Am I about to be suicided?

Just a few hours ago some truck deliberately parked infront of my driveway, no one got out they just turned off the truck and sat there waiting for 3 hours until I spooked them off. Anyone else have this happen before? I'm just a little weirded out since I've never had this happen before, who the fuck just parks infront of someones driveway at fucking midnight and then just sits there for three hours?

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don't die alone user

People who have no issue with being noticed. Otherwise they park legally and inbetween cars

I've had my gun at my side this whole time so I won't if it comes to it.

I figure it isn't anything I should worry about and it's just paranoia but it was such a strange thing, they have the entire street to park they literally slowly drive up to the house and back in infront of my car and blocking the rest of the driveway.

Maybe nigger thieves? 3 letters, nomads and normal thieves wouldn't call that much attention to themselves and those are the three options I can think of from the top of my head. Unless it was supposed to be a message, but that's a shitty way to give a warning since you could have been sleeping.

What have you done OP? Posting on Zig Forums doesnt count.

Could be people having sex, criminals etc

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I was thinking thieves at first but it was a fairly nice truck, niggers don't normally drive those kind of things here. It would be strange message too considering they were just sitting there, it's more confusing in general just the oddity of it all. I figure if it doesn't happen again it's just one of those fluke things, just some weirdo decided to perch on someones front door essentially, but if it happens again I'm confronting the bastard.

Nice try fed, loose lips sink ships :^)

Please make it happen for posting shit threads

Well it was one person inside, criminal could make sense except they didn't try shit in 3 hours unless they were just scoping the place.

Will do, sorry for messing up your board at 3am when literally no one is on for some weird shit happening.

Then you probably know what they are after, and for what reason. Stay safe user.

He was stealing your wifi to watch porn. I used to do this.

Barring the really long password I have on my wifi that isn't that crazy of an idea if one of the other neighbors have open wifi, but why park right infront of my house in such a weird fucking way just park anywhere else in the entire street tons of open spaces just for weirdos.

I'd say it's more likely to be criminals scouting out homes so either way it's a good idea to be alert.

Well I got plates and a picture of the truck so if it ends up being criminals I got them there, I guess it would be stupid to expect more cautious behavior from criminals, I mean I made it clear I was home though turned on some lights they didn't budge though for a long while later.

Call the non emergency cop line and report it. Probably nothing happens, but there is the off chance it's a fed and he gets harassed by a cop for a while.

I may end up doing that later this morning, I wasn't sure if this is good enough of a reason to get in touch with cops with about.

Take your pills or post pics, faggot.

Nice filename, faggot.

Is it really that hard to believe? I'd rather not post photos, it was dark out anyways just a darkish new truck, tinted windows and I caught what the plate number was as it was pulling away.

It isn't hard to believe. We just don't know the full story. It almost sounds like you might be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, because why would you of all anons be targeted?

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Maybe but I doubt it. If it is someone trying to fuck with your head it seems safe to say that that's all they want to do so they're irrelevant anyway.

I can get that, I can get paranoid if something fucking strange like this happens that I've never seen before sure, but definitely not schizophrenic. I don't believe I would be targeted any more than any of you barring a few things, the title of the thread is more tongue in cheek anyways a CIAnigger assassinating me wouldn't make much sense. It just stuck out to me because it was as if they were just watching, but why would they have in such a strange place why not across the street, if they were a criminal why did they stick around after I made it known I was home and awake. Who knows at the end of the day it could just be some fucking weirdo that felt comfortable parking right infront of someones house blocking their driveway and felt like sleeping for a few hours for some reason. I just figured I'd post this here because maybe someone else has had something like this happen before or some insight onto weird human behavior like this.

Well, have you done anything that would make them want you dead or are you just a recipient of information like most of us here?

Again I'm not one to say much, I haven't done anything, as far as I'm aware, out of the bounds of the law in this country but I haven't been passive either.

Reminds me of that Fresno, CA guy who was suicided by cops.

Bizarre, didn't seem like that though so thats reassuring, a truck doesn't scream cops to me as well.

