Shocking : Pot Producers in Canada have ties to mob

Shocking : Pot Producers in Canada have ties to mob

Everyone denies everything. "We wuz gud bois n sheet"

The largest Canada-based marijuana producers denied to MarketWatch that they have done business with or taken investment cash from people tied to organized crime, after a bombshell report to that effect that did not name names.

Wau. Who would've guessed. I mean, color me fucking surprised. No way etc etc etc

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No shit?

Legalizing pot just means the mob can legalize their operations. This isn't rocket science.

The idea, arguably, is that once you can get legal weed you don't have to go to your local nigger gangbanger to get it anymore.

They hired weekend shifts so you can get kiked first posts on all the new threads eh? Every thread here comes animuslidefag. Filtered.

Best way for the mob to go legit. What next? Legalize coke?

this, weed is on par with fucking coffee and beer, it should never be compared with coke or heroin, hell suburban moms with their anti-depressants take more addictive shit than weed


how would it be any different than canada's syrup cartel.

yes, there's a fucking syrup cartel.

Ideally we could give potheads PTS by forcing them to smoke a 50lb bail of weed a week.

For many years now "medical" growers have been fronts for bikers and mafia. I think the major producer is Aurora, they have some paisanos from the old country on board.

I for one like it, it's a lot more professional now.

WhAt aRe YoU TaLkInG AbOuT?

Anyone surprised by this is too retarded to live. At least by legalizing it, you don't have to rely on getting raped by tyreese and his nigger buddies when you want a few ounces.

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(((Montreal Mafia))) run the dairy cartel and all drugs and politics in Canada.

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Without reading the image title I thought it was either the liquor line or the welfare line. In some places they are they exact same thing.

This is retarded. Weed can cause brutal paranoia and fear. Haven't touched it in years because when I've had experience on it where I walked in circles till my feet turned black out of fear of doing anything else and rocking back and forth in an alley in the rain BEGGING god to make it end. I've never had that kind of an experience on coffee or alcohol.

You're either a liar or severely mentally disturbed. Weed is not at fault here.

It was kinda like this

inb4 they have to be that way inclined to begin with
whatever helps you sleep and stops the delusions,

Not an argument.


Stfu druggie faggot

I had a paranoia experience like this guy

Weed is degenerate and uncomparable to cofee or cigs

I swear on my life man. I'm not gonna sit here and say EVERY experience I had on weed was like that, but it definitely happened. Most times I smoked I don't think I felt much. The 3 memorable times on it were the 2 experiences I talked about before plus one amazing experience. I was pretty discouraged after getting brutal panic twice while everyone around me was enjoying it like it was nothing and I was pretty determined to experience it like everyone else. I got lucky the last time I smoked because I swear to god, EVERYTHING in my room became very interesting and exciting. Music sounded like an orgasm in my ear as I melted into it and every racing thought I had sounded like the best idea ever and I couldn't wait to tell everyone about them the next day but unfortunately, I couldn't remember any of them. That was the last time I truly smoked weed. I achieved my goal of having a pleasant experience on it, but it wasn't worth the risk of having those panic attacks again.

I had coffee shits once. BAN COFFEE!

Weed alters ur, brain subhuman junkie, you become braindead, get gassed druggie

So does coffee.
So does alcohol.

My parents are boomers and all the boomers I know are pro-weed, pro-faggotry, pro-whatever-the-government-tells-them-they-should.

Fuck weed and death to all boomers.

>>>Zig Forums
And stay there, subhuman

I get the feeling you don't quite know what you are talking about, friendo.

Maybe you're couple times around, it has the opposite effect if you smoke it more than just once.
You've clearly never had enough coffee then lol

That kind of thing happens to me often but I've never done any drugs in my life and never will. I think it's set off by the stress of living in Ontario surrounded by anti-whites and having to keep my fascism to myself and always be in fear of everyone since all the cucks can turn on me and send me to the ward.

Where did I say I (me!) drink or support alcohol or coffee, drugkike?

Weed suppresses your emotions and makes you a fucking child. Fuck off.

