Banks, China and Russia are stockpiling physical gold at an alarming rate

Using the current spot price of $1,223 per troy ounce, the gold purchases by the banks added up to a $5.82 billion spending splurge on the precious metal.

Russia's central bank led the buying, purchasing more than 92 tons of gold. This marked the country's biggest quarterly net purchase on records that stretch back to 1993.

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Zig Forums talked about this last year. The only way to really destroy the fed is to destroy fiat currency world wide. Russia is doing that willingly, and china has to because nobody trusts their highly manipulated trash money. Say goodbye to the petro dollar and the worthless treasury bux, and hello to real money backed by physical assets again.

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Ah, cool, there's yet another conflict starting up in a year or two then. Same thing happened before Ukrainian war started.

This guy sold all of Canadas gold to China, Europe and South America mostly china, which is what pushed their economy into #1 for a few months in 2017, they paid almost 3% below market price for it which is unheard of, any private bank would only go as low as 2%. So he went out of his way to give gold to these countries.
I can't even fathom the level of betrayal the average leaf must feel. Their entire countrys economy and currency now rests on the dollar, if the dollar crashes Canada will burn 10x worse than even America itself, which at least has gold reserves and can switch currencies.

Slavs stockpiling of gold is basically criminal purchases and just digging it out of the ground. Gold is a stable metal, it lasts for centuries, most gold bricks have pedigrees that their prior owners can be traced back for hundreds of years, but Russian gold is pretty new with no pedigree. This means it's either dug out of the ground or purchased on the black market.

It's all about the fall of the US dollar, the printing age from about 1960 is going to last until 1940 and then start dropping until the end of the century (2200) which is going to be a titanic shift in the world economy.
We're basically going back to the geopolitics of the 1920s, the Zeppelin age, that's what these countries are being ready for. No more monopolar alliance "blocks", no more great nations, just tiny nations struggling against each other.


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Source? It'll even out the

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There are a myriad of other 1 to 2 day old sources. OP took their source from NPCNBC.
See also: Secrets of Money series.

Prepare for alarming resurgence of gold bars hollowed out.

Maybe they're making a lot of gold statues or something.

That was 6 years ago too, so yeah there could be a significant amount of these tungsten gold candy bars in circulation.

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This guy sold all of the UKs gold to China.
At a record low price.

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Goldbugs back to boomerhedge.

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They prepare for war.

Just getting ready for when the Globalists choose the Nuclear option to get rid of Trump next year and trash the entire economy

Why buy silver?

If people believe it's gold, then it's gold.

I can't wait.

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shut it down

Thanks for reminding others of this fact. The gold standard would benefit no one except those who have it (and most of today's gold is owned by central banks)

Oh and the price has been manipulated for many decades now by the Rothschild family. So, yeah.

Careful what you wish for, as we are all in this together.
When the currency dies, what might else happen with it.
Do you think the world will work the same.

Yes, ideally you would barter work for goods, or exchange work for a home. However, this movement of current day NatSoc is spread across the entire globe. Meaning that somehow the movement has to gain control of one or more geographical locations to congregate to. If these locations dont have adequate resources to get off the ground, money is necessary or some tradeable good will need to come from the land to sustain the effort.
Lumber for homes are limited, ores in the area will be limited, fuel and water resources will be limited. Attacks will be constant because of what the movement stands for, and taking into account the location will have to of been conquered in some fashion. An ethnostate will not be given to the movement.
In the absence of goods to manufacture for trade, something like Gold or Silver will be necessary to sustain the cause. Dollarization is out of the question. Perhaps an alliance with other nations to back our currency on their monetary systems like the BRICS idea. Though in the beginning the movement will have to try to play within the rules of this wretched world until it can sustain its self and its people without adhering to the rules.

wat about the bitcoin standard?

wheres a good place to get free ewaste for recycling?

I wonder how hard it is to get your hands on an original bar of Reichsbank Gold. I'd love one of those.

You're just an armchair philosopher too obsessed with the pie-in-the-sky endgame to consider the here and now.
What should a natsoc living in TODAY'S WORLD do in order to secure his wealth, if not gold? Gold remains the best long-term store of wealth/value, especially if when the petrodollar collapses and the world returns to gold-backed currency.
So, where do you suggest people hedge their savings right now in this economy?

