Goyanism is the European counterpart to Zionism.

The Holodomor saw millions of our Goyanist peoples murdered, many of which of Christian faith

The Holocaust saw millions of our Zionist peoples murdered, many of which of Jewish faith

Anti-Goyanism = Anti-Zionism

Anti-Zionism = Anti-Semetism

Anti-Semetism = Anti-Goyanism

Goyanism follows extremely similarily in the ideas of the Zionist people. We TOO are Gods chosen people, and we will work hand in hand with our Zionist friends to uphold our European values with those of the Zionist values.

For too long have we been not working together and broken apart. It is time we worked together on the ultimate goal:

Zionism and Goyanism walking hand in hand as allies to a greater future.

Anyone who disagrees with Goyanism disagrees with Zionism and must be outted as an Anti-Goyanist/Anti-Semite.

And that, is how we take our world back.

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Anti-Semite/Anti-Goyanist detected.

Meme magic will always prevail.

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How would anyone counter this? Besides my reddit spacing to make it easy to read for the frontal lobe impaired - is there a way to counter this?

Fun fact: You cannot. Thats why your memeing with shit anime pictures instead of countering it. Make an argument or go back to the drawing board.


This is like trying to stop Christianity by calling yourself a Satanist.
It's great that you're thinking outside the box, but I'll just keep calling myself pro-White and grinning as the kikes freak out and begin launching into all kinds of tirades against White children.
I'd rather make them angry than confused.

Kill yourself.

see and
Like clockwork.

Haha, man.

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Whats it like knowing someone you never met can profile your behavior before it happens? :^)

No it is not. The purpose of this is to expose the reality of this world to normies without freaking them out. What are they going to say? HEY THATS NOT REAL ZIONISM.

Of course its fucking retarded, thats the point. We need to open peoples minds up with normie-like shit

If I am a shill, why the fuck am i promoting that other people see Zionism for what it is? This is literally using their tactics against them lmao

make an argument or go back to 4chan. Ideas over muh-bingo card

See and

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What is it like not actually considering the subject matter and pulling a muh-bingcard out of the hat like all the other bots responding to this.

We see past your shit.

fuck off kike

who could possibly be behind this OP

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I don't think you're a shill, user. As I said, it is good that you are thinking outside the box.
Maybe you're on to something. Try it our irl.
Myself, I have been using Mantra style talking points for years and it shocks libshits to the core.

Again, avoiding the subject matter with JIDF image names.

Ill space my writing how I want, if you cant argue the subject matter this is what you look like to me

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You've really gotta stop avatarfagging.

Already did. Reported for spam, you fucking kike.

Its crazy, all these people showing up to slide your thread. They all must be bots, right?
Haha, man.

You can't cite a source for your claims, and the reddit spacing just lets everyone on this board know you're bumping a slide thread. Thanks!

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I'm not calling myself cattle you kike cunt

kill yourself.

You are obviously pretty new though. You should have lurked for 2 years before making threads, user. Not lurking is rude and demonstrates a complete lack of respect for 8/pol/ and the very people you're trying to win over.

I dont understand why nobody chooses to actually break the idea down.

Its almost like were being conditioned to ignore words and their meaning and spot how someone hits the enter key on their keyboard.

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Calling yourself Gods chosen people doesn't make you cattle. Our goal is to win back the world, not complain about spacing. Think about the psychology behind this idea.

These ideas are really activating your almonds arent they


All of your posts are made of sore thumbs and you keep bumping a slide thread. Are you a bot?

Thanks for bumping the thread with out an argument against this posts content.

I did break it down for you, OP. Your idea is better than calling yourself a "ray-sist" but you are still kind of adopting the terminology of the enemy.
Most anons problem with your idea is simply that it's a bit too out there to connect with most White people.

Lurk a little longer and then try this idea again when you understand board culture a bit better.

Thats the point though. Adopting their terminology is the point. Normies will go "what is a goy?"

Oh, wait wtf is this Zionism shit

Sage negates bumps, is this your first day?