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Maybe. I smoked it casually a lot at the time like a cigarette or something but for the most part didn't feel anything. But when I did feel it, boy did I feel it.
I've had caffeine anxiety before, not 1000mg+ anxiety which is coupled with hallucinations but enough to definitely feel it. I had to take a bath to calm myself down once. Maybe at extreme levels caffeine can cause such experiences, but not at 400-500mg. I don't think there are words to express how I felt on weed. I usually say brutal panic, because I want to emphasize that what I felt was much worse than a normal panic attack (which I've felt on numerous occasions on caffeine and completely sober, caffeine free)
t. caffeine pill junkie

I've been to that building and used to be on welfare, the problem is they send out notices to welfare recipients to show up on a certain day for some job search training programs and very few people ever show up. That lineup doesn't happen everyday.

This is what happens when a few thousand people get a letter telling them to appear or face serious repercussions and a few hundred who were recently enrolled don't realize that they can throw it in the trash. They don't bother reducing the money received based on participation in these worthless make-work programs it's done automatically every few years for everybody at once as more people are added to the system. For a brief period as a single guy I used to get nearly $500 a month a few years back(enough to get a place to stay and back on your feet into the workforce as it should be) and now it's down to the low $400s as the cost of living has increased.

No man. No everyday sober experience can compare to what I felt on weed. It's probably the anxiety you would feel when you know you're about to die. Not think, KNOW. Or, maybe like being duct taped head to toe with only breathing holes and not knowing where you are kind of panic. I know what sober panic attacks are like and I feel like I can relate to your situation in certain ways but NOTHING in my life was like weed. Nothing.

then why doesn't that happen to 95% of the tens of millions of people that smoke it? you're just mental

weed is illegal, the government tells people not to do it

what a pussy

I'm not saying it happens to everyone, I'm saying that it can happen and that weed is DEFINITELY not without problems

No, it isn't shocking that the Trudeau government is incompetent and has botched something once again.

If a couple of dagos tried to snake their way in… meh. It's over for them. This is another Vegas. It's corporate now and their filthy Italian arses are out on the street. In a year, it will all be better and once Justine is gone, even better.


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Are you mad at weed? Lol.

I read your intro as "everyone danks everything."

Anti-drug people have no argument. They're useful. You get effects. They're tools in a spiritual progression, it goes a long five-ever, you're gonna want weed at some point. Is good stuff, you can have experiences other than be mad.

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Nobody said weed isn't completely harmless, but the negative effects are on the same level as drinking too much coffee or too much booze.

IS completely harmless.*
Been up too long, dammit.

I'm sorry you were dumb enough to buy your bud from spics who probably laced your shit with angel dust.

This is nigger logic.

How the fuck did you know you were going to die when didn't?
You didn't smoke weed.

Ban caffeine.
Nigger, did it ever occur to you that have some genuine mental problem involving panic attacks and need to seek medical attention?


Yea, who needs doctors anyway, just pray for good health lol

At least the stench of that degeneracy will warn the rest of us to stay far the fuck away from them


>implying I said to go to see a (((psychiatrist))) for user's frequent panic attacks

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>(((psychiatrist))) say bipolar, ask for a test
>(((psychiatrist))) says it's stress induced anxiety
Fuck these metropolisique zombies

why is it the government's business whether people possess a fucking plant? professionals are to be trained and equipped to enforce the restriction of possession of the foliage of a species of plant?
you are an NPC

and besides the whole weed bad/weed good argument, there's the obvious fact that prohibition doesn't work. why should spic gangs be profiteering off of something that legitimate white businesses could? why write off the opportunity to install basic quality control regulations on something that the public consumes? why give the government more power?

drug control cucks are dumb as fuck, you just want to virtue signal about how based and redpilled you are

lol you pussy. Just take less next time so you can get used to it. We don't all deserve to be arrested just because you can't hang.