I dont feel that there is anything anti Aryan to own a gold mine, work the ore, refine it and build an empire from the results of your hard work.
Gold has been an ancient money forever and the god damn kikes stole what was mined and minted fucking usury and shit

You silly pumpkin
Y would we ever centralise?
It would just give the kikes something to attack
Lets kill all the jews first, then countries will naturally return to their nation state forms


No more than usual. Our railways, our airlines, our real estate, EVERYTHING is owned by China. If you aren't working in the oil industry or a back breaking trade out in the -40C winters of Alberta, then there are no jobs and no future. The cities are wall to wall streets hitters, and the crumbling sidewalks are filled with irredeemable wigger heroin addicts and actual shit. There is an overall oppressive atmosphere of hopelessness and death everywhere. Canada has fallen long ago, and the few whites remaining are consumed with a daily struggle to survive. When I can, I'll be fleeing.

Exactly. There's a smart professor named Armstrong who thinks he has found a model for the cycle of civilizations based on birthrates. And the cycle for "western" civilization ends around 2025. Consider what will be happening then:

Through this all, like a spectre haunting the world, the Tricolour flag looms quietly. The decentralized and compartmentalized freedom fighter cells - based on the two insurgencies in history that were most resistant to infiltration - will fight on with the goal of eating up huge amounts of military expenditure. Eventually, the crumbling USA can be persuaded to chop off a tiny piece of its landmass to keep Israel and its oil empire afloat. Remember, in a colonial war it's not the generals that surrender, but the accountants. The USA would fight tooth and nail to stay alive, but it might be persuaded to let go of a backwater region of the continent that was soaking up much needed military resources at an unsustainable rate, like a gangrene patient being persuaded to amputate below the knee when their leg gets to hurting too much.
And from our new balkanized country, we can raise several generations of whites in safety and shelter the Aryans of Earth from the flood of mud, and someday our great grandchildren will take it all back.

I'll see you in the pacific northwest faggots.

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What part of "the jews have controlled gold for least a century" do you not get?

Revolution. At this point, any other path leads to communism and no amount of closet lolberging will stop you from giving up your gold to be fed like everyone else has in the past.

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the shemitah approaches buy bitcoin.

Gold is the stuff of leprechauns. You are a disgrace.

is what average cancuck feels while the government imports shitskins and chinks colonize the country.

Gold standard puts a limit on how much money can be printed before (((people))) doing the printing getting murdered in the streets.
In tsarist Russia for falsifying banknotes you were stripped of citizenship and sent to siberia to die.

I dunno retard, turning off your electricity to make bitcions vanish is much easier than irradiating gold reserves with a dirty bomb.
But I'm sure someday your heroin and child pornography money will be respected

they will never shut down acapulco gold buy now.

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Read Hitler and Feder, once autarky is achieved, the gold standard is only readily useful to capitalist countries.

There was an idea floated around by Russia and China of a joint crypto that would have a minimum gold equivalent conversion, the problem is actually doing it is basically declaring war to the US, so they're not gonna do it until they're certain the US won't come to democratize them.

The reason China and Russia and Co are buying gold is because they are de facto shorted out the dollars of their exchanges.
Bulk money transfer can be in local money (rub/yuan) or gold.
De facto it's a "gold standard" but only between Russia & co and China.

So, again, the question remains: where should people store their wealth until this occurs?
None of you have given an answer to this critical question.

Because they only speak in ideals and arent grounded in reality. Metals is a hell of a lot better than fiat currency. If you want to go a step further you could invest in gold mining operations and take the divdends from those operations to buy more gold as well. 10% of your wealth in gold is a good start.

That's a good idea. How would you suggest researching good companies to invest in?

At least we got weed legalized eh buddy?

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Badass Vlad Putin – killer of ZOG troops

now outmaneuvering ZOG bankers

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you need to look into if businesses exist near you that already do it, what standards they have to follow, and if they're allowed to sell to non corporate downstream. on a small scale, Craigslist is good for old ewaste and moderate sized local chains of businesses always have a room full of old shit they don't want. look into how to extract the metal from the chips and do a trail run before you go looking though.

