What percentage of today's Caucasians are considered to be white

I've joined a team a couple weeks ago thats working on a project to make a documentary on Caucasian people. We will be travelling around Black Sea region (especially Caucasia) and the process will last about 6 months.
I'm in need of un-kiked knowledge and I'm openly asking for sauce. Also I'm just a simple cameraman in the team but I'm a little suspicious about the source the team have.
All the information I've collected so far by myself is constructed by the Russians. Its not that I dont trust Russian scholars but since the Caucasian people genocided by the Russians (like Circassians) I see it as if they are biased.

I would like to be able to compare the source and information you would provide me to the teams newly gathered information. If I found out that the team is kiked, I better leave the job since I dont want to contribute a manipulating documentary.

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The Europeans, jews dont count, arabs don't count either.
wow what a easy question to answer.

Today's Caucasian people I mean literally people living in Caucasia
I'm not talking about Europeans or Americans etc.

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Ok for the Anons without any geographical knowledge. Caucasia is not only a term for whites and such region exist. If you dont have any sort of knowledge about the region and its history you better get yourself a geography course.

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Georgians and Armenians are both very obviously White. Azeris that carry good Aryan blood are also.


I'm %100 sure about the Georgians and Armenians. Because there are dozens of minor etnics I need more data for people like Circassians and Lazuri people living in Turkey, Aghwan and Lazig in Azarbaijan.
Aslo after the North Caucasian genocide it seems the region replaced by Don Cossacks of Russia. I might also need the characteristic details of North Caucasians.
We are Currently in Bulgaria and there is a couple of Circassian and Georgian villages, we're just doing interviews. Nex stop will be Turkey and I'm quite suspicious about the info we have.

Look at what you have achieved, now yo have this faggot saying georgians and armenians are "white".
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Friendly advice No.1:
If you are traveling to the Caucasus be extremely cautious around; Chechens, Ingushs and Dagestanis and watch your mouth.
Friendly advice No.2:
Don't stare directly at their women and the local Cossacks also do get offended by this. (the Caucasus is not 'murrica or faggy Western Europe.)

…there is more but these are basic.

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Yeah, even in Bulgaria I'v encountered such things, lesson learned but thx for the advice.

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No they/we still have something called honour, dignity and morals.

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Are you planning to wander around the mountains or just stick to urban/rural areas?

Well, the winter is coming if we can get some better equipement in Turkey or Georgia surely we will travel the mountains.

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The Caucasus is not Europe. Therefore people from the Caucasus are not White. They are West Asian.

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The heartland of Indo-Europeans was Pontic Steppe. And the first place they've settled after waves of migration was Caucasia.
Put aside the Turkic and Mongolid etnics, they are white. But surely I need data, I need demographics or atleast genetic research results. Even historical accounts would be fine.


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Stay out of mountains and isolates villages in Chechnya and Dagestan, but also stay away from the Georgia-Chechnya-Dagestan border. There's still groups of Jihadis wandering around, chances to get kidnapped or worse are pretty high.

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And the heartland of the Turkic peoples was Northern China/Southern Siberia. Does mean Anatolian Turks ceased to be Turks?
The Germanic/Gothic heartland used to be Crimea. Does that make Crimeans German?

The border between Asia and Europe has generally been considered as either the Bosphorus or the Don River. There is exactly ONE ancient Greek writer who cited a slightly more eastern river as the border, because they didn't have a proper understand of the extend of the world at that point.

Personally I'd simply draw a line straight from the Bosphorus upwards and define that as the border. That would exclude Russians, who are also largely Asiatic rape babies.

Either you're right or not, I need data. Thats why I'm asking for help.
Either they are white or not.
Imagine being that isolated and most of the world knows nothing about your existence. Would you like to get misrepresented in a documentary?
Even if I go there and find out they're just another Bantu niggers I'll do my work properly because simply ignoring them and the reality is the way of kike.

Look at the predominant haplogroups, the go-to point of contention as far as Whiteness goes. Pay attention to R1a and R1b specifically.


Even then, and this is something burgers on Zig Forums never fail to understand: Whiteness is more than just skin color. Being white means being part of a certain shared culture. That's why many people joke that Southern Italians aren't white, they act like corrupt lazy niggers, not like Whites.

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That's basically what a race war is, but on a massive scale.

