Evangelicalism as a Philosemetic Political and Social Power Structure and what we can do about it

It has become increasingly obvious that the US (and the rest of the world) is innundated with several Philosemitic power structures, and in order for us to make real headway against Jewish power, we need to attack the Pillars of Philosemitism that gives Jews unbridled political power over our society.

The biggest pillar by far, is Christian Evangelicalism - as a Social and Political institution which wields undue political power in the United States, and is spreading throughout the World. Evangelicalism is a subversion of Christianity intended to create a universalistic Philosemitic zionist slave mentality amongst non-jews.

Evangelicalism itself stems from Mainline/2nd line Protestant Christian Fundamentalism in the US. While it is a Christian Denomination, it has also become a trans-denominational Protestant political movement.

Before I go any further, I am a Christian, a Cathecist (who is strongly disillusioned with the Roman Catholic Church). Evangelicalism is not the only pillar of philosemitism, but it is the largest, esp. in the US, and the most influential. I freely admonish that the Jesuits are a pillar of philosemitism as well in the Catholic community.

This is not intended to be an attack on Christianity. Rather an attack on a Jewish "Denomination" making good little goy kikesuckers which has gained undue political power in the US in the past 100 years.

We are innundated with Christian v. Pagan v. Agnostic v. Athiest D&C slide threads on the daily. This is NOT intended to be that. I want everyone to be included in this brainstorming effort on combating Evangelicalism as a political and social power structure.

Modern Evangelicalism:
In the past 100+ years has revolved around the Scofield Reference Bible (of the KJV)
Scofield was a Crypto-kike, who supplanted himself in a growing Christian Fundamentalist movement

Cyrus Scofield and the subversion of Christianity

The Greatest Hoax - Charlie Samples
(How Scofield Evangelicalism has become trans-denominational)

Scofield was the progenitor of the term and identity "Judeo-Christianity" - as opposed to "Pauline Christianity".

Now the Scofield Reference Bible is the basis of modern Evangelicalism in the US.
Look at how exponentially it has grown as a movement since Scofield

More effects of this christian "Denomination" and the EXISTENTIAL THREAT Evangelicalism poses to to Anti-Semitic and Nat-Soc movements as they accelerate

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"According to a Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life study, Evangelicals can be broadly divided into three camps: traditionalist, centrist, and modernist. A 2004 Pew survey identified Evangelicals as 26.3 percent of the population, while Catholics make up 22 percent and mainline Protestants make up 16 percent."

Evangelical Mega-Churches lap up thousands of lowest common denominator saps, that can be *pointed at us*

And Evangelicalism is an entirely Jewish Christian Movement
They also have an obscene amount of political power in the Republican Party (along with major Baptist groups), mind you before the Southern Shift under Nixon, Evangelicals aligned with Democrats. That's alot of power for a "Denomination" that based it's bible interpretation on the commentary of a Crypto-Kike on the Old and New Testaments (KJV)(edited)
You and other Pagans, and Athiests, Agnostics, etc may see it as Christian infighting
I see Evangelicalism as an Existential Threat to our movement to rid our countries from Jewish control

This is not about me, or you, or what you believe. Evangelicals are (((Them))), they are quintessential good goys, shabbos goys - they may give their lives for their bastard intrepretation if (((They))) pull the right strings


The Evangelical Question is a troubling one. There is absolutely no converting or enlightening or negotiating or reasoning with the Evangelical Christian. Ironically, they are the backbone of Zionism as far as pure numbers are concerned.
The kikes control the money and the Evangelicals supply the votes to very good goyim politicians. The late John "fuck me in the ass" McCain was a symptom of these brainless literal cattle.

On the plus side, Evangelicals are mostly a boomer phenomenon (like most negative things apparently) so they are dying out. Millennials and Gen Zykloners re not very religious and are increasingly questioning why we need to die for a genocidal, chemical weapons using, WMD constructing, communist sympathizing, treacherous little shitstain of a country.

As for what we can do now, I have no idea. I have talked with Evangelicals my entire life and I can assure you from ample experience with them that they are beyond help. They are physically addicted to Jesus and hymn singing. They are physically addicted to sneering at the infidels and proclaiming how morally superior they are to you.
And they are utterly incapable of understanding that the jews are anything other than God's Chosen People
They already have a "conspiracy theory" given to them to gnaw on like good little doggies. They have Q and they have the "Islamo-communist conspiracy" or the Illuminati.
Too, though they're all "racists" according to the leftists, they are desperately addicted to converting potatoes and making good little Christians out of the savages.
I don't believe that they can be enlightened. Only outlived.

how can you reject the jew when your leader is by birth, by circumcision, by genetics, by ethos, is a jew, and where your primary text is the hebrew bible + The Jesus Diaries

You are D&C'ing
But to appease your pagan or athiest sensibilities.

Evangelicalism was made by (((kikes))) 100 years ago, it was meant to be a Philosemitic as possible.

Christianity was made by kikes 2000+ years ago

If that's what it's going to take, to take a knee and give you this, then fine. I'm not going to get into the specifics of Judeans v. Rabbinical Jews

Evangelicals are an existential threat to our movement. They are the biggest Philosemitic Shabbos Goy. They will not hesitate to stop us once the kike whispers into our ear.
This is dead serious. They will not side with the white race, they will side with their Jewish masters, even when we lift the veil off of their eyes of all the horrible shit the Jews do.

