I found a pedophile ring on a parenting site

I found a group of pedophiles hiding on the parenting site Circle of Moms. They talk in depth about the best ways to spank kids and even discuss using butt plugs, enemas, and ginger figgs. I will be posting the link to the worst of the threads I found but if you want to find more all you have to do is search the word spanking.

I am hoping that there might be able to help do something about this.I am not sure what but anything that may stop these perverted child abusers from sharing stuff there would be good.
Here are links to some of the groups they post in:
Basic gestalt

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Other urls found in this thread:


One would think I could handle this by now… That second image makes me physically ill.

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Holy shit

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More screenshots?

Also, how does this shit happen? Are they self-selecting? Is the world really that fucked up?


I dont know what I would do without these investigative threads. I'll start digging

Well we have a mole, its been deleted

All the forums seem to be gone, for each of urls the website is returning 'the page does not exist'. Parenting sites may be a pretty good place to look for committees of child abusers.

OP, you literal fucking retard. You had ONE job. ARCHIVE

Fuck this gay life.

Don’t let this slide. It’s always good to track down pedos

"Mum" sites are the bottom tier of normalfag trash sites (the worst being mumsnet), but that doesn't mean troll posts (which you probably made yourself) are evidence of insidious "pedophile rings" operating in plain sight.


And as for the first site, that's no pedophilia, that's just typical single mother abuse of male child.
Having sex with, probably non-White, strange cock in front of him, to hammer home the cucking of daddy, his own blood, and by proxy, of the lad himself.
Emasculation with the hope of turning gay/cucked/easy for other women to manipulate.
Feminist women (of which divorcees are naturally weighted in favor) will take the side of other women, over that of their own sons. They shape male children in the way they think best for other women, prepping him for a life of subjugation at the hands of her "sisters".


It literally tells you in the screeshots.
The only passable example is #1, which is just typical single mother hatred for a male child.

At least one person in this thread has more than one brain cell. This place is getting worse.


You didnt even archive it did you faggot?


"Pedo ring" is a stretch, but this is some major degeneracy.


It happens often on 'mom' sites and similar communities. There will be a handful of trolls and fantasists. Probably the same few on every site. They get banned and move somewhere else. Their fetishes are vile but the majority are not based on anything real.

Seems to me that OP is trying to conflate two or three different issues.
To conflate these three is to successfully divert responsibility for #2 and #3 onto a nebulous bogeyman image of sweaty middle-aged MAN hunched over his computer.
In reality the ACTUAL THREAT to these young boys and girls, is the women who have total control over them as a result of being awarded custody post divorce. MANY of these single women HATE their own children, view them as in impediment to SEX WITH CHAT and a constant reminder/unwanted property of the MAN THEY USED THE STATE TO GET RID OF.
I recommend the following book, which can be downloaded for free, to anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the depth and scope of FEMALE SEXUAL PREDATORY BEHAVIOR.
It was put there before, only to be deleted by a feminist mod.

One of them probably isn't even a fetish thing, "com 5", because she sounds like she's worried more than anything.

Sounds more like a bunch of nuts than predators IMO.

Managed to leave a tab open from one of the now 404'd pages. You'll have to open this in another tab to see it accurately. Some fucked up shit.

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i'm inclined to say it's a bunch of faggot fantasizing, i can hardly imagine that bullshit happening to a teenager, i would have been in fucking prison for murder.

Some Christian wingnuts get up to this kind of thing, usually of some extreme "no fun allowed" flavor such as lutherans.

Ah California. That is the best place to buy slaves.

I know I'm going to be sorry I asked, but wtf is ginger figging

Such is life. tfw no 9 year old gf like the prophet promised

pic 5 is hot and fucked up at the same time

Grew up with a kid whose mom put a butt plug in him so the devil can't put his seed there and make him gay.

It was you, wasn't it. Admit it, buttplug boy.

Don’t go to any URL op gives, it’s probably an IP grabber/honeypot. He most likely shopped, or made the post himself. Always be HIGHLY suspicious anytime someone comes here, and tries to divert traffic to a specific website.

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Dude. Those people are creating a new generation of anti-sex religious psychopaths by using sex as punishment. That's not a pedophile ring, that's a torture racket.