You're just overdosing. It's easy to do since it's so strong these days. When you're just starting out you have no tolerance. All these people you see smoking huge blunts do it all the time. Next time you smoke take like one hit and see how you feel. If you're comfortable a while after that take another and so on. The problem with smoking with other people is if they're regulars they probably have much less of a tolerance than you.

whether you like it or not, you "muh duh jen er a see" boomerscum WILL be defeated. legalization is inevitable; cannabis is already legal on the state level in 9 states plus DC. in the 2018 elections, it will be legalized in Michigan, North Dakota, and Missouri; this will happen in Florida (and maybe more) in 2020. moreover, the STATES act, which will effectively recognize the legal status of cannabis federally in states where it is legal, is likely to pass in the near future; Trump would sign it it passed Congress. there is tremendous momentum, especially now that Canada has legalized it. something like 66% of the American public supports legalization, including the majority of Republicans

So by your logic you associate weed by that one and only feeling/experience ? So are guns bad too or anything from that matter? I see a tool for what it is.

Agreed why not use it for something else than destruction?

I like working out with the shit and as funny as it sound learning . But too much is always too much

Yeah a problem with weed in our culture is that there's social pressure to take more of it than you need. When I was a teenager I would get uncomfortably too high all the time. When all I really needed was just a few hits. The more you do it though the more you get used to it and become able to comfortably consume more and then it gets more fun. But actually having a lot tolerance and practically tripping out off of a small amount is cool too, especially economically.

*low* tolerance

I'm from the Emerald Triangle, we have a lot of organized crime in the form of Hmongs and Bulgarians who have bought a lot of land in N. Caifornia. I come into contact with A LOT of growers with my job and not one of them has mentioned the more traditional Italian mob, although I assume they do business with them when they export it.

The only times I've ever heard this level of anecdotal evidence the people are always mentally ill & prefer to abuse prescriptions.

Pretty funny how we all intrinsically know what this is. Reminds me of the classic niggers lining up to get Obama money in Detroit, video related!

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Keep slowly kys, hippie.

All drugs and fire-arms should be legal and deregulated.

I am no straight-edge or anything but damn son!

All guns should be deregulated and encouraged to be used in hunting down junkies to protect White communities.

everything you do is the government's or, better said, community's business, even sex

eat shit lolberkike

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No fucking shit. It was legalized the way it was to give them a monopoly. The only thing surprising about this is that the CBC isn't helping cover it all up anymore.

I wouldn't call it anecdotal evidence because I don't think there's any statistics out there on x% of people have experienced what I experienced on weed and x% who have not.
ad hominem

Spotted the retards who have never been to a grow op. The best growers are all whites who are too paranoid to trust anyone at all. One of my own family in the business has been fucked royally this year. Fucked by her associates, by the county, by the state, by "investors", and by the "legal/recreational" shops. The entire "industry" is currently nothing but snakes eating other snakes. 99% of the cannabis "businesses" that exist today will be gone in 5 years.

That's hardly surprising when you suddenly open a new market like that. Plus the vast majority of the people who want to be professional growers have the business sense of… well, someone who thinks it's a great idea to make money selling weed.

This just in…..pot heads can’t meme.
Never give up control of your mind faggot.

I'd been to more than you ever will when you were still in diapers, kid.

Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

Lots are moving coke and meth too. You're right, it's all scammers.

That's because the stubborn ones will be in jail.

funny 'cause you think the jews should be able to tell what plants white people can and cannot smoke


Boomers are pro legal weed you schmuck.

Legalization in canada is a joke and a sham, the rich just get richer. Fuck it all


All you neo-boomers and proto-boomers arguing over legal weed etc are missing the picture.

Who cares? Disconnect, disavow, disassociate. Instead of moving towards a beautiful society where we all worked together to enjoy the fruits of our labour, it all just gets more compartmentalized. If you think legal cannabis in canada is anything more than a long term money funneling scheme to the already rich boomers and heir proteges, you were misled.

All these baboons who cried for legalization are getting what they asked for. And the only benefit is a few more $15 jobs working for Aurora or some other boomer-kike-italian-whatever operation. You might even be so lucky to have an ex-rcmp or politician as the boss of your company or on the board of directors.

By all means smoke your plant free of gubbermint harassment

Every single business in the world has ties to the mob. That's why magically all these opiates and coke are allowed into the country then you never see some Italian kikes going to prison its only low levels.