They literally worship kikes, modern day kikes, I cannot make it clearer to you.

Stop the D&C.
This a pertinent threat


We have to discredit and attack their "Denomination" as a political and social power structure

Yes and no, Evangelicalism has in a way become trans-denominational, in that Scofield's take on the bible has infected other Protestant denominations (and this was (((their))) intent. We cannot feasibly target Scofield's work and it's spread without knocking out Evangelicalism as a political and social power structure - that said to do so is a long term goal for Christians, to repair Christendom. That is not the goal I am here for.
Evangelicalism is an existential threat to the white identarian/natsoc/etc movement

A declaration of a state of war, is necessary.

Evangelicalism isn't just a threat to greater Christendom (what's left of it) it's an existential threat to White Nationalism and freeing our countries from the Jewish yoke.

It is a power structure that the kikes have integrated into their control scheme, and millions are deluded by it, can't we at least agree to attack it, delegitimize it as an institution?

I don't have a problem with you if you don't believe, but I do have a problem with these kikesuckers twisting Christianity into a laughable blind faith modern Israel and kike worshipping joke

We can start by exposing them.
Megachurches and their jet-setting "preachers" are a prime target.
We could go further with posters/fliers, hell we could even have dudes with "Repent Sinners" parked right outside of Evangelical church property greeting parishoners to your nearest mega church.
Deconstruct this bullshit IRL and online

you're deflecting
irrelevant when your religion is jewish
what movement? of christkike fanaticism?
i'm starting to think every single christian thread is a shill tactic to usher the dumb goyim who pray to rabbi jesus's dirty jewish feet to talk eternally about biblical texts versus jewish philosophy
but that's all you've got so i'll give you the benefit of that doubt that you're actually a genuine devout christkike who really believes the future will be a Christian America/West that accommodates Enlightenment thinking, rather than a radical change of the whole "free world". because that's what it's going to take, otherwise all you will be doing is fighting a losing battle against the classic christkike spirit of present day western countries.
but i'm assuming that's all you can comprehend because you're a faithful christian who genuinely sees the future as a clean christian empire

christianity is gay and jewish. your entire religion is jewish. stop being a gay jew loving cuck and embrace aryan spirituality. vedas, eddas, bhagavad gita. read some real shit.

He says, as Evangelicalism is spreading like wild fire in China.
It's spreading in the greater Western World as well.
Most anti-christians and athiests attack Christianity on the popular grounds established by Evangelicalism.
Evangelicals have a stranglehold on the American political system, and they have the most clout socially- in the media - TV, internet, etc.

If you find a true, radical Evangelist, no he can not be enlightened. Every truth you show him on the Jews and their lies and crimes he will ignore. The Holocaust could be publically exposed as a lie tommorow and they would defend kikes, and resort to violence as soon as one whispered in their "preacher's" ear.
The majority of Evangelists, however, the lowest common denominator plebians, just read the KJV, and they can be, to an extent, reasoned with - you aren't going to do so from a non-christian perspective however.

To expand on that, they have a tendency to wield the bible like a weapon to support their viewpoint

Because the same jews who made you believe with all 70 of your IQ points that you are a mutated nigger also make every effort to corrupt that same religion and destroy it while murdering white Christians. It's pretty obvious that atheists make wonderful golems for the jews, because of the materialism, faggotry, and drug abuse that atheists always participate in.

We can argue about who's religion is better, or who's shit is ultimately Jewish.

Evangelicals ARE Philosemites of the highest degree. This is a Christian "Faith" that has been propped up by Judaism, it is a tangible threat to ALL of us as we further expose the Jew and his crimes.
Here's a "Denomination" that openly calls for kikesucking

You are grasping at straws, and I am telling you that:

There is an enemy
That is going to become a bigger threat
That has been propped up by kikes
Full of Philosemitic kikesuckers
That has power through holding the majority of the Christian right of the GOP
That worships modern Jews and Israel
That will see us as enemies, even when we expose the truth, they are that Judaised that they will lash out at us.

We knock the wind out of them, we all win, all of us

The goal is to primarily remove them as a political opponent to White Nationalism, denounce their "faith", hit them from every conceivable angle, end Evangelical indoctrination in the media and specifically to the greater Christian conciousness, and attack televangelist scum to include televised heckling at live events

I don't give a shit about your beliefs, nor do I want to impose my own upon you

False dichotomy, Abrahamite. Your choices are not just Atheist strawman vs. Christian delusion, and never have been
Que? The (((YHWH))) in your head must be squeezing your brain too much.

it's a jewish religion suitable only for the your beloved "70 IQ" christkikes
tired old argument that 'it's christkikery or nothing!'
you're like one of those insane shrill Democrats screaming
s a d

Like Catholics have any grounds to talk shit? The Catholic church has been protecting Jews for thousands of years and have treated Jews more amicably than they ever treated European heathens. Catholic writings defending Jews and giving them special status go back to the late fourth century, papal bulls defending Jews date to the sixth century and the protections for Jews have been reaffirmed again and again over the years.

