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Are jewish people our “kin”, Zig Forums?

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No, fuck off kike!

The real question is if goys are even human?????

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So… they’re kinda like cousins or something?

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Not a very good rabbi, are you?

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Nuff said

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Keep dreaming kikeman

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They are goyjins.

Cheaply made, ill-fitting sweatshop jew shoes -check
Ugly kike legs -check

Jews are akin to cold-blooded reptiles. They have no human kinship.

shut up anti-semite

Low effort cuckchan-tier shit.

An aristocrat I guess. Do I need to post IG-quality pics and brands for you? Is that “your” crowd?

This is a Mensa-tier thread. You need to read more.

Easy rabbi, no tech for you on weekends.

So… you’re a jewish person.

You relish the notion that D Brooks is your “cousin”.

No, they are meant to serve.

Only bible readers believe in Shem and "semites"

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No, everyone coming here to the new world told Europe to go fuck off and deal with shit on their own

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Low effort thread.

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This place is literally jewish reddit. You people are simpletons. Do math himey.

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Do you pray to MLK at night?

Do you weep when they read Emma’s poem?

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