Lets have a thread about the holiest man alive at the moment...

Lets have a thread about the holiest man alive at the moment, Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. He denies the holocaust, thinks 9/11 was an inside job, names the jew, shits on shit eating fags, knows about the fluoride poison in the water, the chem-trails, and runs barefoot. Whats Zig Forums's consensus?

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So he's retarded? Next.

Fuck off back to Reddit, subhuman.


Why can't we get him on my Sunday mornings?

BUMP for a based holy man. Pastor Anderson names the Jew, preaches the holy gospel without shilling for Israel, and isn't some money grubbing kike.

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Real theories require evidence. Go away, you're making us look bad.


Here's a catholic monk, Peter Dimond, denouncing Anderson.

Too bad Christianity is bad for the White race though. However, you're in luck, we actually have European religions instead of dirty sandnigger religions imported by kikes.

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here's where the bible denounces catholics
Luke 11:27-28

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Hes a heretic and pro baste. Check kike tube. The man is a complete faggot just like the OP who continually posts these shit breads.

he supports race mixing

Jesus was a filthy Jew

He's also a biological kike.

He may name the jew but ts for the wrong reasons. He’s just a civnat who thinks all can be saved through the Lords salvation and disregards behavior patterns and their correlation to race.
A race’s indigenous religion is telling of its psyche. In other words if they could think as the Bible teaches then their religion would have strong similarities in regards to morals overlapping with ours, but they don’t, so we must deduce that these values do not exist in their race.

Oh looky here!

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Lookie here!

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I'm a Jew. What do you have against Jews? I think your problem is with the Synagogue of Satan that has corrupted the word of God. Jews have shilled Catholicism in to such a mainstream position, when it's merely a profligate group of LARPers and pedos, thus slanting the perception of Christianity. The same thing has been done with the overwhelming majority of Baptists, making them reminiscent of brainless, Israel loving sheep, giddily lapping up the blatant misinformation they're force fed.

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You know what the kicker is? His wife is 100% ethnic german.

The only things he's got wrong is his stance on race-mixing. Even the ancient Israelis weren't in favor of it, The Bible clearly defining out differing cultures and God being pissed at them for abandoning their culture and Him for outside ones.

That is probably the most horrible way to open your post that I've seen in a while.

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There is no "us." Stop saying gay shit like this. Zig Forums is not a group of people. Zig Forums is an exchange of concepts and ideas.

First I've heard of this. Everything I've seen points to him being ethnically German. Provide evidence for your claim or drink bleach.

Gas yourself kike.

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I need to go to Church on this Sunday.

pastor anderson is a 1/4 jew subversive, he even admits it gladly, from the horses mouth: sanderson1611.blogspot.com/2014/09/i-have-jewish-dna.html?m=1

lol what the fuck is that even?

Literally everyone is part jew somewhere down the line. Zig Forums has shit on the holohoax and the fact that Jews are the ones who care about ethnicity just as much as Hitler. Ethnostate for jews, but not for goy cattle.

What we have against jews is that they lack awareness and inject their identity into something like a fucking imageboard like a bunch of normalkikes.

>haha he's christian and has a lot of kids that makes up totally for the fact he's a pro-racemixing niggerfaggot that believes (((23&me))) and the idea that everyone is a mixed race mutt

Kill yourself kike.

lets see that genealogy mutt

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Yes goy mix with the niggers

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Kill yourself kike.

He's a niggerlover.

The most important of "things" is race-mixing. There's a reason jews devote most of their attention to that one issue.

you faggots let this happen when you don't go to church

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hes a pathetic christcuck that marries interracial couples and says pagan aryans were more evil then ancient hebrews, go back to Zig Forums faggot

imma need a source on that last one

Nice correlation = causation there, you crosscuck faggot.

Ok Larper.

can you tell me a single other variable that is different between these euroshits

There's no point trying to reason with someone devoted to Hebrew logic.

fucking scroll up retard

your idol is a kike-loving cuckold


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I have a lot against anything semitic or abrahmic
Your kind will be fed head first into an oven but for real this time