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You will be remembered user. It was an honor to shitpost with you.
they expect one of us in the wreckage brother. Everyone is watched…it gives them an excuse not to fix their shit.

I do this all the time. sometimes I just like to hang out and idrc if it's in front of someone's driveway. kind of amusing to imagine an user spooked inna house.

the only reason you should be paranoid is if you live in a low population density area, especially if they had to go out of their way to park in front of YOUR garage. otherwise it's kinda meaningless, maybe he was stalking an ex gf or your neighbor's children or something harmless like that. maybe he was just takin a rest in his car before going home to face his incessant bitch wife

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Was it a black Ford Raptor and do you live in New England?

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Pics or it didn't happen.


Its adorable you're copying other people's posting styles and the :^) is a nice tough monkey see, monkey do

Still no pics, so it didn't happen

Still no pics

Yeah, its impossible to believe cause you can't even bother to scrub the exif data on a pic you take thus rendering you anonymous

Humility while LARPing - shills take not

Do some more research the next time you make a

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You are being gangstalked OP.

Honestly since it was at night they knew they that if you got up and had to leave your lights would come on and they could move on easily. Also, pushing part way into someones driveway is a good way to get mostly off a dark road side while parking, lateral parking means you can simply just move our immediately. I do that all the time for work.

The late night thing, that is somewhat odd, but not so much so if they either don't know the immediate area, or are waiting on or following someone else. If you have your own driveway likely they didn't want to park in an parking lot down the road since that attracts needless cop harassment past 12 just about anywhere, if you are waiting for someone or just need to stop and talk with someone your with, it actually makes sense to stop in a subdivision rather than somewhere else. If they are following someone for work (private eye type shit) they were there just to confirm where and with whom their target was located and likely the last steps taken before turnover to their employer and were just sticking around a block or two away, rather common to have wayward spouses tracked this way and confirmed before major divorces drop that are going to be nasty.

Or it could be niggers or the feds. Being paranoid isn't all that bad considering how demonized we here are for loving our own people. (((They))) have been known to do very bad things when nobody is looking too hard.


Comedy is dead

Pretty sure that was intentional. made me kek

Quit the drugs, paranoiac.

I truly hope so, nigger.

This is what you do for housesec.
Wherever it is you live, theres a police dept that responds to a call for help near you.
They have a radio system with a dispatcher.
The frequency to this radio sysytem is publicly listed and searchable through google.
Once you find the frequency, 155.565mhz for example, you must determine what type of scanner is needed to listen to it. In my area a simple $30 cheap scanner can hear everything because they use an analog FM mode which is easy to intercept.
Some police departments have motorola branded digital systems using a TDMA-type II mode which requires a digital scanner and fuckloads of programming by your local ham radio whacker guy who does it for a fee.

Done this many times when xyz has been parked here or there. You never know, could be party van, glow nigger van, wardriving and stingray device SIGINT van, or hood niggas lookin for flat screen tvs to watch sportsball on.

t. texan man

Gay as fuck, if he's going to be suicided, then the cops can't do shit anyway because letter agencies override local police jurisdiction, faggot. Neck yourself.

t. not a faggot

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Me waiting for the tinder bitch to say her pussy is ready to get crushed.

Got something on my Jeep hanging on the windshield wiper the other day saying you've been framed
Prettt sure it was girls choice at our local high school dance and it was a clue for some kid
I'm not a paranoid though
Except kind of

Oh yeah it also asked if I finished the book
No idea what book good fuck

Are you dead yet OP?

Photo the plate(s).

Like clockwork.

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Nah just ended up falling asleep, I'm figuring if this doesn't happen again tonight I'll be ok if not I'll call cops to disrupt them or something.

How about this I want you to take a picture of what you see right outside the front of your house, make sure that picture includes part or most of your car because the truck was right on it. Would you feel comfortable posting that?

Nope west coast, truck wasn't black more of a dark silver.

I have a UHF/VHF radio I got recently just haven't gotten the right frequency for police yet. If that truck comes here again I may attempt this, if its the same truck I already have the license so I don't have to worry about that.

