Shills and You

‘’’The Gentleman's Guide To Forum Spies (spooks, feds, etc.)’’’ -

A lot of this may seem obvious to seasoned anons, but we've hit peak exposure, and newfags are at an all-time high. We need to teach these retards how to filter shills on sight, instead of emotionally lashing out and earning some jew in Tel Aviv his 0.5 shekels. If you notice any of the following quirks in a poster's language, assume they're an outsider, and consider filtering them. You can also announce that you're filtering them by copy-pasting their ID number (not quoting—remember shekels). This will encourage other anons to filter, severely limiting their power, and forcing them to either give up, or hop Ips. Here we go.

This is a very contentious example, because shills love to claim that they "have always typed this way," and that "it's only natural that you put space for readability.” It's also very likely not exclusive to Reddit. Let's look at the ‘paragraph’ argument first.

This is bullshit. These low-IQ mouth-breathers wouldn’t know a paragraph if it slapped them in the face. A paragraph starts with a sentence that sets the tone for the rest of the thought, and then expands on that thought through the following two or more sentences. If someone shotgun fires one sentence after the other, with a space in-between each line, they are clearly extremely uneducated, and should be filtered.

The actual name 'Reddit spacing' likely came about because of second pic related, and the way that Reddit internally formats their posts. While I don't doubt that we get tons of redditors washing up on our shores every day, I have to insist that it's also largely an IQ issue. Remember, tons of kids graduate high school every year who simply do not know how to construct a proper paragraph. And I'm talking about over a decade ago—who knows just how bad it is today.

I've also heard the argument here that 'Reddit spacing' could be attributed to boomers, and not necessarily uneducated shitskins. While this sounds like a jewish argument, it does have its merit—boomers are incredibly stupid. They've been out of education for over three decades, and they haven't honed their language on the internet as the younger generations have. There's a very real chance that ‘Reddit spacers’ are actually just your retarded old dad who types with his index fingers.

This is the holy grail of the communist ad-hom repertoire. They're actually literally using Soviet-era tactics against you—look up the term 'sluggish schizophrenia' in your search engine of choice. It's also ironic, and is probably projection on the part of the jews, because they are by far the most genetically predisposed to the disorder. Any time someone accuses you of having mental illness—specifically schizophrenia—for no real reason, they are a full-blown communist. Do not respond to them.

This is a communist attempt at cultural appropriation. The chans, starting with 2/Futaba, have always been Japanese culture boards. If someone finds your appreciation of the culture 'weird' or 'creepy', they are clearly a low-IQ normalfag who doesn't understand that their favorite culture is produced by child-fucking goblins. Anyone who asserts that anime is not part and parcel with board culture is an obvious outsider. Also note that jews like to call anime "Chinese cartoons" in an attempt to infantilize it.

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Despite the obvious fact that many anons here are not these things, the opposition loves to use this ad-hom to pit women against us. Obviously, women are led by feelings in their everyday lives—not logic—so the jews choose to prey on that and tap into their emotional 'thinking'. If they can get our 'better half' to hate us and think we're weak "basement-dwelling virgins," then they've won without firing a single shot. Needless to say, the argument has no weight here, and it's an instant and obvious filter.

Did I say that schizophrenia was the holy grail for commies? This might actually tie for first. The powers that be absolutely fucking ’’hate’’ autists. Autists have the following qualities:

In other words, the ultimate wrench in the system’s plan. Don't ever think for a second that autists aren't public enemy number one for these NWO types. We are very literally the final boss of the internet. The reason these jews pump billions into researching/infiltrating us, the reason that 'autist' is now the number-one insult on the internet, the reason they are shitting their collective pants trying to understand—it's all because we're autistic.

I've heard the argument here that the explosion of autism in millennial white boys was likely the result of some governmental vaccines/GATE program/etc. fuckery. Purportedly, they were trying to raise some sort of goyim super scientists to use in their projects, but most of them burned out in public school and ended up as disenfranchised NEETs—and here we are today. In any case, when you have vampires like jewnwald going on CNN and calling us out wholesale as basement-dwelling virgins, you can tell they're in full-on damage control mode.