We have to reach to the Evangelical laymen, because otherwise they are just white people standing in our way in the end.
To the point that they will KNOWINGLY die for their Jewish masters.
Would you rather save these lost whites now, or kill them later?

you can't take over White nationalism then can you

Holy FUCK with this D&C shit.
Who cares? Seriously who gives a fuck?
Who gives a flying fuck what you believe?

Evangelicals are a threat, that's not something debatable, they are a existential threat, of Philosemites of the highest order.

For Christians - this is a chance to knock down the most laughable fake Jewish caricature that has become the face of Christianity in America.
Any devout Cathecist or Mainline Protestant should oppose Evangelicalism

For Non-Christians: Here is a fucking chance to seriously stop the foremost Kikesucking Christcuck movement

Do me a favor and read it again
-See Disaffected Catholic
Now you want to introduce Protestant v. Catholic D&C

Oh wait a minute.

You were raised as an Evangelist, or by them

This thread is respectable - that's why I didn't sage it. However, that cocksucker presenting his strawman did not deserve a civil reply.

Nor do I have a problem with you if you do believe. I'm just interested in protecting White people and striking back at the disgusting kikes who hate us.
Hmm. I'll have to do a little research on the who's who of Evangelical preacher pastors.
It's a remarkably decentralized thing ever since the televangelist (((craze))) petered out (apparently after several high profile preachers were outed as homosexual pedophiles)

Actually, I know an evangelical "pastor" who was a woman (they're into female pastors 'cuz of muh equalitee n' sheeeit) who was exactly the kind of cultish nutcase you would imagine when you think of the absolute worst cultish behavior among Christians. I'm talking tongue speaking and screaming her head off about Hell and damned souls. She always treated me like I was both a child and also possessed by Satan. Such arrogance.
Anyway, when her husband went to Iraq to make some extra cash for her do you know what she did? This paramount of Christian virtue? She cheated on him with his so called "best friend" filthy scumbag
It seemed to me that she began her relationship almost immediately after her husband left for Iraq.
And after he returned and obviously found out, she filed for divorce (I'm sure Jesus loves that) and stole his boat, his house, and who knows what else!

These people are utterly corrupt.

In fact, if it's D&C that's got you upset, why didn't you link this fag's post

in your reply?

OP is shitting on evangelicals while maintaining that his thread "isn't an attack on Christianity" and mentioning that he's some flavor of Catholic; the implication is that his flavor of Christianity isn't philosemetic and I feel obliged to call bullshit on that.

Absolutely not. I was never raised in any Christian tradition. I simply don't want the thread to lose sight of the fact that despite the protestations of OP and people like him, the history of Christianity is philosemetic to the core. It doesn't matter that he said he was Catholic or that his target was Evangelicals - if he was a fan of "le jewish miscegenation enthusiast pastor" and ripping on Catholics I'd have reminded the thread that protestants don't have a leg to stand on either.

Because he didn't directly respond to me, but this guy
Who I already responded to

But yes, he is D&C'ing.

The purpose of this thread is not to create divisions.
It is to identify a common enemy

Evangelicals are just the heretics Jesus tried to prevent by warning about supporting the Synagogue of Satan / amalekikes.

as i said in my op, that common enemy would include your lord

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I don't care about China, user. If the Chinese want to abandon their ancestral religion and customs, I don't really care. It's not my problem.
My problem is with White people whose minds have been corrupted and who would happily send their own children to die for IsraHell, who constantly vote for warmongering Zionist shitheads to send them there.

Obviously I'd rather save them than kill them.
Last time I checked, a major youtube channel for them was Answers in genesis. However, last time I checked, they ruthlessly censor their comment sections.
There was this one chick "Anita Fuentez" with a channel that was popular. Also, Paul Begley. They do Christian related news programs.
Very pro Trump. However, they worship IsraHell. Like, you have no idea. They actually worship the goddamn place. It's really disgusting. View at your own risk.
Last time I checked, Paul Begley did not censor his comment sections and allowed free debates.

So stupid. Jews think you're the Amalekites, that's why they hate Whites so much.

Yeah while I shit on the (Roman Catholic) Jesuit Order as well and made it crystal clear I was a Disillusioned Catholic.
You can't even pin me down with this "Attack OP, D&C" shit

Evangelicals are literally Jews at this point, they have taken Judaising to the Nth degree.
They are Jew's for Jesus

But to appease your pagan or athiest sensibilities as I posted here>>12361220

Evangelicalism was made by (((kikes))) 100 years ago, it was meant to be a Philosemitic as possible.

Christianity was made by kikes 2000+ years ago

If that's what it's going to take, to take a knee and give you this, then fine. I'm not going to get into the specifics of Judeans v. Rabbinical Jews.