I'd post them but again would you be comfortable posting a license plate of a truck that potentially lives close to you or at least in the same area on a public forum for everyone to know where you're from?

Nice try CIA

Its like all you shills pretend that one thread you keep trying to slide doesn't exist.

Like clockwork. Keep up the LARPing, its creative for a slide thread :^)

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Since he didn't come back he was probably just casing your house out to rob OP, stay safe. If the Feds were watching, any of us, (((they))) wouldn't be stupid enough to park in front of our houses. If he comes back in the vicinity, confront him.

if they are coming after you kill as many jews as you can.Show the world what it means to be white.

Its okay if he's here or not. Just report OP for making an off topic thread.

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That's what I'm thinking at this rate, I can't imagine a fed would be so dumb as to do that. At any rate I'm armed and alert so I should be good to go. Its just a weird fucking situation either way, we'll see how tonight goes at any rate.

Serious advice, because this has happened to me before–call the cops. It's never what you think it is. Someone who is surveilling you is going to be inconspicuous. They would not engage in obvious behavior like what you describe. If you call the cops, there's a 90% chance that this was somebody having sex in the car or using drugs. Or somebody was drunk and just passed out so they wouldn't DUI.

What WILL get you into trouble is if you freak out (as I've done) and confront the person, and then it turns violent. That is a terrible, terrible idea. Call the cops and report the suspicious vehicle. Again, 90% odds this is something completely ridiculous and innocuous, and you'll be amazed at how close you came to committing a crime attacking a random drunk passed out, for example.

It's a slide thread and all OP has offered is conjecture and hearsay. Make sure to report an off topic slide thread. He doesn't seem to have an issue with stuff like this in his thread :^)

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I appreciate it, I will take your advice others have suggested similar things to call the cops. If they come again tonight I'll do that first before anything else. It'd be stupid to get into trouble over some drunk dumbass when there are other options.

Pics or it didn't happen :^)


telling an user to defend themselve by attacking who is the cause of their persecution is not inciting violence nigger.
It's called self defense and in a war in wich fighting for our survival.
All jews must die
report that faggot.

Go ahead and report me, it won't unblow your cover :^)

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yeah, whatever.
Do you have WPS on?

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Cover was never blown in the first place as don't need a cover being that NOT JEWISH.
if anything your crying and proclamations of reporting leads everyone here to believe you are a subversive (((rat))) trying to infiltrate.
fuck you jew
is your reporter broke?

Nope, isn't that a weak point if you have it on?

Yes, you can have to write the first page of Hamlet as your WPA 2 password, but if you have WPS on the only thing that needs breaking is an 8 number pin code.

Project any harder, you'll end up posting your name lol

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time to google gangstalking
you're it

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Slide threads like this are great because that one thread detailing shills is psychic at this point.

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fuck off rat

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Well its good advice if no one else knows it.

I don't think its at that level yet if I start seeing weird shit like this all the time sure, but one incident isn't enough to make me think that.

more projection refer you to previous post
fuck off jew rat

Don't listen to him, you have to work backwards starting from the last page of Othello. Also, stop LARPing and take responsibility for someone inciting violence in your slide thread over here >>12360089 Its bad precedent for other shills.

Are you paid per hour or per post? Inb4 automated wife-beating comment

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automated jew projection
no more (you)'s
you disgusting hook nose abomination

At least you didn't have one of those FBI fleet planes hover your airspace for weeks, going non-stop for 3-4hours/day doing laps during the day

Are you paid per hour or per post?

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If it was a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup then it is a good chance they were car repo guys. Probably were waiting out someone to get home. The tow truck lift is hid inside the bed of the truck.

yep never
i waved at the first blackhawk and now Roman Salute when it flies over

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Their computer will just bring up a screen that says "Do not detain, escort home safely!" Or something to that effect. It may also have a 1-800 for them to call.

It's time to worry when you start randomly having "are you feeling suicidal?" sites appear in your search results despite the topic of suicide being completely irrelevant to your search.