The only Bingo game you need

Bonus points if you correctly identified this as being nothing more than a derailing tactic like it has been for three years now.
Bonus points if you correctly correlated the rise of smugposting with the purging of rachposting, it's the same faggot.
Smugposters will flood this thread and tell you that weebs from /a/ are why they're allowed to flood the board with japanese culture

They say roaches can survive a nuclear winter, so is anyone really surprised that this behavior is ramping up again?

Say it with me because it really pisses them off.

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ID: a21aa4 in thread

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Kill yourself Jamal. You're just as bad as kikey.

link me to the post lmfao kikey is back?

Multiple IDs in thread
ID: d90804
ID: 22a618
The post pattern is a fucking thumbprint.

ID: 8b4a3a in thread

It's a .php. the question remains; did they place it on wheelchan servers or are they babysitting a program they wrote to authenticate each and every time they IP addresses

ID: 1a485b in thread

man what a sad turkish homo
but the one anime boob pic he posted in this thread is ok

If he posts like this, then yes. Also, the dude who accuses everyone of Imkampfy is probably Imkampfy lol

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He's mad

This is an attempt to shield himself from criticism. The programming this attempts to achieve is: "lol you think I'm imkikefy, therefore you're automatically wrong." Look up the ID's in these threads, the post pattern is a single user or a few ID hops per thread. Not "everyone"

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Can you provide screencaps for the IDs or give examples?

I assume his boss over at Alamo is still upset about what the May spergout

hmm rly makes me think 🤔

Think what?

You can click the thread links above and search by the ID if you want, I'm just compiling at the moment.

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compiling and global reporting (as should you be).

Pretty low-energy right there.

Its pretty clear the vols don't want to or possibly even arn't allowed to do anything about him.

Is that kagura, goyjin?

I'll go as far as saying that OP is kikey himself

also kikey

Since when has Zig Forums ever been about spoonfeeding? I gave you a thread link, which each post by that ID in that thread as an example. Why sage?

You have no idea how happy I was that the rachposting finally came to an end. No idea.

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Why do you say that?

But since you're clearly a fucking shill of some kind, you won't go so far as to explain why. Here, little newfag, it takes more than naked accusation to make a charge like that stick.

I doubt it, Kampfy will act defensive or feign confusion when you call him on his filenames. I'm not sure why he would now want to bring attention to it

Relax, kampfy.

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There job is to shutdown any Trump critical discussion


How stupid do you have to be to think "global report" is some sort of super report that will put you on a VIP list or something? If the post isn't breaking US law, the global mods will just ignore and delete the report you clueless child

Are you kidding me? They love their Zionist master, just look at the banners you blue-pilled faggot that doesn't belong here.

That's what I meant they don't want you posting anything critical of him. Kampfy was going hard in the "Republicans will loose in November" pasta thread

Every time a shill 'global reports' anyone, I laugh. It's funnier than it's supposed to be for some reason.

This is true.

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why does imkikey try to seduce everyone
what's his end game?

It's the same guy who spammed /polmeta/ with pro-Kampfy shit.

It's kampfy.

The point is to show that the local mods still don't have the board under control.

Anime is a good deterrance against polvol2 and his screeching.

I encourage them, they are actually pleasant to look at, unlike polvol2's spams.

this all sounds like a extremely stupid psy-op to get people banned for abusing global reports

this tbh. why are there so many BEWARE, HERE BE SHILLS threads anyway?

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Because polvol2 gets so mad at anime so now he calls them spammer, when he's the spammer.

This one is the real deal the rest are slide threads like this one its great cause watching shills get BTFO in real time is awesome.

It's not ideal but what else can we do? The site owners only step in when they are personally affected by what's going on in a specific board.

Sounds like a faggot to me. Satirically paraphrasing someones post is an imageboard pastime.

Except this is exactly how the mods were eventually ousted. If you want to wait for the pain to get bad again, feel free.

There is no excuse for indiscriminate smugposting. The only instances it is used (which I've linked above) are for derailing threads. If you're going to do it, don't be an imkikefy autist with (60) posts of it in a thread.

Correct, it's an attempt to control thought by handing you an easy NPC program to run.
Notice it's not "here is the argument for why you should think A.
You'll notice 9908e5 keeps his sage on from other threads where he's spamming smugposts.

As long as polvol2 keeps screeching, anime smugposting IS desired and warranted.

How about going to one of the many East Asian scribble faggot boards for that?
ctrl+f "polvol2"
Now shut the fuck up.

And the mods who are ousted are cancerous power-tripping faggots.

polvol2 was a screeching spammer who was anti-Trump and pro-Christianity to be the point of zealotry.
polvol4 was a lain-avatarfagging faggot who enforces invisible rules and blatantly ignore Codemonkey's rules.

The problem has never been Codemonkey, it's always the polvol team who is kiked to hell.

How about we stop the polvol2 spamming?

No, you shut the fuck up, the faggot that was polvol2 is still here.

Now he tries to revise history by making himself the good guy and calls everyone spammer when he's the spammer.

Codemonkey's problem is being inactive and not remove the WHOLE polvol team in the first place.

They say they are natsoc, but they cannot even answer what that means, and the resident natsoc thread is a fucking mess, further proving that the natsoc philosophists have fucking left, and this board is populated by strawmans and idiots who repeat what other people say.

non-white detected, and filtered.

I call a spammer a spammer, kike. Are you a spammer too?

Yeah, typically I would be saging a thread like this now too but I dont give no fucks about this board anymore. Those archives just pissed me off that much more over how shit this place has become.

Another example already taken care of.

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Funny enough, the kike tried reporting this thread for monitoring his kikery.


