Your Humanitarianism is Dumb


Remember what Hillary did to the Haiti fund and her bank account? Apparently the same thing happened to the 9/11 Fund and Cheney's bank account.

We're at a point that these I'm beginning to doubt the false flags because there is no need in order to push a policy. Even after 9/11, a lot of people were NOT in favor of the war; however, we still went to work on Israel's Clean Break.

Finally, it seems if 9/11 non-kosher truth prevails, nothing will change. The politicians that would be in danger would simply go back to Israel (while American nukes protect them) and the police/army will serve to keep us in check.

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He's the one that did 9/11 An Infinite Dream, right?

> oy vey goyim, don't get any more redpilled
D&C shills like you are the worst

That's not what d&c is. If op wants people to actually watch the video, he should have put it in the thread. I'm not clicking on some sketchy link on this board. What does 9/11 have to do with humanitariansim? Either way, shit thread.


Holy shit, he does have a podcast. I've been looking for this ever since I watched his movie.


You just outed yourself as a newfag or a kike, congratulations.

I will tell you this though. 9/11 was a horrific crime and your people are going to pay for it. It's funny how you shills got butthurt over Dream Eskimo's link though. Something tells me the truth will once be known!

and then came the

Yeah. As a matter of fact, he's known to drop massive redpills on even the smallest of subjects. I'm currently listening to the podcast OP just posted and it's amazing. All I can say is I love his stuff, the FEMA drills on the last false flag really i something Zig Forums have only somewhat posted about.

He's constantly against social (((myths))), so it's nice seeing how he dismantles propaganda.


((( )))
Fuck off zionist! He literally just mentioned your kind on the podcast OP posted. How does that make you feel, shill?

Same mistakes, over and over. Project any harder and you'll post your name lol.

It's obvious he's a D&C shill, trying to separate Zig Forums culture from Zig Forums posts is the number one indicator.

Its why you can't and won't fit in. Are you staying after the midterms?

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Your D&C is so obvious, it's pathetic and a joke. Lurk moar fag.

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And that's all you could come up with lol.

Why do kikes like you kvetch every time something related to Dream Eskimo gets posted. Go back, your kind isn't welcomed around here, boy.

You're probably an angry little kike

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wasted trips
And thats how anyone can tell you're not from here :^)

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you couldn't be any more transparent, kike. Go watch the Cheney movie while you're at it.

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Haha, man.

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Anyone has the link to Infinite Dream?

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not bumping a non-kosher redpill thread

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Haha, man.

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So lazy, you got the pics from
Anyone who comes across this thread sees there is nothing of merit in the OP, and you're just throwing jargon without context. Oh darling, bless your heart :^)

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