These obnoxious condescending insults, that are typically reserved for the use of women, has understandably become very commonplace among commies. Of course when a real man or user wants to insult someone, they just come out and call them a nigger, faggot, or retard. But these words are verboten in the feminized world of the commie, so they settle for these words that they find equally insulting. Why would a grown man assume these are effective insults? It’s simple—they’re prototypical soyboys, so they bow to their female superiors when ‘’they’’ use them.

Ah, insincere flattery—the main survival tactic of the jew. When they approach a given target, the first thing they do after crying about the six gorillion is prostrate themselves and become sycophantic to them. Of course, they plan to reverse these roles as time goes by and make you the sycophant, but this is just the beginning. They will worm their way into your good graces by pretending to think like you, and to have the same values as you. Then, when you think you've made a true friend, they will already be plotting your downfall.

This is something that I've noticed Sam Hyde pull a lot, and I think it's one of the main reasons he has the cult of personality that he does. The way he communicates with fans gives off this incredibly saccharine, insincere vibe that is actually very effective at wrapping in emotionally damaged people/autists. It's something you really have to keep your eye on, because it's easy to let yourself fall for people who show charisma, humor, and leadership qualities, especially if ‘’you’’ are not particularly self-assured.

A corruption of "my man." Also an example of being overly ingratiating. Someone else pointed this out in another thread, and I found it very important—there is a concerted effort by the communists to take away the word 'man'—presumably because they want to make an amorphous, genderless blob out of the populous—but who's to say? Anyway, if someone says anything other than "my man" or "my nigger"—no, not "nigga"—they’re worth a filter.

There's a time and place for casual, more conversational typing, and that's among contacts on your phone or buddy list. There's a reason that TPTB want a smartphone in the hands of everyone including penniless niggers, and it's because they want to portion your attention span into small chunks, and degrade your ability to communicate. A good example of this is that posts naturally look longer on a smaller screen, so when you phonepost, your brain is tricking you into thinking you're writing more than you actually are. It's really not fucking hard to capitalize the first word of a sentence, and to use proper punctuation and paragraphs, but if you ignore that enough, it becomes a nasty habit. And don't even get me started on spellcheck/auto-correct—that's literally giving free brain real estate to your phone.

Unlike other things I've mentioned, I wouldn't advise immediately filtering someone for this because again, it's habitual. Do try to encourage other anons to drop the habit, though.

There is absolutely no reason to ever use these. They make you look like a buffoon, whose thoughts just sort of trail off aimlessly instead of ending definitively. I mean seriously, look it up—their actual intended use is for the omission of data. This is almost exclusively the domain of children, women, and faggots, and is almost always backed up with some nigger-tier grammar. You can really tell when someone mentally hasn't moved on from high school if they just casually throw ellipses everywhere.

There is also absolutely no reason to ever use these. Trump does it as a subtle troll, because he is a master of language. What it does, is essentially infantilizes the conversation. A good example is the Pokemon games—in them, practically every single sentence ends in an exclamation, and that is done specifically to make children excited and engaged. Women frequently use them because they are infants in adult bodies, as well as shitskins—often Pajeets—because brown men are the most effeminate in the world. Essentially, using exclamations means you're either a faggot, a woman, or the top Twitter troll on the planet.

Speaking of Trump, the commies have an overwhelming, almost cultish hatred for him, and they very clearly want us to share in it. They invented these nicknames because they love to ascribe all sorts of jewish kowtowing to him—which is meaningless horseshit—because anyone with half a brain knows that the president of the US is automatically playing second string to Israel. There's no secret to this—he absolutely has to play ball with them right now if he wants to get anything done. What Trump ‘’has’’ done is shift the Overton window dramatically, and has basically made it NPC-approved to call out pedophile jews in Hollywood and the like. This is extremely dangerous in the hands of the goyim, and that's why the establishment is throwing their entire weight at him right now.

Weak and insufficient version of this and somehow sprung up as soon as this thread showed up.

Apparently post formatting doesn't copy from a document. Oh well.

Fucking neck yourself. Sage negated.

What else do you believe in? lol

You obviously haven't even read all the information provided, so you can't speak to the quality of it. Tread lightly, you're about to be filtered.