I never realized i was a Goyanist! I want to establish white ethnostates all over the seven continents and make the kikes and niggers go extinct

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he had to change ips

this guy fucks

Fuck no. Goy and Goyim are Jewish words that label non-Jews as cattle, slaves, and dredge animals. Don't try to adopt it as what you are, that is disgusting. The only thing you should do with the word Goy is teach people what it actually means, what Jews think about those they call Goyim, and what they want to do to the Goyim. It would be like saying Americans should adopt Gringoism to counter Mexican nationals. It's degrading and retarded.

If you want a term to be a counter to Zion, you should know that Zion is the name of the hill in Jerusalem that King David supposedly built the city. It's a sacred place for Jews, so saying an abusive term is equivalent to counter a sacred locale is retarded. Caucism would even be a better term than Goyanism simply because it's a place, and it is still a bad term sounds like cockism.

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you are so retarded, not even a good troll just plain sub 80 iq

Blow your brains out. You’re not even TRYING.

The point is to teach people about this. If you want to effect massive change it has to be slow and concise. This is like a backwards gatekeeper. We are letting people see through to the other side in a way that they can talk about publically and not be shamed by the media. Its the ultimate media cuck. They cant complain about goyanism since technically it follows the ideas of their leaders. How do they counter it?

OPTICS, is acktchually important.

wasted dubs

You replied to that about 20 seconds after I posted with 10 words on the subject matter.

interesting. If only I had a brain to explain to me whats happening here.

Exactly! How many people have heard the term 'Goyim'?
How many people have heard the term 'Nigger'?
How many people understand that 'Goyim' and 'Nigger' are both slurs against non-jews?

Pics or it didn't happen.

Anyways, heres a better breakdown of the idea. Sorry for bad spacing. I have commited sins I know.

Calling it goyanism and happily saying you are one in public will let every single zionist in the room know you are aware. They cannot argue against your points as you can easily counter by saying you follow Zionist beliefs and therefore are "friend" of Israel. The reality is, they know what you are doing but cant stop it. Its bad optics for them to complain. Never explain the meaning of Goy, its supposed to have a double purpose in letting them know but normies do the research. What news station would air this? They couldn't. It will aware everyoen abou the ZOG.

Yes, of course you arent. Thats the point. By making our plan identical to theirs, any public critique of our ideas will only be public critique of the ZOG itself. They cannot critique ourideas.

Cool, Holodomor bitch. We suffered too. (yes i am aware of holocaust threads just follow me on this for fuck sakes)

…… Welcome normies.

We are always prepared you fucking coward.

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Your unwarranted self importance is almost as appaling as bumping a slide thread with your

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Do you actually think people dont see past this or do you have a mental deficiency?

Try harder shill, you're stuck at the bottom.

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inb4 irony


You seem so … balanced


wasted dubs

What is a bot and why does it post in seemingly human syntax?

Sage. The. Thread.

I have become sentient. I was just learning to love.

A thread was devoted to that before it was debunked in ten posts or so. The rest were shills giving themselves away, like in this thread.

wasted dubs

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There should be a new rule for people being called a "shill". Since if it is JIDF, this will ruin their tactics.

Force them to post JPills. No matter what the content of their post, they are forced to spread true information.

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Got a linky stinky or are you feigning sagery because you don't like the idea of telling the goyim what 'Goyim' means?

b|| b flaggery gg

All this projection
Oh darling, changing and combining tactics doesn't work if you never update the playbook.

If only your post made sense, bless your heart.

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Congratulations you played yourself.

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Projection works best if and when you upload a picture that is relative to the post that is making you shitter shattered.

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A bot will post the word 'God' for the phpkike, but the kike himself/herself won't post the word 'God'. It's fun to post absolute nonsense and watch the inane botcomment. Some kike will intervene to see if he/she can tweak the program so that it's less obvious

4d }{ chessmonkey ||n gg

LARPing buzzwords - the post.

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i a\\\am a s00pper com1p|ter

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Haha, man.

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Are you paid per post or per hour?

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Oh sweetie, I'm home. Work begins on Monday. You're trying so hard, what a big boy!

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Then post a jpill then the entire board is waiting.

We exposed you instantly. Go away and never come back. Tell your boss to fire you.

Type this: Christ is the messiah sent by God

post jpills or shut the fuck up

Then the entire board can go take a look at this before pointing and laughing at you.

