Martin Shkreli

tl;dr dude makes hiv drug expensive so insurance companies pay a lot. Got wrong media coverage. Got arrested.
Made a video (anyone got it?) requesting Hillaries DNA. Later on lurking I found a video of him running down a street. He thought he was being followed. Said he has something and if he dies it will be revealed. If he dies he drops some big intel on something.

Here he is 1 year ago
Here is a article he gets sentenced for 7 years:
March 9 2018, less than a year ago.
This is the dude and his blogs 1 year ago.

Article says he had mental health issues and "an unspecified personality disorder".
He was also a heavy drinker.
His blogs seem to be normal though.
He cried during sentencing and said it's his fault.
He jewed investors, wu tang clan and a lot of other people. Did They get him?

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I watched live steems of him a year or two ago, and he seemed incredibly intelligent and lucid. Sounds like character assassination to me.

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Stupid cuck I am talking about this dude and trying to find out what others think. Was be medicated or tortured to get a confession? I think he knew too much about something.
If he dies in the next few years could be interesting. Even better if he comes out.

Yeah he seemed alright. Like Shapiro who obviously is smart. I believe if Ben Shapiro is the leftist jew Martin is /our/ jew.

He was/is a sacrificial Lamb. Focus on those that are placing themselves on a list. Eliminate all that are on the list

I see the everything's a slide thread faggot shill is here. Nothing gets "slid" because we have catalog view and can hide all retard threads. Kys twice just to be sure.

the whole thing is fake probably, guy is just an actor

what's the point of any of it ? You'd probably have to ask a really rich pedophile.

Schizoposting isn't funny anymore.

so stop posting then shlomo

This dude would not spend one ounce of energy helping any of you. The whole hey bros act was just him doing what he does best, doing literally anything to avoid accountability. You don't get to his status without playing ball, he was thrown in the trash for betraying his mafia somehow. He is an evil person who disgusting evil people then exploited good people to try to become a powerful evil person again.

Every single one of these assanges / omg what did Seth rich have / omg dead man switch faggots are fucking frauds. If you had irrefutable proof that massive government involved fraud / pedo shit was happening everyone from criminals to teachers would do the rest of the work for you.

The only justice you get in this world is the justice you create. Stop worshiping false Savior celebrities. They use these people the exact same way they used all the Bible faggots. Imagine what one of us could do with a following of even one hundred thousand. You could get world peace in a week by just stating obvious shit that has been clouded by lies. These people use their power to sell toothpaste.

I'm ashamed to have you on "our side".

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He fucked with the gay mafia. If you get on their gaydar, they will never stop making your life hell.

Faggit }} phpkike right here
are the mawdz okay with this or do they know the phpkikes pay on time?

No one is worshiping him, dummy, calm down. If you can't discuss him without getting emotional maybe you shouldn't be in this thread.

He was charged with investment fraud, i.e. fucking over rich Jews. I don't think he hurt many normal people much at all.

He's actually Albanian, not Jewish. Could explain why he went to jail.

No matter what happens , the only people who gain exposure are certain types of people. Status quo worshippers, celebrities , rich people. An issue that affects the normal masses is never brought up unless it can be used to push an agenda. I love how the entire universe was ran by clans, mafias , cults every single year since the gay Greek incest days, then you think magically people arent going to go oh wow everyone worships glowing screens we definitely shouldnt exploit this to maintain our power. The same crimes , same issues happen over and over again and the police and politicians just sit back and wait so they get more funding . They never work towards preventing issues. Scientists psychologists doctors lawyers etc would never want things shaken up because they would lose power. They participate in unethical shit daily but all that matters is their power.

The media constantly pushes propaganda to make people fear then beg for solution by giving up power to other people. There has never been one time where the news was like let's get a grass roots movement and get to the bottom of this because all they care about is chaos and money. They don't change facial expression after reading about the trillionth murder because they are soulless people reading a script.