If Christianity is Philosemitic to you, then fine, you aren't wrong. You being right or wrong on that point is irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

Evangelicalism is 1000000x more Philosemitic than any other denomination. I think it's a perversion, and a threat - and you close your ears to the argument because the messenger's belief does not align with your world view

And you equivalate the rest of Christianity with it as part of your broader argument, and you keep up this D&C shit

What do Evangelicals believe in above everything - their pastor?
Mostly, yeah. But what else do they believe in above everything, and what does their pastor himself preach as the ultimate law of all laws?
The Bible.
Just re-teach them their own law/history, pic related. Remind them of the Tower of Babel. Teach them who the Canaanites/Phoenicians were, what they did, and (((who))) they became.

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Then consider striking Evangelical's your chance, the dumbest in your face kikesucking christcucks there is.

You can get to actually stop them

As someone who know lots and lots of evangelical christians I concur to everything you say, evangelicals are beyond help, they are the most loyal of all the goyim and would unironically die and kill for jews and Israel if given the chance.

Neither do I, but the Kike isn't content with just toppling the West, as we've seen, that little tidbit can be important down the line

Yeah and the kikes are pushing this "denomination" and religious movement pushing this Christian Zionist Brainwashing known as

I never attacked you. I just felt obliged to remind the thread that even if one group of Christians (most deservedly) blasts another for being rabid philosemites, that does not mean the former group are "good" Christians by any stretch of the imagination and should not be treated as such. I would be tickled pink to see evangelical christianity go tits-up but for them to then fall into the trap of another flavor of YHWHism would be self-defeating.

Yeah, that's something Christ-Cucks can do to undermine this perverted christ faggotry.

But the greater threat is Evangelicalism as political power. The grip on the GOP (and to a miniscule extent family values democrats).
Evangelicalism MUST be de-constructed as a political and social institution/power structure.
It only UPHOLDS Jewish authority in this country.
We actually have to attack it, to discredit it

Meh, China is… they're in their own little world. Evangelicalism is a problem for the Chinese communist party to worry about. And don't worry about the kikes using the Evangelicals there to compel the Chinese government into becoming the next victim of Zionism. I know people preaching over there and Chinese Evangelicals are a bit different. The CCP promotes a slightly edited version of Christianity for their citizens.
Then again, China is not as stable or as powerful as most of us are led to believe.
In any case, I wouldn't worry overmuch about Chinese Christians.

There is no way that you can discredit their religion to the majority of these poor lost puppies. But you can discredit their leaders by showing them for the hypocritical, lying, often homosexual scumbags that they are.
But arguing with these jokers is impossible. Arguing with an Evangelical is essentially like arguing with a drunk; They'll talk a lot of nonsense, may get violent if your disagree with them too strongly, and the next day they won't remember a thing

That's more than understandable.

I don't want another Jewish perversion of Christianity to spread either, (((Modern Evangelicalism))) has been 100+ years in the making, but I'm sure the plan itself to subvert Christianity is much older.

I'd rather faithful to not prosletyze

I want to leave a hole in the kike power structure, big enough to stick our dicks in, big enough to rip and tear open and fit in an actual holocaust. That is going to be harder with this institution in place throwing white "christian warriors" at us

Not a Christian but I've grown up around fundamentalist Baptists and Pentecostals all my life and there's some potential with the upcoming generation of that stripe, pic related.

When it comes to morality they're simply people that can tolerate no moral grey area, 'the good book has all the answers and spells it out in black and white' etc, so if there's an indicator that support is 'wavering' for Israel, there's a bunch of people without any psychological attachment to jews like the fundie boomers have, which means they're about two or three logical trains of thought from coming to a revelation and then taking the pulpit to holler about blood libel, christ killers, pedo hollywood kikes raping and murder goyim children.

The new generation of them doesn't have any of the following

One of the big reasons the militia movement in the 90s was shut down so fucking hard was that after decades of pro-Israel brainwashing in fundie churches that doubled down after the remnants of mainstream Christian anti-semitism were snuffed out due to their association with the Klan in the civil rights era, was that it came again out of nowhere. The USSR was dead, everything was fine, new golden age of America and then boom, the formerly docile rural christian right was gunning down abortion doctors, stockpiling arms for the day of judgement, popularizing the word ZOG, and buying some home chemistry textbooks for fedbait purposes.

It's still lurking there in the shadows of the fundamentalist psyche and the powers that be are very much aware of it and very keen on snipping any sort of people reaching too far in that direction. If you want to make powerful people shit their pants in panic, them waking up to find out that say 'the talmud states that jesus christ is in hell, boiling in a vat of shit and piss for all eternity' got the right few retweets and took off like wildfire would be one of many examples that could happen.

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Rabbinic Judaism of current era wasn't ever in the Bible, it was invented in the 6th century AD supposedly. Oral Torah, Babylonian Talmud and the Jerusalem Talmud are all huge piles of horseshit.
Islam has more in common with Christianity than Judaism.

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Attacking an Evangelical on spiritual/scriptural grounds is only for Christians anyway, a non-believer isn't going to be able to convince and carry an argument with an Evangelical that uses the bible as a weapon, twisting it's meaning.

Non-Christians can do a TON of other shit though.
Currently, the Western World is against Blasphemy/Scorn of any religion EXCEPT Christianity. And Evangelicals are Christian.
Christians are NOT a protected class.

