't look jewish to me, got any source on that? It wouldn't surprise me though, Jews don't want the goyim to have their own cult with influence

you skipped the part where Scientology is openly critical of psychiatric diagnosis and treatments

which in my opinion is largely justified

I started a thread about this a while back. I was intrigued because the Jews really hate Scientology

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Does anyone have any proof of kikes hating Scientology?

I'm assuming you are talking about religious zionist kikes right? Those kikes aren't really a part of hollywood tho.

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That, or SIDF.

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But they also Experimented with LSD to reprogram people.

I honestly think Jews only hate Scientology because they got better brainwashing people in small scale. If Jews ever lose control of the NPC/SJW masses. There a good chance Scientology will become their new masters.

This is what a derailing shill looks like. Take note.

this is just lazy, you don't have to look around too much to see plenty of media people of jewish descent bashing scientology

he was a chronic masturbator, as per his own notes, and was desperately trying to stop

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You seem on the ball, Tell me: Whats up with this post?

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Like who? The only one I can think of is that Leah Remini actress who cashed in on being anti-Scientologist… but it's all an act with these kikes. It's obvious she saw a big payday by "exposing" Scientology.

You skipped the part where Hubbard flirted with becoming one, was deemed an egocentric narcissist with extreme delusions, and then promptly started 'reading and clearing' which is exponentially less effective than psychiatry at the time or currently, with all its problems. There is much to be critical of in psychology and psychiatry. but they've also done very important things. The concept of neoplasticity and CBT for example allow a reasonably intelligent person to do many things on his own relatively easily. Quitting smoking, hard drugs, anxiety/depression. That's just me, and I know many others who've benefited from the study and science of the mind. The purely scientific stuff, not quackery or falsified/paid for/politically pushed results, which are, sadly, too prevalent


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Also, he was involved with some real hinky shit and strange folks.


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Project Chanology was basically the schism on the chans that resulted in Reddit. The original Anonymous was scary because they had no goals, no ideals, they just picked people who were fun to fuck with and just fucked with them. That was also when a lot of early Russian hackers abandoned 4chan to their own communities which changed the tone of the imageboard. Not to mention Moot then trimmed some of his more "controversial" boards in hopes of making the site more attractive for the buyers that never came.

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just saying, if you want to bash Scientology, just bash it but don't pretend you have the talent to really debate the topic

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Let's see, we can choose from:
1. republican
2. democratic
Now, you can choose from:
1. jews
2. muslims
3. scientologists
Choose one! You have to choose one :)
Those are the choices, choose one, which one is based?
Which one should rule over Europe, jews or muslims?

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/obligatory link to one of the first big leaks by Wikileaks: all secret $scientology dox, manuals, Operating Thetan degrees. im old enough to remember when Scientology was the first entity who attempted to start a war versus the Internet back in 1995 when someone leaked these dox to alt. scientology on USENET, which sparked Operation Clambake, which Co$ escalated by trying to get an email server in Sweden raided by the police. in hindsight, it's incredible how far Internet censorship and surveillance has come. today, everyone is under surveillance and free speech is non-existent and all information has been weaponized. can it be that it was all so simple then?

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it's a simple process really of deduction. What is Scientology to you ? Well you wpn't be honest about it so, a simple, logical "sane" assumption that I make is that you're just some conflicted fool who needs to attack Scientology to feel better about the fact you've been labeled as mentally ill. You've been told this, and now, for some reason you need to show your allegance to the system that told you you're fucked up, thinking you'll be getting something for tearing Scientology down, hey, fuck, maybe you will. Or maybe you'll actually volunteer more information and actually explain why you've taken the position you have.

Sure thing Kike

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No, the CoS was cleansed before anyone here was born. It exists purely as a self-sustaining intelligence front. Once there are enough members of a particular branch they are required to host an intelligence office. Do not fuck with them without absolute anonymity. They will never forget you wherever you go. Hubbard himself set this up to take control like Zig Forums dreams of doing, but got dumpstered and is now unmentionable. It was a true state within a state.

I think these headlines are TV drama as it always is to make the NPC dupes feel alive. There's never any real threat either way, but it gets their emotions going and they stop thinking about anything else.