Projection the post.

All you gotta do to extract salt from you is execute salt.exe

The only people who cry shill here anymore are people who see somebody saying that someone is a crypto kike

Its also a new shill technique where you can get dumb fuck zognald bots to go OH WOW HE SAID SOMETHING POL SAID HE MUST BE RIGHT.

Example - "donald Trump's entire team is jewish. He is a Zionist puppet. He is controlled opposition. To counter this argument, you must provide counter evidence. If you are afraid of this information getting out you will ignore this .


I will continue to trigger the fuck out of you morons by proving how shitty your brainwashing attempts are. Its fun demoralization you

Its also fun typing however I want. It at least adds variety too since 90% of posts here are Telavivbot879 reposting buzzwords with nothing valuable in the post.

Did you filter me yet?

Fuck off, kampfy


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What is that picture suppose to imply

A lotta astroturf shill posts are like the one in the picture. Coupled with that one guy who accuses everyone of being Imkampfy (but always calls him 'kikey') its like something out of a bad sitcom.

Haha guyz I'm totally original that's why I'm using the green text technique that somebody put in my thoughts for me

I can type however I want. Using your logic you are a pedo because donald Trump's good buddy Jeffery Epstein has used the letter A before.

The only people who I ever see throwing a tantrum over a posting format are people who have no argument but want to try to get people to look away from a post.

Think about that for a moment. Your arguments are so fucking weak and your SHILLING is so ineffective that you need to rely on people not looking at certain information because they might gk against the narrative you are trying to push. How bout you go stare at a wall for a week instead of coming here! Isnt that what you bergs do when someone dies? Your shill operation has been murdered a trillion times already, nothing is ever going to change that.

Mfw, tfw epic fail hehe green text. I'm gonna show how not Autistic I am by adding a some text that agrees with what I'm saying into my post in a different color.

Omg I know running from arguments is so bazed.

Seriously nigger? You would abandon a section of English grammar simply because it sounds infantile to you?
We pushed the window. The collective influence of non-leftist movements pushed the window. Trump has directly gone against white interests throughout his presidency. (see: continuation of worthless wars, failure to remove illegals, furthering support for Pissrael, etc.)

I agree with myself. Everyone just worship zognald chump! By enriching jews and ignoring you he has your back! To gain power in a kike prison world you have to join their mafia, but he just used 9D dominos to beat them by making them more powerful !

Man, all this

BEEP BLOOP I am not an npc beep BLOOP

IF you use the word LEFT or RIGHT which suggests that an infinitely complex world can be broken down into OPINION 1 AND OPINION 2


IF AMIFUCKINGRETARDED = 1 execute "suicide.exe"


I dont need an argument for this . I have colors and buzzwords. Case dismissed.

Death is God. When Kṛṣṇa (God) desires that "This man should be killed now," or "He must die now," nobody can check. Rākhe kṛṣṇa mare ke mare kṛṣṇa rākhe ke. If Kṛṣṇa desires to kill somebody, nobody can give him protection, no power. And if He wants to save somebody, nobody can kill him. This is Kṛṣṇa's protection.
-Srila Prabhupada, Bhagavad-gita As It

lol what?

"Haha get a load of this guy he uses critical thought instead of letting based corrupt liar politicians pretend they fix problems then create more problems for them to fix haha what a loser what kind of idiot wouldn't get his thoughts from brainwashing haha just consent to this theater you dumb fucks who cares if all these politicians are in the same mafia , collude , eat at same restaurants then pretend to fight each other like wwe, just be an idiot and let me rule you!"

- Moshe Chaimbergsteinsilverkleindiamondshekelstockinterestlawsuitrosen

I'm guessing you just skimmed the OP, and only read the greentext. If you could refute anything I actually wrote, that'd be great.
I agree with that, but this wouldn't be possible without him as a figurehead. If Hillary were president, "we" would eventually be vanned in the night for posting like this. And whoever they put forward next election will be equally terrible. Say what you will about him, but he's the best we've got right now.

wasted dubs
I typed around twenty words, you gave me a short story. If I type a paragraph, will you provide a novel?

