Hate Graffiti Found Written Inside Brooklyn Synagogue. Antisemitic Incidents Across The US Reported

HaTe gRaFfItI FoUnD WrItTeN InSiDe bRoOkLyN SyNaGoGuE FoRcEs eVeNt cAnCeLlAtIoN



iLaNa gLaZeR EvEnT At sYnAgOgUe iS CaNcElEd aFtEr aNtI-SeMiTiC GrAfFiTi iS FoUnD



nEw yOrK PoLiCe iNvEsTiGaTe aNtIsEmItIc gRaFfItI InSiDe bRoOkLyN SyNaGoGuE





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Oy vey, it's a nudda shoah!

Kikes using the same tricks since 1000 BC.

Here read their tricks in this 40 page booklet.


Page 30 to 40 tells the jews alot of the tricks of the trade. Know them!

This is has to be one of the most obvious Hale Hortlers ever. Don't they have security cameras?

Rape dogs and masturbation robots and pedal powered brain bashing machines!!!

the kikes were too lazy to go and write it on the outside of the building

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I will expect wide spread "hey rabbi" in the coming weeks while they all try to shekel in on recent events as hard as possible.

its all they have left

Never forget the 11 shot in the temple.
We need to show our solidarity with the 22 killed last week
Please remember the 33 that the nazi gunned down that day

Imagine the pain that the survivors of those 44 fully authentic people are suffering that can only be partially relieved with lifetime reparation payments

We need to declare a national day of remembrance for the 55 lives snuffed out by hate in Pittsburgh

The jew thinks it is so clever until it gets what it has been claiming for so long.

66 jews killed by an AR-15 with one magazine??? and we still let people own guns? oy gevalt…

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I see nothing wrong with this

exactly what I was thinking

A kike did it.

hes not wrong you know

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Again? Do they remember the last time there was a wave of this and it all turned to be 'hey rabbis'? Even the bomber turned out to be a kike straight out of israel.

what would've you guys written?

You goyim think far too linearly. How will you ever reach 6 gorillion at that rate? Every good rabbi knows you've got to do it like the usurers do, and use a geometric progression.

Well, nothing says "legitimate bereavment over unassailably true, verified, and factual historical events and tragedies" quite like raking in the shekels hand over fist before the bodies of your loved ones are even cold. I know all us fellow goyim feel over six gorillion pah-cent this way! I poisonally prefoih to crawl ovah theyh bodies with mah hook nose sniffing at those shekels and infant blood! It's a mitzvah!

'its ok to be white'

LMAO, fucking dumbass outsider who can't lurk.

Ahhhh Do you like my car?
Guess you're ready
'Cause I'm waiting for you
It's gonna be so exciting!
Got this feeling
Really deep in my soul
Let's get out, I wanna go
Come along, get it on!
Gonna take my car
Gonna see me
Gonna drive along 'til I get you
'Cause I'm crazy, hot and ready
But you'll like it!
I wanna race for you!
Shall I go now?

Sound to be like another jewish hoax

The out of nowhere "Hitler" is better. This is a brain of 12 yo girl on jewism.