Here are the first two parts (more parts to be released later)

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Other urls found in this thread:

The publishers of the leak:

good good good…

Countdown to be called an antisemitic attack on the chosen.

Why is no one bumping this?!

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I am
This is important.
This is really important
Like really fucking important.

Bump even though I hate Al Jazeera. But this is important

Isn't this really old? I think it's great, but why make a thread about it now? Was more of it released or something?

this thread will be heavily modded.

I sure hope so. It'll attract a lot of shills and spam, but unfortunately mods don't do much more than the most obvious spam. Sage for off topic

This is the first time I have even heard of this video
The book has been out for a while
I'm sure the book was used as reference. The book was put out in 2007
The Article the two of them wrote in 2006(?) I think.
Here is a link to the Article:

I remember a thread about it a while back

Maybe it's deja Vu?

It's the bulk of the posts being formatted a foreign way, I think.

Watch these videos

Can anyone mirror this somewhere?

Bump, remember to download these video's before shoaed

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I'd like to know this too. Tell us how you know.

show us your ways

What website is going to host 2.1 GB per video?

what is file compression

RT segment on the leak

Maybe openload or one of the other hosts those movie straming sites use?

you faggots need to learn how to use ffmpeg

One of the Jews in the video

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what is re-encoding, which is going to take fucking forever on 100 minutes of video.
i'm going to try to break it into 20 minute segments and make mp4s (webm's would take a week)

Trump is actually working to delegitimize Israel.
Once Trump fires on the spics, he will bow to international pressure and frown upon defending national borders. Including when Israel does it.
Trump will lead to the destruction of the Jewish State.

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you're fucking new is showing
I'm currently squeezing a 23 minute youtube video into an MP4 to post in another thread and I'm on like my 5th pass of reducing bit rate

still doable in a reasonble amount of time with h.265

also this

Fox totally plays into the Jewish Narrative

you're fucking new botnet jewtel processor is showing, it won't take that long for mp4's but webm encodes at 0.3x; 300 minutes for 100 minutes

Yeah no shit I just said I was doing doing MP4

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also a webm should take about 3 or 4 days not a full week

Use youtube-dl, and resolve to never view a single ad on your computer.

maybe j-downloader
Radian 6 Overview
What is it good at?
Radian6 provides social media monitoring and analysis, in an automated solution that tracks conversations across different online channels from social media to websites. Radian6 was purchased by in March 2011.

Target User: Designed for businesses who are very active on social media and have teams of people who manage multiple social media accounts, campaigns etc.

How is it used?
Used as a brand monitoring tool to listen to the web for social mentions of company, brand, keywords, gain insights and engage in relevant conversations. Can be used in a brand protection capacity but also in a more proactive sales and marketing capacity by searching the social web for sales and marketing opportunities. Admin and permission based functionality enable multiple users to be set up and assigned pre-defined levels of access and team management capability which enables coordination, collaboration and team work on social campaigns and social monitoring.

What do you get?
Access to the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard.

Starts at $600 per month for basic package but rises to around $10,000 per month for the pro package *

4K Video Downloader

ok. I got both downloaded now at 1080p


oh man what a yenta face

upload to bitchute?

I wish I had already played around with hardware acceleration on my quadro; no clue how to get good ffmpeg settings out of this right now. Still downloading at 920Kb/s for me.

looks a bit like alanis morrisette
they really don't have much diversity in their gene pool

hereffmpeg -i "How to Fall Down the Anti-SJW Rabbit Hole-69obN625Fjs.webm" -threads 4 -c:v libx264 -preset veryslow -b:v 44k -c:a aac -b:a 45k -pix_fmt yuv420p -s 320x240 "output.mp4"
That's shit but change the video and you should get some decent compression.
Adjust the bit rate and resolution and you should come up with something.

Somebody has them up on jewtube


uploading to bitchute - will it take a 2.1 GB upload?

Finally, a decent download speed.

KEK - "Holy Land Media"

Isn't the quality cutoff for bitchute 360p? You'd be better off downloading and upping a lower res copy.

Because it doesn't fucking matter. No one is going to rise up because of this. It's not a matter of truth.

These videos just go to show us how much control Israel has in the United States

First ten minutes of the video, just as a test.

