Weekly reminder that Tuesday is the day we hand over every seat in the house and senate to the dems...

Weekly reminder that Tuesday is the day we hand over every seat in the house and senate to the dems. As the midterms draw ever closer and the more everyone here starts realizing how bad it's going to be for us, you begin to see more Zig Forums fags spouting off about how much they hate the republican party. They do this so that, after the dems destroy everything in their path this November, they don't have to face the shame of defeat since they weren't rooting for the republicans anyway. lel.

As for me, I win either way. If the republicans clean house, I win. If the dems obliterate the "cucklicans", I also win because I was right. And you better believe I will be on here the days after the election spamming my righteousness as I rub the left's victory in all of your faggot faces. It will be glorious to watch you all squirm as you are forced to admit that I have been right all along, that every blackpill I've ever posted here was 100% correct, but you just didn't want to admit it because "muh demoralization". On November 6th, Zig Forums will see the lowest PPH in ages as they begin their internal struggle over the idea of a future of socialism, multicuturalism, niggerification, spicification, etc. Get fucked, all of you. Enjoy the ride straight to the bottom.

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Democrat jewish slaughter or Republican jewish slaughter
Pick your preferred method of death goyim, remember the orange kike is ourguy out of these 2 jewish death sentences goy…

Nobody cares about you faggot waste your time telling feds and kikes how right you were not like you'll murder your foes


Zig Forums are just a collection of moronic Republicans anyway.

They actually think voting in a rigged Jew controlled two party game works and that ZOGnald is a legitimate pro white president lmfao.

No. Nothing actually serious or genuine is happening in this country until white racially aware men and women create our own political party that is real world and excludes Jews entirely.

Until that happens everything is just more waste of time Jew bullshit to even pay serious attention to.

A thread died for this whiny bullshit.

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Wow. Every post in this thread is defeatist just like OP said.

Hold this bluepill

Nah our strategy is just different and perpetuating jewish fairy tales of voting to solve issues isn't part of it at this point

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You're more pathetic than a Qcumber. At least some of what they want (e.g., war with Iran) is in the jewish agenda and will likely happen.

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Nah, you've pretty much gone full defeatist. You damn well know you were jerking yourself off in every single salt thread after Trump won in 2016. Now you're trying to play it off like voting doesn't matter.

lmao @ all you natsoc faggots still pining for a white ethnostate and a world without jews.

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The overton window is only being shifted in regard to what's acceptable to people who are supposedly jew-wise and pro-White. Everything's getting more kosher.

I'm laughing because even if it doesn't happen the world will still totally burn under kike rule and your kin will all suffer unimaginably. It won't get to this point hopefully, but you're in for one hell of a time either way.

double-dubs of truth…

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double dubs again

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go suck a shotgun, faggot.

Like clockwork.


Like clockwork.


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Are you paid per hour or per post?

Checked fucked up earlier, my bad

I was the one banned 50 times for posting kushner trump infographics don't apply your situation to me


is that dead jewish children in those gel caps?

I'd like to see this thread made when we're voting Patrick Little 2020

Haha ip changed again

Like clockwork. The reddit spacing was a nice touch.

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nice double dubs, but the thing about the black pill is that the black stuff inside is usually carbon/activated charcoal, which is used for if you have ingested poison/detox.
the blackpill may upset you at first, but once it passes you will be free of poison, so you faggots that are "black pilled" stand fast and await the passing

This is accurate. The naysayers will usually posit the “incrementalist” approach, that we have to first get white Americans used to civic nationalism before white nationalism. This is incorrect though. Civic nationalism is not a stepping stone to WN, because its very tenets are opposed to racial nationalism of any sort. Voting will do nothing, because our views are so far outside the accepted political and social orthodoxy (i’d estimate that 95% of whites absolutely despise what we stand for), that voting becomes pointless.
Yes, in a 98% white country, and even then the NSDAP never got close to a winning share of parliament before the Reichstag Fire, and it also required a government ruled by decree thanks to Hindenburg, and the worlds worst economic depression to catapult them into power. Their share of the vote in 1928 was 2.6%. So even back then, when nationalism was accepted by basically every party besides the literal communists (KPD), in a 98% white country, it STILL required extraordinary circumstances for revolutionary change to come about.

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I voted straight R in early voting, not because I think there's a democratic path through incrementalism but because it pushes the democrats into becoming more extremist, hopefully leading to civil war.

Are you lost? Here, (((fella))), find your way back home….

I suppose it could be malcontents and armchair ubermensch. They're in every thread, usually within the first few posts. Everything's stupid, everything sucks, everyone who thinks otherwise is a kike or a shill or a kike shill, muh catalog, etc.

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1. Kill yourself for supporting the jew false dichotomy.
2. Whites have zero representation at any level of government.
3. The GOP is jew owned. The DNC is jew owned. You have no argument.
4. Using jew-owned machines to vote for jew-owned candidates in jew-owned parties will not result in the global extermination of the jew.