Countless broken people out there, homeless , addicts , abused , depressed, unemployed. Not one person ever reaches a hand out unless its on the record and can get them more funding. there are tens of millions of people who more or less work for the government and not one of these people ever do one thing unless it can get them more funding.

Stating these facts gets you labelled a lunatic. why would criminal psychopaths not go through shit to prevent them from being held accountable? 99.999% of people are in a trance and that is why you can say this here whrre people know already.

All you can do at this point is go completely into the red pill and stop giving these people free exposure. Their names alone are just demoralization spells. The second Brad Pitt is invoked you are supposed to remember that he can go anywhere on earth freely and nobody know who you are.

That works on bots, shill-kun. Not on people :^)



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Media "this is a person ! Talk about them!

You: OK that's my script I will do that

Me: damn dude you are retarded way to fall for that one again. There are twenty million Reddit forums where you can discuss the script with people if its that important. Nobody here is going to go GEE WHIZ PEOPLE ARE CORRUPT!

You: dude you harmed my ego by showing that I am a useful idiot therefore I'm going to attack you rather than admit I'm stupid and shut up

You serve no purpose and arent wanted here. You are literally spam and would have nothing to say if the TV didn't give you your thoughts. Kill yourself faggot npc.

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"I have no argument . I'm going to state that I have no argument and then I will win the argument!"

Not used to being out of that echo chamber I see. There are plenty of things you could attack in what I said but you have nothing to say. Just admit that you are a dumb faggot who worships celebrities and got called out. Using your logic a pedo can say hes oppressed by police because they arrest him. No, you are a dumb faggot trying to put people into a trance because you are too much of a pussy to face reality and want to drag others into your misery. That shit has no place here . Go back to the donald where you can say magic names and repeat opinion one over and over and get validation from people as dumb as you.

I think we both realise that the world is simply going to hell. Some sort of corruption is everywhere. Corporations and governments.
What a sad time we live in.

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You are literally spam and would have nothing to say if 4chan didn't give you your thoughts. Kill yourself faggot npc.

You literally say nothing unique in any of your blogposts, just regurgitate the most basic shit I've heard a million times before about globalists and celebrities. Go back to /qresearch/ faggot.

Based and redpilled take. Obviously the only people of worth are those who do literally nothing but sit on and shitpost about how bad everyone is.

I'm so glad this thread is immediately flooded by both kikey and "everyone that exists and does things other than post here is a shilljewkikefraud" and zero worthwhile discussion has occurred.

I typed six words, you gave me an essay. If I type a paragraph, will you write me a novel?

wasted dubs

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Opinion discarded. Filtered

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wasted dubs

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Thing is it's impossible to really know without a full courtroom script. For all we know he could have actually been a scummy piece of shit, he didn't seem like it at all and seemed true enough but when you're not actually sure exactly what went down in the trial it's hard to tell for sure

like you say, either way he's just an actor and of course that idea is offensive to people here for some reason. Instantly offensive.

Like the wu tang bullshit couldn't be a giveaway, then sure the guy waving around a random circuit board saying he was going to dump info on Hillary and amounted to absolutely nothing wasn't another. Suddenly i'm getting insulted in a place were people are supposed to have a couple of brain ceels to rub together, yeah, I must be a paranoid schitzophrenic when even the president of the United States of America is practically telling everyone it's fake, and i'm still supposed to vote for him of course, but i'm the schizophrenic.

Perfect, the epic "everyone that does something is an actor" post. So glad of all people, your type is the one to stick around.

whatever pedophile

Jews Michael Jackson'ed Shkreli and had used him as the punching bag to take the hit for big pharma. First rate troll.

no he didn't retard he paid like a million dollars for a shitty cd

Proving me right once again.

Pretty sure Shkreli jacking up the price of an old drug with no competition actually lead to a newer, safer drug being developed. He was not an actor.

i believe you man, I have nothing to back it up

Exactly. This of course got the kikes kvetching and started the entire problem as we know it now.