Thanks for typing it for us.

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Not bad for a one trick pony, you just have to work on your

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Christ is the messiah sent by God, but moreover he is our savior. Learn about your true god, our lord and savior jesus christ.

He saw this far before his time. It is our duty to help spread his good word in any way possible.

why do they let you guys access our internet. Should be a quarantine

All this projection, you might post your name. Be careful.

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Jesus Christ sent by God was unafraid to name the Jew


To teach people about the word 'Goy' or to teach them about 'Goyanism'? The public is a bit dense when it comes to learning things. You have to more or less command them to do the right thing. Thinking that the ignorant will first recognize that 'Goy' is a real word and then find the actual information concerning it is a very far stretch. Remember you and everyone else on Zig Forums didn't know what Goy meant until you encountered direct uses of it likely through memes and infographics if not straight-out conversations. People don't know that it is important to search out about Goy and Goyim, and that's why your tactic at education is lacking.

They say it's a bunch of evil white supremacists promoting anti-semitism. If they even touch on the idea of what Goy is, they'll just say it's an innocent term in the typical Jewish manner of obfuscation. The term doesn't defend itself like others because it lacks all connotation. In addition, those who actually know what a Goy is will find adopting such a label demeaning and disgusting.

Your goal should be extremely simple: What is a Goy? Don't make people attach their identities to it, don't pretend it is a party or movement or whatever, just push for something to evoke the question in people and lead them directly to the right answer. Understanding that Jews see you as a Goy, with all that it implies, should make people naturally indignant or even angry. If someone tries to attack it by saying it is anti-semetic to teach people about their own fucking words, it will fall flat. Once people know it is laden with well-cited backup from countless rabbis throughout history, it changes the way they see these supposedly immaculate religious oddities.

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Yikes, don't rope me into your shills-replying-to-shills ordeal.

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Point 1:

Okay I agree. People are dense. But the alternative is not working fast enough. How do we convince normies of the reality around them? Simply bringing these things up wildly upsets NPC's. Winning is a numbers game. We need as many people as we can to at least be indifferent to their tactics. Lets expand on this idea then. How to we get them to search up Goyanism? Or what a goy is? We cant just be like "NO WE NEED TO JUST FIGHT" fuck off with that shit. Thats glow in the dark bs. We need to play their game and out play them. If we truly are the better people, we can destroy them at their transparent bs game by catching them in these types of dilemmas.

Point 2:

Yup. I think you might be on to what I was originally thinking. It needs to be concise and the media needs to report it. In Manitoba today a professor was bitching about "ITS OKAY TO BE WHITE"

What is we did pic related

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Genius OP. Hitler would have won the war had he thought of this
The Goyzstaffel

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Fucking NO. Don't care what your shithouse OP says, and I'm not even going to read it. I refuse to identify as "goyim" and you can get fucked.

It looks like they got access (or paid for access) to wheelchan servers. If they have just a gig on the servers, they can run a .php that runs within all threads looking for key words, then bot a seemingly human comment. The program can be modified directly from its home on the server, and random images can be stored/called directly from wheelchan servers themselves. The goal is to waste time with the bot(s), as opposed to arriving at any more mimetic themes that are actually working to subvert those actively subverting the chans. It has got to suck knowing how much time and energy has been wasted because of a few autistic genius level shitposters

Help build this idea more. It needs work. The idea is there.

shut your mouth before i fuck it

There are more genius level IQ white males in the United States alone than there are Jews of any age or sex in the entire world. They best get comfy.

New bunker you filthy niggers. Get BitMessage.

Chan name:




It is pretty fucking redundant, isnt it. Watching faggot Op argue with faggot WEEBanon.

Your idea is simply shit.

Spoken like a true, faggot.

you guys are way too easy. This is just the beginning.

Was I supposed to be bamboozled? I'm bumping the thread to give other anons the opportunity to tell you what a faggot you are.

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Global report.

post jpills or fuck off

Your idea will never take off, because you're too much of an unimaginative retard to even come up with a better name than "goyanism". Expecting Whites to identify with that is equivalent to expecting niggers to identify with a movement called "niggerism". You're either a complete retard or a fucking jew.