This. I'm sure you mean well, but God damn it when will you people learn to archive? DONT POST ANYTHING ABOUT IT UNLESS YOU HAVE IT ARCHIVED. POSTING AND HAVING PROOF DELETED IS WORSE THAN DOING NOTHING AT ALL.

This should suprise me, but it doesn’t. It’s like serving on the eastern front, and seeing your civilization being destroyed before your very eyes. We’re in a war of annihilation, and they are destroying EVERYTHING we hold dear. Our children, our mothers, our families. Hitler tried to warn us, but the world refused to listen.

Also wtf is a "ginger figg? Googles just bringing up names.

They say it's insertion of peeled ginger root into the anus to cause a burning sensation.

This is some real depressing /pol content.

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Sorry chief, but teens ain't pedophilia. It's called hebephilia or something. Just as gross though.

I'd rather have sex with farm animals, just in case people change their mind again and says 35 is too young.

this is like a child abuse website



should this be bumplocked? this is gross

Women can't consent until they are 65 and they stop being able to consent at 80

Consent is not exactky what you think it is. As far as animal sex is concerned….Anything can say yes, but not everything will say yes to money. This is why some people claim animals can't consent. Those people are caring about consent for money for the animals. Although it appears as if they care about the animals, they really only care about the money being laundering through the animals.


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lmao too bad for the biological robots

For the most part, these people are just roleplaying, jerking off while they read and write these posts. We'll say I had "sexual issues" going back to when I was 10 and some other stuff even before then; as a teenager I was going to similar kinds of forums and in similar kinds of groups, basically chasing extreme fantasies because of things like pornography do a hell of demolition job on your brain. I've gotten help since then, have a wife and a normal relationship etc. But I do look back and shudder, when I'm reminded of those years. The screencapped posts resonate eerily.
Anyway, yeah it's mostly roleplay. Mostly. Sometimes you do get guys who start insisting you send them photos, as in CP, which is still what disturbs me the most. Maybe I'm being too sympathetic, but it's almost certainly not a pedophile ring, not one that actually does shit irl anyway. But there may be a handful of wannabe CP collectors in them. It'll all be in DMs, I'd laugh out loud if they were asking for CP in public posts. But if you DM them and make up some adequately extreme story then there'll be some that bite and start asking for pics. But I don't know what you'd even do at that stage, it's still relatively anonymous.

The internet has a lot of spots like this. Topix was a big one. There is a wordpress blog out there that documents pedo threads made on Topix, with screencaps, though Topix deletes those threads. It'll be random forums, like the Topix forum for some small town in Ohio will have dozens of pedo-related threads. Parenting forums are an obvious one though.

You need to examine your life.

That is me heh.

What in the absolute fuck is going on with this filename?

silly me I'd thought I'd heard it all

As a person who likes to infiltrate terrorist cells, pedophile rings, and anything else similarly exciting and nefarious I can say this kind of stuff usually always happens in abandoned and unmoderated sites that get repurposed by people to these ends and they somehow figure out where to gather and regather repeatedly. Dead imageboards and dead forums of all sorts get hijacked for this.

Oh also using a site where the language being spoken isn't the language they are using is a big thing too. This way nobody really knows what they're talking about and they can continue for months or even a year or so to use some site before having to move on again.

Slow day at the office?

I do it for free.

I just don't want to go on the site itself.

I just want to have sex with farm animals. Please don't infiltrate my lifestyle.

It's legal where I am and there's lots of animalfuckers around so it's almost like infiltrating a fag community, not that worthwhile. Most important literally nobody cares when someone here fucks a cow or whatever, they just don't care. They're like "that's fine, it's 2018". Sigh. I don't get to feel cool for knowing about animal fuckers.

Where is here because that sounds nice

Dude Weed Lmao Land.


A fucking leaf.

welcome to the english wicked land.
perfidious and gloomy people.
of course this kind of stuff has smileys everywhere to show how much they are smarmy and jokerious.

I don't believe you. Maybe because I was brought up in a garbage bin beneath you with unbelievable people.
Nevertheless this place sucks they wont let me do farm animals.

Well I personally fucking hate Canada and would trade places with you. Canada is the new Sodom and Gomorrah. Even pedophilia is widespread and in the open here and nobody really does shit. Hell our government releases BDSM and faggotry manuals to kids in gradeschool and is pedos themselves. Canada is kind of like this degenerate shithole where the only thing considered immoral is whites having white children. All the women here are whores that want to fuck but never reproduce.

