Midterm scoreboard reveals massive pro-Israel influence on Congressional candidates

or, "How Much Money the Israel Lobby Gives Our Representatives and Senators"

>A detailed scoreboard on candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives shows that 28 pro-Israel PACs and numerous pro-Israel individuals have given candidates millions of dollars in campaign contributions.

>The scoreboard presents 29 bills and resolutions that were introduced on behalf of Israel.. 20 passed into law or on-record statement, many by unanimous consent. The legislation has accrued a total of over 3,300 co-sponsors…

>Over 80 congressional challengers have also accepted donations from at least one pro-Israel PAC; most from more than one… Read more:


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Go to Website for links to states

Here are the charts (Give it a minute to load please)
Congress - israelpalestinenews.org/house-scoreboard/
Senate - israelpalestinenews.org/senate-scoreboard/
(did not archive these)
This shit is un-fucking-real

I have been trying to export them somehow to Excel Spreadsheets, but have been having difficulty. If you have any success, please put the spreadsheet(s) in here as a .png, or a .jpg by just renaming the file extension.

This is an extremely important topic. AIPAC and others essentially buy off our government. We no longer have representative government. We are completely owned and controlled by Israel.

Trump only supported neocons. There were a few populists running, but Trump refused to endorse them and supported the Sheldon Adelson approved candidates instead.

here's a screenshot regarding congress's numbers

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the senate is 2x worse
Menendez and Romney are the top 2 recipients of 1.3 million and 1 million respectively - they must be bros

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This is government by the people, for the people. kek

What does one do when one is completely controlled by a foreign power and representative democracy no longer exists? Really makes you think.

majority of the population doesn't even vote in any election. ive come to the conclusion that no one cares and thats the problem.

Good ammo.

If only they knew how bad things really were.

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Maybe they should care about the AIPAC/Congress alliance when their son gets burned alive or has a limb blown off in Iraq, for example.

This is so fucking stupid.

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the question is: what the fuck are these countries doing with such humongous amounts of money?

This had to be done.

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making the elites richer. you know these money will never help poor people. It's funny how US send a lot of shekels to jews, then jews use the shekels to bribe politicians.

Here's exactly what AIPAC has given each midterm candidate:

If you're interested in someone who hasn't received and won't accept any kike money, and will work tirelessly to slaughter the system if elected, join me here:


They send it back to our arms dealers that we tell them to buy from. It's corporate welfare.

Wow, the (1) complains about money given to one of the only white countries listed. Color me shocked.

Israel receives much more than that. "Economic aid" and military aid are completely different. Israel's budget from the U.S. for "defense" is somewhere around 38 billion $USD.

it's 2014 estimate version


I'm just confused why they'd give money to a country that isn't a complete shithole and isn't full of kikes.


Checked. So Poland can buy from American (((defense contractors))) in the "muh Russia" (((MIC)))-enrichment scheme.

Reminder what total control of all important American politicians leads to.

See the news story below, where an American general openly states that Israel ultimately has authority over American troops, and that American troops are willing to die for Israel.



He's a Lt. General, not a General.

Nowhere does it say this.

Hi, US military. I guess your ASVAB reading score was shit, because the general directly stated:
As in, the last vote goes to the kikes. Therefore, an Israeli kike decides whether American troops live or die.

Because (since your ASVAB was shit, I have to break this down slowly for you) the general states:

So, (a) Israel is in command of American troops, and (b) American troops are prepared to die for Israel. Can you put two and two together here with your shitty ASVAB logical reasoning?

By the way, your web trawling software is amazing. Less than four minutes after I posted this article, you responded. Very impressive. Maybe your technology makes up for the 85 IQ niggers like you who staff the army.

And how many american votes are counted, kike?
No, kike, it means that SPECIFIC group would be deployed to Israel if there is an order FROM THE US.

And he's a Lt. General, not a General.

Kike, why are you so bad at preaching your own shit?

Every single one of these political prostitutes betrays their nation, people, and faith for some pieces of silver.

The people must confront them, don't make the good Lord do all the work himself.

You talking about your landlord or the Jewish deity?

>pilpul from (((US military)))

Again, you stupid fucking 85 IQ fat ass Staff Sergeant nigger spic hybrid,

Since there is an agreement to defend Israel, the US is obligated to defend them. The highest commanding officer in the Israeli operation (which the US is obligated to participate in, per the agreement) is a kike. Therefore, a kike has the ultimate authority to send American troops to their deaths.

Not responding to your US military kiked out pilpul arguments again when the article is right there for anyone to read. You are a servant of the kikes. You make me want to vomit you fucking nigger spic 85 IQ fat filth fucking rat

His name is Jesus, the Jews hate him. Judean carpenter discovers the secret to defeating satan and his army. Repent now.

This needs continual visibility.

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Would tax payer funded elections solve this?

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Are we doing the right thing pushing straight Red in the 2018 midterms? Some of us believe that doing so damages one controlling wing of the bird, and that it doesn't matter which wing is damaged. The Left-wing has to decide if it wants to become a Socialist/Communist representative party, and the Right-wing will be forced to reconcile its Israel-first policies with its anti-US actions (Zionist control, neocon aspirations, RINO-behavior as in not conservative in the traditional sense, corrupt, and very much not involved in the demographic replacement of the progeny of those pioneers that built the US-ideal)

Here is another thought. We have the Queue-movement which some call an elaborate LARP; not out of the realm of possibilities. And there are those faithful to the Queue phenom near religiously. The US midterms are a critical juncture for the Qcumbers; because unless we see bad people dealt with like the criminals they are, or at a minimum removed from the equation, then the Qcumbers will have wasted valuable time for naught.

Translation: Were there truly an effort to remove/jail criminal in politics, it would have a huge impact on the Dems. When the Dems are no longer a viable party, there is a vacuum that can be filled by a viable "New" party