Haha you are dumb

Checkmate! I changed ccolors in my post instead of relying on the content of my post! I win!

Its hard to hypnotize people with

You made a thread with a novel,





Nice argument. Let me know how that works out for you.

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"Haha watch this guy's I'm gonna use a magic the gathering card buzz word and I will win this argument by not countering anything this person says even though every single thing ive said has been countered by that person!

What it like having a broken brain?

Haha, man.

See and stop going 'REEEEE'

Gas urself mutt

77f0ef and 021b88 really need to get a fucking room already. Their argument doesn't even make sense.

Typing in all caps is infantile, the usage of exclamation points is not (unless, of course, they are used in every sentence, like in your pokemon example)

Would you not agree that exclamations are just the logical extension of all caps? They're both essential admissions that you're being emotional. If you could give me an example of a sentence that is worth ending with one, I'm all ears.

Don't forget the christcuck and x is not white shills. Attacking Christianity and other whites is an attempt to sow discord

A very subtle shilling to be aware of is the sympathetic post from someone who says they are a woman or non white. It is an attempt to weaken our resolve and dilute Zig Forums into another civnat shithole

I might be a mutt but at least I'm DACAryan

This is actually very important. I will add a section about this for later.

These are all patent falsehoods. I'm not about to delve into the actual theological intricacies of the matter, because that is not my area of expertise. What you should be asking yourself, if you take the jews' arguments at face value—is this:

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fuck off kushnershill

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They killed Jesus because he threatened the current Judaism sect in Judea at that time, they literally dont give a shit about the preach to goyim shit if you read the bible you dumb christard.

Oh, they lined themselves up for a single killshot.

you are all faggots

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All kikes must die

You dumbass's support trump while his daughter was getting railed by a kike. Now your mad

I do leddit spacing a lot ( Ive never been on leddit) and I over use brackets.
But im not a shill. Just retarded.

Excerpt from Mein Kampf:

but i already know that they kikes are retarded

You all ought check out suppositoryrepository's /them /shills sections. Informative, if not yet complete.

Looks like you can't code for shit either.

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See Sarah Silversteins face when she spoke about killing Jesus again. Her eyes went to the back of her head and she howled like a demonic spirit. If you want to piss kikes off good, in any forum where they post, write "may Jesus Christ bless you ".

Hitler was a zionist puppet. Nobody gets to power anywhere unless approved by the zionists. To think Trump or Hitler somehow slipped the net and got elected by the people is quite pathetic all the same.

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I raise oppression at the schizoid accusation, lot of schizoids post on this board and all of them happen be kike shills.

Leddit spacing is also a nonsense meme from cuckchan.

opinion discarded

you really need to take these infographics and make them more specific. one of the big things (pro) shills do is make arguments or statements that are valid and commonplace, but use them in the wrong context

i never got this one and i always just shit talk them like its a woman, cause i think it is. so i do what i would do if i talked to a woman in any situation anywhere.

.wrong context
i been seeing them since calling them a jew is effective, to call you a jew when theyre saying it to say that your a conspiracy theorist or some shit. fucking niggers.

Board is filled with shills that communicate exactly like the faggots on /tv/ which is a proving ground for leftist shitposters.
A huge effort to gaslight this board with "fuck drumpf" sentiment paired with saying kike a few times to hide the obvious commie retard behind whatever disinfo or derailment attempt they're currently pushing.
Lots of sliding.
Proper moderation will return to crush you weaklings again.

1. Reddit has updated their website with a WYSIWYG text editor. "Reddit spacing" no longer exists.

2. You say shills, but it seems like you're writing about trolls. Shills are selling something. Alex Jones is a shill. Trolls just want attention. They aren't here to think, they are just shitposting, so they don't care about capitalization and punctuation.

Many of them are probably women, but I don't doubt that there are tons of emasculated faggots using those terms to toe the party line.

1. Source?
2. You're a complete and total fucking moron. The term 'shill' doesn't have to literally mean someone trying to get you to buy something like Water Filter Man—they can also try to affect minds by twisting the narrative to suit their ends. This has nothing to do with simple 'attention seeking', and the fact that you assumed this speaks volumes as to how stupid you are.