This is exactly what I'm looking for.
So far I've found papers like this one

If you want a different approach you might want to look at the languages and the wider language families spoken in the region, which are almost all self-contained as well.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "lol all Caucasus is niggers" but they are very much their own genetic-cultural-linguistic group. Another reason why the term "white" is absurd in this context.

I truly understand your point of view. So can we also say the term Caucasian for whites in Europe and America is a misleading understanding.

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Ossetian is literally related to Sarmatian, one of Slavic ancestors. Are they not European too? Or just partially? How are Armenians not European when they had a Christian state and written history when most snowniggers were dwelling in their mudhuts? How are Georgians not White or European when not only did they stand firm against Turkish invaders, but even the fucking Greeks were impressed by their golden fleece? "Personally" doesn't cut it, who are you and why should I give a fuck about your loud mouth opinions? Or alternatively how can you back it up with facts?
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But user, before mudslams there were Christian Arabs, like Lakhmids and Ghassanids…
I'm not sure if Christianity is a matter of differentiation.

So looking = rape? What are you, a feminist?

Religion is not a factor at all, and neither is who fought whom. By your own standards you would have to admit that Americans are 100% nonwhite because they fought two World Wars to beat down Europe.

They didnt allow me to get some shots of their village till they get to know me. Let me say that again we're just in Bulgaria. And these two villages are just some of what left from Ottoman rule over Bulgaria.
Its not that they think you're gonna harm their women, but just a moral code that they've been following for centuries.
Another thing I've learned for Circassians, even though they're not muslim but orthodox christians I was not allowed to speak with women alone, or enter common places by myself that have women in it.
And its not something men force the women to do. But simply women protect themselves, and follow their rules.
I can say I find it quite honourable

When Armenians border one Christian European country while all other are Islamic, Armenia being Christian and ancient itsself, it's not really hard guessing what continent it belongs to.

Germans aren't white. They're largely Hunnic rape babies.

Germans are not what? Wtf are you talking about?
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Making fun of him saying Russians aren't white for being Asiatic rape babies when the central powers boasted about their Hunnic heritage - Huns who come from Asia, obviously, in reference to him bringing up WW1 WW2 America involvement.

Look up Wilhelm 2nds "Hun Speech".

You clowns will still be arguing about whether the southern Russians are white or not when the jews roll over us all.
Reminder that Hitler considered Aryans to be the heroes of civilization and considered other "white" non-Ayrans to be subhuman.

The Huns = Asians theory is by no means the standard theory, you know. Most of these steppe tribes simply picked up whatever people they encountered along their migrations. Since the Huns rolled over the regions north of the Black Sea it is quite possible that they had a strong Gothic admixture.

I'm not going there to form a natsoc revolution or I'm not gonna give an inspiring speech to my soldiers in Caucasia, I need data, I'm asking for data because I dont want to participate in a kiked documentary.

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Holy shit you are so dumb they literally engineered the Hunnic union to oppress the Goths living within their realm, in fact, when the Ostrogothic king learned that they were coming he shat himself so hard that he committed suicide

Stop writing fake history you mong go read a book, I absolutely detest people like you

Also the first Bulgarian Empire was found by Onogur - Utigur nobles and ruling class but that doesnt make them Turkic.
The ruling class of Huns might be Asian but doesnt make the rest of their people Asian.
When the Huns invaded Pontic Steppe there were already nomadic Sarmatians and newly settled down Visigoths. No need to mention Dacians, Thracians, Pontic Greeks and Antes Slavs etc.

Learn basic statistics. You are on a PAID trip to your study area! All you need to do is take some time off and sit in the square and count the people who are white or not. Do this for each town. Then apply your statistical knowledge and come up with an answer and its confidence limit.
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user, just as I've said, its not that I dont have any info or data. But its Russian scholars. And they've genocided North Caucasians, and forcefully exiled them. Thats the reason we're gonna travel Turkey. For ex, most of the Circassians today living in Turkey, not in Circassia. So I know that Russian studies might be biased.

This is why you will be generating your own data. You could read the CIA world fact book or Wikipedia as a contrast to the Russian source, but then you would be falling into the same trap. If you generate your own data then it is as good as your survey technique. ALWAYS keep your raw data and methods because people will come back and question your study. Hard copy with dates and times and places written in pen.

The ones that are not involved in semitic divide and conquer tactics.

About 3% if one listens to d&c kikes like you.