If you say I hate jews in a text you will be put in a database. Mafia drug dealers say everything they do in texts and calls and nothing ever happens. Your tax dollars are used to pay the us military to guard their drug dealers, then designated groups get to make 20k+ a yea doing nothing , then slaves get thrown in prison for competing with the mob. Kill all mob faggots.

Libertarianism gets shilled against more than anything because the free market system is the only system where all groups can compete and the best one wins. Italian niggers get to have casinos prostitutes drug rings. But I'll get thrown in prison for having a poker night and selling someone a beer and a joint.

Please kill yourselves

the point is that people won't face persecution for doing something relatively harmless that they enjoy, it reduces government power which is good

the actual legal weed industry doesn't really matter 'cause people will still obtain the stuff using their old methods which are probably going to be cheaper for a long time. also, they might even be able to grow their own

it's not crime if it's legal

see above

Where did all the seeds and strains come from? All growers are part of organized crime. I'm not judging, don't care.
Weed is now legal, still haven't bought any at the store.

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Yes. It would help stop the intense violence.

It's a bunch of amateurs competing in an artisinal market which is screaming for industrialization and automation. The only reason it's still at the stage it's at is due to restrictions on capital investment and banking.

Small farmers who count on high prices deserve to go out of business, but many will just switch to selling it illegally in markets where the product will command an order of magnitude more money. This naturally leads to blackmail and distrust, with the natural reaction being to label everyone else (who's just doing exactly what you're doing) "snakes" and "profiteers".

Meanwhile the consumers get fucked because the testing centers are jokes, and massive amounts of product get moved to retail channels with god knows what sprayed on them.

If you value your brain, just grow it on your own (assuming you live in a state where that's a legal option) using NOTHING but natural fertilizers which you can personally verify the purity of. It's not difficult at all, just go on Craigslist and search for "manure" or "organic fertilizer", rent a trailer at uhaul (lots of them will deliver it for free as long as you buy enough so you don't even need to do that), and throw some seeds in the pile of shitty dirt. Might as well get some extra so you can grow some vegetables right next to it. Just treat it like any other food product and 99% of all these paranoid horror stories are just a moot point.

This shoud comne as a surprise to no one, the only people or groups who where prepared to take their stock and growing operation to a storefront where the ones already operating and growing in black or grey areas of the market.


The real story is that Trudeau failed by a significant margin to undercut the criminal world and Canadian government pot is still 40%+ more expensive than normal pot, before forced delivery charges and taxes. Its like 220$ for 15 grams, it costs like 130 from a dealer.

I can't take this board serious on anything after reading these druggie waster replies. Worse than Reddit.
Zoomers have no redeeming qualities.

130 for 24*


Boards full of cancer, thats what happens when we dont have any mods. Were in a transitional phase, we had a National Socialist community, now we have a cucked forced-libertarian nationalist community where no one is libertarian, and soon enough, after endless waves of cancer are brought in, chodekike will no doubt be forced to give us the moderator back when people are made to complain and destroy the board. So either the board will be totally destroyed by cuckchan or cuckchan will provoke an immune system response that clears out all the cancer. In other words, Ive been advertising the board to cuckchan so that we force a change in moderation rules to fix the problem they create by being here.

I drank coffee one time. Beating heart and I couldn't stop twitching. I felt so ANNOYED. Thoughts racing. Like I was going to die or something. It's literally degenerate to take any and all drugs and I would rather druggies and pot smokers hang for introducing this shit into a society we live in.

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Reminder that the US was led into a war with Afghanistan to secure the worlds biggest drug manufacture. A place now controlled by organized crime, which uses drugs as an untraceable currency to fund crimes all over the world.

marihuana is always bad for you


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based hard-truth, if you hate booze or weed but love caffeine you are a hypocrite, its all degenerate porn-tier kosher exploitation

Canada has organized crime? Beyond the chinks? kek


Lots of it, has ever since it started importing shitskins. Heres one example:
The media is owned by the government so they just cover it up.

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