Whitey is getting kiked

i just watched part 1 and 2. a must watch in kikery.
im not sure how we let israel take over the usa and i sure as hell dont want anything to do with these 2 warring factions being muslims and jews, but the fact remain, theyre both shitting on their white western christian hosts. everything that jews are doing to bds is now being done to the altright. its the exact same playbook.


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We're definitely being played the fool by the kikes.

I would tell op his thread is shit but jews have no notion of shame

Quit this alarmist shit. Whitey is not being killed, he just hasn't reacted with his full rage yet. Keep deprogramming the NPCs, deprogram yourself, and train train train!

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Christfags are kiking us too. Also, reported for low quality OP.

user is clearly a /b/tard. If you cannot identify where people come from, then shut the fuck up, newfag.

Have a bump, OP.

Eliminate them one-by-one. Don't focus on the entire group. Everything is do-able when broken up into manageable chunks. Every chink in the armor acts to destroy the whole. Do the planet a huge favor. Eliminate them one-by-one.

(((these))) muslims aren't at war with the jews, these muslims these gangsters coming over are masonic, shit tier org crime, and donmeh/communistic slime run and lead by jews and sicked on whitey.

already a thread nigger

Henry Ford's "the International jew." is epic, totally underrated.

You have to remind yourself this is decades before WW2, Hitler and Israel.
In that context you realize how hardcore the Bolshevik rev really was. The Bolsheviks was made of Jews from all over the USA. On the streets of NYC Jews were selling the shit they took fr Russians. The Bolshevik rev only applied to non Jews, mainly Christians.

If we were gonna resist it should of been back when Ford was warning us.

*Aryans (Russians)

Then you shouldn't even be posting…. But, since you are, if you'd like to learn more about how Israel took over the American right-wing, you should take a look in this thread:

There's an user in there laying down enough breadcrumbs that Helen Keller could figure out the connections.

you have to hand it to them

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Sterilization of niggers sounds good to me

why sterilize when you can expunge? a breathing nog is still a threat

Wow, look at all the kikes piling on against you. That probably means the video is good. I'm checking it out now.

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90% of new threads are (((Alt-Right))) terrorism larping CIA/Mossad threads. This is not one of them. If you bump them, you are a traitor!/

It really is eye opening to the jewing of college campuses. israel is a complete degenerate cesspool of nigger juice.

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It was more like a biker gang taking over a town than a revolution.