Yoga studio shooting

looks like somebody else went ER

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Great thread you got here, nigger.

Man shoots loo when he could shoot jew.

Florida is a breeding ground for fake shit

FL is a veeeery tight race and (((they))) desperately want to turn it blue. FL has the third highest population in the nation and is creeping up on Texas for number 2 spot. We're trying, the Whites here are very bluepilled but they keep bombarding us with muds south of Orlando that it's hard to keep it red.

If any of you Whites like the sun, and are thinking of moving, please consider FL.

Why should I care?

Beta goes to yoga studio to "pick up chicks".

Beta fails to do downward facing dog.

Beta is laughed at by chicks.

Beta goes bitch Rambo mode.

Media freaks, very few care, story will be forgotten in three days.

Great job, OP. Fucking faggot.
(((Natural and organic)))

Well, yeah. There are 7,000 mass shootings every day in Drumpf's AmeriKKKa.

More like hot lead yoga

Does sound like a case of elliot rodgers. Contrary to what people think, most yoga studios are full of old women, old men, and fatties who think flopping around on a mat is a workout. Unless you are a regular, go 2x a week for a year, don't bother trying to pick up the occasional hottie, you will come across as creepy. I.e. everyone knows who you are and they like you. If not, everyone knows why you are there, it's transparent and you look like a tool.

There are much better places to pick up than yoga, and with a whole lot less investment.

t. went to yoga for two years.

fictitious and homosexual

why the fuck couldnt he wait till wednesday

I'm borrowing that

Beta activates kundalini
Beta discovers 8th chakra
Beta decides to fuck kali up 1st this time

I think you'll find that they're mostly in the clinton archipelago.

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All smiles.
Seems legit.

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He was fucking married.

And he didn't call himself an incel, Buzzfeed just claimed he "appeared to identify as an 'involuntary celibate.'" based on the video where he talked about Elliot Rodger. And then other news outlets just went with what Buzzfeed said.

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Did his wife attend yoga? I've seen these yoga clubs become the equivalent of women going out with single friends who shit talk husbands/bf's and encourage cheating amongst each other.

rofl sure thing jews

Why are there so many shootings right before the midterms?

Definitely an r9k loser

I am surprised you now those words, are you of the khalsa? It is a true shame he didn't shoot up a 3HO place…if it is real at all.

What could possibly go wrong.

thots and prayers

What business does this fat fuck have talking about "mongrelization"

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Cancelled last minute.

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Elliot Rodgers

at this point I'm not surprised if CIA/FBI niggers are involved. they can't even hide it.

Just like building 7. These peeps just got that spidey sense ya know?

I mean fatties should be shamed but you need to get your priorities in order.

75% of Americans are overweight.


Oh, look who is on the (((scene))). The guy anti-white democrat nigger calling for reperations being investigated by the FBI.

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>Oh, look who is on the (((scene))). The guy anti-white democrat nigger calling for reperations being investigated by the FBI.

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Gillum met with victims Friday night after he returned from a (((Shabbat))) service in South Florida honoring the 11 people killed a week ago in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

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Break down of flase flag nb. 'what now' 5?

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Damn, he's actually republican for once. Either (((they))) finally wised up or it's legit.

fat, nog snout, duck face, seems to be a case of body dimorphism

Even NYC media hello thereare 20 murders a day there they cover 5% of them dead bodies found everywhere its NYC they cover that up and don't report it but hey lets intensely FROM THE GET go on a hoaxed story false flagging us its ramping up destroy their lies

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Eh I kind of agree with the user, I’ve rarely seen Rodgers referred to by his initials. Usually just supreme gentleman, Rodgers, Eliot, or Hapa scum

Report these threads lest this place becomes cuckchan 2.0 - we do not want people that wouldn't even put a minute into a better OP here.

Lol where do you think you are?

I've got multiple new voters hitting the polls here in south florida.

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sounds like one of you lot.

No such thing, nigger

These people are not members of the jewish master race so this isn't that important. Our book literally states that non jews are cattle without consciousness who exist only to serve us. Now go back to sleep or we will sue you, because we control the justice system and if you don't pay us tokens you earned being out slaves then you arent a good enough slave to get justice and don't matter. Deal with it whites!

Why did they steal my word involcel and make it incel and start using it to try to ban criticism of certain groups? Nobody is even buying your faggot shit just shut the fuck up you glowing niggers.

This one completely went over the NPCS heads. I haven't seen anything about this. I literally cant go outside without seeing people worsjipig these four dead jews that donated money to people who kill millions of Muslim children but nothing about some yoga thots. Its almost as if…. the average person doesn't matter and only certain mafias do!?!?!?!?

He rants just like Pat Bateman. My question though is why a yoga studio? He was an intelligent and articulate guy, surely there are things that bothered him more than women and/or hot yoga.

This still seems fishy. How do we know the feds dont just arrest guys like him with an obvious online fingerprint, conduct a shooting, and then frame said guys for it??

for kikey Gillum

Why won't you vote Democrat goy!


"going ER" is an incel meme

I really fucking wish the hurricane hit Miami or some other blue part of the state.

Someone has to crack down on these violent white males and also GunControl!!!oneone1!


Something like that happened between the 1st and the 2st round of the presidential election in Brazil, histories of mad bolsonaro supporters acting like crosseds and baddly draw swasticas painted everywhere.
Had news everywhere about a #HeNo cunt who got a swastica cut in her skin with a knife, later revelated that sheself did it with the fingernail.

t. Meme expert

Something tells me RIck Scott will come out on top.

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How organic.
Anyone could be confused by all this.
Thats natural.

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I was married and am basically an incel now.