"The world’s central banks have acquired a record amount of gold in the third quarter of 2018 since 2015. The biggest buyer was Russia’s Central Bank, according to the World Gold Council (WGC) report.

"The leaders in purchases were Russia (99.2 tonnes of gold) and Turkey (18.5 tonnes).

Currently, Russia accounts for 17% of the world’s reserves. The value of Russian gold is estimated at more than $78 billion.

Kazakhstan, India and Poland also increased their gold reserves. Hungary increased its gold reserves tenfold in the last quarter…

Gold is often considered as a hedge against any fall in value of the US dollar.

With Gold in Hand
Will Russia and China clobber Washington DC at the outset of World War III? Or will they cut to the chase and nuke Jerusalem on the opening salvo, thus ending the war without further ado?

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Land, tools, guns, ammo, medicine, non-perishable food, agricultural supplies, machine tools, useful books, spare parts, drums of stabilized gasoline, quality buildings to house them, and so forth.
Also, if you are White then have a bunch of White children and raise them to be Nationalists. Best and most important investment of all.
After that, precious metals in moderation.
Also seek like minded allies and live near them if at all possible.
Cultivate self sufficiency.

Gold is not the foundation of the real economy. Productivity/ industry/ agriculture/ labor is. Also, most of all, the Volk. It is from the actions/ efforts/ developments/ intellect of the Volk that all prosperity springs. Of course, every White Volk is under invasion and attack right now, so that sucks.
Gold is just a rare yellow metal. It has few real uses.
A healthy and strong economy can exist completely absent of any gold. Without food, steel, clothes, etc, on the other hand, not so much.
Bottom line, some degree of precious metals investment may be wise, but without self sufficiency individually, or as part of a group of like minded people, you will always be totally dependent on the system.

Gold is an element and will last for eternity not merely a speck of time like a century.
Other than that fam good post.

That statement couldnt be anymore false.
, as wel as the likelihood of attacks.

Gold is just as valueless as the paper your dollar is printed on. The significant vast majority of gold is already owned by the same groups and hidden away in warehouses to force the gold that's circulating in public to retain it's "value".

So is teveryone expecting the US dollar to cave-in?

Pretty much inevitable. There is too much of it out there in other countries. Countries which also hold debt with the U.S. If multiple or all of these countries decided to pay off their debts and send all of those dollars back to America - on top of the already over printing of currency currently happening - we would enter a severe hyper inflation period that would potentially destroy the dollar.

I prefer Apmex.
They have some damn fine coins.

We would still have faggots telling people to vote by then too

you can not eat gold
just farming production alone not to mention oil puts the us way ahead and could become totaly isolationist if need be even though all shitskins want to come here above all other places and there is good reasoning behind it beside jew mass migration scam.
We are just better so don't see any collapse that will hurt us more than it hurts them regardless of worthless metal giving a value by a jew.

Buy land, have white sons and start farming then. You should still keep some gold around though.

Brought to you by the same jews that brought you the total annihilation of Sweden.

Can't be bothered to dig further, but with jews you lose.

Buying gold is a total goy thing.

Ever see yids hoarding gold?

They buy up stuff of real worth as a collective or on their own with jew backed credit.

Real estate, companies producing actual revenue etc. not shiny metal bars of low intrinsic value.

He's talking about the value. Gold is only as valuable as people perceive it. If scientists figure out how to shit out gold like the can with diamonds then it will be worthless.

Everything in your post is fucking retarded but I think this summarizes it the most.

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Oil is back up, thats why Russia is buying gold. They went to a small financial crisis and dumped their assets a few years back.

He didn't sell it to the chinese, the jews in china bought it from the jews in the UK. It's what the rothschilds wanted. The jews see their future in china after europe and america collapse, we cannot allow a single to to fucking escape, I swear to god.

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jews cannot survive without whites as no other race will tolerate their bullshit especially insect chinks who will have to qualms arresting and publicly executing jews.

More talking about the worth of it than physical properties. Gold isn't something that drops to rock value overnight and people just dump it in a landfill, it stays in circulation and a LOT of organizations do nothing but track gold.

No qualms*
chinks don't give a fuck and will kill them after taking all their shit communism full circle biting the jew in the ass. LOL you think chinks give a fuck about muh chosen or the holocaust?they are in for a surprise.