What are you even talking about, niggerfaggot?

i miss his smile

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That's the one I have.

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Also for all the kvetching he did literally nothing wrong.
He noticed that hospitals stockpiled a stupid amount of drug (((just in case))) for stupidly rare diseases, and that shit was mandatory.
He bought the license for those drugs, jacked up the price PER PILL made a fucking mint by the time the morons in charge of hospital administration and US General Surgeon (or whoever is charge of that shit) realized they didn't need family jar sized of those but only like 20 pills per hospital in case of actual super rare emergency.
Now had he shut the fuck up and pretended to be evil it would have just blown over.
The problem is that for maximum trolling he gave the drug for free to anyone that actually needed it, because with the amount of money he was making from red tape inertia he literally could give free treatment to anyone actually needing it.
So it went to "he made a lot of money" to "he made a lot of US civil servants look bad and he is showing how the whole thing is in fact an actual scam run for big pharma."

And we all know that when you do that doing a bit of jail is the least you get.

good explanation. I'll save it. Thank you.

Filter all derailing anime shitposting bots. Mods can you clean this kike shit up

"the world is broken, to fix the world, discuss these celebrities! Discuss these kosher issues! We will let you know when you can matter! Follow this script we laid out for you! We have thousands of people whose sole job is controlling the public opinion , but we just left the news out of this! The news only covers real stuff! Propaganda isn't real! It was just legalized by executive order but who cares! Just trust us liars you dumb fucks, we don't give a fuck about your opinion ,so give a fuck about our opinion , consent to the future where lies rule! "

- Glow In The Dark Cia Nigger Faggot Jew

None of this shit matters

I already put Worldfucked at 1 in my coding. If you have some top secret information about celebrities that can get blue pilled faggots to open their eyes, since blue pilled faggots are the only people who use celebrity names as nouns adjectives and verbs, then go do this on Reddit.

A proper way to discuss this issue would be making a post about pharmaceutical fraud. Something about baSed E CElEbs is always going to devolve into Perez Hilton tier gossip.

And I throw in a space as a courtesy to your eyes. I honestly do not give a fuckjng shit though so if you say Reddit spacing as an argument one more time I will stop using any space , and we all kknow youl have to read what I say cause you are a dumb npc faggot who can't just look away

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Why dont you make a fucking post itt about pharmaceutical fraud faggot. God damn crybaby.

Shkreli is a good boy
He was naive. Can't begrudge him that.

I personally know and dislike Shkreli but at the same time this was clearly politically motivated. There are people that have done multitudes worse than him and only received a fraction of the punishment if at all.

HIV medications cause AIDS.

Shkreli is based. US sentences are atrociously punative. 7 years was 5 years too many!

Shkreli even teaches plebs how to invest! All the
faggots can learn a thing or two from pharma /b/ro…
Martin Shkreli - Finance:
Don't bitch that it's kiketube, just youtube-dl the playlist over Tor like the big guys do.

Whatcha sliding moshe?

Shkreli posts on /biz/ and wore a pepe lapel pin during an interview on Bloomberg. He is a troll on par with Sam Hyde. Example: his interview with the journo girl when he shows up on a segway and beats her at chess. He streamed himself alot because I think he was on some sort of house arrest, seemed extremely reasonable during these streams. He wanted Hillary DNA as a troll joke, but they used it as a form of assault to put him behind bars. He still shitposts from prison and has friends who post on his social media.

Shkreli did nothing wrong.

He's a yidroach turbokike either way. Good riddance, laugh as he burns.

Martin did nothing wrong.

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Reminder that these was done with this exact drug before him. Drug bought by another company long before him for purpose of teh price jacking. Prior him price was rised x10 times.

Probably the same was done other drugs. He saw this busniess procees and entered too. In his turn he rised price x50 times. Interestingly enough only his case of price gouging got exposure.