Get fucked amerimutts, it took a while but karma finally happened. Thanks for ruining europe, now it's your turn. By the time of your next election you won't even have the numbers to do anything about it, with your permapozzed media it will be impossible for the brown masses to vote anything other democrat so your republicans, despite their own pro-israel stance, will never be in power again. You will be the minority (if you're not already) IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY and it's fucking hilarious, so much for patriotism&flag your country was known for.

enjoy becoming


wasted dubs

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Doing God's work, shill.

If you were from here you would have the sense to know this is not a thread.
Ergo, you're not from here, so >>>/oven/


You're deluding yourself to ignore reality, it's easy to dismiss criticism as personal attacks, and you cared enough to respond btw :)

And you're doing Project Alamos, we all know

Global report.

Haha, man.

But that isn't how global reports work, shill.

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OP is once again, a fag.



Doesn't make it any less true.

I'm sure all your knowledge on fallacies will come in real handy when 8 niggers break down your door and you can't defend yourself because your wife, neighbors and country voted to take away your guns.

Oh sweetie, bless your heart. Sticking around after the mid-terms?

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K, don’t care. Reported for continued paid jewish shilling and D&C.

I wonder who you could possibly be.

Forever, faggot.

Nah dude its gonna be anudda Nov 8th and the salt mines will be plentiful.

Like clockwork.

Are you paid per post or per hour?

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You can't "vote" those things away user.

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Where's your argument btw? All i've seen was greentext and calling me a shill with no argument. Where's yours?

You think spending 8 hours a day reporting everyone who has a different opinion than you is gonna do you any good? You're partly at fault for the state your country is in you ABSOLUTE CUCKOLD but yeah keep calling me a shill, that will surely save you and the other white americans.



Don’t care. You lost.

Its sad this gimmick is all you have now. Are you sticking around after mid-terms?

You're a big boy, yes you are!

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Reported for avatarfagging, paid shilling, and mass spam in every single thread.


You're trying so hard, bless your heart.


But that's not how reporting works, shill.

So lazy.


You are unironically retarded, or have some sort of autism at least. I knew americans were inbred mutts but this is taking mental retardation and paranoia to the next level, didn't you wear a tinfoil hat to prevent CIA mind rays from frying your brain? lol

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You sound like a middle-aged southern housewife.

He’s imkikey, so he has the mental illnesses of a middle-aged southern houswife. A battered one, at least.

So lazy.

Confirmed for never stepping foot in Dixie.

Haha, oh wow.

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Yeah this will be fun, keep throwing a fit you retard. Won't change the fact that america is FUCKED.

I've never actually left the South as a matter of fact.

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Yawn. You outed yourself in your first post, yid.

There is a LARP thread elsewhere on the board, you're better off there.

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Haha, wow.

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People LARP as southerners? That's flattering, I guess.

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Dude, omg WOW. Like OMG OMG OMG. Anime.

Said the avatarfag.

Like clockwork. Going for the quantity over quality approach now, eh?

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Demographics is destiny.
YT pulled '16 out of its ass.
All immigration has increased under Gump.
Anyone who sees the cold,hard truth is "muh paid jooish shill".

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It’s spamming every single thread on the board. Codemonkey has forced the mods to allow it.

1. Fuck off, jew
2. No shit, demographics is destiny. That’s not the point of exposing him as a paid shill.

Confirmed for being a carpetbagger Yankee

Fascinating how 'avatar' is used for message boards and forums. Neither of which used to describe this site :^)

There was a thread devoted to this that was debunked in ten posts lol

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I know the deal user. What it doesn't realize is that it's locked in here with us, not the other way around.


This is true, he's like every other politician.

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Yawn. Smug. Anime.

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We know you were the OP of that thread

'Murica had everything to do with the absolute state of post modern yurop.

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Why do you hate Europeans so much?

Jim is on the take from Kushner who runs Project Alamo. They have the same boss

Lazy shills are lazy.

Okay :^)

But thats not how global reports, or reports in general, work.

Its all you have left.
wasted dubs

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OP is obviously an agent attempting to shill the same narrative that voting doesn't matter goyim.

Well if voting didn't mater why would the media and shills like you spend so much time demeaning trump and trying to discourage people from voting?

At the end of the day just don't respond. Every genuine poster should be concerned with ACTION, not just spouting rhetoric.

Creating European mens clubs
Networking with other nationalists
Getting /fit/ and nofap
Reading actual books
Pursuing a career that actually pays enough to support you and your family

fuck of shill

You know how you can identify a shill? if they encourage division or inaction.

Reported for spamming, each and every one of these gimmick posts.

Ad hom?
Have an argument?

Whatever you do just DON'T STOP POSTING. It turns me on.