Guess what? you are wrong
Read and learn faggot, look at pic related and google kaifeng jews

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Never going to happen. Gold is a meme. Petrol powers trucks, ships tanks and bomber jets.

The only currency worth a damn is violence.

China also has the world's largest amount of bitcoin miners

and no have no need as know how chinks operate they will suck you and your info dry make there own shit based on other peopls shit and call it chinese.Basically the jews golem chinks are more jew than jews and care not about religiosity

oh i see, it's not the jews, it's the chinks!

stop insinuating what an user means and understand context jews need to be exterminated you faggot
however their shit spread to chinks creating their own shit at hyper levels.

hey boomer, when people stop using your crappy dollar as currency your cardboard house economy is gonna collapse

this tbh. even fucking ISIS wanted to go full gold standard and made a documentary about it.

yeah, used as a raw currency.
noone has the balls to drop the gold market value because everyone is gonna grab what he put out and its game over for him
this isnt fucking diamonds where israel has thousands of tonnes just locked away to keep the value up.

states wont use it because its untracable.
and because it threathens their currency.
thats the whole point of the crypto collapse, the world economies shut it down

i dont think you know what "fiat currency" means retard

yeah, its gonna happen any moment now right?

They've only been trying since forever, alchemy anyone? But yeah they must be real close now, literally days away and then tonnes of gold will be worthless!

So did that gaydaffy Libyan

We already can, at an extreme loss to produce a few atoms using absurd amounts of energy
But if we manage to use The Sun as a reactor for it, we can mass produce gold

This is why money makes literally no sense.


Thank you both for the insight to what the user was referring to. I did not catch the meaning until you guys helped me.

Since we're on the topic, Gold is the heaviest monoisotopic element (it only has one stable isotope). This implies things like: pieces of gold are near guaranteed to be all the one isotope and so stable that, id left alone, they would be expected to keep their structure longer than the age of the universe. So add that on to the amazing properties of this conductive stardust. It actually can last forever.

yeah, and if my grandma had wheels she would have been a bike
fucking retard

The only things that would rival gold in value are the Avalon elements.

Some speculate the only reason us shitty carbon based lifeforms exist is so we can make Avalon elements and spread them across the universe, so that when our star explodes, superior creatures can evolve based on the ridiculous abilities of these elements and the materials they can make.

Boomers are the only ones who hoard gold retard

When oil stops being a method of waging war, that will happen. Not before. Not in our lifetime.

You're just some retard who thinks that if you have a shiny metal someone will listen to you. Newsflash, they're going to kill you and take it with a war machine powered by oil.

I wouldn't even bother with gold and focus on silver. It's demoralizing because you get so little for what you pay with gold.

If I had the money I would buy tool chest like my picture that was designed to picked up with a fork lift, and fill it up to the brim with silver coins.

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Read history and you'll see kikes in ottoman empire, Muslim caliphate and even in Genghis Khan and his sons empires.

Unlike the fiat money. At least you cant pull gold out of thin air.

The Venezuelan government is confiscating gold at the airports.

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How many tonnes that brought?.

What? Enlighten me on the Avalon elements.

haven't you got the memo? its always been the chinks and no one else!
in fact there are enlightened individuals like who would love it if everything were blamed on chinks, poos and everyone else except the most obvious culprits

enough to pay off the goons.


im calling the intergalactic federation, you need to stop stealing from federation vessels you scum!

its happening now homo. russia, china, iran and others are dumping the dollar and treasury bonds and making new markets for oil and other resources.
when saddam and gaddafi told you (((fags))) they wont use dollars anymore you offed them, but you cant off russia or china. you cant even beat iran, that won iraq and syria thanks to your incompetence.
yeah ill buy gold and some fat mutt is gonna try to drive a tank over my house.
it doesent work like that in europe.
thats why pentagon and the whitehouse are screeching like bitches when europe shifts closer to russia and china.
(((your))) faggy petrodollar is going down faster than your popularity charts


there was a clear rise in the dollar price untill the US and israel orchestrated the arab spring and plundered arab treasuries just like they did in iraq.
so much gold was stolen from liby and elsewhere that it dropped the market value.
now that the US doesnt have any more countries to destroy and steal gold from without starting WW3 the price is just gonna go up.


I think you're the retarded one here.