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ID: ed1071 in thread


I support this thread and I support this post

If you want to know why anime is degenerate just visit this thread.


i don't really understand how we can have a "Qanon" but we can also have an "imkamphy" at the same time with no moderation

really gets the noggin joggin

This place hasn't been trustworthy since the 2017 hack. The only people left are idiots, blackpills, and shills. Many have moved on. Goons like OP, keep trying to subvert image board culture which was highly influenced by anime.

Goons truly are scum

Like fucking clockwork. Zig Forums isn't for pillowfuckers faggot, and it never has been.

Ill take that back actually looks like at least one vol gives a fuck

Goons are still using this old d&c?

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The apparent goon and channer conflict has always surprised me. I'm not an oldfag and I practically post once a year since 2012, so I do not know whether oldfag pol was a bunch of anime posters. I don't like anime and think the smug faces are childish. As if the channers are like the kids in school with whom you acted stupidly around the "serious kid" because it'd piss him off. That's the way I think I understand the channer smug posting but I don't get how someone can think it is relevant or fun in pol. Once I complained in a thread about a dude that was clogging the thread with semi soft core lewd anime pictures and that was the first time I was called a goon, I quickly realized there was no use to talk with these people.
Since I didn't like the immaturity of pol I simply stayed in /natsoc/ but the board died out, too little people there. I think that, without taking ourselves too seriously like a bunch of faggots playing pretend, we shouldn't debase ourselves to gay child entertainment, we should try to cultivate a culture of manlier attitude than that.
Nowadays, whilst I browse pol, there are very few smug/porn/lewd posters and if you take your time to read through the threads with good OPs with patience and honest effort, you will find serious and engaging discussion. I simply think it's a shame there are these people acting like children.

However, I believe that complaining about them bumps their stuff and is more damaging to the quality of the board than simply ignoring them. There will always be more childish people and they can post whatever they feel like whilst we lack enforcing mods, and given the quality of the last pol mods, I'd rather have the lax indifferent people we've been having moderating lately. I don't give a fuck about channer culture, I don't care about moot about any of it, I'll respect the minimal etiquette of this place because I get value out of some threads, my motives to be here are purely ideological and spiritual, sometimes when I'm bored, I come here to check if there is any new ideas that catch my eye.

Every time you've been challenged to back this up, you've ran away.

This entire post is what tells me you have no intention of acclimating to Zig Forums. Regardless of whether you like the smug anime posters or not, anime has been an intrinsic part of chan culture since the inception of 2channel. Maybe if you spent a little more time here instead of your oh-so-brief flickers of a presence, you would know this. Whining about the smugposters makes you no better than the goons from Something Awful who have been trying to undermine the very foundations of this board since the days of moot and 4/pol/.

Fact is, you weren't called a goon because the 'people here' are difficult to talk to, you were called a goon because your own finger-wagging and complaining made you stand out like one. The very language of your post now denotes someone with an elevated ego with no awareness of his surroundings, or willingness to fit in. You expect Zig Forums to mold itself to your expectations, culture be damned! The fact you're claiming that animeposting is 'damaging to the quality of the board', says all that needs to be said about you. Fuck you, and fuck your newfaggotry. You don't like animeposting, go somewhere more suited to your tastes! But don't come in here expecting that Zig Forums will change itself to match your own weak sensibilities.

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I've never global reported but that makes sense. Annoy them enough to actually do something about the moderation on this board.

Local and global reports are interchangeable (anywhere), as neither of them do anything.

Fucking global faggots

Why is this thread still up? Just a few days ago the same OP was sperging about all anime posters being bots. which is it? Are they bots or ex mods? I might as well bump the other thread so more anons can laugh at you.

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I'm giving it until after the election to see if the board gets a bit better, then moving on to another if it doesn't. I hope others join me. I like mewchs culture, but it seems pretty small.

Ivw got no problem with animeposters, but the person he's talking about literally spams threads nonstop up to 100 or more posts and never talks about the actual topic, just derails. Op might have a problem with anime, but it's the fact that they spam and derail threads that's a problem. The fact that they use anime images just makes them identifiable.

Different person.

Just for you, nigger. Just for you.

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It wasn't, and you can go back to the archives and verify it yourself anytime you like. Sure, some anime existed, but it was modified to fit a meme or a play on an event or news item etc… what you've seen here since 2015 is just pure avatarfagging. To gauge its quality look at how it is used. Is the poster demonstrating any complexity of thought or conveying anything of any depth? Take the example below.
Nothing more is communicated, and this is the extent of the quality of these posters.

This is an accusation employed heavily since 2015 specifically to provide a shield. It's scripted, like calling a white man a racist to win any argument. You think calling a poster a goon wins the argument. The goal has always been providing a cover for contentless "u mad" tier thread derailment. Smugposting with the sole purpose of lowering overall board quality, contributing and directly driving decent posters away has always been the agenda.

Everyone is a kike but me!

Case in point, you have not responded to this at all. Why constantly make a claim if you are completely unable to argue it?

god i fucking hate anime so much. weeb death camps when?

Did you forget to take your pills today?

i legit hope you die

It's not a degenerate art form, and you're obviously a loony.

Right, it would have to be an art form. Instead its just a degenerate substitute for an art form.

Explain how a combination of filmmaking, drawing and painting does not qualify as an art form.

Apply the same argument to pornography.

That's not what I said. I said:

I'm with you, OP.

You said the existence of "filmmaking, drawing and painting" qualify a thing as art. Apply the same argument to pornography.

Pornography is not equivalent to anime.

Ok, well both have "filmmaking, drawing and painting" so I guess you'll have to be more specific huh faggot.

Pornography is not filmmaking in the same sense that Titanic is filmmaking. It is also not drawn and painted. And anime is not pornography. So in summary, pornography is irrelevant. Now how about answering the question?