So if you disrupt a Evangelical "service"
or deface a Evangelical mega church
or cause property damage to one, it's low/no priority.
If you attack a Evangelical, it isn't a hate crime
You can stroll right down the isle of a mega church and take a giant shit down the Aisle, and get a mild fine.
No one cares about christians in society, this is a hole that we can utterly, devastatingly exploit

Scofield iterant Evangelicalism is still a political force, it really doesn't matter what the Evangelical youth think.
Most Evangelical laymen just read the KJV
But the church is organized around the Scofield Bible.

But it's still a good thing, we can turn them, It is a subverted outcropping of Christian Fundamentalism, with a black and white view - Jews are either total enemies or gods chosen, attacking kikes and the Scofield is going to help us with them.

Now look at these Evangelicals, young or otherwise, they hold all the political power of the Christian Right.

The Democratic Party will be the party of Non-Whites in 10 years - most of the candidates will be Jewish or Non-White, you already see the beginnings of it now. This is why I also consider the Jesuit Order to be a threat, you'll see more Catholic Jesuit influence on their side as well as the bulk of jewish influence.

We have the potential to COMPLETELY wrestle control of the GOP/Right Wing from the Evangelical Christian Right, yet LOCK the evangelical vote in to the GOP/Right regardless and tell them to toe the fucking line.
They will have nowhere else to turn to.

My principle aim is to eliminate them short term as a Political and social power

See, that's the problem - there never was a "subversion", Christianity was philosemetic from the beginning. It has to be given up in whole cloth; there is no way to reform it to such a point where it meets the needs of National Socialism without bending it so far that it breaks and therefore exists in name only similarly to Positive Christianity. Of course this sort of reformation is not viable right now but frankly better results would be achieved in the long term if one started with a population of the spiritually apathetic than the spiritually semetic and so I see driving people away from Christianity as a whole to be a moderate net positive.

You can't do anything about it. It gets massive amounts of funding from Israel and the DoD, and evangelicals are the most retarded group of people in existence. They are the same people who believe the Q-larp.

Evangelicalism is openly philosemitic to the Nth degree.

Your argument is a new religion, a reborn popular Paganism, or a "Positive Christianity (A cause I agree with)" the problem is what you are talking about is a 100+ year plan.

My Goal to severely reduce and even destroy Evangelicalism is a 15 year plan or less

My goal is tangible, we can end Evangelicalism as a political force, an institution just in time after the Democrat party fully becomes the party of non-whites.
This is a 15 year plan
The idea is to dismantle it as a Philosemitic political and social institution and leave Evangelist Parishioners (an overwhelmingly majority of whom are white) with no where else to turn to when it comes to voting. They already gave up on the Democrats with the Southern Shift (Nixon). They will find no allies on the left and the layman Evangelical is still white right wing and will vote for his white interests

your shit is all jewish, gaylord

Oh yes we can.
How often are Televangelists in front of a live studio audience?
How many Megachurches do you think can be defaced without greater society giving a literal damn, how many Boomer jimmies rustled?

Christianity is the ONLY religion you can openly talk shit on and persecute.
Why not target Evangelists?

That's a good start, come to think about it, but Q-larp threads typically already get bombarded with JQ, specifically because they attract IRL Boomers

Any further evidence of this, then what I post below?
Because that's a clear violation of the Constitution

This is what I found. The military has quite a bit of a Christian thing going on, doesn't surprise me all that much, what does though is that they seem to prop up Evangelicals:

It's obviously funneled through various NGOs, just like everything else.

It would be very easy to destroy a megachurch pastor, since they are always weak on theology.

I would just distinguish between real evangelism, which believes all people groups should hear the gospel, which believes there isn’t a people group which isn’t more fully themselves unless they know Christ. And in that sense, I believe Jews should be converted, and Israel made a Christian country, dual citizens should be forced to choose one.
I’ve read on several posts here that (((evangelicals))) can be talked to by believers. I, myself, have done this. And, I wasn’t trying to convince anyone about the holocaust or Jewish controlled media.
For one thing, I don’t see how a real evangelical can say that Muslims can be targeted for proselytizing but not Jews. Get them to explain that to you.

Because of the evangelical voter base, AIPAC, and the AIPAC-bribed and vetted Congress (full of dual-loyalty Israeli citizens), you get stories like the below, where an American general openly states that Israel calls the shots and commands American troops to die for Israel.



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Specifically speaking it seems they prop them up as Prosletyzers, as opposed to the other prosletyzing faiths like Roman Catholicism, Baptist, Anglican/Epico/ etc

I would suggest calling in to televangelists
In Christian love, ask questions that put them on the back foot, call as a Jew nicely telling them that they’re idol-worshipers and that they should just be b’nei noach
Better yet, a Psyop would be great, one targeting (((evangelicals))) and one targeting Jews for proselytizing.

OP here

All popular Modern Evangelicalism in the United States is through the Scofield intrepretation.

I've had these arguments with Evangelicals in the past, as I said in my early posts they have a delusion about the matter that only the faithful can assuade. They will always quote scripture like a weapon.

I've had them shut down on me after pointing out that God said to Peter that all old Covenants are voided as soon as they start along with their Old Testament cuckery- and believe me these people always seem to quote the OT, esp. Deut.