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not to diminish the time and effort you spent on this, it doesn't look very good…

tried to show this to my parents
"al jazeera is just muslim propaganda"
fucking boomers

I didn't attempt to make it look good, this is just a first pass from the settings in:

pretty good user, see if you can raise the audio bit rate to at least 45 for acceptable sound quality

bitchute currently limits the width to 640, so for 16:9 yes, 360p. HD is a planned future update

Nice! This is going to be great redpilling material.

So what are you trying to do? convert to a reasonable compression format?
best way to do is through ffmpeg, if you doing that way I can give you a few hinters

I'm using ffmpeg on linux. I don't intend to make this my project for the rest of the night, but I should have a script handy to create decent quality convert videos to post on here. Since I have a quadro, it's possible I could get a video up first (hw accel + parallel processing). Otherwise, I'm just a useless person posting on here.

For those not in the know, there is a shut-it-down-proof media platform being actively developed:
It's based on crypto and will have phone apps. Could be yuge

None of the surnames on that page seem to stand out, that's a good sign.

The second video talks about congress taking AIPAC monies, University of Tennessee, and Christian Zionists

Only time will tell if they're legit. For instance, there's a couple of "free speech youtube alternatives" like but they recently banned "antisemitic" content and still have the banner on their homepage with a link to their statement about that.

It ain't CNN

I'm assuming you doing this for purpose of posting here?
so lemme give ya a few pointers, normally you would want vp9 for better compression, but as stated if time is a limiting factor x264 will do just fine, I can get around x8 encoding speed on average so its no biggie
ffmpeg -i [inputfile] -vf scale=[width]:-1,format=yuv420p -af dynaudnorm -c:v libx264 -crf 27 -preset slower -profile:v high -c:a libfdk_aac -vbr 2 -profile:a aac_he_v2 [outputfile]

quick rundown
this is in case you want to scale and in case the original pixel format is something different, this method is a safe way to maintain aspect ratio
a simple normalizing filter to make audio more stable, of course optional
constant rate factor is essential to not waste bandwidth and still maintain decent quality, other values could be used (25-29)(higher is lower quality)
also another type of variable bitrate that is essential to saving on bandwidth and maintaining quality, the aac_he_v2 profile here is required

what I recommend doing here is encoding the whole thing in one pass and then judging by the final size how many cuts you can do,
and then cut with ' -c copy -ss [intime] -to [outtime]' into pieces, preferably on the exact scene change times

There was a thread about its existence. Footage was shown about a documentary for a different country from a previous year.

There was a download link to the ADL report on the EI website.

Seriously. Absolute shit OP. The videos are fine, however does no one know how to make a fucking quality OP anymore? Watch the videos, give a synopsis, maybe archive a news link or two about it for added kvetching to be viewed. Anything more than "Muh shit one sentence. Muh links"

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episode 1 - 1/3

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Have you tried talking to them about how Jews are trying to push Muslim immigration into White Christian countries?

Watching the video led me to TIP, The Israel Project. A 501c in the USA promoting destruction of western civilization, just like NPR. This is their banner image.
Their section on antisemitism is heart warming.

There has to be some kind of meme potential here.

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Is the implication that one should be forced to buy Israeli products? Isn't the whole 'free market' garbage peddled by these same neocons supposed to work by the Invisible Hand aggregated from the actions of individuals? If individuals act in such a way that Israeli products aren't being bought, then how to rectify this other than through restricting the freedoms of those individuals? I doubt Israeli propaganda will work on those that already hate Israel…

episode 1 - 2/3

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That's exactly what that pdf I posted is about. They call it The 20x Question.

Forgot to post link to original pdf file:

They look for cock sucking assholes, recruit, brainwash, screen and develop insane spies…they lie to them saying the bombed out Palestinian areas are Iraq War lol Not true etc. They then bribe and put their people in rich positions. These are just the shibboleth operations not the hardcore jewish ops of the mossad which AIPAC participates in the false flags, psyops, assasinations, murders, pedophile blackmail etc.

The real question is that if this is what they're willing to do to some ineffectual movement screaming about brown semites, what are they willing to do to Pro-white movements and groups?