Oh it's all BDSM here. I don't agree with pedophilia but at least you have a choice. Here it's all sex slavery, torture, humiliation and punishment. They won't let us have sex unless it harms us in some way. We are not allowed to not be a victim. Sex here isbratger twisted because it's all business and no integrity.

A slut is not a whore. I'm ok if they don't care to reproduce but I'm not paying for it. We have enough of that here. They wont let us have sex with farm animals without charging us for it.

I'm guessing you're from California?

I know there are whole regions of the US where all the women have some fucked up fetish and I really still can't fathom how people even have fetishes and why they can't just have normal sex in the missionary position ffs.

Well come to Canada the land of childless white women who fuck everybody and then get onto antidepressants and get fat and kill themselves in their 40s. We have a suicide rate that is going sky high and entire cities that are disturbingly empty of any children.

Hell, the population of my city because of immigration continues to rise up, and has increased by several hundred thousand… and shitloads of real estate continues to be developed and endless suburbs built… but at the same time schools are shutting down for not having enough kids going to them because nobody is having kids in my retarded anti-natalist city.

It depends on how and the reasons why you are anti-sex. A lot of us are here as well, but we don't see sex as a bad thing, only that a lot of certian sexual acts such as sex outside a committed relationship or marriage or fetishes to be rightfully degenerate. Certian religious nutjobs view all sex as an inherently immoral and shameful act that creates a warped view of sexuality for children.

A lot of us view sex as an inherently good thing, but one that should not be polluted and desecrated. Children should be taught that sex is good and sacred, and why they should not cheapen it by chasing pleasure and degenerate fetishes.

Are you talking about actually knowing people in real like who fuck animals in Canada and it's not a big deal, or online stuff? That just boggles my mind.

Step 1 document evidence.

Step 2 notify the FBI.

Step 3 they bungle the investigation.

Step 4 ???

Step 5 profit.

I sometimes spot stuff that's years old in my cache. Have a screenshot. Also, clean your cache.

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This really needs emphasising. Hell, save + archive it yourself if you have to - and if you know how, do it verifiably.

Come to think of it, the suggestion of archiving everything should be added to the OP of the sticky.

Does anyone have a Pastebin of this shit?

IRL is what I'm talking about. Of course bestiality is widespread online.

I used to be 100% anti-sex but at some point I dropped the anti-natalism thing. When I say I am anti-sex now, I mean anti-casual sex, anti-sodomy, anti-degeneracy.

The worst part about seeing this shameless degeneracy is that I will always see more of it, and it always gets worse.

what in the everloving fuck

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Tell me more about the "terrorist cells", user? Do you mean things like Isis Twitter and wherever they mingle in plain sight? Or something deeper?


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No I am on the east coast.

That is probably why nobody where you are worries about people having sex with animals, because they have legitimate problems. People here are spoiled living the good life with no problems and bored, so they all have to create issues about sex that normally wouldn't be a concern.
The concept of labeling sex acts with animals as degenerate is mostly a delusion on the part of those people who are experiencing a sort of "cabin fever" with their own lives. They are highly isolated and must be paranoid of the USA becoming Canada, since people in the USA have an unhealthy addiction to rent-seeking, making problems from nothing.

It's more like a mob-run deal here. Not many people have sex with animals, but they freak out when some people do because they're afraid it will ruin the county, when it's actually those people who persecute sex with animals who are ruining the country.
The fall into self-fulfilling prophecies and instead of using fail-safes to negate the risks they instead gamble and play games with other people's lives. This is a wrist slitting bipolar society.

Most of those guys are MGTOW by now, so like everything womyn attempt, they failed miserably.

archive.org keeps refreshing with it removed. I archived two pages and now reloading returns Page Not Found.

Should be using archive.is.

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OP is a faggot.

I posted it on twitter twitter.com/saku____ya/status/1059120918532972544

Today, OP still sucked dicks.
If only he had learned to archive first, his faggotry would have been limited.

Kill yourself OP


Reported for slide thread

Because it's a CSS edit + screenshot. Welcome to babies first troll, fucking retard.

I suddenly remember why I always feel nothing but rage, and the desire to murder most of this society.

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Probably this.

Sadly, it's real.