This is not a bad idea, after all I intend this to be a brainstorm session where we can map out and potentially deal with this problem.
The question is can we attack the institution of Evangelicalism as a political and social power structure from the top/outside, or do we have to plow through their Parishioners from the bottom and tear down their megachurch abominations from the roots?

I'm a Christian, and I believe Christianity is really in need of another Reformation. Christianity no longer behaves like the brotherhood of believers that it used to be. It now behaves as a consumer product. In order to confront Evangelicals, you need to understand something important: trying to argue like an outsider does not work. Trying to appeal to outside ideals like nationalism fall on deaf ears because they are 'worldly' concerns. If you really want to get into a Christian's head, you need to leverage their own beliefs to make them recognize the problems with the church/Evangelicalism.

I believe that there are two issues that any Zig Forumslack should press against every Christian they meet, Evangelical or otherwise. I believe that by doing so you can criticize effectively without being ignored.

1. There are no churches that practice Christian Brotherhood. The original organization that Jesus himself practiced was for his believers to share possessions in common and help fellow Christians. There are no churches working to help out their poorer members financially, nor helping them to find jobs. If there were, the Great Recession of 2008 wouldn't have hit Millenials so fucking hard. Churches nowadays like to either perform intermittent charity for the homeless, or to throw money into missions (basically throwing gibs at third worlders) while they ignore their own members. This is something that anyone can argue without needing to know much of the Bible. There are two phrases you need to know, and only two in order to completely break through any defense of the Church's behavior: "love your neighbor as yourself" and "they will know we are Christians by our love". I said neighbor with emphasis, because this is the main problem with how charity is conducted. People on the other side of the planet you will never meet are not your neighbor. Your neighbors are here, in your country.

2. The jews do not accept Christ as the Messiah. This is really easy. Just tell them what the Talmud says about Jesus. Then mention about how there is no effort being made to convert the jews. All you need to say is this, "Jesus said, 'No one comes to the Father except through me.'" Make them understand that every single jew that does not accept Christ is just as bad as the muslims or other non-believers, and that by handing them money without them converting they are not doing the work of God, but rather aiding non-believers.

Still leaves the Institution in place, and again this is from the Christian perspective. I'd like something from the secular and non christian crowd on how to deal with the Institution of Evangelicalism

There are evangelicals who were/are just as jewwise as anyone here. They had attended churches before ww2. WWII took all Americans gold, they took over the schools, the media, everything. Even though it can't be spoken openly in churches (or any institution) today, a lot do understand jews as the problem in the world. A pasttime of evangelicals is to go to Israel or some lionsden of jews to debate with a rabbi. They don't often get anywhere, but are the main ones out there explaining to jews face to face that they are wrong for being jewish. It's probably why the jew media blames them for everything, including elections. The pro-Israel preachers on the talmudvision are crypto-kikes. The same subversion and infiltration happens with the 'alt-right'. Many of these alt celebs you hear of are philosemitic, and there to protect the interests of jews. It's a big problem, but doesn't completely discredit the overall movement of people shifting to the right, or mean this shift to the right is a jewish operation.

One angle to take on philosemitic evangelicals would be to ask what they think of the Jews messiah. They will try to say Jesus but clarify you do not mean the one they reject, but the one they are waiting for. Most the philosemitic types are big on revelations and understand it will be the antichrist. Press them on what their stance will be when he sets up shop in Israel. Will they be opposing or still supporting the jewish people and their messiah? They will say oppose, that they will be fighting on Gods side in Armeggedon. And it will hopefully sink in that they will be fighting these people then, so why support them now?

Their schizophrenia is wrong and jewish! My jewish schizophrenia is the correct one!

If you are that broken and unable to face reality please go elsewhere, like for real, your kike brainwashing centers are going extinct so just leave and go cry about it somewhere else.

Dude it's Tuesday omg its noon we have to eat bread because I'm god!

No I'm god. Go fuck yourself. Do you see how annoying this is? Name on scientist who uses magic. Oh wait they don't because it doesn't fucking exist. Why would these people who do anything for another penny not use the magic prayer system instead of the reality system?

We are in a computer simulation that constantly generates new chaos to confuse us into thinking we aren't. Your life doesnt fucking matter and since you arr a dumb fuck who believes in imaginary friends the law of logic states that you will be deleted from existence.

I am god and control all reality . All justice is created by me.

Due to the Trudeau-esque approach to persecution common to the various Abrahamic faiths they're very hard to uproot by force because the more the practitioners are persecuted the more validated they feel and killing them basically just punches their ticket to heaven as far as they're concerned. Two examples of anti-Christian activity that come to mind most readily are those of feudal Japan and NSDAP Germany; the former consisted of a strong government engaging in vigorous anti-Christian persecution from the get-go while Christianity itself faced an uphill battle against the extant traditions of Buddhism and Shinto and the latter required a blank check from the people at an intersection of vision, cult of personality and circumstance that will never come again. A third example might be the rise of modern secularism but the issue in this instance is that even though much of the population has only a vague connection to Christianity, once times get hard again and there is an opening to put something else in their hearts and minds they will seize on the first spiritual panacea to hand - which is Christianity. More than anything else the ease of life and amount of safety present in the modern first world has contributed to the current waning of Christianity; when you had children and women dying left and right of disease and childbirth, pain from chronic health conditions, famine always just one natural disaster or invasion away and the threat of being murdered and having your wife and children raped by an invading army was constantly looming, the promise of eternal paradise at the end of the rainbow is extraordinarily potent and becomes a treasured possession.