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I just watched part 1. if The Lobby: USA is anthing like The Lobby: Wilayat Britannia, then it will follow the same sort of story arc, with Part 1 being "meh that's bad that the kikes did that", then Part 2 being "i don't like where this is going because the implications of how deep Israel is making Americans dance like puppets is making me queasy" to Part 3 being "whiskey tango foxtrot, i cannot believe the kikes really did that shit to our sitting elected officials, this should be illegal and every Israeli embassy inside America should be raided and closed and kikes should go to jail for treason" to Part 4 being "fuck it, we no longer have a Govt, we have a ZOG, Hitler should have done something wrong, gas the kikes, race war now, nuke Jerusalem it's the only way to be sure."

part 1 tosses out some unsettling softball questions such as just how much of the US college population are under surveillance by Mossad and the Israeli govt and just how much are the NSACIAFBI traitor faggots helping Zion to spy on and suppress American citizens by either turning a blind eye or by handing over the keys to PRISM and sharing a free copy of everything NSA spies on us with Tel Aviv?

dis gone be gud, can't wait for parts 3 + 4.

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episode 1 - 3/3

Attached: thelobby_1_3.mp4 (360x202, 6.26M)

what if Zion and Mossad have parasitically infected CIANSAFBI and are siphoning data about YOU and about ALL AMERICANS, so that when this kikes in this gif says if you post something to Kikebook or Twatter that Zion doesn't like, then he can find your name and where you live within a couple of hours?

what if.

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Either jew mafia, aka antifa, attacks us openly with no consequences or we lose our livelihoods or both. White people are not allowed to get together with the goal of uniting against our blatantly anti-White opposition.
Patrick Little is organizing a silent and non-violent IOTBW march. Patrick asks that if you join, don't even defend yourself if attacked. The entire thing will be filmed and spread everywhere, so the goal is to be attacked to show definitively that White people are being targeted openly, which will hopefully get pressure to get us some kind of protection under the law.
Crazy that we'd need to resort to such tactics, but it isn't a terrible idea imo. Our enemies are working real hard to make us look like were are violent, it's a major part of their propaganda. That makes me think that proving the opposite would be very damaging to their cause.

Zion employs a literaly army of socks who scour FaceZerg, Twatter, JewTube, Jeddit, cuckchan and this board looking for Bad Content and Wrong Think and Thought Crimes. they tag it and they literally hand it off to Tel Aviv for the Israeli military and intelligence to "handle."

the Israeli military is literally targeting US citizens who exercise our First Amendment Free Speech rights, and our faggy cucked soiboy Pentagon and our useless CIA McMuffins and our autistic dweeb NSA perverts just sit back and fucking do nothing while a FOREIGN MILITARY attacks our people.

thanks NSA for watching Israel piss on our Constitution and enslave us and for doing diddly squat jack shit nuffin about it and not even lifting your pinky finger to stop them to protect us.

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i'm doing episode 2 differently to account for this extra unused space wasted here.

uh oh, shut it down, the goy know. Ziokike says "we need to worry" because Generation Z is red pilled as fuck and they see through Zion's lies and bullshit and they all know that ZOG is what's really going on.

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ziokike says "Europe is lost it is basically over" and that America is already on the path to become the same as Europe.

gee, what could this smug Juden Rat be talking about? the invasion of niggers and Muzz pouring into Europe to fulfill the Kalergi Plan to racially replace Europe as the Ziokike's revenge to express their racist hatred of 2,000 years of White Christian heritage.

the kikes crack jokes about doing the same thing to America that they already did to Europe. brb, i am so mad now that i need to go nuke a synagogue.

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what ever this "Radian6" system is that Israel uses for mass surveillance of Americans, it needs to get fucking hacked by some Guccifer 3.0 and it needs to get dumped on Wikileaks and the company that owns it needs to get WREKT like Hacking Team and ass blasted in public by having all their dirty laundry and email secrets and entire corporate data dumped before the world.

that's what you get when you fuck with us, kikes.

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and the same thing goes for this "Sensus" system which sounds like an upgrade to Radian6 which Israel uses to spy on American citizen. hack it. wikileak it. fuck'em, burn'em. }}

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ziokike says "we have ways to crawl message boards." Israel is literally copying the same posture as NSA, in having their default approach be to Collect It All, then sort it out.

no doubt 8/pol/ is crawled and right now kikes in Tel Aviv are shitting themselves trying to decide how to reply to my poast. get fucked Juden Rats.

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look at this disgusting yenta kikess. imagine having to put your dick in that at night? yuck. check out her beak.

"I can tell if you're AIPAC trained."

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they're in this thread right now. everyone say hello to isreal.

Hi Israel. Get a nose job.