What, and deny them the chance to repent at the end?

Evangelicals are going to Hell. Even the Bible knew they were coming, trying its best to warn people. How do you have Christ's words in the palm of your hands warning you multiple times about the jews or anyone else who does not believe in Jesus and you don't listen? Even with the satanic scofield bible there's no excuse. Jesus foresaw this, he tried to prevent it but Evangelicals are just more fools disobeying Christ and allowing themselves to be tricked by the devil himself again.

Yes, even jewikipedia says this plain as day right in front of them


This paragraph alone if widespread could cause billions to descend on the jews and satan's army and wipe out them for good.

A billion muslim heretics could make it into the kingdom of heaven before a single fucking jew ever could. That's how fucking bad the jews are, that's how bad it is to support jews in any way even if it meant in opposition to the muslims and their pedophile prophet, but the jews being the children of their father satan the origin and master of lies himself managed to fool millions of potentially good Christians worthy of being saved to the side of the devil where they will only find themselves in a good position for Jesus to throw them straight into Hell.

There will be some that do not believe this, it is shocking how many Christians do not know that the jews do not accept Christ as their lord and king. The jews are literally anti-Christ, anti-Jesus. Of course their false messiah is the antichrist in the most literal sense so there is zero question that the jewish 'messiah' is the antichrist and the one who is the very embodiment of the jewish hatred of Jesus and all good.

As a bonus, tell them what the leader of israel thinks of them. After all, bibi the cartoon baby bomber called zionist Christians "scum".

Yeah and there is plenty of denominations that won't be getting persecuted they can turn to.
My idea is we organize criticisms of Evangelicalism from other denominations.
Compilations of critiques, even better get priests/preachers/ministers/etc to denounce Evangelicalism.
Stand the rest of Protestant Christianity against it

How would you faggots like some pasta?

D&C Thread.

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D&C how you rotten little satanic heeb? We're trying to save our brothers in Christ from the cluches of satan and the fires of Hell.

It seems you answered your own question.

Absurd. A kike shill and his pilpul won't ever shatter the fact that jews do not accept Jesus as the Messiah and anyone who supports them is sentenced to Hell. It is them they change their ways and repent.


For the diehard christcucks, like many here or who pretend to be, you're going to have to come up with a new interpretation of the bible/rewrite it completely, as even without scofield additions it's still suicidal mind poison that will always lead to a hoard of shitskins and letting jews jew christcucks to their hearts content.

Its not the fires of Muspeli or the frost of Nifli that should worry most but the Náströnd where all things are forgot.

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I came here expecting better. If you're not presenting a solution this entire thread is just one big bloody vagina fest where you whine about stuff you don't have a realistic answer for. Go cry on tumbler about your bleeding dick, someone might actually care there.

This guy has the right idea, you can't be effective at showing someone something if you're only going to talk down on them and not on their level.

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His solution doesn't go far enough, that's been done before, yet here we are. You have to completely redo the bible, the religion itself. Even the very foundation of cuckstianity is a problem, born a sinner.

But a solution is always presented, gas the kikes, race war now. There is literally no better option. You think you can vote in a special election to decide whether or not white people should become a minority in the USA and to stop unlimited 3rd world immigration?

Option 1.
You GTFO Zig Forums and start your own minstery. Of course Zig Forums is only a D&C like MGTOW. none of these shills have read the entire bible or know anything about the middle eastern culture it was formed by. They claim its greek. So they wont do this. They will continue to report people and scream "Jews are chosen by god for 'x'!".

Option 2
You expose the "herrasy". Unfortunatly Christkikes have been fighting over this since Peter wanted Paul to chop grown men's dicks off. It only cause more rot, not enlightened truth.

Option 3
You stop practicing escapism, mature people through non-esoteric faggotry. Stop believing in Satan or "shemites" and they will fade from history, or at least seem abstract and weird to future generations the way Islam seems weird to us now. Jews lose their "chosen" status. Satanists lose their meme. And people start believing in evolution, which involves blood and soil.
Older versions of Christianity were very much like the worst versions of what (((ISIS))) is today.

In the mean time you never support Middle Eastern myths. You become the higher man who heralds the coming of the Overman. Cloning and robots are going to kill Christianity anyways. Its your choice if you want it to become esoteric faggotry based on jewed speculations of escapism technocratic reality. Orrrrrrrr if you want it to be about evolution and supermen.

Hell is for children.

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I'm asking to all christians here. Imagine there was no such thing as christianity, Jesus was never born. Also there was no such thing as Hellenism, and Alexander the Great Goy was never born. (Because hellenism granted all the muds Greek identity which was a gateway into Roman society an European soil)
Now plz answer would they ever be able to infiltrate white nations? Do you really think the whites would still get kiked?

Dispensationalism has to be combated, and supercessionism promoted. The Reformation itself was an attack vector (John Calvin nee Cohen ) – achieving a less-than-hostile position toward Catholicism/Orthodox(ies) is a good step away from corporate Ziocon shabbos likudnik 'Churchianity'. Getting them to make the Scofield/Masonic/Anglo-Zionism 'Lost Tribe of Dan' connections also helps. (The name of the Brit's translation for Revelation/Rapture heresy revisionism escapes me, but he is as integral as Scofield et. al.)

Scripture will win out . . . on a long enough timeline with exposure therapy. Peter Hellend's channel and E Michael Jones are good primers. Shock therapy may be the only way to get through to the Zio-cucked – Ariel Toaff – Blood Passover ought to accomplish just that (helps that the guy's an established European Jewish Academic) – thereafter some ye olde Birch Society material (Bezmenov& Demoralization), Bill Cooper's Behold a Pale Horse and Zionist broadcasts, esp. Binai Brith material – Henry Makow if they're the type to need to hear it from the horse's mouth.

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Dispensationalism has to be combated, and supercessionism promoted. The Reformation itself was an attack vector (John Calvin nee Cohen ) – achieving a less-than-hostile position toward Catholicism/Orthodox(ies) is a good step away from corporate Ziocon shabbos likudnik 'Churchianity'. Getting them to make the Scofield/Masonic/Anglo-Zionism 'Lost Tribe of Dan' connections also helps. (The name of the Brit's translation for Revelation/Rapture heresy revisionism escapes me, but he is as integral as Scofield et. al.)

Scripture will win out . . . on a long enough timeline with exposure therapy. Peter Hellend's channel and E Michael Jones are good primers. Shock therapy may be the only way to get through to the Zio-cucked – Ariel Toaff – Blood Passover ought to accomplish just that (helps that the guy's an established European Jewish Academic) – thereafter some ye olde Birch Society material (Bezmenov& Demoralization), Bill Cooper's Behold a Pale Horse and Zionist broadcasts, esp. Binai Brith material – Henry Makow if they're the type to need to hear it from the horse's mouth.

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Many "Evangelicals" in Britain that I have personally spoken with consider the jews to be the children of the devil. I am not 100% sure about how it is in America, but I know enough about the movement to know that its a few particular mega-churches; notably that of John Hagee, who has denounced Martin Luther and stated that Jesus' sacrifice is not needed for salvation; who is in charge of what many consider the 'Evangelical' movement.

It's deceptive because 'Evangelical Christians' have existed for Centuries if not more. I know that a LOT of Evangelical Christians consider Hagee a false prophet.

… But this thread is just to hate on Christianity, so whatever. Whether OP meant it or not, there's too many shills here.

Simple. Expose the AngloKike. I've done this for two years now.

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Your infographs are full of lies and distortions. British Israel-ers believe that the Germans are also the lost tribes. Oliver Cromwell did not invite the jews in; it was the terms of the loan from the Dutch which he needed to fight against the king. The first world war alone bankrupted Britain to the point that it only paid back the US in 2009 or something. It is still in debt for WW2.

In other words; you're a lying yid or a fucking imbecile who doesn't fact-check.

No. You are a heretic and a demon.

Stop talking about "Britain" on this website in a favorable manner. This website is not for you, kike.

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Queen Victoria
Prince failure

Oh how terrible those Brits are, eh? I mean.. Germans, Greeks and Jews. Because that's what you are pointing out here you retarded kike.

You will be ovened.

The half-jew anglo rat always has ten thousand excuses. Your time is up and your kike empire is finished. Don't come on this website anymore.

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The intent is NOT a D&C thread, but to identify and come up with a plan of action on a valid "religious" target, (that we have proof is made by modern kikes).
This is something that ANYONE (except kikes and Evangelists) can get behind

You are doing it wrong.

You're conflating Brits with foreigners and then hating on Brits. If this was a uniquely British phenomenon then perhaps you would have a point; but it's not. The USA, Germany, France, Russia and more have all, both in the past and in the present; been ruled by malevolent kikes who have done evil in the names of the people they were lording it over.

He's a blatant D&C agent trying to turn Americans and Brits against one-another. He will be ovened.

I don't want kikes to convert, I want them dead, or totally isolated from the rest of mankind, but pref. dead.

Kikes have converted to Christianity and Islam in the past, both "willingly" and by the sword, the only thing that's going to save them is the second (third) coming of Christ. We don't have time to wait for that shit.

Robert Bowers them and burn their churches

just stop

Honestly, the only way to defeat Evangelicalism is to convert these people to the worship of the Gods, but these people are so nutty that they'll take their Evangelicism, apply it to the Eddaic scriptures, taking mythology literal, following advice given in a literal manner, build a creationism around the voluspa, a monasticism around havamal, a militant fundamentalism around the volsunga saga, etc ending up burning witches and transgenders, because both are considered bad.

Would not believe 2nd picture could be that close to the truth back in 2013. But why China in Satan's side?

A "Positive Christianity" is the way forward. Something that totally eliminates the Old Testament and even the word "Jew" and severs the connection.

But that's a 100+ year plan
Combating Evangelicalism NOW is something we can win before 2030